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Name something you would see inside a taxicab.
Meter (56), Driver (15), License (8), Air Freshener, Ads
Name something people do to get on their boss' good side.
Kiss Up (36), Work Extra (13), Compliment (10), Always Agree, Get Coffee, Buy Lunch
Name a fruit you never buy just one of.
Grapes (44), Apple (14), Orange (13), Banana, Strawberry, Cherry
According to men: You should never interrupt a women when she is _______ .
On the phone (23), Sleeping (10), Cleaning (9), Bathing, Using the Bathroom, Reading, Driving
When Hugh Hefner dies name something he might ask to be buried with.
Bunnies (35), Playboy (20), Money (20), Bathrobe, Calendar
Name something a church might be filled with.
People (52), Pews (19), Candles (7), Bibles, God, Love
Name something that people twist.
Hair (34), Rope (9), Ties (8), Bottle Cap, Finger, Arm, Ankle
Name something you would prefer to do on Sunday morning instead of going to church.
Sleep (61), Television (10), Exercise (7), Breakfast, Movie, Shop, Read Newspaper
Name something you use when you are cleaning the house.
Vacuum (24), Duster (14), Bleach (12), Broom, Windex, Soap, Mop
If a bad magician yanked a tablecloth from a fully set table, name something that might hit the ground.
Plate (40), Glass (29), Silverware (20), Candles, Food
Besides potatoes, name something you would find in a potato salad.
Mayonnaise (25), Eggs (24), Onions (11), Celery, Mustard
Name something that might be stuffed inside a ravioli. ("Meat" is not a answer. Be more specific.)
Beef (41), Cheese (34), Sauce (7), Chicken, Lobster
Name something in your home you leave plugged in all the time.
Telephone (37), Refrigerator (17), Lamp (10), Clock, Microwave, Toaster
Name something people pour milk in at breakfast.
Cereal (60), Glass (16), Oatmeal (7), Coffee, Pancake Mix, Tea
If you had a keen sense of smell, name a job you would not have.
Garbage Collector (30), Perfumer (12), Chef (11), Custodian, Zoo Keeper, Farmer
Name a color the sky turns when the weather gets bad.
Gray (54), Black (23), Green (6), Dark Blue, Red
Name something that used to be free that there is now a charge for.
Water (48), Television (15), Banking (11), Directory Assistance, Parking
Name a bad sport for someone who is afraid of the water.
Swimming (33), Water Polo (21), Water Skiing (17), Diving, Scuba, Surfing
Name something you do to keep burglars out of your house that does not seem to work on the Tooth Fairy.
Security Alarm (37), Locks (27), Window Bars (15), Dogs
Name a word that most people yell at their dogs.
No (27), Sit (23), Stop (14), Down, Fetch, Bad
Name a holiday that people wear special colors for.
Christmas (51), St. Patrick's Day (28), Fourth of July (12), Easter, Halloween
Name an animal that you are surprised that some people keep as a pet.
Snake (33), Tiger (10), Monkey (8), Elephant, Pig, Rat
Tell me a bad job for someone who hates horses.
Jockey (44), Stable Hand (13), Horse Trainer (12), Farmer, Rancher, Veterinarian
Name something on a Swiss Army knife that you would be surprised to see the Swiss Army fighting with.
Can Opener (29), Corkscrew (17), Scissors (14), File, Nail Clippers, Toothpick
Name something a person cannot legally do without a license.
Drive (68), Marriage (9), Hunt (7), Fish, Practice Medicine, Cut Hair
Name something you would see a lot of at Kansas.
Corn (20), Sunflowers (15), Wheat (14), Flat Land, Cows, Tornados
Name something your parents still give you.
Love (30), Money (27), Advice (12), Gifts, Grief, Clothes, Food
Name something in your kitchen you would hate to have break before your dinner party.
Stove (31), Dishwasher (12), Plates (11), Glasses, Refrigerator, Table
Name something that starts with "the gift of _______."
Life (28), Love (22), Gab (13), God, Giving, Magi
Name something men lose interest in when they fall in love.
Other Women (25), Friends (24), Sports (18), Going Out, Hobbies, Appearance
Name something you might do when your hair is a mess.
Wear Hat (34), Comb It (33), Wash It (11), Hairdresser, Scarf, Ponytail
Name something a Ken doll has that the average guy probably wishes he had too.
Barbies (32), Muscles (29), Convertible (10), Handsome, Hair, Tan
Name a musical instrument that is too big to carry on an airplane.
Tuba (31), Piano (28), Cello (10), Harp, Drums, Bass, Trombone, Saxophone
Name a state where disaster could strike at any time.
California (54), Florida (15), New York (9), Hawaii, Kansas, Louisiana
Name something a hospital uses to transport patients.
Ambulance (31), Wheelchair (23), Gurney (22), Helicopter, Hospital Bed
Name something you might find on a miniature golf course.
Golf Balls (44), Golf Clubs (20), Windmill (19), Holes, Astroturf
Name something a person might do before going to bed that would make it hard for them to get right to sleep.
Coffee (35), Eat (28), Exercise (13), Horror Movie, Argument, Shower
Name a kind of test.
Sat (29), Driving (15), Math (14), IQ, Blood
Name a country that has a lot of desert.
Egypt (29), Saudi Arabia (27), United States (9), Iran, India, Iraq, Australia
Name a planet you would recognize just by looking at a picture of it.
Saturn (35), Earth (22), Mars (16), Jupiter
Name something a man with a big belly looks like he just swallowed.
Watermelon (43), Ball (20), Balloon (7), Keg, Tire, Whale, Baby, Pillow
Name a beverage that is served at kids birthday party.
Kool Aid (36), Punch (34), Soda (16), Lemonde, Milk
Name something in your car you can control with a push of a button.
Radio (35), Windows (22), Temperature (14), Locks, Horn
Name a famous person named "Jane."
Fonda (35), Seymour (11), Jane Doe (8), Mansfield, Goodall
Name a famous Mark.
Mark McGuire (27), Mark Twain (26), Mark Hamill (10), Mark Wahlberg
Tell me a word you might use to describe Bill Gates.
Rich (61), Intelligent (10), Ugly (6), Microsoft, Liberal
Name an electrical appliance most women want on a desert island.
Blow Dryer (19), Refrigerator (18), Television (16), Microwave, Stove, Air Conditioner
Name something that might be half-black and half-white.
Animal (37), Cookie (20), Person (10), Newspaper, Ying Yang Symbol
Name a US state that has big mountains.
Colorado (47), Washington (14), Montana (11), North Carolina, Utah, West Virginia
Besides blueberry, name a kind of muffin people eat at breakfast.
Banana (25), Bran (21), Corn (12), Oatmeal
Name a word a judge might yell out during a tennis match.
Fault (25), Foul (17), Love (14), Out, Order, Net, Point
Name a type of tree that grows very tall.
Redwood (29), Oak (25), Pine (17), Palm, Cypress, Elm
Name a magazine that has a lot of photographs.
People (34), National Geographic (14), Life (12), Playboy, Vogue, US Weekly, Cosmopolitan
If a witch was not paying attention to where she was flying, name something she might crash into.
Tree (45), Building (24), Telephone Pole (7), Power Line, Plane, Bird
Name something people know about Fred Flintstone.
Wilma (26), Bedrock (19), Cartoon (11), Prehistoric, Barney Rubble, Yabba-Dabba-Doo
Name a city in Canada everyone has heard of.
Toronto (38), Montreal (22), Vancouver (16), Quebec City, Niagra Falls, Calgary
Name an animal we eat that would never eat us.
Cow (58), Chicken (26), Pig (4), Rabbit, Deer, Sheep
If a coal miner lived in a mine, name something he would have to get used to doing in the dark.
Eating (23), Dressing (19), Cooking (10), Reading, bathing, bathroom
Name something in nature a poet might write about.
Trees (33), Flowers (17), Sunset (15), Rivers, Birds, Sky
Name something you might take with you for an overnight stay at the hospital.
Pajamas (29), Clothing (18), Toothbrush (17), Robe, Book, Comb
Name something a model does to make sure she looks just right for her big photo.
Fix Hair (23), Makeup (20), Diets (9), Shaves, Showers, Dress
Name a way you can tell that a fruit has gone bad.
Color (36), Mushy (28), Smells (22), Shriveled, moldy
Name a wild animal you would find living in cities.
Rats (24), Raccoon (21), Deer (5), Skunks
Name a cartoon TV show that grown-ups like watching too.
The Simpsons (37), Looney Tunes (15), Flintstones (8), South Park, King of the Hill, Jetsons
Name something a little kid might do on the furniture that would tick off his parents.
Jump (40), Pee (14), Draw (13), Spill, Eat
According to women: What do men consider more important than marriage?
Career (28), Money (21), Other Women (16), Sports, Cars, Freedom
Name a country the U.S. imports a lot of things from.
China (51), Japan (27), Mexico (11), Taiwan, England, France
Name a famous composer whose music is performed by a symphony orchestra.
Beethoven (34), Mozart (22), Bach (13), Tchaikovsky, Brahms, Chopin
Name something that is better when it is hot.
Coffee (30), Soup (17), Pizza (11), Tea, Cocoa
Name a type of ball you would be surprised to see a golfer tee off with.
Basketball (30), Football (23), Baseball (20), Tennis Ball, Bowling Ball, Soccer Ball, Beach Ball, Ping Pong Ball
Name something a robber would hate to have happen to his car while he was inside robbing a bank.
Stolen (29), Towed (20), Not Start (15), Ticketed, Accident, Slashed Tire
Name something that might not look right if you got ready without looking in the mirror.
Hair (50), Makeup (35), Clothing (9), Tie, Toupee
Name something you might find right next to the bathtub.
Soap (26), Toilet (24), Mat (13), Towel, Towel Rack, Sink
Name a reason a husband might send his wife flowers.
Anniversary (51), Apology (23), Birthday (12), Valentine's Day, Mother's Day
If there were a store called "Bodybuilders-R-Us," name something you might be able to buy there.
Weights (31), Exercise Machine (12), Supplements (12), Vitamins, Spandex, Shoes
What is a problem most people have in their lives?
Financial (69), Stress (3), Relationships (2), Weight
Name a profession people make mean jokes about.
Lawyers (41), Teachers (4), Actors (3).
Name a sport that gets fans into a frenzy.
Football (22), Baseball (10), Basketball (9).
Name a place where you see a lot of mirrors.
Dressing Room (21), Gym (8), Bathroom (4).
Name a popular color for a house.
White (57), Grey (12), Beige (7).
Name something people know about Cher.
Sonny Bono (34), Performer (25), Black Hair (19).
Name the most annoying monthly bill.
Telephone (24), Electricity (23), Cable (16).
Name something Jay Leno has more of than the average man.
Chin (64), Money (15), Cars (8).
Name an animal you hope you could outrun if it were chasing you.
Bear (40), Tiger (5), Cheetah (4).
Name something you would find in a chef salad.
Lettuce (36), Cheese (7), Chicken (6).
Name something you might receive in a gift basket.
Fruit (19), Wine (13), Chocolate (8).
Name an occasion when parents let their kids eat candy.
Halloween (57), Easter (20), Christmas (3).
Name something you associate with Snow White.
Dwarfs (61), Apple (24), Evil Queen (6).
Name another word for a restaurant.
Cafe (34), Diner (23), Fast Food (6).
Name something in an office that drives people crazy when it is not working.
Copier (32), Printer (5), Fax Machine (4).
Name something that makes you itch.
Poison Ivy (37), Insect Bites (17), Grass (5).
Besides snow, name something you would need to make a snowman.
Carrot (21), Coal (19), Hat (13).
Name something in a person's house that stays on all night long.
Refrigerator (22), Clock (20), Heating (10).
If you made a Zoro doll, name something it might come with.
Mask (23), Cape (22), Horse (5).
Name a kind of bird you might see in your backyard.
Blue Jay (16), Sparrow (10), Hummingbird (7).
Name something people associate with elephants.
Trunks (45), Size (5), Ivory (5).
Tell me a women's name that starts with the letter "J."
Jane (14), Julie (7), Jackie (4).
According to single men: What is the one thing you might want to know when you meet a women, but do not have the nerve to ask?
Single (30), Age (14), Kids (7).
Name a fruit with lots of seeds.
Watermelon (38), Pomegranate (11), Kiwi (8).
Name something that starts with the word "lady."
Lady Luck (15), Lady Fingers (11), Lady Godiva (9).
Name a holiday when most people in the U.S. get the day off.
Christmas (63), Labor Day (7), Memorial Day (6).
Name a city where lots of rich people live.
New York (42), Los Angeles (30), Miami (5).
Name a famous pig.
Babe (44), Porky (43), Miss Piggy (3).
Name something that makes a man feel free.
Divorce (11), Being Single (9), Money (9).
Name an ingredient you would find at a fancy salad bar.
Lettuce (16), Alfalfa Sprouts (10), Olives (8).
Name an object young children sleep with.
Teddy Bear (47), Blanket (30), Pacifier (6).
Name a kind of tree that streets are named after.
Oak (32), Maple (16), Pine (4).
Name a type of bean found in a salad.
Garbanzo (14), Lima (12), Pinto (11).
Name something you would find at a tennis match.
Balls (31), Rackets (28), Players (9).
Real or fictional name of someone who has a lot of muscles.
Arnold Schwarzenegger (53), Incredible Hulk (10), Popeye (3).
Name a fruit you can eat with one bite.
Grape (56), Strawberry (17), Prune (3).
Name something in your home a ghost might turn on and off to scare you.
Lights (77), Television (12), Radio (4).
Name a part of the body that frequently gets sunburned.
Face (39), Back (18), Shoulders (17).
Name something that is harder to do if you have braces.
Chew (59), Brush Teeth (8), Talk (6).
What is a word people often use in place of "whatchamacallit?"
Thing-A-Ma-Jig (29), Thingy (15), Thing-A-Ma-Bob (6).
Name something you might see in the jungle.
Trees (22), Monkeys (20), Tigers (10).
Besides medicine, name something people keep in their medicine cabinet.
Bandage (17), Toothpaste (16), Toothbrush (8).
Name a decoration people put outside their house at Christmas.
Lights (36), Wreath (33), Tree (2).
Name something a movie director might yell on set.
Cut (55), Action (36).
Name one fact about Janet Jackson.
Singer (15), Actress (11).
Name a famous Ben.
Franklin (47), Affleck (12).
Name something people do to cool down on a hot summer day.
Go Swimming (58), Air Conditioner (9).
Name a safety device you would find on a car.
Airbags (40), Alarm (8).
Name something people do before having their picture taken.
Comb Hair (58), Apply Makeup (6).
Name an animal that starts with the letter "A."
Alligator (27), Armadillo (13).
Name a part of his body a skinny guy might want to exercise and build up.
Chest (39), Arms (35).
Name a place on the human body where people will find the most unwanted hair.
Underarm (28), Back (24).
Name something cats love to play with.
Yarn (52), Ball (20).
Name the worst food to eat if you are on a diet. ("Dessert" is not an answer. Be more specific.)
Football (22), Baseball (10).
Name a word or phrase which includes the word "basket."
Basketball (54), Basket Case (7).
Name a sport where you still see athletes playing after they are forty.
Golf (51), Basketball (9).
Name a place where you see lots of joggers.
Park (77), Beach (5).
Name a job that requires a tuxedo.
Waiter (43), Bellhop (5).
Name a type of book that people DO NOT read for pleasure.
Dictionary (24), Bible (12).
Name a form of transportation you wouldn't want to use in a rain storm.
Motorcycle (26), Bike (21).
Name something people put in their yards to attract birds.
Bird Feeder (24), Bird House (19).
Name an occasion when people take a lot of pictures.
Wedding (42), Birthday (4).
Name something associated with Goldilocks.
Bears (67), Blonde (16).
Name something people associate with Madonna.
Singing (36), Blonde (5).
Name something you need if you want to go bowling.
Ball (66), Bowling Shoes (30).
Name a food that has a lot of fiber.
Cereal (51), Bread (14).
Name something no marriage ceremony would be complete without.
Official/Ministers (25), Bride and Groom (19).
Name a vegetable that goes great with party dip.
Carrot (35), Broccoli (16).
Name something that some people do only on Sunday morning.
Church (61), Brunch (5).
Name a great toy for a child who likes to build things.
Lego (47), Building Blocks (31).
Name something that runs on a schedule.
Train (42), Bus (30).
Name something associated with King Arthur.
Round Table (64), Camelot (6).
Name something a bird watcher carries with them.
Binoculars (69), Camera (11).
Name something an artist uses.
Paint Brush (50), Canvas (9).
Name an impulse purchase you might make because they are practically giving it away.
House (32), Car (26).
Besides in the bathroom, name a place where people might sing to themselves.
Kitchen (32), Car (31).
Name a sport that a lot of senior citizens play.
Bingo (17), Cards (5).
Name a decision people might have second thoughts about.
Marriage (45), Career (6).
Name a vegetable people add to a salad.
Lettuce (14), Carrots (13).
Name a beverage that has bubbles in it.
Soda (60), Champagne (28).
Name something that is found in a burrito.
Beans (58), Cheese (11).
Name an animal you would find on a farm.
Cow (57), Chicken (2).
Name something that comes in nuggets.
Gold (56), Chicken (37).
Name a reason you might be up on your roof.
Repairing (33), Cleaning (13).
Name a place where people might get claustrophobic.
Elevator (60), Closet (18).
Name something a teenage girl might envy about other teenage girls.
Hair (23), Clothes (18).
Name something you might find under people's beds.
Shoes (28), Clothes (11).
Name something of yours that, if it could talk, would say "wash me."
Vehicle (45), Clothes (5).
Name something that costs more money if you have a daughter instead of a son.
Wedding (42), Clothing (37).
Name a reason why people might suddenly close their car window.
Rain (67), Cold (4).
Name a reason people take out a loan.
Buy House (57), College (8).
Name something that married women might be sick of doing.
Housekeeping (36), Cooking (29).
Name a kind of bell.
Doorbell (17), Cow Bell (5).
Name something specific a stuntman does.
Jumps (46), Crashes (21).
Name an electrical appliance people use in the bathroom.
Blow Dryer (55), Curling Iron (10).
Name one of Santa's reindeer.
Rudolph (62), Dasher (12).
Name something a guy might ask a girl for at a singles bar.
Phone Number (66), Date (5).
Name something belonging to your boss you might use if he or she was gone all day.
Computer (32), Desk (8).
Which U.S. city would you most be afraid to live in?
Los Angeles (13), Detroit (11).
Name a reason most people would not want to be a farmer.
Difficult (27), Dirty (8).
Name an item a game show loser might win a lifetime supply of.
Laundry Soap (25), Dog Food (9).
Name something that is harder to do in the snow.
Walk (54), Drive (28).
Name a musical instrument people use both hands to play.
Flute (15), Drums (10).
Name an instrument you might hear in a rock band.
Guitar (54), Drums (28).
Name a company that makes batteries.
Energizer (52), Duracell (23).
Name something people do while driving even though they know they should not.
Phone (46), Eat (21).
Name a word or phrase that begins with the word "egg."
Eggnog (12), Egg Yolk (5).
Name something people serve at elegant parties.
Hors D'Oeuvres (12), Escargot (6).
Name a part of the body that gives you problems as you get older.
Back (37), Eyes (9).
According to women: What is the part of a man's body that women check out first?
Eyes (32), Face (5).
According to men: What does George Clooney have that you don't?
Money (50), Fame (14).
Tell me one fact about Bond, James Bond.
Spy (13), Fast Cars (5).
Name something a gardener does to a lawn that you would not do to a grass skirt.
Water (16), Fertilize (15).
Name something a plant needs to grow.
Water (68), Fertilizer (2).
Name an illness that kids give to each other.
Chicken Pox (29), Flu (11).
Name something people rub for good luck.
Rabbit's Foot (44), Four-Leaf Clover (5).
Name a movie monster that should have a star on the Hollywood walk of fame.
Godzilla (32), Frankenstein (19).
Name a man who is famous for dancing in the movies.
John Travolta (33), Fred Astaire (13).
Name something you might get hit with if you were at the park.
Ball (35), Frisbee (27).
Name a type of salad people eat at a picnic.
Potato (55), Fruit (14).
Name something associated with Aladdin.
Flying Carpet (27), Genie (9).
Name another word for "smart."
Intelligent (56), Genius (5).
Name something women get excited about.
Jewelry (9), Gifts (3).
Name an animal that lives underground.
Groundhog (18), Gopher (6).
Name an animal that ruins a farmer's crops.
Crow (24), Gophers (10).
Besides sporting events, name a television show that is on once a year.
Academy Awards (20), Grammys (5).
Name someone you would be embarrassed to swear in front of.
Parents (52), Grandparents (17).
Name a country known for its ancient ruins.
Egypt (31), Greece (21).
Name a place people spend more money than they want to.
Department Store (25), Grocery Store (21).
Name something a women might put in her hair.
Barrette (29), Hair Spray (26).
Name something you can eat on a bun.
Hot Dog (51), Hamburger (42).
Name a sandwich that tastes great on a roll.
Turkey (10), Hamburger (10).
Name a musical instrument that would not make sense in a marching band.
Piano (51), Harp (5).
Name something people use a coupon for.
Groceries (62), Health and Beauty (15).
Name a reason why someone might start sweating.
Stress (37), Heat (23).
Name a sport where people wear helmets.
Football (57), Hockey (22).
Name a Spanish word everybody knows.
Si (28), Hola (20).
Name a place that might have a waiting list.
Restaurant (47), Hospital (29).
Besides marriage, name the most important decision a person will make in their life.
Children (33), House (7).
Name a country an art student might want to visit.
France (55), Italy (14).
Name a place where people keep loose change.
Pockets (41), Jar (14).
Who is the celebrity you would most hate to sit next to on a long flight?
Roseanne Barr (12), Jim Carrey (7).
Name something that receives a grade.
Test (57), Job Performance (2).
Name something men often carry in their pockets.
Wallet (68), Keys (15).
Past or present, name a famous New York Yankee.
Babe Ruth (54), Lou Gehrig (2).
Name a U.S. city that begins with the letter "L."
Los Angeles (44), Louisville (12).
According to women: What is the most important element in a relationship?
Trust (57), Love (14).
Name the first food people learn how to cook.
Eggs (36), Mac and Cheese (6).
Past or present, name a famous blonde who proves blondes really do have more fun.
Marilyn Monroe (54), Madonna (12).
Name something people do to make their feet feel good.
Soak (54), Massage (33).
Tell me a boy's name that starts with the letter "M."
Michael (50), Matthew (9).
Name a foreign country Americans feel safe visiting.
France (15), Mexico (4).
Name a famous hotel in Las Vegas.
Caesar's Palace (26), MGM Grand (15).
Name a kitchen appliance that might be built-in.
Stove (36), Microwave (19).
Name something you are worried you do not get enough of.
Sleep (25), Money (24).
Name an expression with the word "monkey" in it.
Monkey Business (16), Monkey Wrench (5).
Name an animal hikers fear running into.
Bear (54), Mountain Lion (20).
Name something you can find in a Denver omelet.
Ham (17), Mushrooms (5).
Name something people clip.
Hair (20), Newspaper (4).
Name a part of a women's body that men prefer to be small.
Waist (51), Nose (7).
Name a kind of muffin.
Blueberry (54), Oat Bran (10).
Name a kind of singer.
Country (38), Opera (7).
Name an appliance you do not use often.
Blender (30), Oven (7).
Name a downside to getting a tattoo.
Permanent (64), Painful (23).
Name something you could find in an art class.
Paint (58), Paintbrushes (8).
Name something you would see a lot of in California.
Beaches (16), Palm Trees (14).
Name something people file.
Taxes (35), Papers (30).
Besides a church, name a place where people get married.
Wedding Chapel (24), Park (11).
Name a space you might land on in Monopoly.
Boardwalk (41), Park Place (26).
Name someone you might ask directions from while driving.
Gas Station Attendant (45), Passenger (10).
Name something you can see a lot of in a Las Vegas casino.
Slot Machines (41), Patrons (24).
Name a candy bar with nuts in it.
Snickers (37), Payday (24).
Name a type of fruit you could grow on a tree in your backyard.
Apple (40), Peaches (20).
Name something people consider snack food.
Chips (51), Peanuts (5).
Name something a police detective might keep in his pocket.
Notepad (18), Pen (12).
Name a school supply kids are always running out of.
Pencils (46), Pens (5).
Name a piece of information you would expect to be printed on a business card.
Phone Number (58), Person's Name (11).
Name something people have to run to catch.
Bus (44), Pet (15).
Name something people might not want because it is too much responsibility.
Children (40), Pets (39).
Name something you do in a booth.
Kiss (17), Phone Call (14).
Name something people get autographed.
Book (24), Picture (19).
Name a good food to throw in a food fight.
Mashed Potato (41), Pie (20).
Name something you would see at every college football game.
Cheerleaders (43), Players (10).
Name a profession where ethics really do not count.
Doctor (16), Politicians (2).
Name a type of junk food.
Potato Chips (57), Popcorn (3).
Name a job title someone might have at a big company.
CEO (33), President (28).
Name an ingredient you would find in trail mix.
Nuts (39), Pretzels (13).
Name something associated with Prince Charles.
Princess Diana (71), Prince William (7).
When people drive with one hand on the steering wheel, name something they do with their other hand.
Cell Phone (28), Radio (16).
Name something kids bring home from school.
Homework (42), Report Card (5).
Name a word or phrase the Post Office stamps on a package.
Fragile (33), Return to Sender (15).
Name a villain Batman and Robin are always fighting.
Joker (62), Riddler (17).
Name an exercise high school gym teachers make you do.
Jumping Jacks (39), Run (27).
Name something someone might have a picture of on their winter sweater.
Snowflakes (22), Santa Claus (12).
Name someplace you would find a water fountain.
Park (50), School (23).
Name an animal people are afraid of.
Bear (26), Shark (11).
Name a slang expression for the phrase "be quiet."
Shut Up (64), Shh (11).
According to men: Name something a women would have a hard time going a whole week without doing.
Cleaning (21), Shopping (13).
Name something you wear that might be plaid.
Shirt (30), Shorts (7).
Name something that has the word "shuttle" in it.
Space Shuttle (43), Shuttle Bus (32).
Name a reason you might suspect your friend is pregnant.
Weight Gain (43), Sick (33).
Name a performer or group whose music seems to span over generations.
Elvis/Elvis Presley/Presley (36), Sinatra/Frank Sinatra (18).
Name something you need to be a belly dancer.
Belly (4), Skirt (3).
Name something a man might do all day long if his wife let him.
Watch TV (37), Sleep (14).
Name something an 8-year-old might bring with them when they stay over at Grandma's house.
Stuffed Animal (36), Sleeping Bag (5).
Without seeing it, name a way you can tell someone has a cat in their house.
Litter Box (34), Smell (27).
Name a tiny creature which frightens big people.
Spider (63), Snake (2).
Name a kind of weather that would cause you not to see as well.
Fog (47), Snow (18).
Name a food you do not have to chew to swallow.
Jello (21), Soup (16).
Name a country where soccer is really popular.
Mexico (15), Spain (13).
Name an animal little boys use to frighten girls.
Snake (25), Spider (24).
Name a section of the newspaper most people do not read every day.
Obituary (16), Sports (8).
Name something a person might cheat on that could get them into trouble.
Test (22), Spouse (19).
Name something people mistake for a U.F.O.
Airplane (38), Star (18).
Name a food that you only eat at restaurants because you do not know how to cook it.
Shellfish (17), Steak (5).
Name something that people associate with Hawaii.
Hula Dancing (16), Surfing (7).
Name a way you can tell if someone is lying.
Stuttering (4), Sweating (2).
Name sport that does not use a ball.
Hockey (21), Swimming (18).
Name something that has holes in it.
Colander (23), Swiss Cheese (21).
Name a type of fish people order at fine restaurants.
Salmon (24), Swordfish (9).
Name a type of worker who often goes on strike.
Factory (35), Teachers (8).
Name a children's story that has the word "three" in the title.
Three Little Pigs (60), Three Blind Mice (6).
Name a gift for a friend who travels a lot.
Suitcase (54), Tickets (2).
Name something a man might wear only on special occasions.
Suit (69), Tie (14).
Name another word for "little."
Small (59), Tiny (31).
Name a breakfast food people might also eat for dinner.
Eggs (46), Toast (2).
Name something you might see in a kid's mouth.
Gum (17), Tooth (7).
Name something you thought existed when you were a child.
Santa Claus (54), Tooth Fairy (13).
Name a word that starts with "Tooth."
Toothbrush (29), Tooth Fairy (23).
Name something a five year old might pray for.
Bike (39), Toys (19).
Name a part of your car that most people have heard of but have no idea what it does.
Radiator (8), Transmission (7).
Name an article of clothing that men will wear even if it has a hole in it.
Socks (31), Underwear (22).
Name an occasion or event after which you might be broke.
Wedding (38), Vacation (23).
Name a famous Mary.
Tyler Moore (46), Virgin Mary (17).
Name a sport where you "serve" a ball.
Tennis (66), Volleyball (23).
Name a way people got around before cars were invented.
Horseback (63), Walking (16).
Name something a women might keep in her purse.
Makeup (59), Wallet (16).
Besides drinking it name something people use water for every day.
Bathing (64), Water Plants (22).
Name a fruit people slice.
Apple (42), Watermelon (6).
Name something cats have that people do not.
Tails (21), Whiskers (12).
Name something people accidentally walk into.
Doors (34), Windows (28).
Name a famous "Adam."
Adam Sandler (42).
Name a feature people pay extra for when buying a new car.
Air Condintioning (32).
Tell me something specific that sailors get tattooed on their arms.
Anchor (27).
Name an action star who could use acting lessons.
Arnold Schwarzenegger (26).
Name something you hold very carefully.
Babies (41).
According to women: What is something that makes a man unsexy?
Bad Smell (20).
Name an occupation in which a man would meet a lot of women.
Bartender (30).
Name something people do with their fingernails.
Bite (30).
Name something one of the characters from the Wizard of Oz wanted to get.
Brain (26).
Name something a hotel might offer for free.
Breakfast (24).
Name an animal that might "charge" if you get in its way.
Bull (38).
Name something a married couple saves from their wedding day.
Cake (58).
Besides meat, name a specific ingredient found in a stew.
Carrots (29).
Name a vegetable that is commonly found in soup.
Carrots (47).
Name a famous singer who is also an actress.
Cher (19).
Besides apple, name the most popular pie for dessert.
Cherry (33).
Name something there is more of in the suburbs.
Children (6).
Name a holiday when you might get dressed up.
Christmas (27).
Name something that little boys hate being told to do.
Clean Room (41).
Name something school kids sell door to door.
Cookies (15).
Name one of Bugs Bunny's pals.
Daffy Duck (58).
Name something that people might be embarrassed to admit they wear.
Diapers (10).
Name something that growls.
Dog (62).
Name someplace where you might find lint.
Dryer (43).
Besides a chicken, name a creature that lays eggs.
Ducks (28).
Name something a wife might change about herself that her husband would not notice.
Dye Hair (58).
Name something restaurants serve at a Sunday brunch.
Eggs (43).
Real or fictional, name a famous Queen.
Elizabeth (66).
Name a magazine that is filled with pictures of celebrities.
Entertainment Weekly (3).
Name something you put a patch on.
Eye (22).
If babies could talk, name something they might ask for.
Food (51).
Name something you would hate to walk on with your bare feet.
Glass (26).
Name something a baseball player would hate to forget to bring with him to the ballpark.
Glove (50).
Name an animal you would feed at a petting zoo.
Goat (36).
Name something you find in a mine.
Gold (37).
Name something about their jobs that teachers hate.
Grading (13).
Name a type of store you would find in a strip mall.
Grocery Store (3).
Name a TV father who is a bad example of a dad.
Homer Simpson (26).
Name something specific that people make reservations for.
Hotels (30).
Name something other than a person that could use a facelift.
House (29).
Name something men put off doing for as long as they can.
Housework (20).
Name a piece of equipment a plastic surgeon might use if he was going to give Mount Rushmore a face-lift.
Jack Hammer (20).
Name something people wear when they want to dress casual.
Jeans (49).
Name a current movie star known for having a great smile.
Jim Carrey (9).
Who is a celebrity you would most hate to sit next to on a long flight?
Jim Carrey (7).
Name a specific reason people get fired from their jobs.
Late (22).
Give me a nickname for someone named "Elizabeth."
Liz (43).
Name something specific you check the date of before buying.
Milk (58).
Name something that some people just cannot hold onto.
Money (78).
Name something people save.
Money (65).
Name an animal that a zoo usually has a lot of.
Monkeys (51).
Name an animal sound you hear in a barnyard.
Moo (60).
Besides his wife, name a person a man might send flowers to.
Mother (66).
Name a state that gets a lot of tourists.
New York (16).
Name someone who is living proof that diets do not work.
Oprah Winfrey (35).
Name a city in Florida.
Orlando (17).
Name something parents do to get a baby to stop crying.
Pacifier (15).
Name something people do to prepare for a vacation.
Pack (56).
Name something about a person that might cause a judge to give him or her a break when sentencing.
Parent (9).
Name someplace where you might have a picnic.
Park (70).
Name the most difficult part of learning to drive.
Parking (51).
Name a type of baby food that looks gross but babies love.
Peas (42).
Name a magazine that has news about celebrities.
People (50).
Name a piece of information people include in a personal ad.
Phone Number (12).
Name something that is sold by pushy salespeople.
Phone Services (12).
Name a slang expression for eating a lot.
Pigging Out (40).
Name something Washington, DC has a lot of.
Politicians (36).
Name something you associate with Sylvester Stallone.
Rambo (12).
Name something New York City claims to have the very best of.
Restaurants (12).
Name a famous female comedian.
Rosie O'Donnell (16).
Name a musical instrument you would see in most jazz bands.
Saxophone (42).
Name something people have to be careful of when they are swimming in the ocean.
Sharks (66).
Name something Michael Jordan is famous for endorsing.
Shoes (67).
Name something a man would take off his toupee to do.
Shower (55).
Name something you might cut out of your morning routine if you were in a big hurry.
Shower (19).
Besides gambling, name something people spend money on in Las Vegas.
Shows (42).
Name something associated with Donny and Marie.
Singing (19).
Name an animal you might worry about if you were swimming in the Amazon.
Snakes (43).
Name a famous dog from a comic strip.
Snoopy (45).
Name something people do with snow.
Snowballs (37).
Name something people do to settle an upset stomach.
Soda (12).
Name a bug that makes some women scream.
Spider (58).
Name a place Moms drive their kids after school.
Sport Practice (25).
Name a televised event that people throw parties to watch.
Superbowl (82).
Name something they give away free to attract fans at a baseball game.
T-Shirts (9).
Name a animal that you are surprised that some people keep as a pet.
Tiger (10).
Name a reason why a baby might be cranky.
Tired (6).
Name something you associate with Dorothy from "The Wizard of Oz."
Toto (32).
Name a place people like to bring a camera.
Trip (49).
Name something people like to look at when they are bored.
TV (65).
Name something associated with the Pope.
Vatican (44).
Name something that will last a long time if you take good care of it.
Vehicle (43).
Name a bad job for someone who is afraid of dogs.
Veterinarian (13).
Name a musical instrument that is soothing to listen to.
Violin (26).
Name the most famous street in the United States.
Wall St (7).
Name one of the basic necessities of life.
Water (24).
Name someone a man relies on for advice.
Wife (30).
Name something who is famous for being a chef.
Wolfgang Puck (21).
Name something people yell at that cannot yell back.
Animals, Television, Babies
Name something found in the Garden of Eden.
Apple, Snake, Tree, Adam and Eve
According to women: Which male action star is no longer a sex symbol?
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Name a sport women think is sexy to watch.
Basketball, Baseball, Football
Name something people associate with King Kong.
Big, Empire State Building, Monkeys
Name a phrase that ends with the word "mouth."
Big Mouth, Loudmouth, Potty Mouth, Bad Mouth, Motormouth, Open Mouth
Name a reason why you might send someone a card.
Birthday, Get Well
Name a vegetable used in Asian cooking.
Bok Choy
Name a famous Dan.
Name a type of berry.
What excuse do people use when they do not return phone calls?
Busy, Didn't Get Message, Forgot, Late, Turned Off, Asleep
Name something a supermodel would probably never eat for dessert.
Cake, Ice Cream, Pie
Name something you would find at a kid's birthday.
Cake, Clown
Which U.S. state do you think has the most beautiful women?
California, Florida
Name an actress who should gain a few pounds.
Calista Flockhart, Sally Field
Name a popular vacation city in Mexico.
Cancun, Tijuana
Name something you own that causes you aggravation.
Car, Pet, Computer, House, Lawn Mower, Telephone
Name an occupation many women fantasize about having.
CEO, President
Name a part of a baby's body that is chubby.
Cheeks, Legs
In what country do Americans get the best buys when shopping for clothing?
China, Mexico
Name a type of pie not made from fruit.
Chocolate Cream, Pot Pie
Name a holiday when people have parties.
Christmas, July Fourth, Thanksgiving
Name a place in the house where people store their junk.
Closet, Garage, Attic
Name something specific people might take off before they go to bed.
Clothing, Glasses
Name something you know about Alaska.
Name a reason why a wedding might be canceled.
Cold Feet, Weather
Name something people clip out of the newspaper.
Name something people eat with chili.
Crackers, Bread
Name something you would need if you wanted to be a lawyer.
Degree, Briefcase
Name someone who wears white gloves.
Name an item you buy that needs to be assembled. ("Furniture" is not an answer. Be more specific.)
Entertainment Center
Name something about a flight you would be surprised to hear a passenger say was "good."
Name a food that is better when it is crisp.
French Fries, Potato Chips
Name something vampires would not keep in their home that most people would.
Garlic, Cross
Besides salt and pepper, name a seasoning everyone keeps in their kitchen.
Garlic, Paprika
Name something that might be self-service.
Gas Station, Car Wash
Name a high school subject that was a total waste of time.
Gym, History
Name something women spend more time doing than men.
Hair, Shopping
Tell me something people cook on a backyard grill.
Hamburgers, Steak, Hot Dogs, Chicken, Ribs, Pork Chops
Name a reason a teacher might suspect a sick note was written by the student and not the parent.
Handwriting, Spelling
Name something people use to cure a backache.
Heating Pads, Massage
Name a game kids play in kindergarten.
Hide and Seek, Tag
Name a sport that does not contain the word "ball."
Hockey, Soccer
Name something a student might forget to bring to school.
Homework, Book Bag
Name something most people do not miss about high school.
Name a word used to describe the weather.
Hot, Sunny
Name something people try to keep when they get divorced.
House, Money
Some men are placing want ads for wives. Name one of the job requirements that might be listed.
Housekeeping, Pretty, Loving
Name a kind of hoop.
Hula, Earrings
Name something that will melt if you leave it in the sun too long.
Ice Cream, Ice
Name something that starts with the word "ice."
Ice Cream, Ice Cube
Name a famous person who lived in the Old West.
Jesse James, Wyatt Earp, Wild Bill Hickok
Which actor's specialty is playing "nut cases?"
Jim Carrey, Robin Williams, Steve Martin
Name a famous judge.
Judge Judy, Joe Brown, Sandra Day O'Connor, Mathis, Ito
Name a body part that gets sore after a long day's work.
Legs, Arms
Name something associated with Ireland.
Leprechauns, Green
Name an extra charge you might have to pay when checking out of a hotel.
Long Distance Calls
Fill in the blank: A women should not judge a man by his _______.
Name something only a millionaire could own.
Mansion, Yacht
Besides too much homework, name the biggest complaint kids have about their teachers.
Name something women talk about with their hairdressers.
Men, Hairstyle
Name a popular imported European car.
Mercedes Benz, BMW
Name a cartoon character you can have your picture taken with at Disneyland.
Mickey Mouse, Goofy, Minnie Mouse
Name something you'd see a lot of at Disneyland.
Mickey Mouse
Besides a house, name something people live in.
Mobile Home, Apartment
Name something men obsess about.
Name a place you go where you don't want to sit behind someone with a big head.
Movie Theater, Concert
Name the oldest thing in your parents house.
Parents, Clock
Name something you might put on your armpits if you ran out of deodorant.
Perfume, Baby Powder, Baking Soda, Soap, Lotion, Lemon
Name the first item people would take with them if their house was on fire.
Pets, Wallet
Name something you would need if you wanted to play a game of water polo.
Pool, Ball
Name a food that is often cooked in the microwave.
Popcorn, TV Diner
Name a wild animal that often becomes roadkill.
Possum, Deer, Raccoon, Squirrel
Name a person people talk to in confidence.
Priest, Doctor
Name a way you can tell that Halloween is coming.
Pumpkins, Decorations
If you put food outside for a stray cat, name another animal that might eat it.
Raccoon, Dog, Rat, Bird, Squirrel, Skunk
Name someplace a child goes for the first time that might be traumatic.
School, Circus
Name a specific food you should not eat on a queasy stomach.
Name something a man might put on belonging to his wife if he got dressed in the dark.
Shirt, Underwear
Name something a person might do in a talent contest.
Sing, Dance
Name a way you can tell a carton of milk has gone bad.
Name a food that you would never eat with your hands.
Name something that might be stolen from your car.
Stereo, GPS, CDs, Money, Cell Phone, Laptop
Name a place on the body where people have liposuction.
Name something Japan is famous for.
Sushi, Cars
Name a game kids play in the park.
Name something Donald Duck does that most ducks do not.
Talks, Clothes, Tantrums, Drive
Name a type of vehicle where you usually sit in the back.
Taxi, Bus
Name a word that ends with "scope."
Telescope, Microscope
Name an inventor kids learn about in school.
Thomas Edison, Benjamin Franklin
What is the biggest complaint that people have about public transportation?
Too Slow, Crowded, Dirty
Name something from your bathroom that you might bring on a camping trip.
Toothbrush, Toilet Paper
Name a cut of steak.
Top Sirloin, Prime Rib
Name something people dislike about a sleeper sofa.
Uncomfortable, Too Hard
Name something you might loan someone that you would not want back once they have used it.
Name something audience members do when they hate a movie.
Walk Out, Boo
Name something people do not want to be late for.
Name something embarrassing that might happen while you are laughing.
Wet Pants, Snort
Name an occupation that someone with a fear of heights should never consider.
Window Washer
Name a height when men consider a woman tall.
Name something people want to know when they are buying a used car.
Accident History
Name something that causes traffic jams.
Name something embarrassing you might only notice by looking in the mirror.
Name something you associate with Eve from the Bible.
Adam, Apple, Snake, Sin, Garden
Name something cars have today that they didn't have 50 years ago.
Name something that might take a nosedive.
Name a sound you'd hate to hear in the middle of the night.
Alarm, Dog Barking
Name a U.S. state where you do not want to be without your "long johns" in winter.
Name a kind of animal you might see in a swamp.
Alligator, Frog, Snake, Crocodile, Monster
We asked 100 men... Name an actress whose affection would have you jumping on Oprah's couch too!
Angelina Jolie
Name a special day when a man is very proud of his wife.
Name an insect that most people find harmless.
Ants, Fly, Ladybug, Roly Poly, Caterpillar, Daddy Long Legs, Butterfly, Earth Worm
Name a section on a restaurant menu.
Name something that ends with the word "code".
Area Code, Zip Code, Morse Code, Security Code, Bar Code, Dress Code
Name a state that has a lot of desert.
Name something the oldest child gets more of than the other kids in the family.
Attention, Money, Responsibilities, Clothes, Discipline, Dessert
Name something the sheriff wears in a Western movie.
Badge, Cowboy Hat, Holster, Boots, Chaps, Belt Buckle
Name a sport that is considered graceful.
Name a place where people are required to show ID.
Bar, Store, Airport, Bank
Name a kind of collector cards people trade. ("Sports cards" is not a answer. Be more specific.)
Name a kind of league people join.
Name someone who usually wears a cape.
Batman, Superman, Zorro, Witch, Dracula, Magician
Name something you would see in a cave.
Bats, Stalactites, Bear, Rocks, Drawings
Name something associated with "David Hasselhoff".
Bay Watch
Name a place you bring a towel.
Name something you might put in your backyard to decorate if you were having a beach theme party.
Beach Ball
Name a place you would see someone wearing a towel.
Beach, Pool, Bathroom
Name something you would need if you wanted to dress up like Abraham Lincoln.
Name something kids love to jump on.
Bed, Trampoline
We asked 100 women: Name something you look at in a man's apartment to tell if he's clean or dirty.
Name something a man needs to really enjoy a football game.
Beer, Television, Food, Friend, Couch, Quiet, Peach and Quiet, Peace, Ticket
Name someone you might tip at a hotel.
If your cat went on strike, name something he might demand before returning to work as your pet.
Better Food, Clean Litter Box, More Food, Catnip, More Toys, Raise
Name a book that is found in most people's homes.
In one word describe your feet.
Name something about Santa that kids wouldn't dare to make fun of.
Big Belly, Beard, Gifts, Costume, Reindeer, Wife
Name something people associate with Sesame Street.
Big Bird
Name something people postpone doing for as long as possible.
Bills, Cleaning, Getting Married, Going to Dentist, Going to Doctor
Name something someone does to keep from laughing.
Bit Your Lips, Hold Breath, Cover Mouth, Clench Your Teeth, Cough, Think Something Sad
Name a word or phrase that has the word "blind" in it.
Tell me a nickname for a man named Robert.
Bob, Rob, Bobby, Robby, Bert
Name something that gets buried.
Bodies, Bones
Name a way people spoil their dogs.
Bone, Feed Table Scraps, Treats, Feed Too Much, Sleep with Them, Sweaters
Name something dogs fetch.
Bone, Frisbee
Name something you would like taken away from CEO's of big companies.
Name something you should not take away from a baby unless you enjoy the sound of screaming.
Bottle, Pacifier
Name a part of the average person's body that weighs 3 pounds.
Name a food people dip in butter.
Bread, Crab
Name something that tastes best fresh out of the oven.
Bread, Pie
Name something people do to get rid of bad breath.
Breath Mints, Chew Gum, Mouthwash
We asked 100 single woman: Name something you do to catch the eye of an attractive man who is not paying attention to you.
Brush Against, Talk to, Smile, Flirt, Play with Hair, Walk By, Stare at, Wink
Name something you'd hate to sit on, in a darkened theater.
Bubble Gum
Name a cartoon with big ears.
Bugs Bunny
Name a reason why a restaurant might not make a customer pay for his lunch.
Bugs, Bad Service, Awful Food, Hair, Time, Birthday, Sale
Tell me something that ruins your dinner.
Burnt Food, Phone Call, Bad Conversation, Fly, Cold Food
Name something a person might rush to catch.
Name something that has wax.
Name something you would see at a fancy restaurant you would never see at McDonald's.
Name something a store sells a lot of at Halloween.
Name something people know about the city of Paris.
Capital of France
Name a purchase you should consult your spouse about before making.
Name something you can rent.
Name something a friend has that they brag is better than yours.
Car, House, Spouse, Job, Children, Television
Name something at home that people might trip over.
Name something people purposely buy damaged so they can get a discount.
Name something made in America that's loved by people worldwide.
Cars, Money
Name something in your house you might not want a Sumo wrestler using.
Chair, Toilet, Sofa, Floor, Table
Name something you might see someone doing on the side of a road.
Changing Tire
Name a complaint a man might have about a woman's lips.
Name a kind of place that's known for serving really bad food.
Cheap Restaurant
Name a reason people move from the city to live in the suburbs.
Name a reason a kiss might be bad.
Cheating, Germs, Bad Breath, Unwanted, Too Wet
Name a type of cheese Americans like the best.
Cheddar, American, Swiss, Mozzarella, Provolone
Name an animal known for its speed.
Name a game that is difficult to master.
Chess, Jeopardy, Monopoly, Poker, Trivial Pursuit, Golf
Name a place some men have hair on their bodies that others don't.
Chest, Back
Name something people fight about with their next-door neighbors.
After the Unites States, which country has the largest economy in the world?
Name an activity most husbands would rather their wife keep to a minimum.
Name a place you see men crying.
Name a place where it's important for children to sit still.
Church, Dentist, Restaurant, School, Barber Shop, Movie
According to men: Mirror, mirror on the wall who is the sexiest fairy tale character of them all?
Name the toughest part about owning an elephant as a pet.
Cleaning up after it, Feeding him, too big, No Room, Bathing
Name something that, to a slob, belongs on the floor.
According to married women: Name something your husband knows you spend money on but has no idea how much.
Clothes, Makeup
Name a place where shoplifters stash the goods, until they're out of the store.
Clothes, Purse, Backpack
Name the most exciting thing to shop for.
Clothing, Car
Name something in your house that has faded.
Clothing, curtains, paint, furniture, rugs, linens
Name a performer in the circus.
Clown, Lion Tamer
Name something people associate with a caveman.
Name a job an athlete might have after they retire.
Name something people like to drink in the morning.
Coffee, Orange Juice
Name a beverage served hot.
Coffee, Tea, Hot Chocolate, Apple Cider
Name something people collect today that might be worth a lot tomorrow.
Name a state people visit to go skiing.
Colorado, Vermont, Utah, Alaska, Maine
Name your one possession that gives you the most hours of enjoyment.
Name something teenagers teach their parents how to use.
Name something people go to that might be sold out.
Concert, Movies
Name something people think is a man's job.
Name an occupation that requires wearing gloves on the job.
Name a kind of workman everybody complains about.
Name an office responsibility that bosses consider to be "beneath" them.
Besides a mattress, name something people sleep on.
Name something you'd expect to see in psychiatrist's office.
Couch, Patients, Diploma, Certificate, Books, Picture
Name something that most American people would die for.
Country, Freedom, Rights, Family
Name something that for safety's sake, everyone should know how to do.
Name something you might need if you break your leg.
Name a way a baby can communication without words.
Name a fruit or vegetable used as a beauty aid.
Name a food that might get pickled.
Cucumbers, Beets, Eggs, Herring, Pig's Feet
Name something people do to their hair that makes them look silly.
Cut it
Name a place that begins with the word "South".
Dakota, America, Pole, Carolina, park, Central
When you let someone borrow your car, name something you hate to discover after it's returned.
Name something that's rude to cancel at the last minute.
Past or present, name a game show about relationships.
Dating Game
Name something a person sees while driving that would cause them to slow down.
Deer, Accidents, Policeman, Children
We asked 100 men: What's the greatest gift a man can give a woman?
Name something that sparkles.
Diamonds, Glitter
Name something you might find in a teenage girl's bedroom.
Name something you might buy from the reference section of a bookstore.
Name a food that goes great with potato chips.
Dips, Hamburgers, Hot Dog, Sandwiches, Casserole
Name something in a restaurant that had better not be dirty, or you'll get up and leave.
Name a place tourists visit in Los Angeles.
Name a tourist attraction that most Americans want to visit at least once in their lifetime.
Disneyland, Grand Canyon
Name a job you might get at a hospital.
Name a bad occupation for someone who is habitually late.
Doctor, Bus Driver
Name an occupation whose members you hope are smarter than you.
Doctor, Lawyer, Scientist, Politician, Medical, Accountant
Name an animal that's more capable of making a lasting commitment than humans.
Dog, Cat
Name an animal that best describes your boss.
Dog, Monkey, Bear, Cat, Lion, Donkey
Name an animal that bites.
Dog, Snakes, Rat, Mosquito
Some people are called "horse faced". Name another animal people look like.
Dogs, Pigs, Monkeys, Donkeys, Cows
Name a reason a mailman might have a bad day on his route.
Dogs, Too much mail
Name a part of a car you open and close.
Name something most people open at least once a day.
Door, Refrigerator, Mail, Mouth, Eyes
Name something you double-check before you go to bed.
Doors Are Locked, Alarm Clock, Lights Off, Stove
Name something people do to unclog a sink.
Drain-O, Plunger
Name something people do to prevent from getting sick.
Drink Liquids, Take Medicine
If your shirt accidentally caught on fire, what would be the best thing to do?
Drop and Roll, Rip it off, Splash water on it, Jump In Pool, Jump in Shower
Name a kind of place where you're treated more like a number than like a human being.
DVLA, Hospital, Work, Prison, Restaurant, HMRC
Name something a child might do right before bed.
Name something people do more of on vacation.
Eat Out, Relax, Spend Money, Travel, Have Fun, See Sights
Name an appetizer you would find at a Chinese restaurant.
Egg Rolls, Wontons, Fortune Cookie, Noodles, Dumplings
Name something people drink at Christmas.
Name something at breakfast that you might have two of.
Name a country kids study in ancient history class.
Egypt, Greece, Italy, China, Japan, Mexico
Tell me how many glasses of water the average person drinks a day.
Eight, Two, Three, Five, Six, Ten, Four, One
Name something that might give you a jolt.
Name a bill you'll be paying every month for the rest of your life.
Electricity, Phone, Insurance, Rent, Credit Card, Car
Name an animal people sound like when they blow their nose.
Name a famous woman who has had a lot of husbands.
Elizabeth Taylor
Name a character Bugs Bunny has been known to fight with.
Elmer Fudd, Daffy Duck
Name something you would need a lot of if you were a cheerleader.
Name a Steven Spielberg movie.
ET, Jurassic Park
Name something a contestant in a beauty pageant might wear.
Evening Gown
A man divorces after 25 years of marriage. Name something that will be different about dating now.
Expense, Who Pays, Internet, Age Differences
Name a reason you might suspect a Little Leaguer is more than 12 years old.
Facial Hair
If there were a musical named "Dogs", name a prop they would probably use on stage.
Fire Hydrant, Big Bone, Dog House, Tree, Squeaky Toy
In your fantasies, name something you do to your boss.
Fire Them, Hit, Nothing, Thank, Yell, Kiss, Have His Job
Name something that makes people panic.
Fire, Tornado, Money, High Gas Prices, Spiders, Natural Disaster
Name an animal that swims.
Fish, Dolphin, Dog, Seal, Whale
Name a pet that isn't much work, but also isn't much fun.
Fish, Reptile
Name something you might see someone doing on the side of the highway.
Fixing a flat, Hitchhiking, Using restroom, Picking up trash
Name something in your house that's extra dirty after a big party.
Name the most uncomfortable place you've ever slept.
Floor, Car, Hotel Bed, Barracks, Tent, Couch
Name something you might buy at a hospital gift shop.
Flowers, Gift Cards, Balloons, Stuffed Animals
Name something a parent might do if their kid's pet goldfish dies.
Flush Down Toilet, Buy a New One
Name a musical instrument that's difficult to play.
Name a sport where you see players behaving badly.
Name a sport where the fans might yell "Crush 'em!".
Name a sport you would be surprised to see a pregnant woman playing.
Name a sport where your main goal would be to stay alive.
Name a sport that is usually played in front of large crowds.
Football, Baseball, Basketball
Name a preprinted sign you can purchase at a hardware store.
For Sale
Tell me how many days people go away for on vacation.
Name an animal that has a bushy tail.
Name something men say they hate to give when they get married.
Give me a word that rhymes with "Pun".
Fun, Sun, Bun, Run, Done, Hun
Name something you might strap down if you live in earthquake country.
Name a great American that kids learn about in grade school.
George Washington
Name something that has a long neck.
Name something people associate with a nerd.
Glasses, Technology
Name a word you hear almost every cheerleader say at a high school football game.
Name something you do every day that you hate.
Go to Work
Name another word for "pretty".
Gorgeous, Cute
Name something that siblings compete over.
Grades, TV, Television
Name somewhere people place flowers.
Name a famous Andy.
Name something people dye a different color.
Name something you think some people let grow way too long.
Hair, Nails
Name a musical instrument you will hardly ever see in a rock band.
Name a famous college that looks impressive on someone's resume.
Name something women do to their hair when they have a bad hair day.
Hat, Ponytail, Hair Spray, Wash Again, Stylist, Wig
Tell me somewhere you'd expect to meet a ghost.
Haunted House, Cemetery, Old Hospital, Attic
Name an accessory kids put on their bikes.
Horn, Bell
Name a food you buy at a convenience store that looks like it has been under the heat lamp for weeks.
Hot Dog
Name something that beach-goers complain about.
Hot Stand, Litter, Weather, Crowds, Jellyfish
Name the hardest thing to teach a dog to do.
Housebroken, Rollover, Fetch, Stop Barking, Sit, Stay
Name something you do everyday that the Queen of England has never done.
Housework, Work
If you were a 7 foot tall man, name a question you'd get tired of hearing.
How Tall Are You
Name something associated with the state of Alaska.
Ice, Sarah Palin, Salmon, Polar Bears, Oil, Igloo
Name something a woman might want to keep hidden if she lies about her age.
ID, Birth Certificate, Gray Hair, Wrinkles, Hands, Kids
Name a person you don't necessarily like, but are obliged to get along with.
In-Laws, Co-worker
Name a country that starts with the letter "I".
Name a kind of place that is easier to get into than to get out of.
Jail, Car, Doctor's Office, Grocery Store, Maze, Parking Spot
Name a TV show that had a famous theme song.
Give me a name you hear a lot in the Bible.
Jesus, God, John
Name the second most important person in the Bible.
Jesus, Mary
Name something wives say they want and husbands say they can't afford.
Jewelry, Car
Name an actress or actor today that would be perfect to star in a remake of "Psycho".
Jim Carrey
Name a celebrity who probably has their plastic surgeon on speed dial.
Joan Rivers
Name a famous person, living or dead, whose last name is "Collins".
Joan, Phil, Judy, Tom, Doug, Jackie
Name a reason why a young man would try to cover up his tattoos.
Past or present, name any famous western movie star.
John Wayne
Name someone who works in a courtroom.
Name something you couldn't do without your lips.
Kiss, Talk, Whistle, Eat, Drink
Name something that gives off light.
Lamp, Sun, Flashlight, Candle, Moon
What chore are you most guilty of putting off until tomorrow.
Laundry, Cleaning Bathroom
Name a profession that charges people just to talk to them.
Name a professional who gets paid by the hour.
Lawyer, Doctor, Plumber, Mechanic, Psychiatrist, Masseuse
Name a job in which you have to question the honesty of others.
Lawyer, Police Officer, Politician, Banker, Sales, Doctor
Name a good occupation if you are good at lying.
Lawyer, Sales, Politician, Comedian, Private Eye, Psychic
Name an occupation whose members wear business suits.
Lawyers, Banker, Salesman, Accountant, Executive, Broker
Name something that only happens once every 4 years.
Leap Year
Name a fruit or vegetable bartenders use.
Lemon, Grapes
Tell me a food that starts with the letter "L".
Lettuce, Lasagna, Linguine, Lamb, Licorice, Lima Beans
Name a place you don't want your cell phone to start ringing.
Name a place people go to read in peace.
Library, Park Bathroom, Bedroom, Bookstore, Beach
Name something men do more of when their mate is away.
Name a song by Madonna that everyone knows.
Like a Virgin
Name the loudest animal at the zoo.
Lion, Elephant, Monkey, Tiger
Name something people put a padlock on.
Locker, Door
Besides plastic surgery, name something women can do to dramatically change her appearance.
Lose Weight, Hair Stylist
Give me a two word expression that starts with the word "Love".
Love Hurts
Name a subject on which people are always giving unwanted advice.
Love Life
Name something country singers always since about.
Love, Heartbreak, Home, Dog, Horse, Truck
Name America's most famous department stores.
Macy's, Walmart, Sears, J.C. Penney, K Mart
Name a state in America's New England.
Maine, Massachusetts, Vermont, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Hemshire
Name someone who uses a baton.
Majorette, Conductor, Police Officer
Fill in the blank: It's hard to find a good _______.
Man, Job
Name something that happens to a celebrity that makes the news.
Name something you have to refrigerate after opening.
Mayonnaise, Milk, Ketchup, Juice, Salad Dressing
Name something a dog might dream about.
Name an activity that people wear gloves for.
Medical Procedure, Baseball, Gardening, Boxing, Golfing, Skiing
Name a U.S. city known for having great weather.
Miami, San Diego, Phoenix, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Jacksonville, Ft. Lauderdale
Name an athlete who brings to mind the song "Nobody does it better".
Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, Michael Phelps, Lance Armstrong, Shaquille O'Neal, Kobe Bryant
Name a female Disney character.
Minnie Mouse, Snow White, Cinderella, Pocahontas
Name something a baseball catcher might wear.
Besides acting, name a profession where the men are good looking.
Modeling, Fireman
We asked 100 married women... Which one of your husband's relatives do you like least?
Give me another term for "mother".
Mom, Mommy
Name someone who does your bragging for you.
Mommy, Siblings
Name something about a man that might make other men jealous.
Name something Madonna has that the average woman might envy.
Name something America is running out of.
Name something only a best friend would ask to borrow.
Money, Car
Name something that some people just cannot hold onto.
Money, Job, Hot Pan, Love, Soap
Name something people hide on purpose and can't remember where they put it.
Money, Keys, Jewelry, Teeth, Credit Cards, Papers
Name a hairy animal a bald man might train to sit on his head.
Name a famous man whose first name is Roger.
Name something that has an ending.
Name a place you go where you turn your cell phone off.
Name a kind of place where you wouldn't want to sit in the front row.
Movie Theater
Name something that might flop.
Movie, Cake, Business, Flip-Flops, Fish, Play, Date
Name another word for motion picture.
Movie, Film, Flick, Talkie, Feature, Cinema
Name a place where you're sometimes bothered by the person sitting behind you.
Movies, Bus, Restaurant, Airplane, Church, Office
Name someplace people go that begins with the letter "M".
Movies, Mail, Miami, Mexico, Museum
Name something you might do on a sunny day that you'd never do on a rainy day.
Mow Lawn
Name someone who is known for their cookies.
Mrs. Fields, Grandma
Name something kids and their parents usually don't share the same taste in.
Music, Food
Name something a woman should change after getting married.
Name a song everybody knows.
National Anthem
Name a time-honored tradition that fans observe at baseball games.
National Anthem, 7th inning stretch, Eating Hot Dogs, Cheering
Name the prettiest city in the U.S.
New York
Name an American city that foreign tourists love to visit.
New York
What is the biggest party city in the USA?
New York, New Orleans
Name a reason people give to their bosses, when they ask for a raise.
No raise in years
Name something kids get yelled at for sticking their fingers in.
Name one way customers are rude to a waitress.
Not Leaving a tip, They yell at them
Name something people have for breakfast that is "instant".
Name a musical instrument heard at a wedding.
Organ, Piano
When you're on a bad blind date, name something you wish you could be doing instead.
Out with Friends
Name something you always keep by your phone.
Name something people buy by the roll.
Paper Towels
Name a celebrity who's served time in the slammer.
Paris Hilton, OJ Simpson, Robert Downe, Martha Stewart, Mike Tyson, Gary Busey
Based on their personality, what kind of bird would you compare your mate to?
Parrot, Eagle, Crow, DoDo, Robin, Hummingbird, Blue Jay, Ostrich
What is something that can get you labeled "cool" in high school?
Name an ingredient in ratatouille.
Pasta, Tomatoes, Eggplant, Cheese, Pasta Sauce, Rat
When it comes to raising kids, what's the one thing you need the most of?
Name something every teacher needs.
Patience, Books
Name a famous person who died in a place crash.
Patsy Cline
Name something people take in.
Name something you hang onto for dear life.
Person, Money, Pictures, Purse, Pride
Beside people, name something you'd try to save if your house was on fire.
Name a service people cancel when they move.
Name a monthly bill that is usually less than a hundred dollars.
Phone, Cable, Water, Power, Gas
Tell me a job a man might have in which he works with attractive women.
Photographer, Bouncer, Agent, Actor, Hair Stylist
Name something pack rats have a hard time throwing out.
Photos, Letters, Clothes, Books, Reading Material
Name a bird you would not want to eat.
Tell me something you'd hate to find on the end of your nose.
Name a breed of dog that a little kid might be afraid of.
Pit bull, Doberman
Name a take-out food a family might have for dinner.
What's the favorite food of most people in this country.
Pizza, Hamburger, French Fries, Steak, Ice Cream
Name something that you can find in the sky that God did not put there.
Planes, Satellites, Smog, Hot Air Balloons, Skyscrapers, Sky Divers
Name something angry wives throw at their husbands.
Name a doctor's order people never take seriously.
Plenty of Rest
Name a type of repairman you might call to your house in an emergency.
Plumber, Electrician
Name something you reach for when the toilet overflows.
Plunger, Towel
Name an occupation whose members have huge egos.
Name something the planet Earth would be better off with less of.
Pollution, People, Cars, Politicians, Mosquitoes, Crime
What breed of dog might be called "Precious"?
Name something that might be shallow.
Pool, People, Lake, Puddle, River, Grave
Name something you would find on the floor of a movie theater.
Name a phrase that starts with the word "prime".
Prime Rate
Name an occupation where you have to keep secrets.
Psychiatrist, Lawyer
Besides clothes, name something that has a zipper.
Purse, Backpack, Sandwich Bags, Pillows, Shoes, Sleeping Bag
Name a reason people prefer to live in small towns rather than big cities.
Name something you need if you want to play tennis.
Name something specific that might delay a plane's takeoff.
Name something that could ruin a whale-watching trip.
Name something that might ruin a picnic.
Rain, Ants, Bees, Fire
Name something a person might get caught in.
Rain, Lie, Traffic, Trap, Net
Name something you need when you do yard work.
Rake, Lawn Mower, Gloves, Hoe, Hat
Name something you could do in the waiting room of a hospital to pass the time.
Read, Sleep
Name something people do to "get smart".
Read, Study, Go to School, Crossword Puzzle, Smart Pills
Name something you might "catch up on".
Name a good rainy day activity.
Reading, Board Game
What is your favorite part of a wedding?
Reception, End, Ceremony, Kiss, Bride
Name a children's story with a wolf in it.
Red Ridinghood, Three Little Pigs, Peter and the Wolf
Name a subject your friends seem to love giving free advice on.
Relationships, Baby, Job, Health Care, Politics
Name something a hospital patient likes to have nearby.
Name a feature television sets have today they did not have fifty years ago.
Remote Control
Name something people reach for once they are in bed.
Remote, Alarm Clock
Name a business that is open every day of the year.
Name a place where someone gives their car to a stranger.
Restaurant, Mechanic, Car Wash, Hotel
Name something a woman loses that makes her cry when she finds it.
Ring, Child, Weight, Photograph, Love, Purse
Name an annoying bug a person might find in their house.
Roach, Fly, Mosquitoes, Ants, Spider, Bee
Name a cartoon character who is very fast.
Name something people do to try to get a baby to go to sleep.
Name a type of movie they do not make like they used to.
Name a famous Shakespeare play that's been turned into a movie.
Romeo and Juliet
Name something you know about the earth.
Name something you measure with.
Ruler, Tape Measure
Name a course people bring to a pot luck dinner.
Name a reason why you choose one job over another.
Salary, Enjoy the work, Benefits, Location, Advancement, Boss
Name a famous Sandra.
Sandra Bullock
People are always complaining about taxes; Name something our taxes pay for, that you approve of.
School System, Road Improvement, Trash Removal, Prisons, Public Library
Name a place children go that can be hotbed for germs.
School, Playground, Bathroom, Daycare, Swimming Pool, Arcade, Sandbox
Which particular occupation is commonly held by people with the highest I.Q.?
Scientist, Doctor, Computer Programmer, Engineer, Professor, Lawyer
What do you think your occupation would be if you had a genius IQ?
Scientist, Doctor, Engineer, Professor, Businessman, Computer Programmer
Name something that has flippers.
Scuba Diver, Pinball Machine
Name a children's TV show that teaches them something.
Sesame Street, Barney
Name something that has a needle.
Sewing Machine, Syringe, Record Player, Tattoo Machine, Odometer, Tree
Name something that people who are afraid of catching colds will refuse to do.
Shake Hands, Kiss, Share Drink, Near Sick Person, Out in Cold, Take Medicine
Name a sea creature you should be afraid of.
Name something in the ocean that begins with the letter "S".
Shark, Seashell, Sea Lion, Starfish, Seaweed, Salmon, Shrimp
Name something slobs use as a napkin.
Shirt Sleeve
Besides a napkin, name something a person uses to wipe their mouth with.
Shirt, Towel
When you are going on a long trip, name something you only pack one of.
We asked 100 single women: Tell me something you have that has lasted longer than most of your relationships.
Shoes, Jewelry, House, Car, Pet, Friendships
Name a kind of place where people let their attention wander.
Shopping Mall
What do men and women wear the most during the summer?
Name something Miss America probably takes off her tiara to do.
Shower, Go to bed, comb, change clothes
Tell me a word starting with the letter 'S' that describes a used car salesman.
If you hired a gourmet chef to cook for you, name a complaint he might have about your kitchen.
Small, Pots and Pans, Dirty, Counter space, Stove
Name something doctors tell us to avoid.
Smoking, Fat, Salt, Cholesterol, Stress, Red Meat
Name an animal that doesn't have a leg to stand on.
Snake, Fish, Whale, Seal, Worm, Dolphin
Besides skis, name something people use on a ski slope?
Snowboard, Poles, Lift, Sled, Snowmobile, Ski Mask
Name something that starts with the word "snow".
Name something that gets smaller the more you use it.
Soap, Pencil, Toothpaste, Eraser, Ice
Name something that can be cherry-flavored.
Soft Drink
Name a type of person who carries a sword.
Name something you might bring to someone who is sick.
Name a food you could still eat even if you had no teeth.
Name a dish you would cook for lots of people.
Name a country that belongs with the letter "S."
Name a foreign language many Americans learn in school.
Name something that might make you dizzy.
Spinning Around
Name something that might be cancelled because of cold weather.
Sporting Event
Name something you wouldn't want to have two of.
Name something people use to keep their hair in place.
Spray, Barrette, Gel, Net
Name a famous "Jerry".
Springer, Lewis, Seinfeld, Ben and Jerry, Bailey, Phillips
Name something specific that shines at night.
Stars, Moon, Lights, Fireflies, Eyes
Name something that might be missing from your car if you parked it in a bad neighborhood.
Stereo, Tires, Radio, Hubcaps, Wheels, Whole Car
Name something people do with a stick.
Stickball, Throw, Toss, Poke, Roast Marshmallows, Start Fire
Name something you might see on a street corner.
Stop Sign, Street Light
Name the most effective one-word command.
Stop, No, Sit, Now, Come
Name a place you go to once or twice a week.
Store, Gym, Restaurant, Work, Church
Name something you'd hate to leave in the house if you went on vacation.
Stove, Curling Iron
Name a specific topping people put on yogurt.
Strawberries, Granola, Chocolate, Nuts, Whipped Cream, Sprinkles
Name something you have in your bed at home that they might not let you keep in a hospital bed.
Stuffed animal
Name something people use to protect themselves from the sun.
Sunscreen, Sunglasses, Umbrella, Hat
Name a sporting event that only happens once a year.
Superbowl, Olympics, World Series, Grand Prix, Wimbledon, Stanley Cup, Daytona 500
What does a lazy person spend most of their time doing at work?
Surfing The Net, Talking, Avoiding Work, Sitting, Sleeping, Playing Games
Name a food that's served at a Japanese restaurant.
Sushi, Rice, Fish, Egg Rolls, Miso Soup, Teriyaki
Name something a person might buy to go with their swimming pool.
Tell me something you wouldn't want to lose at the beach.
Name a souvenir you can buy at a rock concert.
Name something people wear that is white.
T-Shirt, Blouse, Wedding Dress, Underwear, Shoes, Socks
Name something horses have that people don't.
Tail, Hooves, Four Legs, Mane, Horseshoe, Common Sense
Name a specific competition in the Miss America pageant.
Name something that people get removed from their body.
Tattoos, Appendix
Name a reason the Americans have less money to spend on Christmas this year.
Name something rich people try to save money on.
Taxes, Everything, Domestic Help, Cars, Food, House
Name something which only happens to people once a year.
Taxes, Vacation, Birthday, Christmas, New Year's, Anniversary
Name an occupation where you are expected to be a good role model.
Name something that gets plugged up.
Name a chain of gas stations.
Texaco, Arco, Shell, Chevron, Conoco, Mobile
Name a legendary rock band.
The Beatles
Name a word that rhymes with "first".
Thirst, Burst, Worst, Cursed
Name a U.S. President whose name ends in "son".
Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson, Lyndon B. Johnson, Woodrow Wilson, James Madison, W. Henry Harrison
Name another word for "small".
Tiny, Little, Mini, Puny, Petite
Name an item in your house that has a lot of germs.
Name something you would hate to run of out.
Toilet Paper, Food
According to married women: Name something in your home your husband doesn't know how to clean.
Toilet, Bathtub, Sink, Oven, Refrigerator, Clothes
Name something in the home that every member of the family probably uses.
Toilet, TV
Name a type of toy a little boy might play with.
Toy Truck
Name an event in the Summer Olympics.
Track And Field, Swimming
Name something that comes in threes.
Triplets, Death, Bad Luck, Blind Mice, Wishes, Clothes, Clover, Holy Trinity
Name something that beginning drivers frequently forget to do.
Turn Signals, Seat Belt, Stop at Sign, Use Mirrors, Turn Lights On, Obey Speed Limit, Release Emergency Break
Name an animal that spends as much time in the water as on land.
Name something a person has for Thanksgiving, if they're all alone.
TV Dinner
Name something little kids have difficulty doing for themselves.
Tying Shoes
Where should you hide during an earthquake?
Under Desk
Name something you wear that might leave a mark when you take it off.
Name something men wear that they don't try on before buying.
Underwear, Socks
Which country's tourists are the biggest complainers?
United States, France, China, Japan, Mexico, England
Name something that people often do before they go on a job interview.
Update Resume
Name a country known for its great athletes.
Name something you plan months in advance.
Vacation, Wedding, Party
Name a holiday when you give cards.
Valentine's Day
According to married women: Name something a husband better not buy without consulting them first.
Vehicle, Furniture, House, Clothes, Anything, Television
Besides his appearance, name something that makes a man seem sexy.
Voice, Personality, Intelligence, Confidence, Sensitivity, Sense of Humor
Name something people register for.
Name an occupation where there’s no sitting down on the job.
Waiter, Cashier, Construction, Factory Work, Doctor, Traffic Cop
Name a job that requires a name tag.
Waiter, Cashier, Nurse, Police Officer, Hotel, Flight Attendant
Name an occupation where a woman works hard for the money.
Name an activity that burns the most calories.
Name something you would find at a laundromat.
Washing Machine, Detergent, Unclaimed Clothes, Coins, Dryer
Name something people do while they're jogging on a treadmill.
Watch TV
Name an activity during which you get bored and sleepy.
Watching Television, Reading
Name something people stock up on in case of a hurricane.
Water, Food
Name a fruit that's messy when you eat it.
Watermelon, Orange, Peach, Mango, Plum, Strawberry
Name a happy event that can also be stressful.
Name an occasion when a women might be especially nervous and excited.
Wedding Day
Name a type of ring that people wear.
Wedding, Diamond, Engagement, Earring, Class ring
Name something you'd be very excited about spotting in the ocean.
Name a sitcom that was popular in the '80s.
Who's The Boss
Name something Regis Philbin talks about that makes Kelly Ripa's eyes glaze over.
Other than rain, name a reason a person might close the top of their convertible.
Name something most men cannot resist taking a look at.
Name a gripe a dentist might have about one of his patients.
Won't Open Wide
Name something your boss does when you show up late for work.
Yells, Dirty Look, Nothing, Looks at watch, Docks Pay, Writes review, Laughs, Fires You
Name something a skinny model might keep in her refrigerator.
Give me another word for "zero".
Name something that changes colors.
Leaf, Chameleon, The Sky, Hair, Mood Ring
Name something you associate with Snow White.
Seven Dwarfs, Poison Apple, Evil Queen, Magic Mirror
Name someone who is famous for helping people.
Mother Teresa, Oprah Winfrey, Dr Phil, Angelina Jolie, Danny Thomas
Name something Canada is famous for.
Hockey, The Cold, Maple Syrup, Niagara Falls, Bacon, Mounties
Name a word that rhymes with 'head'.
Bed, Dead, Lead, Red, Bread
Name something a teenager might bring to school.
Phone, Backpack, Books, Mp3 Player, Lunch
Name something people do at parties.
Have A Drink, Dance, Eat Food, Talk
Tell me something you would hate to be on when it breaks down.
Roller Coaster, Airplanes, Elevator, Ferries Wheel, Car, Train
Name a German word everybody knows.
Nein, Gesundheit, Danke, Oma
Name a physical feature that makes it obvious that two people are related.
Nose, Lips, Eye Color, Hair Color
Name a famous model.
Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss, Twiggy, Tyson Beckford
Name something you might accidentally leave on all night.
Television, Lights, Oven, Computer, Contact Lenses
Tell me something you associate with Brazil.
Brazil Nuts, Soccer, Carnival, Rio De Janeiro
Name a place that has a lot of exits.
Movie Theater, Hospital, Shopping Mall, School, Freeway
Name something you put on a bed.
Sheets, Pillows, Comforter, Chocolate
Name a famous villain from the Spiderman Series.
The Green Goblin, Doctor Octopus, Venom, Electro, The Lizard
Name something you might do for your spouse when they are sick.
Cook Soup, Take Care Of Them, Take Them To A Doctor, Get Medicine
Name someone you might see in a hospital.
Doctor, A Nurse, Patients, Priests, Volunteer
Name a place you remember going for the first time.
School, Amusement Park, Baseball Game, Beach, Movie
Name something people cut.
Hair, Paper, Grass, Meat, Fingernails, Wood
Name something a doctor might give you.
Flu Shot, Medicine, Prescriptions, Check Up, Sutures
Tell me something you would expect to see a farmer wear.
Overall, Hat, Boots, Jeans, Suspenders
Name a beloved cartoon character from your childhood.
Bugs Bunny, Mickey Mouse, Scooby-Doo, Tweety, Winnie The Pooh
Name something you associate with country music.
Guitars, Love Songs, Cowboy, Cowboy Hat, Banjo, Nashville
Name another word for 'empty'.
Gone, Nothing, Vacant, Hollow, Void, None
Name a singer who is known by their first name.
Madonna, Cher, Shakira, Beyonce, Prince
Name something people applaud for.
Performance, Comedian, Graduation, Singer, Speech
Name something you buy for a new puppy.
Bowl, Leash, Dog Food, Dog Collar
Give me a word that means the opposite of 'dark.'
Light, Bright, Sunny, Clear
name something you would like to have named after you.
Child, Scholarship, Street, Hospital, Award
Name a food start with the letter 'B.'
Bananas, Bacon, Broccoli, Bread, Beans, Beets
Name a famous person whose first or last name starts with the letter “C”.
Bill Clinton, Charlies Chaplin, Charlie Sheen, Cher, Carol Burnett, Carrie Underwood
Name something associated with Alice in Wonderland.
Mad Hatter, White Rabbit, Cheshire Cat, Alice, Queen Of Hearts
Name something you wouldn't want to get in your eye.
Dirt, Chemicals, Soap, Glass, Sand, Pepper
Name a word a dieter thinks about that starts with the letter 'L'.
Lettuce, Lose, Lunch, Lean, Light
Name a famous person whose first or last name starts with the letter “U”.
Ulysses Grant, Uma Thurman, Usher, Carrie Underwood, Ursula Andress
Name something you wear two of at the same time.
Socks, Shoes, Earrings, Gloves, Shirts
Name an animal that can climb trees.
Monkeys, Cats, Squirrels, Bears
Name something you might seen on TV on Halloween.
Horror Movies, Charlie Brown, Jack O'lanterns, Costumes
Name something associated with Ireland.
Green, Irish Accent, St Patrick's Day, Blarney Stone
Name something you might bring on a romantic picnic.
Wine, Flower, Strawberries, Blankets
Tell me something you wish you were born with.
Money, Good Looks, Talent, Smart, Super Powers
Name something you should not take on your honeymoon.
Children, Phone, Work, Friends, Books, Computer
Name a couples costume for Halloween.
Romeo And Juliet, Bonnie And Clyde, Raggedy Ann And Andy, Sonny And Cher, Salt And Pepper
Name something associated with Rat Pack.
Frank Sinatra, Music, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr, Las Vegas
Name something specific that parents might encourage their kids to pursue.
College, Sports, Dreams, Career
Name something you see on a graduation.
Parents, Students, Teachers, Graduates, Cap & Gown, Principal
Name a bad job for someone who is accident prone.
Doctor, Construction Worker, Server, Window Washer, Butcher
Name a costume a woman might wear for Halloween.
Witch, A Cat, A Nurse, A Maid, Wonder Woman
Name a food that people usually eat with their fingers.
French Fries, Chicken Wings, Pizza, Hamburger, Hot Dog
Name something you might put on nachos.
Cheese, Jalapeno, Salsa, Chicken, Olives
Name a city that should never host the Superbowl.
New York, Detroit, Chicago, Las Vegas, Miami
Name a popular baseball team.
New York Yankees, The Dodgers, The Giants, Boston Red Sox, Atlanta Braves
Tell me something people buy on Valentine's Day.
Candy, Flower, Cards, Stuffed Animals
Name a holiday that is associated with big sales.
Christmas, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Valentine's Day
Name something neighbors might have dispute about.
Louse Noise, Property Line, Dogs, Trees, Kids
Name a movie people love to watch on Halloween.
Halloween, Friday The 13th, Nightmare On Elm Street, Scream
Name a city that has a large St. Patrick's Day parade.
New York City, Boston, Chicago, Dublin
Name something you might see at a bowling alley.
Bowling Ball, Bowling Pins, Bowling Alley, Bowling Shoes
Tell me something you might do if you were really scared.
Call 911, Hide, Turn Lights On, Pee, Run Away
Name something people stretch.
Legs, Muscles, Clothes, Elastic Bands, Arms, Budgets
Name something you might see in a fire station.
Fire Truck,Firefight, Pole, Hose, Dog
Name something you should stop eating if you want to lose weight.
Candy, Chocolate, Cake, Ice Cream, Bread, Chips
Name something you might pack on an Arctic expedition.
Goat, Gloves, Long Johns, Warm Clothes, Boots, Bedding
Name a country where they make good wine.
France, Italy, Spain, Australia, Chile
Name the worst thing a policeman could find in your car.
Weapons, Open Alcohol, Dead Body, No Seat Belt
Name an annual event that you do not look forward to.
Birthday, Tax Time, Family Reunion, Christmas, Doctor's Appointment
Name something you could bring to work that your co-workers would appreciate.
Doughnuts, Cookies, Coffee, Lunch, Snacks
Name something you might bring to a dog park.
Dogs, Frisbee, Balls, Leash, Bags
Tell me a job that involves telling people bad news.
Doctor, News Anchor, Police Officer, Lawyer
Name a profession that requires specific degree.
Doctor, Lawyer, Teachers, Engineer
Name something that makes a lot of noise.
Children, Drums, Train, Horn, Fireworks, Car
Name something that expires.
Milk, Meat, Parking Meter, Driver's License, Credit Cards
Tell me an Olympic sport that starts with the letter 'S'.
Snowboarding, Swimming, Soccer, Skiing
Name a place a student might go on a field trip.
Museum, Zoo, White House, State Capital, Theater
Name a city that is expensive to live in.
New York, Los Angeles, London, Paris, Las Vegas
Name something you buy frequently.Food, Toilet Paper, Milk, Gasoline
Name something some people fear that starts with the letter 'S'.
Name a profession where you need to be good at math.
Accountant, Math Teacher, Scientist, Engineer, Banker
Name a wild animal you would not like as a pet.
Lions, Tiger, Snake, Bear, Skunk, Alligator
Name someone who might boss you around.
Parents, Spouses, Boss, Sibling, Coach
Name something you wouldn't want to catch your parents doing.
Kissing, Fighting, Cheating
How many Mph do you usually drive over the speed limit?
Five, Ten, Fifteen, Twenty
Name something you can do to get a traffic ticket.
Speeding, Running A Red Light, Run A Stop Sign, On The Phone
Name something you associate with volcanoes.
Lava, Ash, Eruption, Fire
Name a profession starting with the letter 'T'.
Teacher, Telemarketer, Therapist, Tailor, Truck Driver, Technician
Name something you can't live without.
Drinking Water, Air, Nourishment, Money, Cell Phone, Love
Name something associated with Little Red Riding Hood.
Big Bad Wolf, Basket Of Goodies, Grandmother, Huntsman
Name something that is hard to wash off your hands.
Paint, Ink, Grease, Oil, Glue
Give me a boy's name that starts with 'C'.
Charles, Christopher, Carl, Calvin, Collin
Name a type of bread.
Rye, Sour Dough, Whole Wheat, Corn Bread, White Bread, Bagels
Name something you get into and out of everyday.
Bed, Car, Clothes, Shower
Name something associated with jazz music.
Saxophone, Trumpet, Piano, New Orleans, The Blues
Name something you like about your job.
The Pay, Coworkers, The Hours, Vacation, Benefits
Name a famous girl group.
Spice Girls, Destiny's Child, Tlc, Supremes, Go-Gos, Heart
Name a reason why you might stop during a road trip.
Potty Break, Get Gas, Eat, Take Pictures, Attractions
Name something dogs like to chase.
Cats, Their Tail, Balls, Cars, Squirrels
Name something you expect to find in the jungle.
Monkeys, Trees, Tigers, Snakes, Vines, Tarzan
Name something people might display in their living rooms.
Pictures, A Television, Artwork, Trophies
Name something or someone Dorothy encounters in “The Wizard of Oz.”
Wicked Witch, Tin Man, Lion, Scarecrow, Toto, Wizard
Name a field of science.
Biology, Chemistry, Astronomy, Astrology, Medicine, Psychology, Anthropology, Archeology
Name a kind of test.
Sat, Driving, Math, Iq, Blood
Name something that gets mixed.
Batter, Drinks, Salad Dressing, Nuts, Cement
Name a titled section in a video rental store.
Comedy, Drama, Classics, Horror, Action
Name something you hang in your house.
Pictures, Plants, Curtains, Clothing, Chandelier
Name something people use a coupon for.
Groceries, Health And Beauty, Restaurants, Detergents
Name something about a person you might describes as “sweet.”
Personality, Smile, Heart, Lips, Eyes
Name a fairy tale that has been told for generations.
Cinderella, Snow White, Red Riding Hood, Jack And The Giant, Hansel And Gritel, Rapunzel
Name something siblings might have to share.
Bedroom, Toys, Bed, Clothing, Inheritance, Car
Name an expensive item on a restaurant menu.
Lobster, Steak, Wine, Caviar
Besides a bed, name something people sleep on.
Couch, Cot, Floor, Sleeping Bag, Air Mattress, Futon
Name an item a game show loser might win a lifetime supply of.
Laundry Soap, Candy, Dog Food, Shampoo, Toothpaste, Dish Soap, Paper Towels, Rice-A-Roni
Name a word or expression that begins with the word “power.”
Powerful, Power Play, Powerhouse, Power Ranger, Powerball, Power-Hungry
Name something a fireman always keeps with him at all times.
Pager, Radio, Axe, Hat, Fire Suit, Boots, Water, Badge
Besides food and drink, name something the French are famous for.
Kissing, Romance, Eiffel Tower, Art, Fashion, Rudeness
Name the first bill people pay after they get their paycheck.
Rent, Car, Electricity, Phone, Credit Card
Name a place people like to bring a camera.
Vacation, Zoo, Sporting Event, Amusement Park, Party, Wedding, Beach, Graduation
Name a fear many people have.
Heights, Confined Space, Spiders, Dark, Flying
name a job that is hard to do when the weather is bad.
Construction, Landscaping, Letter Carrier, Roofer, Painter
Name the most common annoying habit among men.
Passing Gas, Snoring, Messy, Excessive Tv, Lying
Name a classic Disney movie parents watch with their children.
Cinderella, Snow White, Lion King, Bambi, Pinocchio, Little Mermaid
Name a specific food you should not eat on a queasy stomach.
Pizza, Seafood, Hamburgers, Milk, Tacos, Ice Cream
Name something a man might have a collection of
Basketball Cards, Stamps, Coins, Magazines, Cars
Name something sit is okay for people to stare at
Pictures, Television, Women, Sky, Scenery
Name a four letter word that's something every woman wants
Love, Ring, Cash, Gold, Shoe
Name an animal that you could outrun
Turtle, Cat, Snail, Dog, Pig, Rabbit
What would you do if someone insulted you?
Insult Them Back, Ignore Them, Walk Away, Cry, Laugh, Glare
Name something associated with Mark Twain
Huckfinn, Books, The Mississippi, Tom Sawyer, Steamboat
Name an article of clothing associated with a foreign country
Kimono, Beret, Kilt, Serape, Poncho
Name a food people eat while watching the Super Bowl
Chips, Pizza, Popcorn, Hotdog, Chicken Wings
Name an expression that contains the word “wheel”
Of Fortune, Third Wheel, Squeaky Wheel,
Name something that can light up the sky at night.
Moon, Street Light, Fireworks, Stars
Name something that might make you nervous.
Interviews, Tests, Public Speaking, Doctors, Heights, Needles
Name another word for 'friend'.
Pal, Buddy, Amigo, Homie, Besty
Name a place that should never host the Winter Olympics.
Florida, Hawaii, Jamaica, California, Brazil, Russia
Name a food that makes your whole kitchen smell.
Fish, Oninos, Garlic, Cabbage, Cookies
Name a country that doesn't win many medals at the Summer Olympics.
Finland, Norway, Germany, Canada, Sweden
Name something you must be legally old enough to do.
Drink, Drive, Gamble, Get Married, Vote
Name something you would like to see when traveling through Europe.
Eiffel Tower, Big Ben, Stonehenge, Alps, Rome
Name something you might see in an actor's dressing room.
Mirrors, Clothes, Makeup, Flowers, Script, Food
Name a ball that can fit in your pocket.
Golf Ball, Ping Pong Ball, Tennis Ball, Rubber Ball, Baseball
Name something a telemarketer might try to sell to you.
Insurance, Books, Timeshare, Vacations, Phone Services, Credit Card
Name a way to keeping warm.
Bedding, Coat, Fire, Hot Chocolate, Heater
name a type of natural disaster.
Hurricane, Volcanic Eruption, Earthquake, Flood, Tornado
Name a London tourist attraction.
Big Ben, Tower Bridge, Tower Of London, Buckingham Palace, London Eye
Name a vegetable that is often frozen.
Peas, Corn, Broccoli, Green Beans, Carrots
Tell me a way a parent rewards a well behaved child.
Allowance, Candy, Toys, Gifts, Ice Cream, Give Praise
Name something you associate with storms.
Thunder, Rain, Lightning, Wind, Grey Clouds
Name a kind of donut filling.
Custard, Strawberry Jelly, Raspberry Jelly, Cherry Jelly, Bavarian Cream
Name something you might wear on your legs.
Leggings, Pants, Socks, Leg Warmers
name a job where you would use a flashlight.
Police Officer, Plumber, Miner, Firefighter, Mechanic
Name an animal you might see at Seaworld.
Dolphin, Killer Whale, Sea Lion, Seal, Manatee
Name a South American country.
Brazil, Argentina, Columbia, Peru
Name something on a highway that does not move.
Speed Limit Sign, Road, Street Lines, Guardrail
Name something that falls from the sky.
Rain, Snow, Stars, Meteors
name something that squeaks.
Mouse, Door, Floors, Dog Toy, Bed, Brakes
Name a TV show that has judges.
American Idol, The Voice, The People's Court, Dancing With The Stars
Name a coffee growing country.
Columbia, Brazil, Mexico, Peru, Ecuador
Name a type of pole.
North Pole, Fishing Pole, Flag Pole, Telephone Pole, Totem Pole
Name an animal that a human might be able to outrun.
Turtles, Snails, Dogs, Chickens, Sloths
Name something you would not want to happen while stuck in traffic.
Need The Bathroom, Run Out Of Gas, Break Down, Car Accident, Flat Tire
Name a word that rhymes with 'fun'.
Sun, Bun, Run, Gun, Pun, Done
Name a place people work that starts with the letter “I”.
Ice Cream Parlor, Insurance Company, Internal Revenue Service, Ihop
Name a food that starts with the letter 'J'.
Jello, Jam, Jalapeno, Jambalaya, Jelly Beans, Jerky
Name a place parents might hide Christmas presents.
Closet, Attic, Garage, Their Bedroom, Car Trunk
Name a sport with the toughest athletes.
Football, Hockey, Rugby, Boxing, Wrestling
Name a word that rhymes with 'rank'.
Tank, Bank, Prank, Frank
Name a place people work that starts with the letter “B”.
Bank, Bars, Bakery, Barber Shop, Bookstore, Baseball Stadium
Name a U.S. City that starts with the letter “D.”
Dallas, Detroit, Daytona, Denver
Name a food that starts with the letter 'C'.
Carrots, Cabbage, Chicken, Cake, Corn, Cookies, Cheese
Name a popular excuse people give for not going to the gym.
Tired, Too Busy, Work, Sick
Name a word that rhymes with 'funk'.
Junk, Punk, Skunk, Dunk, Bunk, Hunk
Give me a man's name that is 4 letters long.
John, Paul, Mike, Fred, Mark, Bill, Dave
Name something a teenage boy might save his money to buy.
Car, Video Games, Bicycle, Concert Tickets
Name a professional athlete with a bad reputation.
Dennis Rodman, Michael Vick, Mike Tyson, Oj Simpson, Lance Armstrong, Tiger Woods
Name a word that rhymes with 'leek'.
Peek, Seek, Geek, Meek, Week, Beak
Name a place people work that starts with the letter “T”.
Train Station, Theater, Target, Telephone Company, Taco Bell
Name a food that starts with the letter 'T'.
Tomatoes, Tacos, Toast, Turkey, Tuna
Name someone or something you might find in a medieval dungeon.
Knights, Chains, Guards, Thieves, Dragons, Swords
Name a job you might hire a kid from the neighborhood to do.
Mow The Lawn, Rake Leaves, Shovel The Driveway, Babysitting
Name a costume lots of kids wear on Halloween.
Ghosts, Witch, Superhero, Princess, Vampire
Name something most people only have one of.
Car, House, Wedding Ring, Head
Tell me something that you might find in the ocean.
Sharks, A Fish, Whales, Sea Shells
Name a comedian who is handsome.
Jerry Seinfeld, Steve Martin, Eddie Murphy, Bill Cosby, Adam Sandler, Chris Tucker
What part of your body could most easily get some modeling work
Face, Abdomen, Hands, Legs, Feet, Lips
Name a problem people have when they're barbecuing
Burning The Food, Fire, Keeping Coals Warm, Smoke, Flies, Rain
Name a glamorous department store
Macy's, Saks Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdales, Lord & Taylor, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom
Name something that might fall from a tree
Apples, Leaves, Nuts, Branch, Bird
Name a place where men tend to outnumber the women
Sports Arena, Bar, Gym, Alaska, Congress
Name something you check if you are the last one to leave the office at night
Doors Are Locked, Lights Off, Computers Off, Security Alarm, Coffee
Name a Steven Spiielberg movie.
Et, Jurassic Park, Star Wars, Schindler's List, It
Name a professional sport where everyone's a millionaire
Baseball, Basketball, Football, Tennis, Polo, Golf
According to women: what would you miss most if men disappeared from earth
Romance, Companionship, Repairs, Nothing, Fights
Name a board game that requires the most skill
Chess, Monopoly, Scrabble, Trivial Pursuit, Risk
Name something everyone knows about Abraham Lincoln
President, Tall, Assassinated, Freed Slaves, On Money, Gettysburg Address
Name a reason a woman might be looking better than ever
Diet, New Hairstyle, Love, Pregnant, Happy
Name a way someone can become a millionaire
Win Lottery, Hard Work, Game Show, Investments, Inheritance, Marriage
Name a musical instrument that is too big to carry on an airplane
Tuba, Piano, Cello, Harp, Drums, Bass
If a bad magician yanked a tablecloth from a fully set table, name something that might hit the ground
Plate, Glass, Silverware, Candles, Food
According to women: what is something specific, women think they know more about then men?
Cooking, Cleaning, Raising Children, Finances, Relationships, Home Décor
Name first thing a “Survivor” contestant might do when they get back home
Shower, Eat, Sleep, Shave
Tell me one fact about John Lennon
Singer, Shot, Married Yoko Ono, Wore Glasses, Has Sons, Believed In Peace
Name a country that begins with the letter 'C'
Canada, China, Cuba, Czech, Colombia
Name something people have for breakfast that is “instant”
Oatmeal, Pop Tart, Coffee, Breakfast Bar, Bagels, Cereal
Name a boys pet that a mother might dread feeding
Snake, Lizard, Dog, Spider, Rat, Frog
Name one thing you never skip
Meals, Bill Payment, Church, School, Brush Teeth, Work
Name something people climb
Mountain, Ladders, Trees, Stairs
Name an animal that swims
Fish, Dolphin, Dog, Seal, Whate
Name a complaint that women have about their legs
Fat, Hairy, Short, Ache
Name a country that has a lot of desert
Egypt, Saudi Arabia, United States, Iran India, Iraq
Name a part of your family's budget that's costing more than before
Gasoline, Food, Rent, Family Events, Heating, Electricity
Name an occupation whose workers might be offered a bribe
Police Officer, Politician, City Inspector, Lawyer, Contractor, Athlete
Name a reason a landlord might evict a tenant
Missed Rent, Loud, Messy, Breaking Rules, Smoking
Name something kids are always saying they are old enough to start doing for themselves
Get Dressed, Stay Home Alone, Drive, Make Decisions, Take Bath, Eat By Himself
Name something that has a speaker
Stereo, Radio, Computer, Television, Car, Phone, Congress
Name a bill you'll be paying every month for the rest of your life
Electricity, Phone, Insurance, Rent, Credit Card, Car
Name something embarrassing you might only notice by looking in the mirror
Food On Face, Acne, Boogers, Zipper Down, Makeup Smudged
Name something rich people might sell if they need to raise cash
Jewelry, Stocks, Car, House, Artwork, Boat, Clothes
Name a game played at picnics
Volleyball, Horseshoe, Frisbee, Baseball, Tag, Badminton
Name something you would not be able to do if your water was shut off
Shower, Dishes, Flush Toilet, Laundry
Past or present, name a famous New York Yankee
Babe Ruth, Mickey Mantle, Darryl Strawberry, Joe Dimaggio, Derek Jeter, Tommy Lasorda, Lou Gehrig
Name something you might rent from a party store
Tables, Helium Tank, Chairs, Bouncy Castle, Beer Keg, Balloons
If you went to a costume party as your favorite fast food, name something you would be dressed like
Hamburger, French Fries, Chicken Nugget, Taco, Hotdog, Pizza
If Mr. Potato Head retired, name a vegetable that might take his place
Mr. Carrot Head, Mr. Tomato Head, Mr. Squash Head, Mr. Cucumber Head, Mr. Onion Head, Mr. Turnip Head
Name something you would see at every college football game
Cheerleaders, Mascot, Band, Players, Football, Fans
We asked 100 men: what do you do when your wife starts crying?
Hold, Leave Room, Comfort Her, Ask What Is Wrong, Apologize
Name something you might see at the Vatican
Pope, Paintings, Cross, Statues, Chapel, Priests
Name an event in your life that you wouldn’t mind reliving over and over
Wedding, Vacation, Birth, Graduation, Meeting Spouse, Teens
Name a fairy tale with a woman’s name in the title
Cinderella, Snow White, Rapunzel, Alice In Wonderland, Goldilocks
Name a type of program you see on TV late at night
Talk Show, News, Infomercials, Drama, Movies, Sitcoms
Name an animal that spends as much time in the water as on land
Duck, Seal, Alligator, Turtle, Frog, Hippo
Name something you might see someone doing on the side of the road
Changing Tire, Tinkling, Hitch Hiking, Walking, Sleeping
Name a reason you might not want to go into a swimming pool
Dirty, Cannot Swim, Cold, Afraid, Just Ate
The number one food item in the world is a fruit. Which one is it?
Apple, Banana, Tomato, Orange, Strawberry, Watermelon
Name a Steven Spielberg movie
Et, Jurassic Park, Star Wars, It, Schindler’s List
Name something you might see in a kids mouth
Candy, Gum, Braces, Tooth, Pacifier
Name a reason you might suspect a Little Leaguer is more than 12 years old
Facial Hair, He’s Big, Can Hit, Deep Voice, Looks Older, Drives To Game
Name something that might rattle
Baby Rattle, Engine, Rattlesnake, Coins
Name something you think some people let grow way too long
Hair, Nails, Grass, Ivy
Tell me something of your boss’s that you’d like to have
Money, Job, Car, House, Power, Office
Name a food that gets bigger when you cook it
Bread, Hot Dog, Rice, Pasta, Cake, Popcorn
Name an Olympic event which is timed
Track, Swimming, Skiing, Ice Skating, Boxing
Name a United States president who you think could have won “Survivor”
Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Abraham Lincoln, Ronald Reagan, George W. Bush, John F. Kennedy
Name a kind of bear
Polar, Grizzly, Black, Brown, Koala
Name something men wish they could do every day
Play Sports, Go Fishing, Get Paid, Relax, Work, Stay Home
Name something grandmothers like to knit or sew
Sweater, Quilt, Afghan, Socks, Mittens
Name one of the basic necessities of life
Food, Water, Air, Love, Shelter, Health
What is a problem most people have in their lives
Financial, Stress, Relationships, Weight
Name a part of the body that gives you problems as you get older
Back, Knees, Eyes, Feet, Heart, Stomach
Name something people eat while walking down the street
Ice cream, Candy Bar, Hot Dog, Apple, Hamburger, Chips
Name a magazine you might find in a doctor’s waiting room
Time, Sports illustrated, Good Housekeeping, Parents, Family Health, People, Men’s Health, Reader’s Digest
Name the profession that a woman’s “dream man” would have
Doctor, Ceo, President, Entrepreneur , Actor, Lawyer
Name an ingredient you would find at a fancy salad bar
Lettuce, Alfalfa sprouts, Shrimp, Olives, Cherry Tomatoes, Cucumbers
Name a famous person who is often imitated
Bill clinton, Richard Nixon, John Wayne, Elvis, Jimmy Durante, Muhammad Ali, Jimmy Stewart, Johnny Carson
Name a common spice used for cooking
Garlic, Cinnamon, Paprika, Oregano, Chili Powder, Basil
Name something someone might have a picture of on their winter sweater
Snowflakes, Snowman, Winter Scene, Santa Claus, Christmas Tree, Deer
Name a meat you would buy in a deli
Ham, Turkey, Roast Beef, Salami, Pastrami, Corned Beef, Bologna
Name a famous TV doctor
Marcus Welby , Kildare, Quinn, Doogie Howser, Quincy
Besides chicken name a creature that lays eggs
Ducks, Turtles, Snakes, Ostrich, Turkey, Crocodile
Name one of Santa’s reindeer
Rudolph, Dasher, Blitzen, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen
Name something specific a stuntman does
Jumps, Falls, Crashes, Catch On Fire, Tightrope Walker
Name something people learn by watching an instructional video
Aerobics, Home improvements, Computer, Cooking, Golf
Name something campers hate to find in their sleeping bag
Snake, Spider, Skunk, Sand, Glass
Name a common nickname for a grandmother
Nana, Granny, Grandma, Mama, Mee Maw
Name a kind of tree that streets are named after
Elm, Oak, Maple, Pine
Name a part of the body people like to tattoo
Forearm, Bicep, Shoulder, Back, Thigh
Name a place tourists visit in Los Angeles
Hollywood, Disneyland, Beach, Universal Studios, Dodger Stadium, La Brea Tar Pits
Name something you would find at a kid’s birthday
Cake, Balloons, Clown, Kids, Presents
Name a dish you would cook for lots of people
Spaghetti, Lasagna , Casserole, Chicken, Turkey
Name something you might find in a freezer
Meat, Ice, Ice Cream, Popsicle, Pizza
Name a sport that requires a “good stroke”
Golf, Swimming, Baseball, Tennis, Rowing
Name something you make for breakfast that requires eggs
Omelet, Pancakes, French Toast, Scrambled Eggs, Eggs Benedict
Name a word that most people yell at their dogs
No, Sit, Stop, Down, Fetch , Bad
Name someone people thank when they win an award
Parents, Family, God, Spouse, Awards Presenter
Name something people look at that can temporarily blind them
Sun, Bright light, Laser, Aluminum
Name an event where you see proud parents
Graduation, School play, Pop Warner Football, Little League, Dance Recital, Band Recital, Baptism, Birth
Name something kids do to get attention from their parents
Yell, Cry, Sulk, Tantrum
Name something men obsess about
Cars, Money, Hair Loss, Looks, Sports, Bodies
Name a basic emotion a baby might experience in its first month of life
Sadness, Happiness, Dislike, Love, Fear, Discomfort, Anger, Surprise
Name something a boss might do to thank his employees for a job well done
Christmas bonus, Raise, Lunch, Compliments, Gifts
Name something that makes a sound when you open it
Soda pop, Car Door, House Door, Canned Food, Refrigerator Door, Jack In The Box
Name something people wish they had more of
Money, Time, Hair, Property, Memory
Name an animal that is also an astrological sign
Lion, Bull , Ram, Fish, Scorpion, Crab
Name a job that is hard to do when the weather is bad
Construction, Landscaping , Letter Carrier, Roofer, Painter
Name the most common annoying habit among men
Passing Gas , Snoring , Messy , Excessive Tv , Lying
Name a classic Disney movie parents watch with their children
Cinderella , Snow White, Lion King, Bambi, Pinocchio, Little Mermaid
Name a specific food you should not eat on a queasy stomach
Pizza , Seafood, Hamburgers, Milk, Tacos, Ice Cream
Name something that is sold by pushy salespeople
Cars, Insurance , Phone Services, Vacuums, Magazines
Besides a cop, name someone who carries a badge
Firefighter, Security guard, Fbi Agent , Private Investigator , Park Rangers
What is something that can get you labeled “cool” in high school
Car, Clothes, Sports, Partying
Name a piece of information people include in a personal ad
Age, Gender, Phone Number, Marital Status, Height, Weight
Name something that husbands think their wives spend too much money on
Clothing , Shoes, Makeup, Hair
What is something people wash their hands after touching
Meat, Toilet, Dog, Dirt , Food
What vegetable stinks to high heaven
Cabbage , Onion, Brussels Sprouts, Broccoli , Spinach
Name a food that might get pickled
Cucumbers , Beets, Eggs, Herrings, Pig’s Feet
Name a common complaint people have about their boss
Demanding, Mean, Cheap, Discriminates, Unsympathetic
Name a place you would find a bell
Church, School, Philadelphia , Cow, Fire Engine
Name a food that gets stuck in people’s teeth
Corn, Meat, Popcorn, Caramel, Spinach, Peanut Butter
Name a Spanish word everybody knows
Si, Hola, Gracias, Adios
Name someone famous for wearing a mustache
Groucho marx, Burt Reynolds, Tom Selleck, Adolf Hitler, Charlie Chaplin, Clark Gable
Name a kind of singer
Country, Rock, Jazz, Opera, Gospel
Name a kind of bag
Paper, Grocery, Plastic, Hand, Duffle, Garbage
Name something you would see at a county state fair
Livestock, Ferris wheel, Cotton Candy, Pies, Clowns
Name a computer term that everybody knows
Mouse, Internet, Megabyte, Download, Ram, Keyboard
Name something you would put on a steak
Steak sauce, Salt, Mushrooms, Pepper, Grilled Onions
What kind of person gets on people’s nerves
Talkative, Know It All, Whiner, Hyper
Name a sandwich that tastes great on a roll
Ham And cheese, Hero, Turkey , Hamburger, Roast Beef , Egg And Bacon
Who was the most famous “gunslinger” in the Wild West
Billy The kid, Jesse James, Wyatt Earp, Wild Bill Hickok
Name a place people get all wet
Beach, Pool, Water Park, Shower
Name the first thing someone does when they get home from work
Shoes off, Change, Relax, Shower, Cook, Watch Tv
Name something that begins with the word “hand”
Handshake, Handsome, Handle, Handicraft, Handout, Handkerchief
Name something you would find in a laundromat
Washing Machine , Detergent , Unclaimed Clothing , Change Machine, Dryer
Name something you would find in a hair salon
Shampoo, Scissors, Hair Spray, Curlers, Dye, Combs
Name a wild animal you would find living in cities
Rats, Raccoon, Squirrel, Dogs, Deer, Skunks
Name a card game that is difficult to learn
Bridge, Poker, Pinochle, Rummy, Hearts, Spades
Name a popular all-female singing group
Spice girls, Dixie Chicks, Supremes, En Vogue, Judds , Tlc
Living or dead, name a celebrity that is a great dancer
John travolta, Fred Astaire, Patrick Swayze, Jennifer Lopez, Janet Jackson, Gene Kelly
Name a supply that office managers frequently reorder
Paper, Pens, Paper Clips, Pencils, Staples, Envelopes
Name a product that might be disposable
Diapers, Paper plates, Razors, Camera, Containers
Name something you might do to pass the time on a plane.
Read, Sleep, Watch Movie, Talk
Tell me something you might keep under your sink.
Cleaning Supplies, Dish Soap, Drain Cleaner, Plunger, Toilet Paper
Name something people are afraid of.
Spiders, The Dark, Snakes, Ghosts, Heights, Death
Tell me something that can go wrong when you order food.
Wrong Order, Undercooked Food, Food Is Cold, Food Poisoning, Hair In Food
Name a baseball player known for hitting home runs.
Babe Ruth, Hank Aaron, Barry Bonds, Willie Mays, Mickey Mantle, Ted Williams
Name something that comes in a jar.
Jam, Pickles, Peanut Butter, Mayonnaise, Tomato Sauce
Tell me something you associate with the Star Trek series.
Captain Kirk, Space, Spock, Uss Enterprise, Khan
Tell me something people might keep in the basement.
Washer And Dryer, Furnace, Furniture, Boxes, Bicycle, Christmas Decoration
Tell me something you might see in a small town diner.
Jukebox, Wait Staff, Pies, Stools
Tell me a superhero people like to dress up as for Halloween.
Superman, Batman, Spider-Man, Wonder Woman
Name something found outdoors that people might collect.
Rocks, Seashells, Butterflies, Leaf, Flowers
Tell me something you know about Japan.
Cars, Sushi, Crowned, Island Chain
Name something parents do when their kids are away at summer camp.
Relax, Sleep In, Clean, Travel, Party
Past or present, name an all star hockey player.
Wayne Gretzky, Sidney Crosby, Bobby Orr, Patrick Roy, Mario Lemieux, Mark Messier
Tell me something people decorate their houses with on Halloween.
Jack O'lanterns, Ghosts, Spider Webs, Skeletons, Halloween Lights
Name something associated with aliens.
Big Eyes, Outer Space, Green Skin, Spaceship, Mars
We asked 100 people: Name a popular fast food restaurant.
Mcdonald's, Burger King, Taco Bell, Wendy's
Name a job that pays well.
Doctor, Lawyer, Ceo, Actor, Pro Athlete
Tell me a form of transportation you wouldn't want to use in a rainstorm.
Motorcycle, Bicycle, Airplanes, Boat, Walking
Tell me a topic that a person should not talk about on a date.
Ex-Lover, Politics, Money, Marriage
Tell me a game that kids might play at recess.
Tag, Kick Ball, Dodgeball, Hide And Seek, Hopscotch, Basketball
Who s the most famous person alive today?
Barack Obama, Oprah, Bill Gates, Will Smith, Madonna
Name something you eat that comes in a shell.
Peanuts, Shellfish, Eggs, Turtles, Almonds
Name a source of gossip.
Social Media, Magazines, Colleagues, Friends, Family
Name a profession that should only be done by very smart people.
Doctor, Engineer, Astronaut, Teacher
Name something you lose while doing laundry.
Socks, Money, Jewelry, Underwear
Name something commonly associated with New Year's Eve.
Balldrop, Party, Countdown, Times Square
Name something you would applaud.
Concerts, Plays, Graduation, Game Show, Speaker
Name something you can do to get a traffic ticket.
Speeding, Running A Red Light, Run A Stop Sign, On The Phone
Name a seasoning you might add to a bland food.
Salt, Pepper, Hot Sauce, Garlic
Name a place you would NOT want to spill your coffee.
Your Lap, In The Car, On Computer, Clothes, At Work, In Bed
Name something you bring to the airport.
Luggage, Passport, Tickets, Laptop, Books
Name an actor or actress who is known for having a big mouth.
Joan Rivers, Julia Roberts, Mick Jagger, Jim Carrey, Rosie O'donnell
Tell me something you do when you're sick.
Sleep, Take Medicine, Stay At Home, Go To The Doctor, Throw Up, Cough
Name something you think of France.
Eiffel Tower, Paris, Romance, The Food, Wine
Tell me something you associate with Ancient Greece.
Gods, Togas, Art, Athens
Name something you might keep in your pocket.
Money, Keys, Gum, Phone
Tell me something that you shouldn't reveal on a first date.
An Ex, Having Kids, Religion
We asked 100 people: Name something you don't want to find in your soup.
Bugs, Hair, Band Aid, Mouse
We asked 100 people: Name something a kid looks forward to.
Christmas, Birthday, Summertime, Playing, Allowance
Name a sign that your date is not really into you.
On The Phone, Yawning, Not Talking, Attention Elsewhere, Texting
Name something you might turn down.
Job, Date, Radios, Heather, Television
Tell me something people worry about.
Money, Paying Bills, Children, Taxes, Work
Name an animal whose bite can kill.
Snake, Spiders, Lions, Bear, Shark
Name something a bird does.
Flight, Chirp, Eat, Poop
Name a country known for good looking women.
Usa, Brazil, Italy, France, Sweden, Spain
Tell me something you do NOT want to see during a trip to the beach.
Rain, Nudity, Overweight People, Garbage
We asked 100 people: Name something you need to bake a cake.
Flour, Eggs, Baking Pan, Sugar
Name a word that starts with the letter 'Z'.
Zebras, Zoo, Zero, Zipper, Zombie
Name something people wear to keep warm.
Coat, Scarf, Gloves, Ear Muffs
Name someone you might discuss a serious problem with.
Best Friend, Spouse, Parent, Therapist, Lawyer
Name something that has wings.
Bird, Airplane, Butterfly, Angel, Bat
Name a snack you might have at the movies.
Popcorn, Nacho, Milk-Duds, Sno-Caps
Name something you might find in a classroom.
Desks, Chalkboard, Teachers, Students, Books
Name a personal possession that you might keep on your desk at work.
Pictures, Mug, Phone, Toys
Name something people associate with cavemen.
Clubs, Caves, Hairy, Fire, Dinosaurs
Name a word that starts with the letter 'Y'.
Yellow, Yes, You, Yesterday
Name a famous movie about a dog.
Lassie, Beethoven, Old Yeller, Benji, Air Bud
Name an actress who starred in Charlie's Angels.
Farrah Fawcett, Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz, Lucy Liu
Tell me something you might do to get the attention of your crush.
Flirt, Dress Well, Smile, Write Them Something, Wink, Laugh
Name a section you might find in a bookstore.
Fiction, Romance, Mystery, Nonfiction, Horror, Drama, Self Help, History
Name a famous Kate of Katie.
Katie Holmes, Katie Couric, Kate Middleton, Kate Hudson, Katy Perry, Kate Winslet
Name something you associate with the Vatican.
Pope, Sistine Chapel, Rome, Catholicism
Name a place you might go for a blind date.
Restaurant, Movies, Coffeehouses, Bars
Name a reason you might get sweaty.
Exercise, Spicy Food, Too Hot, Nervous
Name a sport with the toughest athletes.
Football, Hockey, Boxing, Wrestling, Rugby
Name something you would find on the floor of a movie theater
Popcorn, Gum, Cola, Ticket Stubs
Name a subject people know lots of trivia about
Sports, Entertainment, History, Politics, Science, Literature
Name a reason people want to move to the USA
Freedom, Work, Better Life, Escape Persecution
Name the first thing you do when you wake up
Stretch, Turn Off alarm, Yawn, Wake Up
Name an animal with a color in its name
Size, View, Clean, Washer And Dryer, Air Conditioning , Dishwasher
Name a special feature people look for when renting an apartment
Bluebird, Black bear, Red Fox, Red-Breasted-Robin, Golden Retriever , Great White Shark
Besides bread, name something people put peanut butter on
Crackers, Celery, Bananas, Waffles
Name something miners dig for
Gold, Coal, Diamonds, Silver
Name a job that requires a name tag
Waiter, Cashier, Nurse , Police Officer, Hotel, Flight Attendant
Name a food that you only eat at restaurants because you do not know how to cook it
Shellfish, Fish, Chinese Food, Steak, Lasagna, Sushi
Name a job people apply for at a hotel
Chambermaid, Front desk, Bell Hop, Reservations, Waiter , Manager
Name something you would find on a hotel maid’s cart
Towels, Cleaning supplies, Bath Soap, Linens, Toilet Paper
Name a food women crave when they are pregnant
Pickles, Ice Cream, Chocolate, Peanut Butter, Watermelon
Name a food that is often cooked in the microwave
Popcorn, Pizza, Tv Dinner, Hot Dogs, Burrito, Potato
Name an animal that has whiskers
Cat, Lion, Seal, Walrus, Tiger
Name something that tastes yucky when it’s cold
Coffee, Soup, Pizza, Oatmeal, Eggs, Gravy
Name a US state where cows might outnumber people
Texas, Wisconsin, Montana, Wyoming, Iowa, Oklahoma
Name a sport women enjoy watching more than men
Tennis, Ice Skating, Gymnastics, Volleyball, Golf, Basketball
Name a place where people are on their best behavior
Church, Court, School, Restaurant
Name a food that people often order as an appetizer
Shrimp, Cheese Sticks, Potato Skins, Wings, Onion Rings, Salad
Name something that makes exercising a little more bearable when you are doing it
Music, Partner , Television, Water, Results
Name a type of TV show that gets viewers so involved they talk to the screen
Soap Opera, Game Show, Sports, Mystery, News
Name something people do to kill time during a long flight
Read, Sleep, Watch Movie, Crossword, Music
Name a holiday that falls on the same day of the week every year
Thanksgiving, Easter, Labor Day, Good Friday
Name a famous person named “Betty”
Ford, Boop, Davis, White, Crocker
Name a European country Americans enjoy visiting
France, England, Italy, Germany, Spain
Name a way you get around when your car is in the shop
Walk, Bus, Taxi, Bicycle, Rental Car
Name something you might put on your armpits if you ran out of deodorant
Perfume, Baby powder, Baking Soda, Soap, Lotion, Lemon, Water
What excuse do people use when they do not return phone calls
Busy, Didn’t Get message, Forgot, Late, Turned Off, Asleep
Name a phrase that ends with the word mouth
Big mouth, Loudmouth, Potty Mouth, Bad Mouth, Motormouth, Open Mouth
Name something around your house that might spring a leak
Faucet, Pipe, Hose, Water Heater, Water Bed, Toilet
According to women: “I judge a man by his _____”
Honesty, Personality, Eyes, Looks, Intelligence
Name a gift a woman expects to receive at least once in a relationship
Jewelry, Flowers, Perfume, Candy
According to married women: Name something in your home your husband doesn’t know how to clean
Toilet, Bathtub, Sink, Oven, Refrigerator , Clothes
Name something people wait in line for
Groceries, Movies, Concerts, Roller Coaster , Bank Teller
Name something in your home a ghost might turn on and off to scare you
Lights, Television , Radio, Fan
Name a food that is crispy
Potato chips, Fried Chicken, Crackers, Bacon, Cereal, French Fries
Name something a farmer has on his farm that he might end up eating
Pig, Cow, Chicken, Grain, Vegetables
At what fast food chain do employees wear the dumbest looking uniforms
Mcdonald’s, Burger king, Kfc, Taco Bell, Chik-Fil-A, Arby’s
Name a movie monster that should have a star on the Hollywood walk of fame
Godzilla, King kong, Frankenstein, Shrek, Dracula
Name something you might walk out on
Movie, Argument, Relationship, Party, Job, Diving Board
Name a place you go where you don’t want to sit behind someone with a big head
Movie theater, Sporting Event, Church, Concert
Name an occupation where there is no room for error
Actor, Accountant, Pilot, Air Traffic Controller, Police Officer, Bomb Squad, President
Name someone who is living proof that diets do not work
Kristie alley, Oprah Winfrey, Me, Rosie O’donnell, Carnie Wilson
According to men: what does George Clooney have that you don’t?
Money, Good looks, Fame, Hair, Movie Career, Charisma
Name a part of a baby’s body that is chubby
Cheeks, Tummy, Legs, Bottom, Arms, Feet
Name a dream about the future that couples “pillow talk” about
Home, Retirement, Kids, Travel, Winning The Lottery, Marriage
Name something a woman might want to keep hidden if she lies about her age
Id, Birth Certificate, Gray Hair, Wrinkles, Hands, Kids
Name a chore that gives people as good a workout as going to the gym
Housework, Yard work, Chopping Wood, Shoveling Snow, Washing Car, Babysitting
Name a holiday that falls on the same day of the week each year
Thanksgiving, Easter, Labor Day, Good Friday
Name a sport associated with another country
Soccer, Rugby, Cricket, Polo, Bull Fighting
Name an appetizer you would find at a Chinese restaurant
Egg rolls, Wontons, Fortune cookie, Noodles, Dumplings
Name a board game guaranteed to start an argument
Monopoly, Scrabble, Trivial Pursuit, Pictionary , Checkers
Besides math, name the most difficult subject in school
Science, English, History, Second Language, Geography
Name something that is sticky
Glue, Gum, Honey, Candy, Syrup Tape
Name a kind of boat that does not have an engine
Sail boat, Canoe, Row Boat, Paddle Boat, Raft
Name a place you bring a towel
Beach, Pool, Bathroom, Gym
Name something people wait in line for
Groceries, Movies, Concerts, Roller Coasters, Bank Teller
Name something people purposely buy damaged so they can get a discount
Appliances, Canned Goods, Furniture, Clothes, Cars
Name a great American that kids learn about in grade school
George washington, Abraham Lincoln, Benjamin Franklin, Martin Luther King, Neil Armstrong
Name something a dieter might do after reaching their ideal weight
Eat, Celebrate, New Wardrobe, Lose More, Smile
Name something a doctor carries in his bag when making a house call
Stethoscope, Thermometer, Blood Pressure, Pills, Tongue Depressor
Name a food that a really big guy could eat ten of in one sitting
Hot dogs, Hamburger, Chicken Wings, Donuts, Tacos, Pizza Slices
Name something that kids don’t take very good care of
Toys, Clothes, Teeth, Pets, Bedroom, Bicycle
Name something a prom queen might save as a memento
Tiara, Corsage, Dress, Photos
Name something you can eat on a bun
Hot dog, Hamburger, Lox, Jelly
Name something belonging to your boss you might use if he or she was gone all day
Computer, Office, Chair, Desk, Phone
Name a modern convenience you absolutely could not live without
Microwave, Cable Tv, Refrigerator, Car, Phone, Computer
Name a sport that is criticized for being too violent
Hockey, Wrestling, Football, Boxing
Name something people use to protect themselves from the sun
Sunscreen, Sunglasses, Umbrella, Hat
Name something people clip
Nails, Coupons, Hair, Newspaper
Name something people wear that is white
T-Shirt, Blouse, Wedding Dress, Underwear, Shoes, Socks
Name something people shave
Money, Photos, Coupons, Stamps, Jewelry, Postcards
Name something you use to wash a car
Soap, Sponge, Water, Hose, Chamois
Name an occupation that requires a uniform
Police officer, Nurse, Flight Attendant, Mechanic, Postal Worker
Name a food people eat while watching the Super Bowl
Chips, Pizza, Popcorn, Hot Dogs, Chicken Wings
Name something people hang from their rear view mirrors
Air freshener, Fuzzy Dice, Tassels, Cross, Charm
Name the messiest room in a family’s house
Kitchen, Bathroom, Kid’s Room, Laundry Room, Living Room
Name a modern convenience you absolutely could not live without
Microwave, Cable tv, Refrigerator, Car, Phone, Computer
Name a sport that is criticized for being too violent
Hockey, Wrestling, Football, Boxing
Name something people use to protect themselves from the sun
Sunscreen, Sunglasses, Umbrella, Hat
Name something people clip
Nails, Coupons, Hair, Newspaper
Name something people wear that is white
T-Shirt, Blouse, Wedding Dress, Underwear, Shoes, Socks
Name something people save
Money, Photos, Coupons, Stamps, Jewelry, Postcards
Name something you use to wash a car
Soap, Sponge, Water, Hose, Chamois
Name an occupation that requires a uniform
Police officer, Nurse, Flight Attendant, Mechanic, Postal Worker
Name a food people eat while watching the Super Bowl
Chips, Pizza, Popcorn, Hot Dogs, Chicken Wings
Name something people hang from their rear view mirrors
Air freshener, Fuzzy Dice, Tassels, Cross, Charm
Name a fast food restaurant that does not serve hamburgers
Taco bell, Kfc, Subway, Arby’s, Pizza Hut
Name something you have to refrigerate after opening
Mayonnaise , Milk, Ketchup, Juice, Salad Dressing
Name a vehicle that has lights on top of it
Police car, Ambulance, Fire Truck, Snowplow, School Bus
Name something people eat with a spoon
Ice cream, Soup, Cereal, Jello
Name something you only use in the summertime
Air conditioner, Sunscreen, Swimming Pool, Swimsuit, Shorts, Lawn Mower
Name a food that comes on a stick
Corn dog, Popsicle, Shish Kebab, Lollipop
Name a famous short person
Danny Devito, Mickey Rooney, Napoleon, Gary Coleman
Name something that requires wind to work
Windmill, Sailboat, Kite, Weather Vane
Name something that is fragile
Glass, Crystal, China, Eggs, Babies
Name the messiest room in a family’s house
Kitchen, Bathroom, Kid's Room, Laundry Room, Living Room
Name an animal you would find in a petting zoo
Goat, Lamb, Pony, Deer, Llama
What might your co-worker do to let you know she is very excited about Christmas?
Decorate, Sing Carols, Dress Up, Talk About It
What part of Christmas preparation do you start planning as early as October?
Shopping, Decorations, Holiday Party, Menu, Travel Plans
Name something that a person from a warm climate wouldn’t know how to do in the snow
Drive, Ski, Walk Through It, Shovel, Sled, Dress, Make a Snowman
Tell me the age at which children start buying their parents Christmas gifts. (Numeric Only)
10, 12, 8, 16, 5, 14, 15
Name something a doctor uses to look inside your body
X Ray, Scope, Light, Surgical Camera, MRI
Name something you may have once worn with a work uniform, but wouldn’t wear for a night on the town
Bow Tie , Name Tag, Cap , Apron, Work Boots, Hard Hat, Hairnet
Name something about Rapunzel’s hair she might have worried about
Length, Tangles, Falling Out, Split Ends, Lice, Combing It, Cutting It
Name a word that a sports announcer says often during an action-packed football game
Touchdown, Wow, Fumble
What do parents fear their child won’t know how to do when they move out?
Cook , Laundry, Pay Bills, Get a Job, Survive
If you forgot your date’s name what might you call them instead
Honey, Baby, You, Sweetie, Dear, Miss, Darling
Name something specific you would not eat if you were on a diet
Chocolate, Cake, Candy, Ice Cream, Pizza, Bread, Chips
Name something best friends share
Secrets, Clothes, Food, Money, Girl/Boyfriend
Name a reason why someone would move to another country
Job, Weather, Refugee, Money, Criminal, Avoid Draft
Name a hobby that only the very wealthy take up
Golf, Polo, Sailing, Shopping, Car Collecting, Flying, Skiing
Name something you’d be surprised to hear that a celebrity did for herself
Cook, Clean, Style Her Hair, Drive, Laundry, Make Up, Shop
Name something teens do to show that thy are a couple, that a middle-aged married couple would not do
Make Out in Public, Hold Hands, Get Tattoos, Promise Ring
Name a flavor found in candy and some coffee drinks
Vanilla, Chocolate, Caramel, Mint, Toffee
Name something people eat with crackers
Cheese, Soup, Peanut Butter, Chili
Where is the worst place to leave your dogs unattended?
Park, Car, House, Store, Yard
Name something people put in the envelope with their holiday cards
Money, Pictures, Gift Cards
Name a complaint someone might have about their paper boy
Always Late, Doesn’t Leave on Porch, Skips Them, Wet Paper, Breaks a Window
What might you find out about a date that would make you fear he was much younger than you thought?
Lives with Parents, Not Legal to Drink, Still in School, Can’t Drive, Birth Date, No Facial Hair, Voice Cracks
Name a job you need a license for
Driver, Medicine, Pilot, Teacher, Lawyer, Bartender, Real Estate
Name something you might clip out of the newspaper
Coupon, Article, Obituary, Picture, Ad, Job Listing, Comic Strip
Name a specific food that’s easy to find microwave versions of
Popcorn, Pizza, Mac & Cheese, Pasta
If a witch was looking for a date, which creepy bachelors would she call first?
Dracula, Frankenstein, Warlock, Ghost, Werewolf
Name an excuse someone might give to get ahead of you in the checkout line
In a Hurry, Not Feeling Well, Late for Work, Emergency, Few Items, Kids with Them, Need to Use Bathroom
Name some reason why you might avoid eating at an all-you-can-eat-buffet
On a Diet, Unsanitary, Already Full, Food is Cold, Too Expensive, Crowded, Bad Quality Food
Name something that can have an antennae
TV, Car, Radio, Ant
Name something that’s associated with mardi gras
Beads, New Orleans, Parade, Partying, Masks
Name a specific character from a children’s book that little kids might be afraid of
Big Bad Wolf, Wicked Witch, Cat in the Hat, Giant
Which instrument might you be playing if you have to wait a long time for your part to come up?
Drum, Flute, Cymbals, Triangle, Violin
If an Elvis impersonator had a rummage sale, what would you expect to find there?
Wig, Guitar, Sunglasses, Elvis Albums, White Pantsuit, Sideburns, Blue Suede Shoes
What type of vehicle might a family with lots of children want to own?
Van, SUV, Bus , Station Wagon
Why might you fall asleep while watching a movie?
Boring, Tired, Too Long, It’s Late
Where might you find people rooting for the underdog?
Football Game, Boxing Match, Movie Theater, Race Track, Political Debate
Name a public place where it would be easy to fall asleep
Park , Library, Church , Bus, Movie Theater, Airport, School
Name something specific a child might do to cause his mom to give him “the look”
Cry, Curse, Scream/Tantrum, Talk Back , Break Something , Lie, Fight with Siblings
Other than illness, name an acceptable excuse for missing work
Funeral, Car Trouble, Jury Duty
Name something a really tall person has to think twice before buying
Pants, Car, Shoes, Bed, House
Tell me a characteristic of a man who’s described as “distinguished”.
Has Gray Hair, Has Facial Hair, Wealthy , Handsome, Smart, Tall, Wears a Suit
Name something people want to be fair, but it usually isn’t
Life, Law, Sports/Games, Elections, Prices/Economy, Rules, War
Name something people in the 1950s though we would have by the year 2000
Flying Cars, Time Travel, Robots, Spaceships
What kind of problem might someone write in to an advice column about?
Love/Marriage, Financial, Job, Parenting, Relatives
Other than talking, name something you shouldn’t do while eating
Laugh, Burp , Sing, Sneeze, Cough, Drink, Smoke
Name a good place to study
Library, Bedroom, Study, Office, School, Kitchen, Outside
Name something you write down on paper, but wouldn’t save to your hard drive
Phone Number, Grocery List, Password, Love Letter, Diary, Kitchen, Outside
Name an odor that’s so distinct, you know right away what it is
Skunk, Garlic, Onions, Poop, Roses, Gasoline, Body Odor
Name a reason why little girls want to be princesses
Be Pretty , Wear Crown, Dress Up, Marry Prince, Live in Fairy Tale, Get All They Want , Live in Castle
Name somewhere you would look, if you wanted to find a spider
Basement, Corner, Attic, Spider Web, Closet, Ceiling, Garage
Name something you’d find a lot of in New York City
People, Skyscrapers, Taxi Cab, Traffic, Tourists, Crime, Pollution
Name something that often happens when you call a customer service number
On Hold, Answering Machine, Automated Voice
Name a kid’s toy your parents might have played with that’s still around
Barbie, Yo Yo, Baby Doll, Top, Hula Hoop
Tell me something a grandma passes on to her grandchildren
Jewelry, Money, Recipes, Pictures, Stories, Advice, Genes
Which foods are you most likely to grab for a late night snack?
Chips, Cookies, Ice Cream , Pizza, Sandwich, Cereal , Popcorn
Name a profession that’s only successful if people are laughing at them
Comedian , Clown, Sports Mascot
Name a public place where you may find people laughing
Comedy Club, Bar, Movies, Circus
Name a fast food restaurant people would recognize by their sign
McDonalds, Burger King, Taco Bell, KFC, Pizza Hut
What souvenir would you bring back from Hawaii
Lei, Sand, Hawaiian Shirt, Seashell, Grass Skirt, Pineapple, Coconut
Name something you need to close by when doing crossword puzzle
Dictionary , Pen, Eraser, Glasses
Name a reason why you might skip lunch
Not Hungry , Too Busy , On Diet, Work/Meeting, Feeling Sick
Who would you find at a high school football game?
Coach, Cheer Leaders, Classmates, Parents, Referee, Band Members , Players
If your neighbor was really nosy, name something she wouldn’t want you to put up at your house
Fence, Curtains, Cameras, Motion Lights
Name a comic book bad guy
Joker, Lex Luthor, Penguin, Riddler, Green Goblin
Name a celebrity chef you would want making you dinner every night
Emeril Lagasse, Rachel Ray, Bobby Flay, Gordon Ramsay, Paula Deen , Jamie Oliver, Wolfgang Puck
What would you use to get gum out of your hair?
Ice, Peanut Butter, Scissors, Comb, Oil, Water, Shampoo
Which country might an American woman fantasize about finding romance in?
France , Italy , England, Spain
Name a person in your life who you’d listen to if they said they disliked your partner
Mom, Best Friend, Kids, Sibling
Name an occupation where you wouldn’t want to enter a wrong number
Accountant , Banker, Operator, Cashier
Name a reason the bride and groom might leave the reception early
Leave for Honeymoon, A Little Privacy, Tired, Too Much to Drink, Arguing
Name a job you should never apply for if you don’t like waking up early
Baker, Newspaper Deliverer, Mail Carrier, Bus Driver, Construction Worker, Doctor, Milk Deliverer
Name something specific your partner did early in your relationship that you wish they still did now
Kiss, Open Doors, Buy Flowers, Hug, Hold Hands, Cook, Cuddle
Name something that gets sewn onto clothes
Buttons, Patches, Name, Zipper
At home, name something you can’t be without for more than an hour
TV, Phone, Computer, Food, Cigarette
Name something that has a clock on it
VCR, Radio, Computer, Watch, Microwave, Wall, TV
Name a food that you eat with your fingers
French Fries, Chicken, Hamburger, Cheese, Sandwich, Pizza, Chips
Name a place where most people are ticklish
Feet, Underarms, Stomach, Neck
Name a type of TV show that you can’t imagine having an audience laugh track
News, Soap Opera, Reality TV, Talk Show, Crime Drama
Tell me who was at the door the last time you pretended not to be home
Salesperson, Collections/Landlord, Parents, Neighbor, Cops, Friend, Postal Worker
Name something it would be rude not to do when being introduced to a stranger
Shake Hands, Smile, Say Hello
Name something people do to pass the time at a bus stop
Read, Talk to One Another, Listen to Music, Use Cell Phone, Smoke
Name a profession where you’d have to smile a lot
Model, Salesperson, Flight Attendant, Receptionist, News Reporter, Photographer, Host
Name something that can make you look older than your age
Make Up, Wrinkles, Hair Style/Color, Smoking, Clothes, Sun, Facial Hair
Name something you do to kill time in an airport
Read, Eat, Sleep, Shop, Drink Alcohol, Walk Around, Listen to Music
Finish this sentence: Since I got married, I have more ________
Money, Romance, Kids, Stress, Bills, Fun, Flesh
Name something a sculptor might use to make a statue
Clay, Stone, Chisel, Knife, Marble, Hammer, Ice
At your physical, name something you don’t want the doctor to say is high
Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, Weight, Blood Sugar
Name a bad habit most children outgrow before adulthood
Sucking Thumb, Picking Nose, Biting Nails, Tantrums, Wetting the Bed
Name a reason why someone might stay up all night
Party , Work Nights, Studying , Insomnia, Sick, Watching Movie/TV, New Year’s Eve
Name an activity people might do on a Hawaiian vacation
Surf , Go to a Luau, Scuba Diver , Lay on Beach, Go Swimming, Snorkeling, Hula Dance
While on a carnival ride, what would you hate to see the carnival worker do?
Fall Asleep, Walk Away , Have a Beer, Stop the Ride Midair
Name a place where people tell ghost stories
Campfire, Haunted House, Woods, Slumber Party, Cemetery
Name something your mother said would cure any ailment
Chicken Soup, Sleep , Her Kiss, Castor Oil, Tea, Honey, Water
Name a kind of bell
Liberty Bell, Door Bell, Church Bell, Wedding Bell, School Bell, Jingle Bells, Cow Bell
Name something you associate with lumberjacks
Axe, Logs, Plaid Shirts, Saws
Name something that gets fueled
Car, Plane, Fire, Anger, Body
Name a singer who inspires romance
Barry White, Marvin Gaye, Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley , Celine Dion, Elton John, Usher
What can almost everybody cook?
Eggs, Toast, Pasta, Soup, Mac and Cheese, Hot Dogs, Pizza
Name an activity that caused you to fall a lot before you learned how to do it
Skating, Riding a Bike, Walking, Skiing
What might a professional athlete do just after a sports game to avoid getting sore muscles?
Stretch, Get a Massage, Soak in Hot Tub, Apply Ice, Drink Water
Name a daily activity that’d be hard to do if you broke your arm
Write, Drive, Bathe, Eat, Wash Dishes, Cook, Get Dressed
Name something a DisneyWorld character is probably forbidden from doing while in costume
Smoking, Eating, Swearing, Talking, Drinking, Flirting, Fighting
How do you find proper directions when you’re out of town & lost?
Map, Ask Someone, GPS, Compass
Name something kids must be forced to do, but adults enjoy doing
Sleep, Eat, Take a Bath, Clean, Read
What do most parents like to receive from their children?
Hugs, Love, Kisses, Good Grades, Artwork, Cards, Respect
What do most people hope to accomplish by the time they are 30?
Pursue a Career, Get Married, Have Kids, Buy a House, Finish College
Tell me the age when boys stop playing with stuffed animals (Numeric Only)
7, 8, 10, 5, 6, 4, 3
Name something that people take a chance on
Love, Lottery, Stock Market
Name something more difficult to do when driving a car with a stick shift
Eat/Drink, Talk on Phone, Smoke, Change Gears, Stop , Park, Steer
Name an extra something you add to mac & cheese to make it satisfying
Ketchup, Salt, Extra Cheese, Pepper, Hot Dogs, Tuna, Ham
Name a food that comes in packs of six or more
Hot Dogs, Pudding, Little Cereal Boxes, Beer, Soda, Yogurt, Eggs
Name a spice used in cooking.
Pepper, Salt, Oregano, Cinnamon, Basil
Name someone who might use a megaphone.
Cheerleader, Police Officers, Coach
Name a movie or TV show with dinosaurs.
Jurassic Park, Flintstones, Land Before Time, Dinosaurs, Land Of The Lost
Name something blue.
The Sky, Oceans, Eyes, Jeans, The Smurfs
Name a TV show that has judges.
American Idol, The Voice, The People's Court, Dancing With The Star
Name a type of pole.
North Pole, Fishing Pole, Flag Pole, Telephone Pole, Totem Pole
Name a sport that uses a net.
Tennis, Basketball, Volleyball, Soccer, Hockey, Fishing
Name something you might have on your lap.
Children, Laptop, Dogs, Cats, Napkins, Blankets
Name something that vampires hate.
Sunlight, Garlic, Crucifix, Wooden Stake, Holy Water, Mirrors
Besides books, name something you find at a bookstore.
Magazines, Bookmark, Pens, Coffee Shop
Name your favorite character on Modern Family.
Jay Prichett, Phil Dunphy, Gloria Pritchett, Manny Delgado, Clair Dunphy, Cameron Tucker
Tell me something that is never there when you need it.
Money, Pen/Pencil, Significant Other, Police Officer, Keys, Friends
Name a food starts with the letter 'S'.
Spaghetti, Salad, Steak, Soup, Shrimp, Sandwiches, Spinach
Name an animal that a human might be able to outrun.
Turtles, Snails, Dogs, Chickens, Sloths
Name something you would not want to happen while stuck in traffic.
Need The Bathroom, Run Out Of Gas, Break Down, Car Accident, Flat Tire
Name something you associate with the Harry Potter series.
Magic, Wizards, Witches, Wands, Hogwarts
Name the most famous male singer around today.
Justin Timberlake, Justin Bieber, Luke Bryan, Kendrick Lamar
Name a cartoon you watched as a kid.
Bugs Bunny, Tom And Jerry, Looney Tunes, Scooby-Doo, Flintstones, Spongebob
Name something you keep in a garden shed.
Spade, Rake, Lawn Mower, Garden Hose, Fertilizer
Name an animal that is mentioned in the Bible a lot.
Lambs, Camels, Snakes, Cows
Name something you might lose on the dance floor.
Wallet, Keys, Earrings, Dignity
Name a place where cellphone is not allowed.
Courthouses, Hospital, Airplanes, Church, School, Movies, Libraries
Name something a cheap airline might make a passenger do by themselves.
Carry Luggage, Find A Seat, Bring Food, Check In
Name a vegetable that begins with the letter 'B'.
Broccoli, Beets, Brussel Sprouts, Butternut Squash
Name something you wouldn't want your parents catching you doing.
Smoking Cigarettes, Skipping Class, Kissing
Where is the last place you would want to spend your weekend?
Work, Jail, Hospital, Home, Church
Name a place that is usually quiet.
Library, Church, Funeral Parlor, Forest Path
Name something you might see at Hogwarts.
Harry Potter, Ghosts, Wizards, Magic, Wands, Owls
Name something you might do on Father's day.
Cook Nice Meals, Barbecue, Go Out The Eat, Buy A Card
Name an animal you would not like to be compared to.
Pigs, Dogs, Monkeys, Elephants, Snake, Bear
Give me a slang term for someone who is often afraid.
Scaredy Cat, Yellow Belly, Wuss, Chicken
Name a gift you might give your partner to apologize for something you did.
Flowers, Jewelry, Candy, Dinner
Name something a firefighter might have.
Fire Hose, Axe, Helmet, Fire Suit, Fire Boots, Oxygen Tank
Name something that leaves a bitter taste in your mouth.
Beer, Medicine, Coffee, Betrayal, Bad Relationship
Name a movie with a talking animal.
Dr. Dolittle, Madagascar, Babe, Shrek, Lion King
Name a specific type of doctor.
Pediatrician, Gynecologist, Optometrist, Podiatrist, Surgeon, Cardiologist
Tell me something you should get plenty of rest before doing.
Road Trip, Exam, Marathon, Party
Name something you might bring to a dog park.
Dogs, Frisbee, Balls, Leash, Bags
Name something you can give as a housewarming gift.
Dishes, Appliances, Wine, Hand Towels, Candles, Money
Name a Disney movie that does not have a female villain.
Aladdin, Peter Pan, Bambi, Toy Story, Pinocchio, Princess And The Frog
Name a recording artist whose name begins with the letter 'L'
Lionel Richie, Lil Wayne, Luther Vandross, Ludacris, Ll Cool J, Lady Gaga
Name something you makes a sandwich with.
Bread, Ham, Turkey, Mayonnaise, Peanut Butter
Name a pet that does not require much maintenance.
Goldfish, Cat, Bird, Turtle, Dog
Name something you associate with bones.
Skeleton, Dog, Calcium, Broken, Death, Body
Name something a mom shouldn't still have to do for her grown-up son.
Laundry, Cook, Bathe Him, Change Diaper, Help Him Dress, Pay Bills
Name a game you can play by yourself.
Solitaire, Video Games, Basketball, Catch
Name something you can draw a picture with.
Pencils, Crayons, Marker, Paint
Name something you might freeze.
Water, Meat, Ice Cream, Popsicle, Drinks, Leftovers
Name something you might do while visiting New York City.
Visit Statue Of Liberty, Shop, See Time Square, Broadway Play, Empire State Building, Sightseeing
Name an even tin Olympic gymnastics.
Balance Beam, Floor Exercise, The Vault, Parallel Bars, The Rings
Name a costume a man might wear for Halloween.
Batman, Pirate, Superman, Vampire
Name a smart animal.
Dogs, Dolphin, Monkey, Elephant, Pig
Name a sport that shouldn't be played in high school.
Football, Hockey, Boxing, Wrestling, Golf, Rugby
tell me something you might donate to charity.
Clothes, Money, Car, Your Time, Canned Goods
Name a tattoo that too many people have.
Butterfly, Heart, Flower, Skull, Cross
Name a part of a tree.
Truck, Branch, Leaf, Bark, Root
Name your favorite Beatles song.
Hey Jude, Yellow Submarine, Let It Be, Yesterday, I Want To Hold You Hands
Tell me something people say they're on.
Medication, A Diet, Cloud 9, The Top Of The World, Television Shows
Tell me an occasion for throwing a party.
Birthday, Graduation, Weddings, Christmas, New Years
Name a country that used to have a lot of colonies.
United States, England, France, Spain, Portugal
Name a TV animal you wish you could have as a pet.
Lassie, Garfield, Flipper, Benji, Mr.Ed
Name a celebrity you wish you could have dinner with.
Oprah, Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Denzel Washington, Beyonce, Johnny Depp
Name a number that’s associated with being lucky or unlucky
7, 13, 3
Something you use to shave that can be replaced at a drug store.
Razor, Shaving Cream, Aftershave
Time when you exchange gifts
Christmas, Birthday, Anniversary
Name the most used piece of furniture in a house.
Couch, Bed, Arm Chair
Something you wish couples wouldn’t do in public
Fight, Feed Each Other, Baby Talk
Name a job in which an attractive person probably makes better tips.
Server, Exotic Dancer, Bartender
Name a prop used by tap dancers
Cane, Top Hat, Baton
Name a place that while on vacation might be difficult to find a bathroom
Car, Camping, Boating
If you drew homer simpson’s name in a secret santa exchange, what would you buy him?
Beer, Donuts, Bowling Ball
Structure named for dead people
Monument, Library, Bridge
Name something you do to an item before giving it as a gift
Wrap It, Remove Price Tag, Buy It
Name a place where it might be romantic to get stranded with your partner
Island/Beach, Park, Cabin/Lodge
Name a good gift for someone who is always late.
Watch, Alarm Clock, Calendar
Why might a family move into a bigger house?
Family Has Grown, Want More Space, Can Afford More
Other than movie tickets, name something a crowded movie theatre might run out of.
Popcorn, Space, Candy
Name something you should probably book ahead of time if you’re going on vacation.
Hotel, Flight, Car
Name something people bet on
Horses Races, Sports, Card Games
What in your house would you most be upset to find out your dog chewed up
Shoes, Furniture, Carpet
Name a character who’s known for almost ruining christmas.
Grinch, Ebenezer Scrooge, Charlie Brown
Name a city where you’d hate the long commute to work.
New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago
Name something that’s not allowed in some hotels.
Pets, Smoking, Children
Name something that might happen if you eat while driving.
Crash, Spill, Choke
If adults trick or treated, what might they request instead of candy?
Money, Alcohol, Cigarettes
Name a word or phrase used for cooking on the grill
Barbecue, Grilling, Cookout
Which tv characters might you also see disneyland
Mickey Mouse, Goofy, Donald Duck
Name the object that has the most germs in home
Toilet, Phone, Door Knob
What might you ask to borrow from someone at the laundromat?
Detergent, Change, Dryer Sheets
Which festive holiday was more fun when you were a kid?
Christmas, Halloween, Easter
What would you be surprised to hear that a married couple does separately?
Sleep, Vacation, Eat Meals
Something you get free at a casino
Food, Drinks, Entertainment
Name a reason you wouldn’t want to live next door to a movie star
Paparazzi, Loud Parties, Fans
On a resume, what might a person claim they can do quickly?
Type, Learn, Finish Tasks
Name something that parent of a baby is constantly listening for
Crying, Breathing, First Words
Other than boxing, name a sport in which you’re likely to see athletes fighting
Hockey, Wrestling, Football
Something people design for a living
Clothes, Buildings, Furniture
Person young boys have a crush on
Teacher, Babysitter, Girl Next Door
Name a flavor kid’s toothpaste come in, but adults doesn’t
Bubblegum, Cherry, Grape
Name something nice you get sick of saying during the holidays
Merry Christmas, Thank You, Great To See You
Name a place where people wear very little clothing during the winter
Vacation, Home, Gym
Name a phrase that often appears in children’s stories
Once Upon A Time, The End, Happily Ever After
What do people say at halloween that would be inappropriate to hear at christmas?
Trick Or Treat, Boo, Happy Halloween
Name something a motorcycle has that a bicycle doesn’t
Motor, Gas Tank, Headlight
Name a drink usually associated with christmas
Egg Nog, Cider, Hot Chocolate
Name something tha can be pumped
Gas, Tire, Iron
Name something some women wear too much of
Make Up, Perfume, Jewelry
Other than illness, name an acceptable excuse for missing work.
Funeral, Car Trouble, Jury Duty
Who in your life is most likely to brad about you?
Parent, Partner, Kids
Tell me something you do while trying on shoes to see if they fit
Walk, Wiggle Toes, Lace Them
We asked 100 wives: name a place where you wouldn’t want your husband to go with his buddies.
Gentleman’s Club, The Bar, Las Vegas
Something on top of most birthday cakes
Candles, Frosting, Lettering
Name something you wear at the beach, but not at grocery
Swim Suit, Towels, Life Jacket
Name a crime that some people probably commit every day.
Speeding, Jaywalking, Littering
Name something that starts with l, that everyone wants
Love, Luck, Looks
Name something a grown woman might lie about, but a young girl wouldn’t
Age, Weight, Love Life
Tell me something that you never intend to buy at the store but always end up with
Junk Food, Clothes, Magazines
Name a decoration you might find inside a mexican restaurant
Sombrero, Pinata, Maracas
What might you see inside a bag of chips that would make you stop eating them?
Hair, Bug, Mold
Name something tourists point up at
Tall Buildings, Statues/ Monuments, Mountains
What do some people do immediately after breaking up, and others take time to do?
Date Again, Mourn, Move On
Name something considerate that people often do for you in an elevator
Hold Door, Push Button, Move Over
Tell me something you might scrape off bottom shoes
Gum, Poop, Mud
Other than books, what you check out at library
Movies, Magazines, Music
If you live in the country, name a type of lights that you don’t see at night.
Street Lights, Traffic, Neon Light
Name something you might add milk to in the morning.
Cold Cereal, Coffee, Oatmeal
Name something children wear, but adults don’t
Diaper, Bib, Overalls
Something you fold
T Shirts, Towels, Paper Airplane
Name bad reason for picking a college
Party School, Friends Are Going, Parents Pressure
Name something that a demanding bride may ask her maid-of_honor to do that could end their friendship.
Wear An Ugly Dress, Lie For Her, Pay For Dress
Name a profession where you might have a dog for a sidekick
Police Officer, Firefighter, Performer
We asked 100 single people: who in your life gives you the most pressure to settle down and marry?
Mom, Friends, Person I’m Dating
Name a form of communication that few people use anymore.
Written Letters, Telegraph, Phone
Name a profession that has to worry about getting sued
Doctor, Lawyer, Police Officer
Name something you need to eat before it melts.
Ice Cream, Chocolate, Popsicle
Name a prize you may win from a carnival game.
Stuffed Animal, Gold Fish, Poster
Name something drivers often do if they spot a police car up ahead
Slow Down, Move Over, Put Seatbelt On
Name an animal that you see more of in the city.
Cat, Pigeon, Rat
Name a place where people 50 years ago dressed to go, but people today dress casually for
Church, Movie Theater, Restaurant
Name something kids might collect from the beach
Shells, Sand, Rocks
Name something it would be rude not to do when being introduced to a stranger
Shake Hands, Smile, Say Hello
Name a skill that’s more important for teens to learn today, than previously
Computer Skills, Driving, Second Language
Way to remove hair
Wax, Pull Out, Shave
Name something people wear to avoid a sunburn
Sunscreen, Hat, Shirt/Coverup
Hobby that would make you go broke quickly
Gambling, Collect Cars, Shopping
What would a college kid do right before parents visit?
Clean, Homework, Shower
Name a specific person you’d ask to help you move if you were in a jam.
Friend, Parent, Sibling
Name something parents of twins do that makes their children seem even more similar.
Dress Alike, Hair Style, Similar Names
Something specific people do in front of mirror
Singing, Speech, Smiling
Animal you would refuse to pet sit for
Lion, Tiger, Snake
Other than to buy books, why might someone go to a bookstore?
Read, Coffee, Socialize
What do you find out about a town by reading signs on the side of the road?
Population, Town Name, Speed Limit
Name a profession that’s only successful if people are laughing at them.
Comedian, Clown, Sports Mascot
Tell me a reason people give for wearing black.
Funeral, Slimming, Style
If an alien gave you a guided tour of outer space, what would be must-see stops?
Other Planets, Moon, Sun
Name something a groom hate to lose before wedding
Ring, Bride, Tux
Another word for long underwear
Long Johns, Thermals, Union Suit
Name something you’re advised to wear in order to look slim
Black, Girdle, Vertical Stripes
What might a parent videotape their child doing around the christmas holiday?
Opening Presents, Being In Pageant, Visiting Santa
Sign that girlfriend is turning into a cat
Purring, Meows, Whiskers
What is a color that you would see on a country’s flag?
Red, Blue, White
Name a song that has “christmas” in the title
White Christmas, Oh Christmas Tree, Wish You Merry Xmas
Name a complaint next-door neighbor might approach with
Noise, Dog, Yard
What 3 words cause argumentative person stop fighting
I Love You, I Am Sorry, You Are Right
Name something santa does that you wouldn’t want your house guest to do.
Come Down Chimney, Eat Your Coookies, Arrive Late At Night
Other than displays of affection, name something you wish couples wouldn’t do in public.
Fight, Feed Each Other, Baby Talk
Name a reason you might dread going to a new year’s party at a club.
Crowded, No Date, Don’t Drink
Which color would you be surprised to see a bride wearing on her wedding day?
Black, Red, Green
Name something you’d hate to find floating in your coffee
Bug, Hair, Food Crumb
Name something santa does, that you wouldn’t want your house guests to do.
Come Down Chimney, Eat Your Cookies, Arrive Late At Nite
Name a specific night of the year that you hope to be kissed.
New Year Eve’s, Valentine’s, Christmas
Name something that you can get for free at a casino.
Drinks, Food, Entertainment
Name a person who you’d never trust to set you up on a blind date
Mother, Sibling, Ex
Name something a couple shouldn’t do until they have known each other for a long time.
Become Intimate, Get Married, Live Together
If you see pink frosting on a cake, what flavor would you expect it to be
Strawberry, Cherry, Raspberry
Before visiting a new city, name something for which you might get a recommendation.
Places To Stay, Restaurant, Attraction
Name a reason why it’s hard to slow dance with a ghost.
Can’t See Them, Nothing To Hold, Can’t Lead
Name a decoration you might find inside a mexican restaurant.
Sombrero, Pinata, Maracas
Name something a dad would look silly borrowing from his child at the bowling alley.
Shoes, Lightweight Ball, Money
Name a famous robert who many women consider handsome.
Robert Redford, Robert De Niro, Robert Kennedy
Name an article of clothing that most people have 10 of.
Pairs Of Shoes, Pairs Of Socks, Shirts
Name something a man might do at the gym to impress a woman.
Lift Weights, Flex, Take Off Shirt
Tell me a celebration you wish would last all year
Christmas, Birthday, New Years
Name something people wait in line for on hot days
Ice Cream, Cold Drinks, Water Park
Name something a contestant in a beauty pageant might wear
Bathing Suit, Gown, Makeup
Name a kind of cookie people love to dunk in milk
Chocolate Chip, Oreo, Oatmeal
Name a night of the week when people stay up later than usual
Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Name something that would soothe an upset stomach
Pepto Bismol, Milk, Tums
If there was an award for “loudest in the zoo,” which animal would win it?
Lion, Elephant, Monkey
Name a job in which you could wear shorts to work.
Lifeguard, Mail Carrier, Gym Teacher, Zookeeper
Name something that gets sewn onto clothes
Buttons, Patches, Name, Zipper
Name a letter that is hard to use in scrabble
X, V, Q, Z
Name something that people hope will last forever
Love/Marriage, Life, Finances, Youth
Name something you bring to a party even if the host doesn’t ask you to bring anything
Alcohol, Flowers, Chips, Yourself
If you saw your love interest unexpectedly, name a specific reason you’d avoid them.
Your Shy, Your Cheating, You Look Bad, Your Sick
How would your friends begin greeting you if royal family mem
Bow, Your Highness, Sir, Your Majesty
Name someplace you’d have to be on really good terms to invite your ex.
Your Wedding, Birthday Party, Family Reunion, Your House
Name something that you don’t want your dog to lick (more specific than “you”).
Your Face, It’s Rear End, Your Food, Your Feet
If a con man approached you, what do you think he’d immediately want to know?
Your Name, Your Income, Your Age, Your Address
Name something you find more of at a sporting event, than at a movie theater
Beer, Fans, Hot Dogs, Yelling
Name a bad habit some people haves when they are stressed
Bite Nails, Smoking, Eating, Yelling
Other than sitting and watching, name something people do in front of the tv.
Eat, Sleep, Dance, Yell
Name a word or phrase a cowboy might say while on his horse
Giddy Up, Whoa, Hi Ho, Yeehaw
Name a food you eat at thanksgiving, but not during the rest of the year
Stuffing, Cranberry Sauce, Pumpkin Pie, Yams
Name a thanksgiving food that often comes from a box or can.
Stuffing, Cranberry Sauce, Corn, Yams
Who was on the phone the last time you said, “don’t call here anymore”?
Telemarketer, Ex, Bill Collecter, Wrong Number
Name a situation where you might hang up on an answering machine, for fear of saying something dumb.
Asking For Date, Job Interview, Break Up, Wrong Number
Name a sports whose athletes you’d least like to get in a fight with
Boxing, Football, Hockey, Wrestling
Name something you stow away most of the year, and take out during the holidays.
Decorations, Christmas Tree, Formal Dishes, Wrapping Paper
Name something that only a person who really loves christmas would do as early as october.
Decorate, Shop For Gifts, Put Up Tree, Wrap Gifts
Besides their kids, name something that might keep new parents awake at night.
Dog, Each Other, Tv, Worry
What do bosses let slide on fridays?
Dress Code, Leaving Early, Being Late, Workload
Something women talk about on girls night out
Dating, Clothes, Kids, Work
If you were to write a memoir,name a specific topic that would come up a lot.
Love/Marriage, Family/Children, Childhood, Work
In a conversation with the world’s most boring person, name a subject that would surely come up.
Politics, Weather, Books, Work
Name a high school subject kids might take to get an easy “a.”
Gym/Health, Home Economics, Art, Wood Shop
Name a comic book hero that wears a red, white and blue costume.
Superman, Captain America, Spider Man, Wonder Woman
Name something you do to let a friend know she has food on her face.
Tell Her, Point At It, Giggle/Tease Her, Wipe Your Own Face
Name a drink that many people love despite its bitter taste
Beer, Coffee, Lemonade, Wine
Name a food or drink that makes a sound the first time its container is opened.
Soda, Beer, Chips, Wine
Name something a home might have energy efficient
Solar Panels, Insulation, Light Bulbs, Windows
What in a crime scene would an investigator check for fingerprints?
Weapon, Door Knob, Body, Window
Part of uniform clown hates putting on
Nose, Shoes, Makeup, Wig
Name something you associate with betty white.
Golden Girls/Acting, Comedienne, Her Age, White/Blonde Hair
What do a barber and butcher have in common?
Cutting, Own A Shop, Often Male, White Coat
Name something flirtatious that a man shouldn’t do while at work.
Wink, Blow Kisses, Hug, Whistle At Someone
Name a time when a man might be extra caring toward his wife
Their Anniversary, When She’s Pregnant, On Her Birthday, When She’s Sick
Name something a person pushes that has wheels
Shopping Cart, Stroller, Lawn Mower, Wheel Barrow
Name a phrase that a cool guy might use to say hello
What’s Up, Hey, Yo, What’s Happening
When scuba diving, name something you have to wear to make yourself more like a fish.
Flippers, Goggles, Oxygen Tank, Wetsuit
Name a reason your cell phone might stop working.
Dead Battery, Out Of Range, Didn’t Pay Bill, Wet
Name a chain restaurant that would never be asked to cater a fancy party
Mcdonalds, Burger King, Taco Bell, Wendy’s
Name a sport or athletic league whose large athletes you’d hate to ride a see-saw with.
Sumo Wrestling, Football, Wwf Wrestling, Weight Lifting
Name something you do to the products at the grocery store, but not at a clothing store
Smell, Squeeze, Taste Test, Weigh Them
Name a reason a couple may keep a close watch on a calender.
Anniversary, Baby Due, Trying For A Baby, Wedding Day
Tell me a place where you don’t want to leave early
Work/ School, Church, Party, Wedding
Name a place where you often end up overeating
Buffet/Restaurant, Home/Mom’s House, Party, Wedding
Name an event that cuts into regular television programming
Breaking News, Sports, Presidential Speech, Weather Alert
Name a reason why a kid might not wear his ordinary clothes to school.
They’re Dirty, Picture Day, It’s Halloween, Wear’s A Uniform
Name something many teens want to do before their parents think they are ready.
Drive, Date, Move Out, Wear Makeup
Name something a teen i more likely to do to their appearance then their parents are
Dye Hair, Get A Tattoo, Get A Piercing, Wear Make Up
If you were out of town and forgot to pack a change of clothes, what would you do?
Buy Some, Borrow Clothes, Wash Clothes, Wear Dirty Clothes
Name something you can wear every day to feel like a superhero
Cape, Tights, Mask, Weapon
Name a sport that requires water in order to be played
Swimming, Water Polo, Surfing, Water Skiing
Name a beverage you get re-filled for free at many restaurants
Soda, Coffee, Tea, Water
Name something you hate to see ahead of you while riding a roller coaster?
Steep Drop, Loop, Incline, Water
Name something that’s used to pave a driveway
Cement, Asphalt, Steam Roller, Water
Name something a kid might get to do when sleeping over at a friend’s house that he doesn’t do at home
Stay Up, Eat In Bed, Play Games, Watch Scary Movie
Name a job in which you’d be exposed to a lot of germs
Doctor, Nurse, Teacher, Waste Collector
Name a common household item that was a luxury to have 50 years ago
Tv, Dishwasher, Phone, Washing Machine
Name a job that many celebrities had before they were famous.
Food Server, Model, Cook, Washing Cars
Name a millionaire who could never be rich enough for you to want to date him
Donald Trump, Bill Gates, Hugh Heffner, Warren Buffet
Name a simple car game surprised people playing for money
Go Fish, Uno, Old Maid, War
If your purse was stolen, tell me the one thing in it that would be hardest to replace.
Pictures, Drivers License, Credit Cards, Wallet
Name something donald duck does that most ducks don’t
Talks, Wears Clothes, Throw Tantrums, Walks Upright
Name something you dread doing after a snowfall
Shoveling, Driving, Leaving The House, Walking
Name something a romantic man would hate for the woman he’s serenading to do while he’s singing
Laugh/Tease, Yawn/Sleep, Talk/Use Phone, Walk Away
Name a phone company that offers low long distance rates
At&T, Sprint, Mci, Vonage
Name a specific button on a clock radio
Snooze, Set Alarm, Am/Fm Switch, Volume
Name something people do during flu season to avoid getting sick
Wash Hands, Flu Shot, ??, Vitamins
What do you do at the 1st sign of sickness so that it doesn’t get worse
Take Medicine, Doctor, Rest, Vitamin C
Name a reason a policeman might say he had a bad day on the job.
Got Shot, Someone Was Murdered, Couldn’t Catch Crook, Visited The Morgue
Name a good reaon to live near in-laws
Babysitting, Eat Over, Close For Holidays, Visit Often
Name something the average person might have to do if they wanted to be a sumo wrestler.
Gain A Lot Of Weight, Train, Work Out, Visit Japan
How can you tell immediately that an e-mail is spam?
Unknown Sender, No Subject, Goes To Junk, Virus Alert
Name something every fairy tale needs
Happy Ending, Prince, Princess, Villian
Of what material would you expect to queen of england’s sheets to be made?
Silk, Satin, Egyptian Cotton, Velvet
Name something in your house that can be set.
Alarm/Clock, Table, Tv/Tivo, Vcr/Dvd Player
Name a holiday that’s associated with candy.
Halloween, Easter, Christmas, Valentine’s Day
Tell me a special day that you wish lasted longer than 24 hours
Christmas, Wedding, Birthday, Valentines Day
Name something people mark on their calendars.
Birthdays, Appointments, Anniversary, Vacation
Name something kids look forward to the most in the winter.
Playing In The Snow, Christmas, Sled/ Ski, Vacation
Name something batman doesn’t leave the batcave without.
Batmobile, Cape, Robin, Utility Belt
Name a state people visit on a ski vacation
Colorado, Vermont, Alaska, Utah
Name something children might get rewarded for
Good Grades, Chores, Good Behavior, Using The Toilet
If you loan a car to a friend name something you hope they don’t do.
Wreck It, Make A Mess, Smoke In It, Use Up The Gas
Name something people do to lower their temperature when they have a fever
Cold Bath, Medicine, Cold Washcloth, Use Ice
Name something you usually do indoors, but might do outdoors when camping.
Sleep, Cook, Eat, Use Bathroom
Name a reason that a child might get taken out for ice cream (more specific than “good”).
Good Grades, Birthday, Good Behavior, Upset
Name someone who could show up in a will that would be a big surprise to the deceased’s family.
Mistress/Lover, Ex, Pet, Unknown Child
Name an article of clothing that many men think women look attractive in
Dress, Mini Skirt, Swimsuit, Underclothes
What are some non-living thing that you might see flying in the sky?
Airplane, Kite, Balloons, Ufo
Name a country with a very long name
Afghanastan, Austrailia, Switzerland, U.S.Of America
Name something kids often ask for before bed, that their parents refuse
Drink, Snack, Another Story, Tv/ Movies
What are 2 brothers most likely to fight over?
Girls, Toys, Clothes, Tv
Name something people often leave in their house with a free sign on it?
Furniture, Clothes, Kittens/Puppies, Tv
Name something you rent
Home, Car, Movies, Tuxedo
Name something you’d put on a poodle, but not a pitbull
Bow/Ribbon, Sweater, Diamond Collar, Tutu
Tell me the day of the week when you start thinking about the weekend.
Monday, Thursday, Wednesday, Tuesday
Name something that’s hard to build but easy to tear down.
House Of Cards, Building, Sandle Castle, Trust
Name a place in your car that you are likely to find something that’s gone missing
Under Seat, Glove Box, Console, Trunk
Name something you bring to a tailgate party
Beer, Food, Grill, Truck
Name a specific type of math class offered in high schools.
Algebra, Geometry, Calculus, Trigonometry
Tell me something that makes some bugs more annoying than others
Bite/Sting, Buzzing, Ability To Fly, Traveling In Swarms
Name something you hope that you’re still doing when you’re 80
Walking/ Running, Active Love Life, Driving, Traveling
Name something you hope that you’re still doing when you’re 80.
Walking/Running, Active Love Life, Driving, Traveling
Name a mode of transportation that you see in big cities, but not in small towns
Subway, Bus, Taxi, Train
Name a type of vehicle that’s noisier than the average car.
Semi Truck, Motorcycle, Bus, Train
Name a disadvantage to living upstairs from a restaurant
Smells, Noise, Bugs/Rodents, Traffic/Cars
What’s the best thing to have on the radio while on your morning commute?
Music, Talk Show, News, Traffic Report
Name something people donate to charity during the holidays
Food, Money, Clothing, Toys
Name something that couples often get more than one of as wedding presents.
Toaster, Blender, Dishes, Towels
Name something you use from the kitchen when you’re working in the garage.
Knife, Scissors, Soap, Towel
Name a character famous for selling cereal.
Tony The Tiger, Cap’n Crunch, Trix Rabbit, Toucan Sam
Name something you’d hate to have happen while house-sitting
Fire, Get Robbed, Break Something, Tornado
Name a reason why someone might hold off on getting married.
Afraid Of Commitment, Not Ready, Saving Money, Too Young
Name a complaint people have about shoes with laces.
Come Untied, Length, Knots, Too Tight
Name a reason a mailman might have a bad day on his route
Attacked By A Dog, Bad Weather, Traffic, Too Much Mail
Although some consider it paradise, name a downside to living in hawaii
Volcanoes, Rain, High Cost Of Living, Too Many Tourists
Name an annoying thing about pigeons
Droppings, Unsanitary, Noisy, Too Many Of Them
Name a reason why a workplace might not have their annual christmas party.
Budget Cuts, Bad Weather, Going Under, Too Busy
Real or fictional, name a famous tony
Tony Bennett, Tony The Tiger, Tony Danza, Tony Soprano
If you heard a thump in the night,which cleaning tool might you grab for protection?
Broom, Mop, Plunger, Toilet Brush
Name something the stars eat that you probably would not find in middle america.
Sushi, Caviar, Escargot, Tofu
Tell me something that waddles
Duck, Penguin, Pregnant Woman, Toddler
Tell me a food that goes from your freezer to your toaster.
Waffle, Bread, Bagel, Toaster Strudel
Name somewhere that parents can’t wait for their kids to go
To School, To Bed, To A Friend’s House, To Summer Camp
Tell me a good reason to attend your company holiday party.
Food/Drinks, Presents/Bonus, Fun, To Network/Suck Up
Name a phrase you’d say to your partner that starts with “you drive me __.”
Crazy/Nuts, Wild, Up A Wall, To Drink
Before you see any fighting, how do you know you’re watching a kung fu movie?
Actors, Subtitles, Music, Title
What would you expect to see in the audience of a romance movie?
Couples, Affection, Tears, Tissue
Name something a kid might bury in the backyard.
Toy, Pet, Money, Time Capsule
Name something you might replace if you are remodeling your bathroom
Toilet, Sink, Bathtub, Tiles/Floor
Name a synonym for marriage that doesn’t make it sound fun.
Ball And Chain, Tie The Knot, Hitched, Tied Down
Name something you see the ground littered with after the carnival has move on (more specific than “trash”).
Popcorn, Food Wrappers, Cups/Cans, Ticket Stub
Name a reason people might put lawnchairs on the sidewalk
Parade, Sunbathing, Yard Sale, Throwing Them Out
Other than fight, what does a pro wrestler do that a kid would get in trouble for copying?
Bad Language, Jump From Things, Yell, Throw Things
When doing laundry for the first time, name something a single guy might screw up
Mixing Colors, Bleach Clothes, Too Much Soap, Things For Dry Clean
Name a reason somebody would wear a hat all the time
Balding, Bad Hair Day, Protect From The Sun, They’re Cold
Name something about the brady bunch that is different from most families.
Lot’s Of Kids, Too Happy, Maid, Thet Sing
Name a medical instrument that a doctor uses
Stethoscope, Scalpel, Needle, Thermometer
What sticks in your head most from an irritating but memorable commercial.
Song, Character/ Voice, Slogan, The Product
Name the worst thing about going to the drive-in.
Weather, Waiting, Can’t Hear, The Bathroom
Name something you say at the end of a date, even if you don’t mean it.
I Love You, I Had A Good Time, I’ll Call You, Thank You
Name something college freshmen have to start sharing when they live in the dorms.
Bathroom, Their Room, Refrigerator, Textbooks
Name a method of communication that should not use break up
Phone, Email, Letter, Text Message
How do you let your partner know that youre thinking of them while your out of town
Phone Call, Email, Send Flowers, Text Message
If you wanted to marry a cowboy where would you start hanging out?
Rodeo, Saloon, Farm, Texas
Name something people do that ticks off animal activists
Wear Fur, Hunting, Eat Meat, Tests
Tell me something that you hope is easier to do the second time around.
Marriage, Having A Baby, Cooking/Recipe, Test
Soemthing strapped to family’s car on vacation
Luggage, Bikes, Boat, Tent
Name something a mansion has that requires hired help to maintain.
Garden, Pool, Lots Of Rooms, Tennis Courts
If you sent a postcard from china, what would be pictured on the front?
Great Wall, Panda, Dragon, Temple
During a long distance bus trip, name something you’d be disappointed to learn that the bus didn’t have
Bathroom, Air Conditioning, Gas, Television
Name a type of repairman you might call to your house in an emergency.
Plumber, Electrician, Gas Man, Telephone Service
Name something that has to be taken out every once in a while
The Trash, The Dog, Your Mate, Teeth/Dentures
Name a type of product comes in teeth whitening formula
Toothpaste, Gum, Mouthwash, Teeth Strips
Which body part might a pirate need to have a doctor inspect?
Eye, Leg, Hand/Warm, Teeth
Name something that the human body has more than 2 of.
Digits, Bones, Hairs, Teeth
Name authority figure whose role makes it hard to imagine them letting loose on a date
President, Police Officer, Judge, Teacher
Name a person in your life that you’d be mortified to call by the wrong name.
Partner, Family, Boss, Teacher
Name something people drink to keep them awake
Coffee Shop, Energy Drink, Soda, Tea
Name a classical music composer that most know about
Mozart, Beethoven, Bach, Tchaikovsy
Name something you hope for, but can’t count on, when going on vacation
Good Weather, Good Time, Plenty Of Rest, Tan
Tell me something a person might ask their partner to quit.
Smoking, Drinking, Job, Talking
What might your co-worker do to let you know she is very excited about christmas?
Decorate, Sing Carols, Dress Up, Talk About It
Name something in your daily routine you could still do even if you’re wearing a strait jacket.
Eat, Sleeping, Watch Tv, Talk
Name something that a pill bottle warning might tell you not to do.
Drive/Heavy Equipment, Drink, Overdose, Take Without Eating
Name something a child does to prove they’re too sick for school.
Cough, Vomit, Cry, Take Temperature
Name something a stalker and a detective both do
Spy On People, Follow People, Snoop For Info, Take Pictures
Job around the house couple might take turns doing
Dishes, Laundry, Cooking, Take Out Trash
We asked 100 men: name something your partner will never do as well as mom.
Cook, Clean, Laundry, Take Care Of Me
Name something a doctor might ask a patient to do during a checkup.
Undress, Cough, Open Wide, Take A Big Breath
Name something you’d need if you were going to impersonate mickey mouse
Big Ears, Higher Pitch Voice, Costume, Tail
Name a piece of furniture that’s too big to fit in a vw bug
Couch, Lounge Chair, Bed, Table
Other than letter and punctuation keys, which computer key would you not want to type a report without?
Enter, Space Bar, Backspace, Tab Key
Name an article of clothing you are constantly buying more of.
Socks, Underware, Shoes, T Shirts
Name something you would do if you heard that your favorite cereal was discontinued
Get Upset, Stock Up, Complain, Switch Brands
Name a reason why a man would wax hair off part of his body.
Too Hairy, For Spouse/Date, Body Builder, Swimmer
Name something humans wear, but cats look silly in
Hats, Shoes, Glasses, Sweater
Name an article of clothing your husband often receives at the holidays, but rarely wants
Tie, Socks, Underwear, Sweater
Name something a woman might want her husband to quit doing before they have children
Smoking, Drinking, Staying Out Late, Swearing
Name something you’d do at a family christmas party, that you shouldn’t do at the office christmas party.
Get Drunk, Show Affection, Sing / Carol, Swear
Name something the police might look for when they search a suspect’s house.
Drugs, Evidence, Weapon, Suspect
Name a tv show about an island.
Gilligan’s Island, Lost, Fantasy Island, Survivor
Name something that’s conducted
Performances, Train, Electricity, Survey
Name a place where it is good to be tall
Basketball Court, Theater/Concert, Amusement Park, Supermarket
Name a type of oil people never put on food.
Motor, Baby, Caster, Suntan
Name something your teen likes to wear, but you hope he’ll leave home on picture day.
Baseball Cap, Piercing, Makeup, Sunglasses
Name something a person might buy to go with their motorcycle.
Helmet, Leather Pants, Leather Jacket, Sunglasses
Name something you associate with wall street
Stock Market, Money, Wall Street Journal, Suites And Ties
Name a reason, other than hard work, that your boss would give you a raise
Dating The Boss, On Time/ Attendance, Blackmail, Sucking Up
If a person doesn’t cook well, which thanksgiving food might they buy instead of bake?
Turkey, Pumpkin Pie, Cake, Stuffing
Name something a high school student might join in order to become more popular.
Sports, Cheerleading, Band, Student Council
Name a trait that’s essential for a high school teacher to have
Patience, Intelligence, Friendly Personality, Strictness
Name something a guy might have to remove from a new dress shirt before wearing it
Labels, Price Tag, Cardboard Collar, Straight Pins
Name a bird with really long legs.
Ostrich, Flamingo, Crane, Stork
Somewhere you might stop on the way to work
Gas Station, Coffee Shop, Fast Food, Store
Name a place where you hear people being paged over a loudspeaker
Hospital, Airport, School, Store
If a child were raised by squirrels name something he’d be good at.
Climbing, Cracking Nuts, Running, Storage In Cheeks
Name something people skip.
Breakfast/Meals, School/Work, Rope, Stones
Name something on you that might be tied in a knot.
Shoe Laces, Hair, Tounge, Stomach
Name something on a baby that often looks big compared to the rest of their body.
Head, Ears, Eyes, Stomach
Name something you hope your dentist has done before he starts his exam.
Wash Hands, Put Gloves On, Gone To School, Sterilized Equipment
Name something you’d find in a punk rocker’s bedroom
Guitar, Posters, Hair Gel, Stereo
Name something you might adjust when you get into a rental car.
Seat, Mirrors, Seat Belt, Steering Wheel
Name something you would need to eat a steak.
Knife, Fork, Teeth, Steak Sauce
Which food that gets stuck in you teeth should be avoided on a date?
Corn, Spinach, Popcorn, Steak
Name a meal that sometimes comes with a bib even for adults.
Ribs, Wings, Seafood, Steak
Name something that an overprotective parent might forbid their teen from doing.
Dating, Driving, Playing Sports, Staying Out Late
Name something a teenager might try to get away with when their parents are out of town.
Throwing A Party, Boy/Girlfriend Over, Drinking, Staying Out Late
Name something a teacher might make students do during an emergency drill.
Leave Classroom, Duck And Cover, Form A Line, Stay Calm
What type of vehicle might a family with lots of children want to own?
Van, Suv, Bus, Station Wagon
Name something you would do if a dog was chasing you.
Run, Scream, Climb A Tree, Stand Still
Name a bad job for someone who always tells the truth.
Lawyer, Used Car Sales, Politician, Spy
Name something kids would play with outside in summer
Ball, Pool, Bike, Sprinkler/Hose
Name something kids would play with outside in summer.
Ball, Pool, Bike, Sprinkler/Hose
What happens to a couch that lets you know it’s time to get rid of it?
Tears In Upholstery, Sags, Leg/Arm Breaks, Springs Pop Out
Who do you like to know is available in case of emergency
Doctor, Police, Mom, Spouse
Name a reason you might not leave the house for an entire day.
Sick, Bad Weather, Cleaning/Working, Sports/Tv
Name a type of photo that most people don’t smile in.
Passport, Mug Shot, Driver’s License, Sports Photo
Name a talent that can’t be learned, but that you must be born with
Singing, Dancing, Drawing, Sports
Something rude people do while smoking
Blow Smoke In Face, Eating, Throw On Ground, Spit
Name something black that you associate with halloween.
Cat, Witch, Bats, Spider
Name way to get into car if you leave keys inside
Break Window, Locksmith, Coat Hangar, Spare Key
Name something people in the 1950′s thought we would have by the year 2000
Flying Cars, Time Travel, Robots, Spaceships
Something rich person might have more of than they need
Cars, Clothes, Houses, Space
If you wanted to see date in less clothing, where go?
Beach, Pool, Dance Club, Spa
Name something about love that some people believe in and others don’t
Love At First Sight, Endless, Fate, Soul Mates
Name something that you dread doing after a break-up
Dating Again, Seeing Your Ex, Crying/Loneliness, Sorting Belongings
Name a word that polite people use often.
Please, Thanks, Pardon/Excure Me, Sorry
In a romantic movie, what event often happens at the movie’s finale?
Kiss, Wedding, Couple Begins Dating, Someone Dies
Unlike coffee, name a beverage that you could never make money off selling by the cup.
Water, Milk, Lemonade, Soda
Tell me a fast food item that comes in sizes too big for you to consume.
Fries, Burger, Pizza, Soda
Name something husbands will admit that they borrow from their wives
Money, Car, Razor, Socks
Name something that’s given as a free sample in stores
Food, Perfume, Lotion, Soap
Name something you never quite believed about the brady bunch.
Always Happy, Never Fight, Shared One Bathroom, So Many Kids
Which sesame street character must get uncomfortable in their costume?
Big Bird, Oscar The Grouch, Cookie Monster, Snuffy
Instead of walking, name a way to get around in snowy weather
Ski, Sled, Car, Snowmobile
Name something you can build with snow
Snowman, Igloo, Snow Fort, Snowball
Name a type of weather warning that might interupt your tv show
Tornado, Hurricane, Severe Thunderstorm, Snow
Name a cartoon character whose head you might find at the top of a pez dispenser.
Bugs Bunny, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Snoopy
Another word or phrase means kiss
Smooch, Peck, Sugar, Snog
Name something annoying that some dogs do when greeting you.
Lick You, Bark, Jump On You, Sniff You
Name something you’d hate see your date wear to symphony
Jeans, Shorts, Cap, Sneakers
Name a mean prank kids play on halloween
Throw Eggs, Smash Pumpkins, Toilet Paper Houses, Snatch Candy Bags
Name an animal that a pirate would most likely have on his ship.
Parrot, Minkey, Dog, Snake
If “meat loaf surprise” was listed on a menu,what might be surprising about it
Taste, Type Of Meat, Color, Smell
Name something a co-worker might blame on not having had their morning coffee.
Grumpy, Tired, Being Late, Slow
Name the worst kind of footwear to run a marathon in.
High Heels, Boots, Sandals, Slippers
Name something at a playground that you’d never go on while queasy.
Merry Go Round, Swing, See Saw, Slide
Name something people do on spring break, but not on an ordinary vacation.
Party, Drink, Go Naked, Sleep All Day
What do people do more on the 4th of july than on the 5th of july?
Drink, Fireworks, Eat, Sleep
Name an activity that’s good to do in moderation, but not all the time
Drink, Exercise, Eat, Sleep
Tell me something your body can’t live without.
Water, Food, Air, Sleep
Name places where you might see santa
Mall, North Pole, Home, Sky
Name something about a cartoon character that might be brightly colored
Clothes, Hair, Eyes, Skin
What should you do to celebrate the first snowfall?
Build A Snowman, Snowball Fight, Sled, Ski
Name a fact that most residents don’t know about their own state
Population, State Flower, State Bird, Size
How many weeks in advance do you decorate for christmas?
Four Weeks, Three Weeks, Two Weeks, Six Weeks
Name a type of contest you might enter at a county fair
Eating, Cooking, Beauty, Singing
What might a fan ask of their favorite musician for if they met in person
Autograph, Picture, Kiss, Sing A Song
What might you bring to the stadium if you wanted to be featured on the jumbo tron screen.
Sign, Foam Finger, Attractive Woman, Silly Hat
Name something women often compliment their friends on
Hair/Makeup, Outfit, Weight Loss, Significant Other
After having kids, name something that happens that interrupts a couple’s alone time at night.
Crying Baby, Nightmares, Feeding Times, Sick Kid
Instead of their first name, what might a parent shout when calling for their child?
Whole Name, Nickname, Hey, Sibling’s Name
For what specific reason might you avoid mistletoe?
Bad Breath, Nobody To Kiss, Sick, Shy
Name something specific that’s sauteed
Onions, Mushrooms, Chicken, Shrimp
What would a beauty-obsessed person take longer to do?
Fix Hair, Put On Make Up, Get Dressed, Shower
Name something a new parent tries to do while the baby is napping.
Nap, Clean, Spend Time Togeather, Shower
Name something a good neighborhood kid might do for his elderly neighbor
Mow Lawn, Take Out Trash, Rake Leaves, Shovel Snow
Name something a hitchhiker might do to get noticed.
Stick Thumb Out, Hold Out A Sign, Wave, Shout
Tell me something women would want men to wear more often
Cologne, Suit, Tie, Shorts
Name an expense from a business trip that your employer probably wouldn’t reimburse
Fancy Meals, Alcohol, Entertainment, Shopping
When you’re stuck in a rut, name an activity that can pull you out
Exercise, Going Out, Vacation, Shopping
Name an article of clothing that usually can’t be put in the dryer
Sweater, Bra, Coat, Shoes
Name something a father/ son might have the same
Name, Eyes, Hair, Shirt
Name something people dye a different color
Hair, Eggs, Shoes, Shirt
Name a singer who became famous as a child
Michael Jackson, Brittney Spears, Donny Osmond, Shirley Temple
Name something people do to their body that other people think is crazy.
Pierce, Tatoo, Tan, Shave Their Head
Name a large animal that many people are afraid of
Bear, Lion, Tiger, Shark
Name a skill kids are taught so they’re able to make friends
Sharing, Manners, Communication, Shaking Hands
Which hobby should a man take up if he wants to meet women
Dancing, Cooking, Shopping, Sewing/Knitting
Name an activity that’d be hard to do by candlelight
Read, Cook, Write, Sew
Name something mom tells her kids to do before dinner
Wash Hands, Pray, Homework, Set Table
If a restaurant had the same rules as your kitchen,what would customers need to do for themselves?
Cook, Wash Dishes, Clear Table, Serve
Name a number associated with a used car that you’d want to know before buying it
Price, Mileage, Year Made, Serial Number
Name something teens should have to promise never to do before getting a cell phone.
Talk While Driving, Prank Call, Go Over Minutes, Send Dirty Texts
Name a reason you would go to grandma’s house for dinner instead of a restaurant.
Home Cooking, Holiday, Free, See Family
Name an occupation in which you’d get to use a two way radio
Police Officer, Trucker, Construction, Security Guard
Name a famous sight that tourists take an elevator up to see
Empire State Bldg., Eiffel Tower, Statue Of Liberty, Sears Tower
Name something you can buy in a cordless version
Telephone, Shaver, Drill, Screwdriver
Name a sound that gives you a headache if you hear it for too long.
Siren, Horn, Music, Screaming Baby
Name a cartoon pet that’s smarter than its owner.
Garfield, Snoopy, Dino, Scooby Doo
Name a device that you keep in your bathroom for grooming purposes.
Brush/Comb, Razor, Tweezers, Scissors
What might a house have that makes trick/ treaters afraid approach
Scary Decorations, Dog, No Lights, Scary Music
Name something you do right before your picture is taken
Smile, Pose, Brush Hair, Say Cheese
If there were a college for magicians,name a trick that you’re sure would be taught on day one.
Objects Disappear, Rabbit Out Of Hat, Card Tricks, Saw In Half
Name a type of shoe that women own at least one of
Heels, Sneakers, Boots, Sandles
Put in backyard if you have children
Swing, Pool, Fence, Sandbox
Name something in a beach bag, that’s not in most purses.
Towel, Sunscreen, Beach Toys, Sandals
Name something you imagine you’d see all over if you went to australia
Kangaroos, Ocean, Koalas, Sand Beaches
Name something you include on a letter, but not on an e-mail.
Stamp, Signature, Address, Salutation/ Greeting
Name an unhealthy ingredient you often see in kids’ cereals.
Sugar, Chocolate, Corn Syrup, Salt
What happens to your body that lets you know you’re getting old?
Werinkles, Aches, Gray Hair, Sagd
Name something teens think they understand long before they really do.
Love, Life, Money, Safe Driving
What kind of athlete would have an unfair advantage in a roller derby?
Ice/Speed Skater, Football Player, Hockey Player, Runner
Why might a door-to-door salesperson skip a particular house?
Barking Dog, No One’s Home, No Soliciting Sign, Run Down House
Without seeing them steal, name something that you’d see a person do to make you suspicious that they’re shoplifting.
Looking Around, Big Coat, Hands In Pocket, Run
Tell me a reason you’d hate to run into your boss at the beach.
Called In Sick, Skimpy Suit, You’re Drinking, Ruin A Good Time
Name a sport that you wouldn’t play without protective equipment
Football, Hockey, Baseball, Rugby
What do family fued contestants do after their relative has given a bad answer
Good Answer, Laugh, Get Mad, Roll Eyes
Name a famous roger
Roger Rabbit, Roger Moore, Roger Ebert, Roger Clemens
Name something kids dissect in science class
Frog, Worm, Pig, Rodent
Name something that can cause a flat tire.
Nail, Glass Shard, Pin, Rocks
Name somebody so rich that their name is synonymous with wealth
Trump, Gates, Hilton, Rockefeller
What might a daring thrill seeker suggest do on 1st date
Skydive, Bungee Jump, Roller Coaster, Rock Climbing
Name an object that some stomachs are compared to
Ball, Washboard, 6 Pack, Rock
Name something you can do with a pumpkin
Make Pie, Smash It, Throw It Away, Roast Seeds
Name something that happens during a commute and makes you late for work
Traffic, Accident, Breakdown, Road Work
Which board game is most challenging
Monopoly, Chess, Scrabble, Risk
Name something you have to buy for a wedding
New Clothes, Gift, Cake, Ring
Name an event many people don’t like to attend without a date
Wedding, Prom, Party, Reunion
Name a place you might see a balcony
House, Hotel, Theater, Restaurant
If you wanted to have conversation with someone, name a noisy place you’d avoid.
Bar, Concert, Mall, Restaurant
Name something a politician does when scandalous news breaks out about them.
Lie/Deny It, Go Into Hiding, Apology/Press Conference, Resign
In a spelling bee, what might a kid ask about a word before spelling it?
Definition, Origin, Use In A Sentence, Repeat It
Name something you’ve broken by sitting on it
Chair/Furniture, Eye Glasses, Cell Phone, Remote Control
Name something santa might bring with him to keep from getting lost on christmas eve.
Map, Gps, Compass, Reindeer
If the north pole gave guided tours,what specifically would be on the tour?
Santa’s House, Elves/Workshop, Polar Bears, Reindeer
At a restaurant, what do you do if your meal doesn’t taste very good.
Send Back/New Dish, Complain, Just Eat It, Refuse To Pay/Refund
Name a reason why a plane may be delayed
Weather, Needs Repairs, Security Advisory, Refueling
Name something you’d see in an office’s kitchen area.
Coffe Pot/Mugs, Microwave, Water Cooler, Refrigerator
Name something talk show hosts do during a commerical break.
Use Bathroom, Talk To Audience, Drink Water/Coffee, Refresh Makeup/Hair
Name a red colored frozen yogurt topping.
Strawberry, Cherry, Raspberry, Red Sprinkles
Name something that happens to people when they’re experiencing an allergic reaction.
Hives, Sneezing, Swelling, Red Eyes
Name a color some men never wear
Pink, Purple, Yellow, Red
How can you tell that a letter was written by someone who hates to waste paper?
Small Print, Mistakes, Both Sides Used, Recycle Paper
Name a subject in school that would have helped santa do his job?
Math, Geography, Wood Shop, Reading/Spelling
Name something that you often have a hard time concentrating on.
Work, Tests, Schoolwork, Reading
Name something a parent might do to help their baby fall asleep.
Sing Lullaby, Rock Them, Feed Them, Read To Them
Name something you do for your child, and your child does for her imaginary friend.
Feed, Talk, Play With, Read
What might you do for a gift if you’re short on cash?
Homemade Gift, Give A Card, Charge It, Re Gift
Name something that builds a nest
Bird, Snakes, Bee, Rat
If you’re driving in the middle of no where, what animal might you see crossing the street?
Deer, Cow, Moose, Rat
Name an animal that’s not loved by many people
Snake, Bear, Shark, Rat
What are some reasons that a racecar driver might lose a race?
Crash, Flat Tire, Drives Slow, Ran Out Of Gas
Name something people pass out for trick-or-treat, that a child may be disappointed to get.
Apple, Toothbrush/Paste, Pennies, Raisins
Name something you’d hate to have happen if you went up in a hot air balloon.
Fall Out, Pops, Collision, Rains
What might you be afraid of while sleeping in a tent?
Bears, Bugs, Snakes, Rain
If stuck with no diapers, what might a desperate parent use instead?
Towel, Shirt, Napkins, Rag
Name an animal that sleeps during the day and stays up at night.
Bat, Owl, Cat, Raccoon
Name something people look for when choosing a diamond.
The Size, The Price, If It’s Real, Quality
Name something a woman would hate to have the same as someone else
Outfit, Man, Hairstyle, Purse
If you can’t find your eye glasses, where should you look?
On Your Head, Table/Night Stand, In The Car, Purse
Name a job where you get to play with dolls all day.
Toy Store, Toy Maker, Child Care, Puppeteer
Name something people associat with thanksgiving.
Turkey, Cranberry Sauce, Family Dinner, Pumpkin Pie
Name something gentlemen used to do for ladies that they no longer bother with.
Open Doors, Bring Flowers, Pay Bills/Dinner, Pulling Out Chair
Name a professional that charges you for advice.
Therapist, Attorney, Doctor, Psychic
Name a reason a person might prefer to walk on a treadmill instead of taking a walk outside.
Weather, Safer, Watch Tv, Privacy
Name something people imagine they’d see on every street in hollywood
Celebrities, Bright Lights, Palm Trees, Prints On Sidewalk
Something people imagine they would see on every corner in hollywood
Actors, Bright Lights, Palm Trees, Prints In Sidewalks
Which word or phrase is often used as a magician’s magic word(s)?
Abra Cadabra, Hocus Pocus, Alla Kazam, Presto
What have you done to a crush you hope they never find out
Spied, Love Note, Lied, Prank Called
What might happen to cause a rock concert to end abruptly?
Violence, Bad Weather, Fire, Power Outage
Although it was nice to be a kid, name a part of childhood you’d never want to go through again.
School, Puberty, Acne, Potty Training
Name a reason you’d write a check instead of using cash or a credit card.
No Cash/Credit, Using Mail, To Keep Records, Post Dated
Name an attribute of a high school cheerleader that could help her become president of the united states
Spirit, Good Looks, Leadership, Popularity
Give me another name that kids use for “father”
Dad, Daddy, Papa, Pop
Other than nice houses, name a sign that you’re in a well-to-do neighborhood.
Nice Cars, Manicured Lawns, Clean Streets, Pools
Name something people cover when it rains
Head, Car, Outdoor Furniture, Pool
Name something that’s not as great when in its minature form
Car, Candy Bar, Golf, Poodle
Name an occupation in which you might be able to get away with breaking the law.
Police Officer, Lawyer, Judge, Politician
Name an occupation that you’d be in trouble if you disrespected
Police Officer, Teacher, Judge, Politician
Name something you might find out about a city that would make you change your plans to visit.
Crime Rate, Weather Forcast, Natural Disaster, Political Conflict
Name a type of map
Road, World, Treasure, Political
Name a profession that someone may lie about having just to impress a guy or girl.
Doctor, Lawyer, Actor, Police Officer
Name an occupation that you hope is great at their job 100% of the time.
Doctor, Pilot, Lawyer, Police Officer
Name a profession where you might be bitten by a dog.
Mail Carrier, Dog Catcher, Veterinarian, Police
Name something you’d hate for your car to bump into in a parking lot.
Another Car, Pedestrian, Shopping Cart, Pole/Sign
If someone turned you upside down, name something that would fall out of your pockets.
Car Keys, Wallet, Pen, Pocket Knife
Name something you’d need in order to play a game of basketball
Basketball, Hoop, Court, Players
We asked 100 married women: name something that your husband does that causes him to be too distracted to listen.
Watch Tv, Read Newspaper, Use Computer, Play Video Games
Name something that you shouldn’t have to do on your birthday.
Work, Clean, Cook, Play
Name a type of shoe that would be hard for a tightrope walker to perform in.
High Heels, Boots, Sandals, Platform Shoes
Name a reason you wouldn’t recognize someone at your high school reunion
Weight Gain/Loss, Bald, Older, Plastic Surgery
What are some actions people might take to be more earth friendly?
Recycling, Buy Hybrid Car, Use Less Paper, Plant Trees
Name an event that most people look forward to each week
Weekend, Football Game, Payday, Place Of Worship
Name a food that pregnant women crave.
Pickles, Ice Cream, Chocolate, Pizza
Name a meal that most people can make without a recipe
Eggs, Spaghetti, Mac And Cheese, Pizza
Name a reason why you’d get blindfolded.
Surprise Party, Pin Tail On Donkey, Kidnapped, Pinata
Name an animal that walks on 4 legs, but can’t give rides.
Cat, Dog, Cow, Pig
Name a summer picnic food that will make your face messy.
Watermelon, Bbq, Ice Cream, Pie
Name something that can make a person suddenly think of their partner.
Song, Smell, Movie, Picture
Where, specifically, would you most hate to find ants?
Kitchen, Bed, Pants, Picnic
What do people do at the beach that doesn’t involve getting in the water?
Tan, Play Volleyball, Walk, Picnic
What is the most valuable thing in wallets?
Money, Identification, Credit Cards, Photos
Name something a grown child may leave in storage at his parents’ house
Old Clothes, Toys, Funiture, Photos
Name a piece of information that’s on every menu
Prices, Names Of Dishes, Name Of Business, Phone Number/ Address
Name something a person running from the law might not put on their social networking site
Real Name, Address, Picture, Phone Number
Name an excuse people use at a party to get away from a boring person.
Bathroom, Nor Feeling Well, Need A Drink, Phone Call
Name something a parent might limit their child’s time using
Tv, Computer, Video Games, Phone
Something you are glad is prohibited on most airlines
Smoking, Weapons, Cells Phones, Pets
Name something your husband would like to get rid of.
Ball & Chain, Extra Pounds, Debt, Pets
Name the worst job for someone with allergies.
Gardener/Landscaper, Veterinarian, Florist, Pet Groomer
Name something from home you miss while staying in a hotel
Bed, Homemade Meal, Family, Pet
Name something distracting that you shouldn’t take with you on a date.
Cell Phone, Another Person, Ipod, Pet
Name something you might need in order to enter a childs treehouse
Code/Secret Knock, Ladder, Rope, Permission
Name the worst thing for a circus performer to be afraid of.
Heights/Falling, Animals, Clowns, Performing
Name an object considered to be good luck
Four Leaf Clover, Rabbit’s Foot, Horseshoe, Penny
Name something a school wastebasket is probably full of.
Paper, Gum, Food Wrappers, Pencil Shavings
What is the most common thing people get stuck in their hair
Gum, Comb/Brush, Food, Pencil
If you’re going to do your own taxes, name something you probably need
Computer/Calculator, Forms, Records, Pencil
Name a fruit that can get bruised
Apple, Peach, Bananas, Pear
Name a food they serve at the circus
Cotton Candy, Hot Dogs, Pop Corn, Peanuts
Name a fruit that’s hard to eat without getting messy
Orange, Watermelon, Tomato, Peach
Name something many men refuse to ask for help with
Directions, Cooking, Fixing Cars, Paying The Bills
Name something on payday you do after work
Shop, Drink, Cash Check, Pay Bills
Name a fast food that’s often served as a main course at weddings.
Chicken, Steak, Fish, Pasta
Food often served with wine
Bread, Cheese, Meat, Pasta
Name a food that’s often served with wine
Cheese, Meat, Bread, Pasta
Name a place where a teenager wouldn’t want to be seen with their parent.
Mall, School, Movie Theatre, Party
Name something that some people plan for months, and others do spur of the moment
Get Married, Go On Vacation, Have A Baby, Party
Name a family tradition people might have for winter holidays.
Cooking, Travel, Caroling, Party
Name the most romantic place to go on a first date
Beach, Resaurant, Movie Theatre, Park/Picnic
Name a reason why a teen might swear off love.
Broken Heart, Too Young, Scared Of It, Parents Foebid It
Name a reason why you wouldn’t want metallica as your wedding band
Too Loud, Not Romantic, Too Expensive, Parents Disapprove
Name a way that you can track down an old friend
Internet, Phone Book, Friends, Parents
We asked 100 married women: name something you wish your husband would be more helpful with around the house
Dishes, Laundry, Cooking, Parenting
Name a profession that would require you to save someone’s life.
Dr./Nurse, Lifeguard, Firefighter, Paramedic
In the office, name something that people borrow but almost never return?
Pen/Pencil, Money, Stapler, Paper
Name something a batchelor might turn inside out
Shirt, Underwear, Socks, Pants
Name a type of food that could most easily be turned into a heart-shape for valentine’s day.
Cake, Cookies, Sandwich/Bread, Pancakes
Name something you’d love to wake up to the smell of. (more specific than “food.”)
Coffee, Bacon, Flowers, Pancakes
Name a famous marilyn monroe “wannabe”
Madonna, Anna Nicole Smith, Christina Aguilera, Pamela Anderson
Name a household activity that people wear gloves while doing.
Dishes, Gardening, Scrubbing Toilet, Painting
What diaper bag item would a parent hate to be without?
Diapers, Wipes, Bottle, Pacifier
What would a car thief hate to find in the backseat of the car he’d just stolen?
Child, Dog, Police Officer, Owner
Tell me an excuse for not going to work that no one really believes
Sick, Car Trouble, Traffic, Overslept
Name something you’d worry about if you were to host a dinner party for your in-laws
Taste Of Food, Clean House, Conversation, Outfit
If james bond were a real man, name something that probably would have happened to him by now.
He’d Be Dead, Gotten Old, Gotten Injured, Out Of Work
If your date is paying for the meal, name something you shouldn’t
Order Most Expensive, Argue About Paying, Complain About Meal, Order Extras
Name something that a person might consume every morning in order to stay healthy.
Vitamins, Milk, Fruit, Orange Juice
Name a fruit juice that’s very bitter.
Grapefruit, Lemon, Cranberry, Orange
Name a celebrity who you’d like to be bffs with just so you could get the scoop on her personal life.
Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Aniston, Kim Kardashian, Oprah
Name a style of music that you’d be surprised to hear that a teenager listened to.
Classical, Country, Jazz, Opera
Name something you might do to keep your house cool on a hot day
Air Conditioning, Turn On The Fan, Close Blinds, Open Windows
Which words do you dread hearing at the dentist’s office?
Cavity, Drill, Root Canal, Oops
Where do you get money that can’t be used to buy anything in the real world?
Board Game, Casino, Arcade, Online
Name a food that usually tastes so-so, fantastic once fried
Chicken, Potatoes, Fish, Onions
Vegetable that starts with word sweet
Potato, Corn, Pea, Onion
Name a scent you’d smell in a barn
Manure, Hay, Horses/Animals, Oil/Gasoline
Name a place where you often find an elevator.
Hotel, Mall, Hospital, Office Building
During a party, name a part of your house where you wouldn’t want to find guests hanging out.
Master Bedroom, Bathroom, Kitchen, Office
When shopping, name a way you can tell if someone is a sales clerk
Name Tag, Wears Uniform, Follows You, Offers Help
Which doctor do people hate to see?
Dentist, Proctocologist, Eye, Ob/Gyn
Name something that a businesswoman must always wear to work.
Suit, Bra, Heels, Nylons
Name something you associate with jerry lewis.
Telethon, Comedy, Dean Martin, Nutty Proffesor
Name a term that describes someone who comes in at first place
Winner, Champion, Early Bird, Number 1
Name something you hope a restaurant chef didn’t do before cooking your meal.
Got Sick, Drink, Smoke, Not Wash Hands
Name something a teen might get in trouble doing in a photo
Bunny Ears, Stick Out Tongue, Funny Face, Not Smiling
Name a complaint a person might have about their cable tv company.
Bad Reception, Cost To Much, Bad Service, Not Enough Channels
Name something everybody knows about dr. Seuss
Green Eggs And Ham, Rhymes, Cat In The Hat, Not A Doctor
Name something that runs, but doesn’t have legs
Cars, Toilet/Sink, Refrigerator, Nose
Name something an astronaut has to go without when traveling in space
Decent Food, Family, Gravity, Normal Bathroom
Name something you’d have to get used to if you were a zoo animal
Being In A Cage, Feeding Time, People Looking At You, Noisy Children
Name some things that annoy you in public places such as restaurants
Smoking, Cell Phone, Kids, Noise
Name a reason why a person might prefer to travel by cruise ship.
Fear Of Flying, It’s Enjoyable, Like Water, No Traffic
Other than speeding, name a reason a cop might pull you over.
Light Out, Swerving, Failure To Stop, No Seatbelt
How could you tell that someone’s id is fake?
Photo Doesn’t Match, Made Up Name, Expired Date, No Seal
Name a word or phrase that a lifeguard might yell
Shark, Stop, Get Out, No Running
What are the advantages of having an air guitar rather than a real guitar?
No Noise, Cheaper, Lightweight, No Mistakes
Name a common mistake people make when taking pictures.
Out Of Focus, Put Finger In Lense, Leave Lense Cap On, No Flash
In a classroom, how can you tell a teacher is a substitute
Nervous, Name On Board, Doesn’t Know Names, No Control
What would the chatterbox next to you keep you from doing on an airplane?
Sleeping, Reading, Getting A Word In, Nmusic/Movie
Name a place in the world where people might go to get married
Las Vegas, Hawaii, Paris, Niagra Falls
Name something of your that the dog likes to play with.
Shoes, Socks, Ball, Newspaper
Name a reason why a child you don’t know might come to your door.
Selling Cookies, Lost, Trick Or Treat, Newspaper
We asked 100 wives: what does your husband see on tv that guarantees he’ll stop flipping channels?
Sports, Beautiful Women, Cars, News
Name a day of the year that some people don’t want to spend alone.
Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Birthday, New Year Eve’s
Name something a home might have to make it energy efficient
Solar Panels, Good Insulation, Efficient Bilbs, New Windows
Name a city that is best known for its nightlife
New York, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New Orleans
Something kid looks forward to at beginning of new school year
Teachers, New Books, New Friends, New Clothes
What ailment might you have the morning after a wild party?
Hangover, Headache, Sore Dancing Legs, Nausea
Name something that’s on your dinner table every night that the dog won’t beg for.
Vegetables/ Salad, Salt, Silverware/ Plates, Napkin/ Tablecloth
Name a fictional character who makes spy work look like a lot of fun.
Inspector Gadget, Sherlock Holmes, James Bond, Nancy Drew
When meeting a blind date, name an accessory you might wear so they know it’s you.
Hat, Jewelry, Flower, Nametag
Name something kids must be asked over and over
School, Age, Clean Room, Name
We asked 100 women to fill in the blank: i’d notice right away if _____ was missing from my purse.
Money, Make Up, My Cell Phone, My Keys
Name something that causes yo to become friends with someone you otherwise wouldn’t have
Money, School/Work, Both Have Kids, Mutual Friiends
Name an occupation in which you might adopt a fake name
Detective, Actor, Dancer, Musician
Name a party game that you’d be surprised to find at an adult’s birthday.
Pin The Tail, Twister, Spin The Bottle, Musical Chairs
How can you tell that a tv show is old time?
Black And White, Clothes, Old Cars, Music
Name something you’d be surprised to find that a frat party had none of
Beer, Food, Girls, Music
If santa had a twitter account, who might be an avid follower of it?
Kids, Elves, Reindeer, Mrs Claus
Which piece of technology would people have the hardest time giving up?
Cell Phone, Computer, Tv, Mp3 Player
Name a specific chore that you cannot do without making a lot of noise.
Vacuumming, Dishes, Laundry, Mowing Lawn
Name a specific chore kids do in order to get an allowance.
Wash Dishes, Take Out Trash, Clean Room, Mow Lawn
Name something that action movie stars always jump off of.
Buildings, Bridge, Cliff, Moving Cars
Name something a parent might scold a child for interrupting
Conversation, Date, Work/Meeting, Movie/Tv Show
Tell me someplace people might go right after work on friday
Bar, Home, Restaurant, Movie
Name a direction you’re given when having a group photo taken.
Smile, Say Cheese, Move Left/Right, Move Closer
If you were staying overnight at a friend’s and forgot your toothbrush, name something you might do.
Use My Finger, Buy A New One, Ask For An Extra, Mouthwash
Name a place where you might see a bear.
Woods, Zoo, National Park, Mountains
Name something you might see pictured on a postcard from alaska.
Snow, Iceberg, Polor Bear, Mountains
What must a town have to make it a popular winter destination?
Snow, Skiing, Resorts, Mountains
Name a type of candy that sounds like something you’d dig up from the ground
Gummy Worms, Rock Candy, Pop Rocks, Mounds
Marriage about to fail, what do you do to save it
Counseling, Talk, Vacation, More Time Together
Name a household chore that a kid would find fun, but an adult would put off
Dishes, Vacuuming, Dusting, Mopping
Animal many magicians own
Rabbit, Bird, Tiger, Monkey
Name something many people probably lie about in their personal ads
Age, Weight, Appearance, Money
Name a job that people did more 100 years ago than today.
Farmer, Blacksmith, Carpenter, Miner
Name a cartoon character that can fly
Dumbo, Tinkerbell, Peter Pan, Mighty Mouse
Name the electronic device that you use most in a day
Cell Phone, Computer, Tv, Microwave
Name something in your house that has numbers on it.
Phone, Clock, Tv/Remote, Microwave
Name something a person who dislikes technology might not have
Computer, Cell Phone, Tv, Microwave
Name a hollywood man who would have no trouble getting dates if he were single.
Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Tom Cruise, Mel Gibson
Tell me a nickname for a woman named “margaret.”
Marge/Margie, Maggie, Peggy/Peg, Meg
Teen nervous on 1st date
Kissing, Holding Hands, Making Conversation, Meeting Parents
Name something you would not want to buy at a dollar store.
Food, Clothes, Birth Control, Medicine
Name a place where you need an appointment
Doctor, Dentist, Hair Salon, Mechanic
Name something that’s often served with cheese at a party
Crackers, Wine, Bread, Meat
Name a food that you might need help removing the lid from
Pickles, Jelly, Peanut Butter, Mayonnaise
Name something that is white in your refrigerator.
Milk, Eggs, Baking Soda, Mayo
Which subject would most elementary school kids say is their favorite?
Gym, English, Art, Math
Name something you put on your face, that you’d never dream of putting on your feet.
Makeup, Lotion, Cold Cream, Mask
Name something scientists wear in the lab
Lab Coat, Lab Goggles, Gloves, Mask
Name something most women want to be successful at
Work, Parenting, Cooking, Marriage
Name an alcoholic beverage that’s also a woman’s name
(Bloody) Mary, Sherry, Brandy, Margarita
Name a famous person whose last name is allen
Woody Allen, Tim Allen, Debbie Allen, Marcus Allen
Name a street that you’ll find in almost every city in america
Main, Elm, Martin L King, Maple
Name a prop you would see in an indiana jones movie.
Rope, Rock, Weapon, Map
In today’s world, name something that helps people stay “forever young.”
Plastic Surgery, Exercise, Vitamins, Makeup
Name something that dogs are always able to do that people can only do on a camping trip.
Pee Outside, Sleep Anywhere, Catch Food, Make Lots Of Noise
Name a part of your morning ritual that it’s hard to get the energy to do.
Shower, Get Out Of Bed, Exercise, Make Breakfast
Name a skill that parents hope their children have by the time they buy a home.
Good With Money, Cooking, Cleaning, Maintainance
Name an occupation in which you’d need to wear comfortable shoes.
Doctor/Nurse, Food Service, Teacher, Mail Carrier
Tell me something a dog can’t stand.
Cats, Getting A Bath, Vacuum Cleaner, Mail Carrier
If you met the real life prince charming, how would you know it was him?
Wears A Crown, Rides White Horse, Good Looking, Magical Kiss
Other than paper, name something a kid might scribble on
Wall, Desk, Skin, Magazine Ad
Name a word or phrase you might use when addressing royalty.
Your Highness, Your Majesty, Sir, Madam
Name something you’re pleasantly surprised to find in your chocolate chip cookie
Nuts, Oatmeal, Raisins, M&M
Name something embarrassing that happens to people at the airport
Get Searched, Get Lost, Miss Flight, Luggage Comes Open
What might authorities ask to see when you’re crossing an international border?
Passport, Id/License, Birth Certificate, Luggage
Name something a realtor suggests you do, in order to sell your house
Paint, Clean It, Make Upgrades, Lower The Price
Name something that would lead you to suspect that the person you’ve just met is from canada.
Accent, Wearing Maple Flag, Different Currency, Love Hockey
Name something used to make yourself smell better
Perfume, Soap, Deodorant, Lotion
Name something you tell someone is going to hurt you more than them.
Spanking, Breaking Up, Shot, Loss Of Privileges
According to fairly tales, name a way to meet prince charming
Kiss A Frog, Fall Fast Asleep, Go To A Ball, Lose Your Shoe
Name something people do more of when they’re tired
Sleep, Yawn, Eat, Lose Temper
At the video arcade, what might your date do to make you mad
Forget Money, Always Win, Cheat, Lose A Lot
Name a city where you would expect to pay a lot for a hotel.
New York City, Las Vegas, Paris, Los Angeles
What might a poker player do to make bluffing easier?
Wear Sunglasses, Kepp A Straight Face, Drink, Look Away
Name a famous pirate
Jack Sparrow, Captain Hook, Blackbeard, Long John Silver
Name something about which friends say, “keep looking. You can do better.”
Mate, Job, Clothes, Living Space
Name something a cat in a movie can do that a real-life cat can’
Talk, Sing, Dance, Live Nine Lives
Name someone, real or fictional, whose name starts with little
Little Richard, Little John, Little Red Riding Hood, Little Bo Peep
Name a crime that most cops have probably committed themselves.
Speeding, Stealing, Jaywalking, Littering
Name a crime most people have done
Speeding, Stealing, Jaywalking, Littering
What would santa hate to forget on christmas eve?
Presents, Reindeer, Sleigh, List
Name something that lives in a cave
Bear, Bat, Caveman, Lion
Tell me something you might buy for the prom
Dress/Tux, Corsage, Shoes, Limo
Name a phrase that’s said in commercials to get you to buy the product right away.
Free Gift, Call Now, On Sale, Limited Time Offer
Name a game in which small children have an advantage over adults
Hide And Seek, Tag, Twister, Limbo
Name a nursery rhyme character with bad luck
Humpty Dumpty, Jack/ Jill, Red Riding Hood, Lil Bo Peep
How can you tell that the person who shares your room is having trouble sleeping?
Tossing And Turning, Talking, Watching Tv, Lights On
What do you see in the mall that lets you know christmas is coming?
Santa Claus, Decorations, Pine Tree, Lights
Name a weather condition that might cause you to have wacky hair
Rain, Wind, Humidity, Lightning
Other than matches, name something people use to start a fire.
Lighter, Sticks, Flint, Lighter Fluid
Name something you’d be surprised to find that a superhero couldn’t do.
Fly, Fight, Apprehend Bad Guys, Lift Heavy Weight
Name an ingredient that tacos would be no good without.
Meat, Cheese, Salsa, Lettuce
Name something you look forward to getting in the mail.
Paycheck, Package, Birthday Cards, Letters
Name something from your ex that you might get rid of when starting a new relationship.
Pictures, Jewelry, Their Clothes, Letters
Name something you started seeing less of since cell phones became popular
Pay Phones, Home Phones, Pagers, Letters
Name a popular flavor of sherbet.
Orange, Lime, Strawberry, Lemon
Name something you’re not supposed to do while filling your gas tank.
Smoke, Talk On Cell Phone, Walk Away, Leave The Car On
Where in your house might you find something labeled poisonous?
Under Kitchen Sink, Garage, Medicine Cabinet, Laundry Room
Name a room in your house you wouldn’t want carpeted.
Bathroom, Kitchen, Basement, Laundry Room
What domestic activity would you be surprised to find mrs. Claus couldn’t do?
Cook, Sew, Clean, Laundry
What everyday activity burns the most calories?
Walking/ Running, Cleaning, Intercourse, Laughing
Name something that you’d be asked to stop doing in a movie theater
Kissing, Throwing Popcorn, Smoking, Laughing
What do you do when your stomach growls?
Eat Something, Drink Water, Hold It, Laugh
Complete this sentence. The key to a successful marriage is ____ing together.
Sleep, Work, Talk, Laugh
Name a food that you often burn your tongue while eating.
Soup, Pizza, Chili, Lasagna/Pasta
Name a meal that someone who loves cheese would eat often
Pizza, Mac And Cheese, Grilled Cheese, Lasagna
Name a city where a movie car chase never be filmed
New York, Venice, Los Angeles, Las Vegas
Name a city associated with organized crime
New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Las Vegas
Name something children climb on that makes their parents worry.
Trees, Monkey Bars, Table/Chairs, Ladder
Name an animal that might live in a tree
Monkey, Bird, Sqirrel, Koala
Name a way to tell if you neighbors are home.
Lights On, Car In Driveway, Noice, Knock On Door
Which magic trick would become dangerous if the magician was a phony?
Person Cut In Half, Sword Swallow, Disappearing Act, Knife Throwing
Name something that women carry more often than men do.
Purse, Baby, Lipstick, Kleenex
Name something you might climb a tree to get
Cat, Fruit, Ball, Kite
Where in your office would make a good place to hide from your boss.
Under Desk/Table, Bathroom, Closet/Supply Room, Kitchen/Staff Lounge
Name a game that involves the word king
Chess/Checkers, King Kong, King Of The Hill, King’s Corner
Name a reason why a couple decides to move in together
In Love, Save Money, Getting Married, Kids Together
Place you might go quickly in pajamas
Store, Gas Station, Mailbox, Kids School
Name someone in your life who loves you unconditionally
Mother, Dog, Partner, Kids
Name something that people could watch for hours.
Tv/Movies, Pets/Animals, Sports, Kids
Name an organ in the body that many people should take better care of
Heart, Liver, Lungs, Kidney
If there was a school for training rock stars, who might be the principal?
Ozzy Osbourne, Mick Jagger, Gene Simmons, Kid Rock
Name something a bartender does with a customer who’s had too much to drink.
Cut Them Off, Call A Cab, Take Their Keys, Kick Them Out
We asked 100 women “i’d notice____missing from my purse”
Money, Makeup, Cell Phone, Keys
Name something you’d buy for your daughter’s barbie doll, but probably not for your daughter.
Skimpy Clothes, Car, Dream House, Ken/Friends
What do parents instruct their children to do while riding in the car?
Be Quiet, Buckle Up, Sit Down, Keep Still
Name something a divorced person might do with their wedding ring
Sell It, Throw It Away, Give It Back, Keep It
Name something parents should do to be sure that their kids have a safe halloween.
Go With Them, Check Candy, Bright Costume, Keep Home
Other than halloween, name a reason why you might wear a costume.
Costume Party, In A Play, Christmas/ Santa, Just For Fun
Name something people are often trying to get out of doing.
Work, Homework, Chores, Jury Duty
What do people keep in their basement
Old Clothes, Toys, Washer & Dryer, Junk
Name something a hollywood stunt person gets paid to do, but your teen would get punished for doing.
Crashing The Car, Speeding, Fighting, Jumping Off Roof
Name an exercise you’d have a hard time doing 10 of.
Push Up, Pull Ups/Chin Ups, Sit Ups, Jumping Jacks
Name something that comes in a carton
Milk, Eggs, Cigarettes, Juice
Name a talent you rarely see women do outside a beauty pageant
Sing, Tap Dance, Baton Twirling, Juggle
Past or present, name a tv judge.
Judge Judy, Judge Mathis, Judge Wapner, Judge Joe Brown
Name a famous set of sisters
Pointer, Williams, Olsen, Judd
Name a famous “johnson”
Lyndon B Johnson, Magic Johnson, Howard Johnson, Johnson & Johnson
Name an athlete who’s appeared on a wheaties box.
Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, Mary Lou Retton, Joe Montana
Name something a man might ask his dad’s advice on.
Relationships, Finances, Car, Job
Name a kind of beam you wouldn’t want to balance on.
Light/Sun Beam, Laser Beam, Roof Beam, Jim Beam
Other than teeth something people use toothbrush to clean
Toilet, Shoes, Floor, Jewelry
Other than teeth, name something people use a toothbrush to clean
Shoes, Toilet, Floor, Jewelry
Name an item you wouldn’t buy online, see in real life
Car, Clothes, House, Jewelry
We asked 100 husbands: name something your wife spends more money on than you do.
Clothes, Hair Products, Make Up, Jewelry
Name a gameshow that has been around forever.
Price Is Right, Wheel Of Fortune, Family Feud, Jeopardy
Tell me a game show that’s been around forever.
Price Is Right, Family Fued, Wheel Of Fortune, Jeopardy
Name an article of clothing that you’d only try on in front of someone with whom you’re very comfortable.
Bra, Underwear, Bathing Suit, Jeans
Name something you might find an olive in.
Martini, Salad, Pizza, Jar
Name someone who is more popular dead than when they were alive.
Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, Jesus, James Dean
Name a famous james who many women consider handsome
James Dean, James Bond, James Stewart, James Brown
Name an article of clothing that is usually only worn by men
Boxers, Jock Strap, Tie, Jacket
Give me a name used for a person who talks a lot
Chatter Box, Blabber Mouth, Motor Mouth, Jabber Jaws
Name something a carjacker would hate to discover about the car he stole
Out Of Gas, It’s A Police Car, Fas Gps, It Doesn’t Run
Name something about alaska that non-residents might romanticize
Snow/Cold, Wildlife, Darkness, Isolation/Nature
If you were able to see the future, name a way that you’d be able to make a lot of money.
Lottery Numbers, Betting/Horse Races, Investment, Invention
Why might parents wait until after the baby is born to give it a name?
Find Out Sex, Looks, Personality, Indecisive
Name something a doctor better not be afraid of
Blood, Needles, People, Illness/ Germs
How can a kid get a bully to stop picking on them
Fight Back, Tell Adult, Stand Up To Them, Ignore Them
Name something embarrassing that you might do while listening to headphones.
Sing, Speak Loudly, Dance, Ignore Someone
Name something specific a rental car company checks when you return your car.
Mileage, Gas, If There Is Damage, If It Is Clean
Name a way you can tell someone is a doctor by just looking at them.
Stethoscope, White Coat, Scrubs, Id Photo
Name a desert that’s sold in plastic packages
Cookies, Snack Cake, Pudding, Ice Cream
Name an announcement that you’d hate for your boss to overhear you making
I’m Quitting, I’m Pregnant, I Got A New Job, I Hate This Job/Boss
Name something a child says when they do something wrong
I’m Sorry, Whoops, Uh Oh, I Didn’t Do It
Name a muscular celebrity who would probably have trouble finding clothes in his size.
Arnold Schwarzenegger, The Rock, Vin Diesel, Hulk Hogan
Name something a child asks for just to delay his bedtime
Drink, Bedtime Story, Snacks, Hug/Kiss
Name something teens do to butter parents before asking a favor
Do Housework, Compliment Them, Say I Love You, Hug Them
Name a book where the main hero is a kid
Harry Potter, Peter Pan, Tom Sawyer, Huck Finn
While at the wedding, name away you can tell that the marriage won’t last
Fights At Wedding, Bride/ Groom Flirting, Crying/ Sad Faces, How They Kiss
In the grocery store, how can you identify a penny-pincher?
Bring Coupons, Carry A Calculator, Buy Generic Brands, How They Dress
In the grocery store, how can you identify a penny-pincher?
Bring Coupons, Carry A Calculator, Buy Generic Brands, How They Dress
What’s the first thing you’re likely to be asked about at your high school reunion?
What Do You Do?, Married?, Have Any Kids?, How Are You?
Name an occupation you’d be tempted to enter if you liked to snoop
Espionage, Police, News Reporter, Housekeeping
Name something that is smaller in europe than in the us.
Cars, Waistlines, Countries, House Size
Name something a woman might stop maintaining once she’s in a serious relationship
Weight, Looks, Friendships, House
Name a tv show, past or present, that takes place in a hospital
Er, General Hospital, Grey’s Anatomy, House
Name something people pose in front of for their christmas photos.
Tree, Fireplace, Santa Claus, House
Other than sheets, something on bed
Pillows, Blanket, Teddy Bear, Hot Water Bottle
Name another word a cool guy might use for “car”
Ride, Wheels, Whip, Hot Rod
What kind of food should not be served at a wedding?
Pizza, Hamburgers, Sanswiches, Hot Dogs
Tell me an excuse that a tough guy might give if he were caught watching a soap opera
By Mistake, For Wife, Asleep, Hot Actress
What do some people look to for relationship guidance, that you don’t believe in?
Therapist, Psychic, Books, Horoscope
Name a word grooms say they’ll do at the alter, but probably never say after the wedding
Obey, Love, Cherish, Honor
Name another word for a “bar” that a cowboy might use
Saloon, Tavern, Watering Hole, Honky Tonk
On family feud, name something host asks players about
Family Name, Job, Age, Hometown
Name a situation in which someone might get crowned.
Prom, Coronation, Beauty Pageant, Homecoming
Name a place you’d be surprised to see a new dad on the day of his child’s birth
Bar, Work, Sporting Event, Home
Name something a new mom spends a lot of time doing.
Breast Feeding, Changing Diapers, Feeding With A Bottle, Holding The Baby
Name a specific sign of affection woman wants from husband
Kiss, Hug, Flowers/ Gifts, Holding Hands
Something woman do to show affection a man rarely does
Kiss, Cuddle, Hug, Hold Hands
Name a sport that you can’t play without a team
Football, Baseball, Soccer, Hockey
If einstein failed a subject in school, what might it have been?
English/Language, Physical Ed, Art, History
Something you hope vampire leaves at home on a date
Fangs, Cape, Coffin, His Thirst
Name something a woman might wear to appear more professional.
Business Suit, Dress/Skirt, Glasses, High Heels
Name an activity for which you might use walkie talkies.
Camping, Hiking, Hunting, Hide And Seek
Name something naughty that children do while at the store
Steal, Cry/Scream, Run Off, Hide
What would you do if a group of carolers come to house
Sing, Listen, Shut The Door, Hide
Name something you do after getting a bad haircut
Cry, Wear A Hat, Complain, Hide
Name something you do while birdwatching that you might also do while hunting
Shoot(Picture), Use Binoculars, Be Quiet, Hide
Name the worst thing to criticize your mother-in-law for
Her Cooking, Her Parenting, Her Appearance, Her Housekeeping
Instead of a schoolbus, how might a wealthy kid get to school?
Limo, Their Own Car, Taxi, Helicopter
What do people pay to have guessed at the carnival?
Weight, Age, Future, Height
What might someone promise to do if they wanted elect president
Lower Taxes, World Peace, Create Jobs, Healthcare
Name something people write about in their yearly christmas letter to loved ones.
Family, Greetings, Career, Health
Name something you’re told to turn off before an airplane takes flight
Cell Phone, Computer, Lights, Headphones
What might you want to bring with you, when babysitting an infant who cries a lot?
Pacifier, Ear Plugs, Toys, Headphones
How can you tell the jewelry your partner gives you is made of fake gold?
Turns Skin Green, Bite It/Bendable, Scratches Easily, Have It Appraised
Name something an elevator operator probably gets tired of saying
Which Floor?, Going Up?, Hello, Have A Nice Day
Name something you do to get rid of a song that’s stuck in your head.
Sing/Hum It Through, Think Of Other Songs, Go To Sleep, Have A Conversation
Name something that’s more likely to happen to you if you’re hanging out at a bar.
Get Drunk, Get In A Fight, Get Hit On, Have A Cigarette
Name something a clown might wear thats oversized
Shoes, Nose, Pants, Hat
Which part of his santa costume would a mall santa be humiliated to lose while working
Beard, Pants, Wig, Hat
Name a reason why a restaurant might refuse service to someone
Not Dressed Properly, Drunk, Belligerent Attitude, Has No Money
Name something you put in your mouth but don’t swallow
Gum, Toothpaste, Mouothwash, Hard Candy/Sucker
Food that has a hole in the middle.
Donut, Cereal, Bagel, Hard Candy
Name a reason why you might offer your bus seat to someone else.
Elderly, Pregnant, Disability, Hands Full
Name a part of a doll’s body that might be movable
Head, Arms, Legs, Hand
Which actress gets most love letters
Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Aniston, Julia Roberts, Halle Berry
Name something most parents would let their teen experiment with
Driving, Make Up, Dating, Hairstyle
Name a part of the body that gets mentioned a lot in romantic songs
Lips, Heart, Eyes, Hair
Tell me something you hate to wear too short.
Skirt/Dress, Pants, Shorts, Hair
Something you do differently for job interview
Speak, Dress, Sit, Hair
Something about a person that cosmetic surgery can’t fix.
Personality, Hight/Stature, Eye Color, Hair
Name a part of you that looks different when you’re sick
Skin, Eyes, Nose, Hair
At the end of the day, name something indiana jones might put away in his closet.
Hat, Whip, Knife, Gun
Name a common item that’s shaped like a bear.
Plush Toy, Cookie/Cracker, Honey Container, Gummy Candy
Name something people worry will happen to a child star
Get Into Drugs, Kidnapped, Become Spoiled, Grow Up To Fast
Name something a man with very little hair does to make it look like he has more
Comb Hair Over, Wear Hairpiece, Dye Different Colors, Grow It Long
Name something that you write out by hand, instead of type.
Letter/Card, Check, Signature, Grocery List
Something in house that needs to be replaced regularly
Light Bulbs, Batteries, Toilet Paper, Groceries
What do you do when someone tells a joke that’s not actually funny?
Smile, Fake Laugh, Ignore It, Groan
Name a breakfast item that you order, but can never finish
Pancakes, Omelet, Coffee, Grits
Tell me a reason people get married
In Love, Pregnant, Stability, Green Card
Name a color baby clothes comes in.
Pink, Blue, Yellow, Green
Name a term for someone who isn’t very generous.
Stingy, Tightwad, Cheap, Greedy
Name someone you would hate to send personal mail
Boss, Parent, Ex, Grandparent
Name someone who you’d hate to accidentally forward a personal email to
Boss, Parent, Ex, Grandparent
Name a special occasion for which someone might go to a hairdresser
Wedding, Prom, Birthday Party, Graduation
Name a specific event people create photo album
Wedding, Birth, Vacation, Graduation
Name an occassion for which you order a fancy cake
Wedding, Birthday, Anniversary, Graduation
Name a type of greeting card that you see a lot of in the spring.
Easter, Mothers Day, Wedding, Graduation
Name an expression little kids use when they have to go to the bathroom.
I Have To Go Pee Pee, I Have To Go Potty, Poo Poo, Got To Go Tinkle
Tell me a situation that makes just about everyone nervous
Canned, Axed, Kicked To The Curb, Got The Boot
Name the loudest animal in the zoo
Lion, Elephant, Monkey, Gorilla
Without the uniform, how can you tell that someone is in the mlitary
Haircut, Confident Walk, Badge, Good Posture
Name a quality that’s important in a friend, and even more important in a spouse.
Trustworthiness, Sense Of Humor, Kindness, Good Communicator
Besides andy, name a character from “the andy griffith show.”
Opie, Barney Fife, Aunt Bea, Gomer Pyle
Name something a baby spends a lot of time doing.
Sleeping, Crying, Eating, Going To The Bathroom
Name a reason why a person who has a car would call a cab.
Been Drinking, Car Trouble, Bad Weather, Going To Airport
Name a famous desert
Sahara, Mojave, Death Valley, Gobi
Name something people often lose
Keys, Money, Minds, Gloves
Name something you wear when you ride a bike.
Helmet, Shorts, Gloves, Glasses/Goggles
Name a common gag gift at an “over the hill” birthday party.
Cane, Diapers, Black Balloons, Glasses
Name a dessert that can only be eaten with a spoon.Name Something a man might still do for woman when they go out on a date
Open Doors, Pay For Dinner, Compliment Her, Give Her Flowers
Name an event that men are usually not invited to
Baby Showers, Bridal Showers, Bachelorette Party, Girls Sleepover
Like a colored easter egg, which holiday object is fun to have when it’s fresh, but not fun to find months later.
Jack O’lantern, Fruitcake, Christmas Tree, Gingerbread House
Name something that happens to people when they get embarrassed.
Blush, Cry, Sweat, Giggle
Name something a mom might tell her kid to shower after doing
Playing Outside, Playing Sports, Swimming, Getting Out Of Bed
Name something bad that might happen to a magician’s assistant during a performance.
Cut In Half, Disappear, Trip, Get Hit By A Knife
What might an actor do to make you not see their movies anymore?
Die, Make A Flop, Retire, Get Arrested
Name something a teen might need their parent’s permission to do before they’re 18.
Get Driver’s License, Marry, Get A Tattoo, Get A Piercing
Name a word or phrase that ends in -phobia.
Arachnophobia, Agoraphobia, Claustrophobia, Germophobia
Name a place where a man might be a “regular customer.”
Bar, Restaurant/Coffee Shop, Barber Shop, Gentleman’s Club
Name a morning stop that many adults make first, before going into work
Coffee Shop, Day Care/School, Breakfast, Gas Station
Name a type of glove that is not used for warmth
Surgical, Boxing, Baseball, Gardening
Name a good job to have if you want to get a nice tan
Lifeguard, Tanning Salon, Construction, Gardener
Name something people do in their front yards in the summer
Mow Lawn, Cold Drinks/Lemonade, Tan, Garden
Name a place in the house where only a real tv-lover would put a television
Bathroom, Bedroom, Kitchen, Garage
Name a place in your house that you hardly go into
Attic, Basement, Closet, Garage
What might you see in front of the neighbors’ house that lets you know they’re moving?
Moving Truck, For Sale Sign, Boxes, Furniture
Name a place where only a person with no conscience would
Hospital, Church, School, Funeral
Name an event in your life where you’d be unhappy if no one showed.
Wedding, Birthday, Graduation, Funeral
Name a kind of tree that would look silly to have as a christmas tree.
Oak Tree, Palm Tree, Maple Tree, Fruit Tree
Name something that has pineapple in it.
Upside Down Cake, Pizza, Drink, Fruit Salad
Name something that’s served at room temperature.
Red Wine, Cake/Pie, Bread, Fruit
Name animal that makes pretty sound
Cat, Whale, Dolphin, Frog
Name something you eat that comes with sauce
Spaghetti, Pizza, Chicken Nuggets, Fries
Where do people go after they leave church service?
Home, Out To Eat, Shopping, Friend’s/Relatives House
On a road trip, name something that might keep you awake
Radio, Traffic, Engine, Friend Snoring
Tell me the first big item you buy when moving to a new house.
Bed, Couch, Tv, Fridge
Name something you do to prepare for out-of-town visitors.
Clean, Cook, Buy Food, Freshen Up Room
Name something you never cook at home, but order when eating at the restaurant
Lobster, Steak, Fish, French Fries
Name a specific junk food that you’d never want to give up
Chocolate/ Candy, Chips, Pizza, French Fries
Name something that many people are afraid to drive on.
Icy Roads, Snow, Bridge, Freeway
Name something about a cats life that people may envy
9 Lives, Lots Of Sleep, Lazy, Freedom
Name a scary halloween figure
Frankenstein, Witch, Ghost, Freddy Kruger
Name something that men join
Gym, Golf/Country Club, Military, Fraternity
Name something people put in the envelope with their holiday cards.
Money, Pictures, Gift Cards, Form Letter
Name a reason why a stand-up comedian might say he had a bad night
No Laughs, Got Booed/Heckled, Nobody Showed Up, Forgot Jokes
Other than “love”, name a word that’s in almost every love song
Heart, Baby, Kiss, Forever
Besides math, name the most difficult subject in school
Science, English, History, Foreign Language
What sounds do children listen for on christmas eve
Sleigh, Santa, Reindeer, Footsteps
Which sounds do children listen for on christmas eve?
Sleigh Bells, Ho Ho Ho, Reindeer On Roof, Footsteps
Name something that some people are paid to chase after.
Dogs, Criminals, Storms, Footballs/Balls
Name a body part that often gets broken
Arm, Leg, Finger, Foot
Name something you find left in the washer
Socks, Change, Lint, Food
Name something you would not want to drop your wedding ring into.
Sink, Toilet, Water, Food
Name a mood-setter in your home that you pay more attention to if you are trying to impress a date.
Music, Candles, Lighting, Food
Name something that people normally don’t pay cash for.
Car, Gas, House, Food
Name something that’s essential to creating a romantic atmosphere at home.
Candles, Music, Good Lighting, Flowers
Name a romantic gift for a woman that her 2-year-old might be jealous of.
Candy, Stuffed Animal, Jewelry, Flowers
Name something you would be surprised to find in a bachelor’s bathroom
Feminine Products, Make Up, Perfume, Flowers
Name something you clean that only gets dirty again in a day
Dishes, Clothes, Bathroom, Floors
What skill might you need on your resume in order to get hired by santa
Toy Making, Gift Wrapping, Good With Kids, Flight
Name something that gets into your house if you leave food out.
Ants, Rodents, Roaches, Flies
What would be surprised to happen riding stationary bike
Fall Off, Start Moving, Crash, Flat Tire
Tell me something you might find in a bankrobber’s suitcase.
Money, Weapon, Mask, Flashlight
From what activity is a man most likely to be late getting home from?
Work, Go To Bar, Golf, Fishing
Name the hardest position to play on a baseball team
Pitcher, Catcher, Shortstop, First Base
Name something people might stock up on before a huge snowstorm
Non Perishable Food, Water, Batteries, Firewood
Name something that gets pulled around in a sled
Kids, Santa Claus, Gifts, Firewood
Name a bad job for someone who’s afraid of heights
Window Washer, Pilot/Flight Attendant, Construction Worker, Firefighter
Name a hobby that would be ironic for a firefighter to have.
Smoking, Camping/Campfire, Fireworks, Fire Eating
What might a restaurant have inside it that would cause it to be closed down
Bugs, Rodents, Mold, Fire
How can you tell that the person in the car next to you is listening to music?
Lips Moving, Head Bobbing, Hear It, Fingers Tapping
Name something people put in their ears
Earplugs, Q Tips, Earrings, Fingers
Name common mistake people make when taking pictures
Out Of Focus, Leave Lens Cap On, No Flash, Finger In Picture
Name something our ancient ancestors might have danced to celebrate.
Rain, Wedding, Birth, Finding Food
What do people miss most about college once they get a job?
Partying, Friends, Freedom, Financial Help
Name something that could keep a family apart on christmas
Weather, Distance, Work, Fighting
What would you have to learn to do before starring in a john wayne movie
Ride A Horse, Shoot, Act, Fight
Tell me something that you’d prefer to do with strangers rather than family.
Socialize, Date, Work, Fight
What would you have to learn to do before starring in a john wayne movie?
Ride A Horse, Shoot, Act, Fight
Name a command a dog knows, but you wouldn’t bother giving to your cat.
Sit, Stay, Roll Over, Fetch
Name something people put in front of their house to deter burglars.
Alarm System/Sign, Dog, Motion Light, Fence
We asked 100 women: name something you would not like to have a man do for you on a date.
Order Food, Open Car Door, Pay For Everything, Feed Me
Name a type of tv show you’d be surprised to see a man watching.
Soap Opera, Talk Shows, Cooking, Fashion
Name something people know more about if they read the tabloids in the checkout line.
Celebs/Scandlescelebs/Scandals, Aliens, Diets, Fashion
If you were stranded with other people on an island, which useful occupations would you want them to have?
Doctor, Carpentry, Cook, Farmer
What is the most fun thing a farmer gets to ride on?
Tractor, Horse, Bull, Farm Truck
Name a place where school children often go for field trips.
Zoo, Museum, Park, Farm
Despite its beauty, name a reason why you wouldn’t want to live in hawaii.
Too Hot, Expensive, Volcano, Far Away
Name something you might leave on all night
Tv, Lights, Clothing, Fan
Tell me something about summer that you look forward to most
Swimming/ Beach, Warm Weather, More Sun, Family Vacation
Name a day of the year when most people call home.
Christmas, Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving, Family Birthday
Name a big event that happens to tv characters in order to up ratings.
Death, Wedding, New Baby, Fall In Love
Name something you’d need if you wanted to dress as a vampire for halloween.
Fangs, Cape, White Makeup, Fake Blood
Name the best dish to order at a mexican restaurant
Tacos, Nachos, Burito, Fajitas
Name something on their bodies that people color in black.
Hair, Nails, Eyes, Eyebrows
Name something it might be ok to lie to a partner about in order to spare their feelings.
How They Look, Being Faithful, Satisfaction In Bed, Ex
Name a coffee drink that’s easy to mispronounce
Latte, Mocha, Cappuchino, Espresso
Name a coffee drink that’s easy to mispronounce.
Latte, Mocha, Cappuccino, Espresso
Why might someone ride their bike to work?
No Car, Exercise, Save Gas, Environment
Which part of a newspaper would a teenager likely read first?
Comics, Sports, Horoscope, Entertainment
Tell me something about santa clause that would give you the creeps if you’d never heard of him.
Long Beard, Comes Down Chimney, Sitting On His Lap, Employs Elves
Name a vacation spot that a person with a fear of heights would dread.
Mountains, Grand Canyon, Eiffel Tower, Empire State Bldg
Name a reason why a woman calls her husband while he’s out.
Check On Him, Pick Something Up, He’s Late, Emergency/Sick
Name something people try to squeeze into (more specific than “clothes”).
Jeans, Gown, Car, Elevator
Name something that would be very messy if you put it in the microwave uncovered
Pasta, Soup, Chili, Eggs
Name something that can be stuffed.
Turkey, Animals, Pillows, Eggs
Name an actor who uses or used their middle initial.
Michael J Fox, Samuel L Jackson, George C Scott, Edward G Robinson
Name a wedding gift that the bride and groom can never have too much of
Money, Towels, Dishes, Eating Utensils
Name something a woman might have a hard time doing in her last month of pregnancy
Sleeping, Tying Shoes/ Bending, Walking, Eating
If you were dating a real knight in shining armor, name something you’d have difficulty doing together.
Kissing/Snuggling, Walking, Dancing, Eating
Something women do more gracefully than men
Dance, Walk, Age, Eat
Name something a man might do all day long if his wife let him
Watch Sports, Watch Tv, Sleep, Eat
Name something it’s probably much harder to do in outer space than it is on earth.
Breathe, Walk, Go To The Bathroom, Eat
Who is a child’s most anticipated visitor?
Santa, Grandparent, Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny
Name a part of your body that feels stuffed up when you have a cold.
Nose, Head, Chest, Ears
Besides tennis, name something people associate with andre agassi
Brook Shields, Commercials, Hair, Earrings
Name something a housekeeper does cleaning hotel room
Make Bed, Sing/ Play Radio, Vacuum, Dust
Name a game you need dice to play.
Monopoly, Yatzee, Craps, Dungeos & Dragons
Name a kids movie that makes adults cry to.
Bambi, Old Yeller, Lion King, Dumbo
Name a place that closes early for a person to run errands after work.
Bank, Post Office, Market, Dry Cleaners
Name a reason why a person might be annoyed that the weather is nice.
At Work/School, No Ac, Sick, Drought
What might a chef do while cooking, that would ruin the whole dish?
Burn It, Sneeze, Too Much Salt, Drop It
If you got to be fearless for one day, name the first thing you’d try
Sky Diving, Fly, Bungee Jumping, Driving A Race Car
Name something not valid unless it’s signed
Check, Credit Card, Contract, Drivers License
Name something a driver might do that would cause you to write down his car’s license number.
Hit And Run, Cut In Front, Drunk Driving, Drive Recklessly
Name something kids might try to get away with at a sleepover
Staying Up Late, Sneaking Out, Eating Junk Food, Drinking
Tell me something that americans want to do while visiting france.
Eat French Cuisine, Shop, See Eiffel Tower, Drink Wine
Name something a doctor tells you to do more of
Exercise, Eat Healthy, Sleep, Drink Water
What are you advised to to do when you’re nervous about speaking in front a crowd?
Picture Crowd Naked, Deep Breath, Calm Down, Drink Water
Besides dancing, name something people do on the dance floor
Talk, Sing, Kiss, Drink
Name something that would be hard to do if you didn’t have a mouth.
Eat, Talk, Kiss, Drink
Name something a woman might suggest her husband do to improve his appearance.
Shave, Work Out, New Hairstyle, Dress Up
Name something a game show host has to do, even on a day when he doesn’t feel like it.
Put On A Happy Face, Make Conversation, Go To Work, Dress Up
Name something people go to a professional to have cleaned.
Teeth, Clothes, Carpet, Drapes
Where you would go out in costume not on halloween
Party, Mardi Gras, Bar, Drama Performance
Name a talk show you might go on tell about disaster wedding
Oprah, Jerry Springer, Maury, Dr. Phil
Name a talk show host who many people respect
Oprah Winfrey, Jay Leno, David Letterman, Dr Phil
Other than looking up numbers, name something a phone book gets used for
Find Addresses, Booster Seat, Maps, Door Stop
Name an animal that you can ride at the circus
Elephant, Horse, Camel, Donkey
Name a person or character who is referred to as “lady.”
Lady Gaga, Royalty/Princess Diana, First Lady, Dog/Lady And The Tramp
Name something you find on a street that the owner doesn’t want returned
Trash, Penny, Gum, Dog Doo
Name a sport that should be part of the olympics, but isn’t.
American Football, Golf, Bowling, Dodgeball
Name an occupation that there’s a shortage of in the united states
Nurses, Teachers, Police Officers, Doctors
Name an occupation that thers a shortage of in the united states
Nurse, Teacher, Police Officer, Doctor
Other than cowboy,name a profession you often see in cowboy movies.
Sheriff, Bartender, Rancher, Doctor
If an auctioneer had a baby, what might be her first words?
Sold, Going Once … Gone, Bid, Do I Hear
Something politician would hate to come out about past in news
Affair, Criminal Record, Drug Use, Divorce
Name a topic that people might whisper about.
Their Love Lives, Infidelity, Rumor, Divorce
Name something you expect to find in a modern home
Tv, Computer, Microwave, Dishwasher
What activity don’t you start doing until the water gets warm?
Bathing, Swimming, Cooking, Dishes
Where do you need to be a member in order to enter?
Gym, Country Club, Golf Course, Discount Grocery
Name something who uses a gun
Police, Criminal, Hunter, Dirty Harry
Name something a woman calls a party’s host to ask
What Time, What To Wear, What To Bring, Directions
Name something that smells really bad when on fire
Hair, Plastic, Rubber, Dinner
Name a diet method that doesn’t seem very reliable.
No Carb Diet, Fasting, Diet Pills, Diet Shakes
Name something people cheat on
Test, Partner, Taxes, Diet
Name something you never leave unlocked
Car, Safe, House, Diary
Name something you never leave unlocked. (more specific than “door”.)
Car, Safe, House, Diary
Something people make for babies instead of buying
Baby Food, Clothes, Blanket, Diapers
Name something from school that a kid might try to hide from their parents.
Report Card/Grades, Note From Teacher, Homework, Detention/Discipline
Name a hot place where you’d never expect to see people eating ice cream.
Sauna/Hot Tub, Beach, Hell, Desert
Name something you’re more likely to see in australia than elsewhere.
Kangaroo, Koala, Dingo, Desert
Name a piece of information that you write down when you’re on your way to meet your blind date.
Address/Location, Dates Name, Phone Number, Description Of Date
If you could only pack a small overnight bag, what specific essentials would be in it?
Toothbrush/Paste, Underwear, Make Up, Deoderant
Name something people let soak overnight
Clothes, Food, Dishes, Dentist
Name an airline you can fly almost anywhere in the us
United, American, Southwest, Delta
If dog owners demanded fido get a job, what job might he be good at?
Guarding/Security, Digging Holes, Track People/Police, Deliver Papers
Name the last thing you’d want to happen to you in the airport.
Miss Flight, Lose Luggage, Stopped By Security, Delayed
What’s the messiest thing to clean up after the christmas holiday?
Kitchen, Tree, Wrapping Paper, Decorations
Name something you buy in preparation for halloween
Candy, Costume, Pumpkin, Decorations
Name some activities people do on christmas that they don’t do on other holidays?
Exchange Gifts, Sing, Go To Church, Decorate
Which endearment would many women be annoyed to hear a stranger call them by?
Honey, Baby, Sweetie, Dear
Past or present, name a famous magician
Harry Houdini, David Copperfield, Merlin, David Blane
Name a phrase that begins with the word “double.”
Trouble, Jeopardy, Dutch, Dare
Name a famous danny.
Danny Devito, Danny Glover, Danny Thomas, Danny Bonaduce
Name something about a person that might be described as funky
Hair, Smell, Clothes, Dancing
Something bride and groom do that others should not at wedding
Kiss, Say Vows, Cut Cake, Dance To First Song
Name something that the bride and groom do at a wedding, that another guest should not.
Kiss During Toasts, Cut The Cake, Say Vows, Dance To First Song
What would a cowboy do to cheer up when he’s had a bad day?
Drink, Ride His Horse, Sing/Play Guitar, Dance
Name something “human” that people try to teach their dogs to do.
Speak, Walk On 2 Legs, Shake, Dance
Occupation where you would be on phone all day
Telemarketer, Operator, Secretary, Customer Service
Name something you close at nighttime.
Bedroom Doors, Eyes, Window, Curtains
Name something you do when your computer freezes up.
Re Boot, Walk Away, Yell, Curse
Name a reason why parents want know sex of baby
Clothes, Name, Decorate Room, Curious
Name a word or phrase used to describe milk that’s past its expiration date.
Sour, Old, Rotten, Curdled
Instead of having a shouting match name another tactic a person might use to win a disagreement
Silent Treatment, Fight, Walk Away, Cry
If a groom was extremely nervous about getting married, what might he do at the alter?
Faint, Sweat, Run, Cry
Name a food or beverage associated with england
Tea, Ale, Fish And Chips, Crumpets
Name something that may include a meal in the ticket price.
Concert, Flight, Movie, Cruise
Even though it’s a beautiful place to visit, name a reason why you might not want to live in hawaii
Far Away, Rains Too Much, Expensive, Crowded
Tell me something people do to brace themselves while getting a shot
Close Eyes, Hold Breath, Look Away, Cringe
Name a fact about a new boyfriend that a woman might wait to tell her parents.
His Age, His Job, Old Relationships, Criminal Record
What signs of being a “bad boy” might a woman be attracted to?
Tattoos, Motorcycle, Rebelious Outfit, Criminal Record
Name a reason why big city bad place for a marathon
Traffic, Smog, Too Many People, Crime
Name something you can find in wallets
Cash, Drivers License, Photos, Credit Cards
Name something a parent wants to see baby do 1st time
Walk, Talk, Smile, Crawl
Tell me how you know that your friend is on a diet.
Eating Less, Losing Weight, Eating Healthy, Cranky
Name something that chili may come with or without.
Beans, Cheese, Meat, Crackers
What might date do to make you think you have bad breath
Turn Away, Not Kiss, Breath Mint, Cover Nose
Name the best kind of music to dance to with someone you want to be close to
Slow, Waltz, Jazz, Country
Name something a radio dj might accidentally do if he didn’t know he was on the air.
Swear, Burp, Lose Temper, Cough
Name something people wore more of in the 1800s than they do today
Hats/Bonnets, Dresses/Hoop Skirts, Wigs, Corsets
Name a vegetable you usually don’t find in chicken soup
Broccoli, Peas, Tomato, Corn
Name a halloween costume that is a complete misrepresentation of the occupation it portrays.
Nurse, Doctor, Housekeeper, Cop
If a person is raised on a farm, name something you expect them to be better at
Milking Cows, Riding Horses, Gardening, Cooking
Name something a chauvinist might try to claim that men are better at.
Sports, Driving, Working, Cooking
Name a responsibility that most married couples share
Finances, House Chores, Childcare, Cooking
If you could have just one chore that someone else would always do for you, what would it be? (more specific than “clean.”)
Wash Dishes, Laundry, Clean Toilet, Cooking
Name something a fast food restaurant offers as a dessert
Ice Cream, Pie, Cake, Cookies
Instead of money, what might santa give his reindeer as pay?
Carrots, Presents, Deer Feed, Cookies
Name something parents warn their children not to get their fingers caught in.
Door, Fan, Outlet, Cookie Jar
Man do on first date to be husband material
Open Door, Pay, Bring Flowers, Cook Dinner
Name something that can be inconvenient to do while camping.
Use Bathroom, Bathe, Sleep, Cook
Tell me the occupation of someone who might wear a headlamp.
Miner, Doctor/Dentist, Police/Detective, Construction Worker
Name a place in the car where people hide their valuables.
Glove Box, Trunk, Under Seat, Console
Name something a losing sports team does to the winners to show good sportsmanship
Shake Hands, High Five, Clap, Congratulate
Name something some people blast the volume on
Stereo, Tv, Headset, Computer
Name something of dad’s that kids aren’t allowed to use
Car, Tools, Razor, Computer
Name something “fake” that you might give to the person hitting on you in a bar.
Phone Number, Name, Smile, Compliment
Name something a political contest and a football game have in common.
Fans, Score Points/Voters, Have A Winner, Competitive
How do you find proper directions if lost
Map, Ask Someone, Gps, Compass
Name something a person might do differently around their partner once they’re married
Show Affection, Dress, Clean, Communicate
How do you know that you’re tuned into a country radio station?
Instruments, Announcer’s Voice, Sad Songs, Commercials
Name something that’s supposed to be funny, but rarely is.
Jokes, Clown, Movies, Comedian
Which holiday should we have day off
Halloween, Valentines, Birthday, Columbus Day
Name a holiday that most people don’t get off from work.
President’s Day, Martin Luther King, Valentine’s Day, Columbus Day
If you boil you veggies too long, name something they lose.
Vitamins, Flavor, Firmness, Color
If you were turned into a bee, name something you’d have to learn how to do.
Make Honey, Fly, Sting, Collect Pollen
Name something you mix with water before drinking
Kool Aid, Tea, Juice Concentrate, Coffee
Name something provided in some waiting rooms to help pass the time
Reading Material, Tv, Music, Coffee
Name something that’s sold by the pound
Meat, Vegetables, Sugar, Coffee
Name a breed of dog that would never scare away a burglar.
Chihauhua, Poodle, Dashound, Cocker Spanial
Something about current job better than former job
Pay, Boss, Hours, Co-Workers
Who might you pool money with to buy lottery tickets?
Friend, Relative, Partner, Co Workers
In which profession might you have a large assortment of wigs?
Actor, Hair Stylist, Model, Clown
Name something that causes a person to laugh
Jokes, Being Tickled, Tv Show/Movie, Clown
Besides a professional cyclist, name a job that involves bicycle riding
Cop, Messenger, Paper Boy, Clown
Name something that causes a person to laugh.
Jokes, Being Tickled, Tv Show/Movie, Clown
Name an item you associate with the word expensive
Car, Jewelry, House, Clothes
What do you do the night before a big job interview
Sleep, Practice Responses, Pray, Clothes
What was the last item on which you spent at least $500?
Car, Tv, Computer, Clothes
Name something women talk about during a “girls’ night out.”
Dating/Relationships, Kids, Work, Clothes
Name an occupation that a boy wouldn’t want his girlfriend’s father to have
Police Officer, Lawyer, Judge, Clergy
Besides make drinks, name something else a bartender might do.
Talk To Customers, Serve Food, Dance, Clean Up
Name something you might stay in and do on a rainy day
Read, Sleep, Watch Tv/Movies, Clean
Tell me a place in the newspaper where you wouldn’t want to see your name.
Obituaries, Front Page, Crime Log/Courts, Classified
Name something that every family does immediately when they win family feud
Scream, Jump, Hug, Clap
Besides syrup, name something kids love to put on their pancakes.
Butter, Jelly, Berries, Cinnamon
Tell me a way to say hi in another language
Hola, Bonjour, Aloha, Ciao
Name an event you might have a lot of leftovers from
Thanksgiving, Birthday Party, Wedding, Christmas
What event might someone attend without their spouse that would make you think they broke up?
Wedding, Party, Reunion, Christmas
What is the most important thing to do when planning a valentine’s day date?
Get Flowers, Make Reservations, Buy Gift, Choose The Place
Name a gift that would be romantic to get from your husband, but creepy to get from your father-in_law.
Lingerie, Flowers, Jewelry, Chocolates
We asked 100 women: name a gift that you’d always be happy to get from your partner.
Flowers, Jewelry, Money, Chocolate
When hosting a dinner party what might you ask a friend to bring.
Alcohol, Dessert, Salad, Chips
Name something on a kids’ playground that adults could use as exercise equipment.
Monkey Bars, Swing, See Saw, Chinup Bar
Name a place you visit where you aren’t allowed to touch anything.
Museum/Gallery, Zoo, Gentleman’s Club, China Shop
Name something that works better on a windy day
Kite, A Windmill, Sailboat, Chimes
Name something people eat with crackers
Cheese, Soup, Peanut Butter, Chili
Name someone specific in a bank robber’s life that he doesn’t want to find out about his illegal activity
Parents, Spouse, Parole Officer, Children
Name an occupation that people consider caring
Nurse, Doctor, Teacher, Childcare Provider
Name an occupation that people consider caring.
Nurse, Doctor, Teacher, Childcare Provider
Name a safety device that older cars didn’t have
Air Bags, Seat Belts, Anti Lock Break, Child Locks
Name the person who you most try to avoid having an argument with.
Partner, Parent, Boss, Child
Name something you only consume when you go to a fast food restaurant.
French Fries, Burger, Milkshake, Chicken Nuggets
Name the first animal you picture when you think of a farm
Cow, Pig, Horse, Chicken
Name a specific meat that would be hardest to eat if you didn’t have a knife.
Steak, Ribs, Ham/Pork, Chicken
Name something you associate with old mcdonald. (be more specific than animals)
Farm, Pig, Cow, Chick
Name an american city that has its own accent
New York, Boston, Dallas, Chicago
Something scientist has lots of
Test Tubes, Brains, Beakers, Chemicals
Name an animal whose print looks natural on them, but gaudy when your neighbor wears it
Leopard, Zebra, Tiger, Cheetah
Name a dessert that’s made with strawberries
Shortcake, Pie, Sundae, Cheesecake
Name a food with cheese that’s a childhood favorite.
Pizza, Grilled Cheese, Macaroni, Cheeseburger
Something popcorn is covered with
Butter, Salt, Caramel, Cheese
Name something donald trump probably keeps with him at all times.
Wallet, Cell Phone, Bodyguard, Checkbook
What might an obsessed lover do that causes his partner to break up with him?
Stalk, Call Too Much, Clingy, Check Cell Phone
If santa claus had to enter the witness protection program, name something he might do to disguise his appearance.
Shave, Lose Weight, Dye His Hair, Change Clothes
Tell me a boy’s name that starts with “ch”.
Charles/Chuck, Chris, Chad, Chandler
Name something you might buy to go with your new pool table
Pool Cue, Balls, Cover, Chalk
Name something you have to get a picture with during a vacation to los angeles.
Hollywood Sign, Beach, Mickey Mouse, Celebrity
Name something that a very tall person might hit their head on in an unfamiliar house.
Doorway, Ceiling, Light Fixture, Ceiling Fan
Name something you might find in a suitcase that would tell you it belongs to elton john.
Lots Of Glasses, Music, Pictures, Cds
Name something you might find in a suitcase that would tell you it belongs to elton john.
Lots Of Glasses, Music, Pictures, Cds
Name something in their home that an extremely organized person might alphabetize.
Books, Movies, Food, Cds
Name a complaint people might have about their teeth
Not White Enough, Hurt, Crooked, Cavity
Name something you need to have along for an effective grocery store trip.
Shopping Trip, Money, Coupons, Cart
Name something that often looks better in advertised pictures than in real life.
Food, Clothes, People, Cars
Name something that’s legal for a police officer to do, but not for anyone else
Speed, Arrest Someone, Run Red Lights, Carry/ Use Gun
Name a type of vehicle where you usually sit in the back.
Limousine, Taxi, Bus, Carriage
Name a reminder of an ex that you’d get rid of after a break up
Picture, Clothes, Jewelry, Cards/Letters
Name a game teenagers play at parties
Spin The Bottle, Twister, Quarters, Cards
Name an excuse that bosses are probably tired of hearing from late employees.
Slow Traffic, Wasn’t Feeling Well, Alarm Didn’t Go Off, Car Trouble
Name something a parent tries, to get their baby to sleep.
Singing, Rocking, Warm Milk, Car Ride
Name a type of reservation that often gets lost
Hotel, Dinner, Plane, Car Rental
Tell me an invention that probably led to people having much less spare time.
Tv, Computer, Telephone, Car
Name something that people today probably wash more than they need to.
Hair, Clothes/Pants, Hands, Car
Name a coffee drink people order while they’re out, but can’t make at home
Late, Esspresso, Mocha, Cappuccino
Name something that comes with a hood
Coat, Car, Sweatshirt, Cape
Name something you lie to your boss about.
Sick/Absence, Lateness, Resume/Expeirience, Can’t Work Overtime
Name something everybody knows about turkeys.
Gobble, Thanksgiving, Tast Good, Can’t Fly
Name something tasty that’s used to decorate christmas cookies
Icing, Sugar Sprinkles, Chocolate Chips, Candy
What would you be pleasantly surprised to receive on a first date?
Flowers, Kiss/Affection, Jewellery, Candy
Name a gift you’d be likely to get as a house warming present from your new neighbors.
Plant/Flowers, Dessert, Wine, Candle
Name a small kitchen appliance that a bachelor may not have
Toaster, Blender, Mixer, Can Opener
Name something that breaks easily without its case.
Glasses, Cd, Musical Instrument, Camera
Name something that both a detective and a camper use.
Flashlight, Magnifying Glass, Compass, Camera
Early in dating someone, name something you shouldn’t do repeatedly unless the feelings are mutual
Kiss, Say ” I Love You”, Touch, Call
Name a state that you’d hate to live in during summer
Florida, Arizona, Texas, California
Name something some people jump out of
Airplane, Bed, Boat, Cake
Whose car would a thief be unlikely to steal?
Police Officer, President’s, His Parent’s, Cab Driver’s
What might parents be caught doing that causes their kid to bust them for doing santa’s job?
Set Gifts Under Tree, Wrapping Gifts, Eating Cookies, Buying/Hiding Gifts
Name something people do to their food that makes it unhealthy
Add Salt, Fry It, Put Sugar On Top, Butter It
If a health-nut ordered a sandwich, what ingredient might they leave off?
Mayo, Cheese, Meat, Butter
Name something chubby that’s cute on a baby, but not on an adult
Cheeks, Legs, Belly, Butt
Name a restaurant job that a stay-at-home parent does for free all the time
Cook, Dishwasher, Server, Busser
Name an occupation that you could show off at a high school reunion.
Doctor, Lawyer, Actor/Model, Business Person
Other than school, name a place where you find
Gym, Work, Theme/Water Park, Bus Station
Name something a kid might want help doing on a snowy day.
Shoveling, Building A Snowman, Walking, Bundling Up
Which person in a school building is likely to get the biggest ego
Principal, Teacher, Star Athlete, Bully
Name a car that old people like to own
Cadalac, Continental, Chevy, Buick
Name something that comes after it’s been raining
Rainbow, Sun, Worms, Bugs
Name something a parent reminds kid use at summer camp
Toothbrush, Sunscreen, Soap, Bug Spray
Instead of playing with their gift, which packaging item might a toddler choose to play with instead.
Box, Wrapping Paper, Bow, Bubble Wrap
Name something people forget to do when in a hurry to leave the house.
Lock The Door, Turn Off The Lights, Grab Keys, Brush Teeth
Name something a man does to groom himself
Shave, Comb Hair, Shower, Brush Teeth
Name something many people do in response to compliment
Say Thank You, Blush, Smile, Brush It Off
Name someone specific in your life who has tried to set you up on a blind date.
Best Friend, Sister, Mother, Brother
Name a specific food or drink moms tell their kids to consume so they grow “big and strong”.
Milk, Spinach, Carrots, Broccoli
Name something malls do to get shoppers in the christmas spirit.
Decorate, Holiday Music, Holiday Sales, Bring In Santa
We asked 100 men: name something you do on a first date, that you wouldn’t do a year into a the relationship.
Open Door, Pay Bills, Be Affectionate, Bring Flowers
Name something that would be harder to do if you lived in los angeles
Drive, Ski, Sleep, Breathe
Name something that would be harder to do if you lived in los angeles.
Drive, Ski, Sleep, Breathe
What might your teenager do while borrowing your car that would break your trust?
Accident, Speeding Ticket, Illegal Activity, Break Curfew
Name something that starts with “b” that people look for in a partner
Beauty, Brains, Body, Bravery
With eyes closed, name something about a man’s mouth that a woman kissing him could use to identify him.
Facial Hair, Size Of Lips, Smell, Braces/Teeth
Name an article of clothing that you don’t wash every time you wear it
Coat, Jeans, Sweater, Bra
Name something a person might be told to “hang up.”
Phone, Jacket/Clothes, Bad Job, Boxing Gloves
Name something that new orleans wouldn’t be same without
Mardi Gras, Music, Food, Bourbon Street
Name something people catch.
Illness, Fish, Balls, Bouquet
Name a u.s. City with very aggressive drivers
New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston
Who in your life surprised to get text from
Parent, Ex, Grandparent, Boss
Name someone you have a very hard time saying no to.
Kids, Parent, Partner, Boss
Something cowboy wears makes him sexy
Hat, Jeans, Chaps, Boots
Name something that used to take up shelf space in your house, but can now be stored electronically.
Music, Photos, Movies, Books
Name a monster some people believe exists no evidence
Big Foot, Loch Ness, Yeti, Boogeyman
Real or fictional, name a famous outlaw
Jesse James, Billy The Kid, Jesse Wales, Bonnie/Clyde
Name something you imagine cavemen gave their girlfriends.
Rock, Meat, Club, Bones
Name something you might wash everyday
Hands, Hair, Face, Body
Name something from the laundry that’s impossible to fold neatly.
Fitted Sheets, Socks, Underwear, Blouse
Name something kids might use to help them count.
Fingers, Flash Cards, Calculator, Blocks
Name something modern a homemaker from 100 years ago would have loved to have in the kitchen.
Microwave, Dishwasher, Fridge, Blender
Name an animal associated with a holiday
Reindeer, Turkey, Bunny, Black Cat
Name something permanent on a criminal’s skin that police use to be sure they’ve got their man.
Tattoo, Fingerprint, Scar, Birthmark
Name something you would hate to be wearing when company
Robe/Pajamas, Underwear, Towel, Birthday Suit
Name a reason why you might use candles.
Electricity Went Out, Romance, Lightbulb Burned Out, Birthday Cake
Something kids get excited about long before it happens
Trip, End Of School, Christmas, Birthday
Name event your loved ones might travel to attend
Wedding, Funeral, Graduation, Birthday
Name a place an animal might take a bath, but you never would.
Lake, Mud Puddle, Dust, Birdbath
Name something in your garage that might be mistaken for a snake in the dark.
Garden Hose, Rope, Electrical Cord, Bike Chain
What are some things that people wore in the 80s that are now out of fashion
Leg Warmers, Spandex, Scrunchies, Big Hair
Name a reason why workers might go on strike.
Better Pay, Want Benefits, No Contract, Better Hours
Whose phone number might a child know by heart?
Emergency Department, Home Phone, Grandparents, Best Friend
Name someone who always has advice to give you
Mom, Dad, Doctor, Best Friend
Something kid wouldn’t want to tell mom about school day
Fight, In Trouble, Bad Grade, Being Bullied
Name something you try to prevent from getting flat
Tire, Hair, Soda, Beer
Name something you try to prevent from getting flat.
Tire, Hair, Soda, Beer
Name a bug keeps you up all night in bedroom
Cricket, Fly, Mosquito, Bee
Name a creature who would be rich if they were paid for all the work they seem to do.
Ant, Beaver, Horse, Bee
Name the least private room in your house
Kitchen, Living Room, Bathroom, Bedroom
Where do you like to go barefoot?
Beach, Park, Shower, Bed
Name something people used to do at a younger age, that nowadays they do when they’re older
Get Married, Drink, Work, Become Parents
If women designed the perfect man, name a trait he might have
Compassion, Honesty, Good Sense Of Humor, Beautiful Eyes
Animal you would not want to encounter hanging from tree
Snake, Monkey, Bat, Bear
Place hot dogs are often served
Fair, Fast Food, Street Corner, Beach
Name a place where hot dogs are often served.
Sporting Event, Carnival, Street Corner, Beach
Safety advice parents give kids
Don’t Talk To Strangers, Look Both Ways, Wear Helmet, Be Careful
Name something in a house that a spoiled kid might have their own of.
Tv, Computer, Phone, Bathroom
Name a place people cram into
Elevator, Car, Public Transit, Bathroom
Name something a dog owner might pay someone to do to their dog?
Groom It, Walk It, Feed It, Bathe It
Name a sport that people bet on
Football, Horse Racing, Boxing, Basketball
Tell me which of the 7 dwarfs would have the hardest time finding a date.
Grumpy, Sleepy, Dopey, Bashful
If doc were to examine the other 6 dwarfs, whose problem might he try and medicate?
Sneezy, Sleepy, Grumpy, Bashful
Where do you put presents so they aren’t found before given
Closet, Attic, Under Bed, Basement
Name a place in the house where frightened children go during a thunderstorm.
Closet, Parent’s Bed, Under Their Bed, Basement
Name something valuable that a baseball fan might collect
Baseball Cards, Baseballs, Autographs, Baseball Gloves
Name something you see in a jail cell
Bed, Toilet, Inmate, Bars
Name famous department store in new york city
Macy, Saks, Bloomingdales, Barneys
Name someone, past or present, who is known for hosting a children’s television program
Mr Rogers, Bill Cosby, Captain Kangaroo, Barney
Name a job where you must keep a certain haircut.
Police, Military, Model, Barber
Past or present, name a u.s. President who you wouldn’t mind having a beer with.
Bill Clinton, George W Bush, John F Kennedy, Barack Oboma
Besides a phone number, name a set of numbers most people remember
Social Security, Address, Pin/Password, Bank Account
Name something that’s made with bananas.
Banana Split, Banana Pudding, Banana Cream Pie, Banana Bread
If you were pretending to be pregnant, name something you might stuff under your shirt.
Pillow, A Big Ball, Towels, Balloon
We asked 100 women: what might you get 2 tickets for in order to entice your crush into a date?
Rock Concert, Sports Game, Opera, Ballet
Name a sign of aging that is attractive
Gray Hair, Wrinkles, Wisdom, Baldness
Name something most people start to get by the age of 35
Gray Hair, Wrinkles, Fat, Bald
Name things people do before thanksgiving day
Shop, Travel, Clean, Bake
Name a food new york is famous for.
Hot Dogs, Pizza, Cheesecake, Bagels
In a scary movie, name something specific that causes a character to scream
Monster, Weapon, Ghost, Bad Guy
In action movies, name something the hero is always trying to get his hands on.
Money, Leading Lady, Gun, Bad Guy
Name a reason why a college football player might get kicked off his team.
Steroids, Fighting, Bad Attitude, Bad Grades
With regard to dating, name something moms warn their sons to avoid
Becoming Intimate, Greedy Girl, Becoming A Father, Bad Girls
Name the softest thing in a baby’s room.
Blanket, Stuffed Animal, Pillow, Baby’s Skin
Name a favor you hate having to ask friends for
Borrow Money, Use Car, Help Moving, Babysitting
In which profession would it be easiest to get away with wearing sweat pants?
Gym Teacher/Coach, Personal Trainer, Janitor, Babysitter
Name an occasion where it’d be embarrassing to show up empty handed.
Wedding, Birthday, Christmas, Baby Shower
Name a reason you might suspect that your roommate is turning into a vampire.
Grows Fangs, Likes Blood, Sleep Schedule, Avoids Sun
Name something a vacation brochure tells you about a destination
Weather, Prices, Where To Stay, Attractions
Name a book that students keep on hand for reference.
Dictionary, Encyclopedia, Thesaurus, Atlas
Why might a person only be allowed a limited number of phone calls?
In Jail, Too Expensive, Grounded, At Work
Name an instance when parents are likely to ask their children if they need to use the bathroom.
Bedtime, Before A Trip, Before Church, At The Movies
What do you do when someone says hi, but you’re sure you’ve never met them?
Say Hi Back, Just Smile, Ignore Them, Ask Who They Are
At the theater,what do you do if the movie stinks within the first 10 minutes?
Leave, Fall Asleep, Watch It Anyway, Ask For Money Back
What might a woman do on a first date to make you suspect he was an undercover cop?
Ask Many Questions, Carries A Gun, Wears A Badge, Ask For Id
In what state would you like to retire
Florida, California, Hawaii, Arizona
Past or present, name a tv couple whose marriage you don’t want to emulate.
Al/ Peggy Bundy, Homer/Marge Simpson, Roseann/ Dan Conner, Archie/Edith Bunker
If you run into a bear in the woods, name something you should not do.
Feed It, Fight It, Pet It, Approach It
What might a professional athlete do just after a sports game to avoid getting sore muscles?
Stretch, Get A Massage, Soak In Hot Tub, Apply Ice
Name a fruit you often find on or in pancakes
Blueberries, Strawberries, Bananas, Apples
Name a physical characteristic that aliens are said to have
Wide Eyes, Big Head, Green Skin, Antennae
What might a tv not work without,
Remote Control, Power, Cable, Antenna
Name something in your house that you might hear in the middle of the night and mistake for a burglar.
Pet, Refrigerator, Creaky Door/Window, Another Person
Name a date when you shouldn’t break up with someone.
Valentine’s Day, Birthday, Christmas, Anniversary
How might a snowman lose some of its accessories?
Melt, Wind, Stolen, Animals Eat Them
Name a halloween costume that young girls often wear.
Princess, Witch, Fairy, Angel
Name a public place where it is okay to yell
Park, Concert, Sports Event, Amusement Park
Name a public place where it’s ok to yell
Playground, Concert, Sports Event, Amusement Park
Name a drink you get at a cafe that most people can’t make at home
Latte, Cappuccino, Mocha, Americano
Tell me something you avoid when you are sick
Other People, Work/ School, Eating, Alcohol
What’s something you drink to make you warmer?
Coffee, Hot Chocolate, Tea, Alcohol
Name something you have seen added to jello
Water, Fruit, Whipped Cream, Alcohol
Name something you hope to have your seat near while riding in a plane
Window, Bathroom, Exit, Aisle
Name a place where you hate to get stuck
Traffic, Elevator, Work, Airport
Name an expense on a business trip that the company would be expected to reimburse.
Hotel, Meals, Rental Car, Airplane Ticket
What might a babysitter want to know
Pay, How Many Kids, Hours, Ages Of Kids
Name something a friend should never ask about, no matter how well they know you
Romantic Life, Weight, Financial Situation, Age
What might someone promise to do if they wanted to be elected president?
Lower Taxes, World Peace, Create Jobs, Affordable Healthcare
Tell me something about a couple that would lead you to believe they spend too much time together.
Dress Alike, Argue, Finish Sentences, Affectionate
Name a profession where you may receive lots of mail from strangers.
Celebrity, Politician, Customer Service, Advice Columnist
What information about a woman might a man keep in his little black book?
Phone Number, Name, What Dhe Looks Like, Address
What reason would most people give for why they drink coffee?
Stay Awake, Like The Taste, Energy, Addicted
Name something found in the garden of eden
Apple, Snake, Tree, Adam & Eve
Name something that kids are bummed to get, but is worse to get as an adult.
Chicken Pox, Cavity/Pulled Tooth, Braces, Acne
Name a famous aaron? (erin?)
Hank Aaron, Aaron Spelling, Erin Brokovich, Aaron Burr
Name something that can be spoiled
Milk, Food, Kids, A Surprise
Name a letter of the alphabet that is also a vitamin?
C, E, B, A
Name a complaint people might have about buying things online.
Shipping Charges, Too Big/Small, Fraud, `Slow Delivery
On a scale from 1-10, how good are you at keeping a secret?
10, 5, 8, 9
Name the time of night when it’s too late to call someone’s house.
10, 12, 11, 9
Name something most answer machines messages ask you to do
Leave Name, Leave Number, 28, 8
Name the age that women stop dying their hair and just decide to let it go grey (numeric only).
50, 60, 65, 70
Tell me a good score when playing 18 holes of golf.
72, 65, 80, 66
Name an age that people worry about turning
40, 50, 30, 60
Name a number that people consider lucky
7, 13, 11, 6
How many times does the average person let a phone ring before answering it? (numeric only)
2, 3, 5, 6
We asked 100 wives: what percent of the housework does your husband do?
10, 0, 25, 50
How many dates should you go on before kissing someone?
2, 3, 1, 5
In an 8 hour work day, how many hours does the average person spend working.
6, 7, 5, 4
Tell me the age of a woman that is too young to be dating a 50 year old man
20, 18, 25, 30
Name an age that a boy becomes interested in girls
13, 12, 10, 14
Name the age that a boy first becomes interested in girls.
13, 12, 10, 14
Name a cartoon movie that features animals as the main characters.
Lion King, Finding Nemo, Bambi, 101 Dalmations
Name something you’d take camping but be arrested for if you brought it to a bank.
Gun, Hatchet, Alcohol
How many days does a cold last?
7, 3, 5, 4, 6
How many hours of sleep does the average person need in order to wake up refreshed?
8, 7, 6, 10, 9
We asked 100 moms: on a scale from 1-10, how much have you become like your own mom with age?
10, 8, 5, 7, 9
How late a kid might stay up at sleepover
11, 12, 1, 2, 3
How old were you when you babysat for the first time?
12, 13, 14, 15, 10
We asked 100 women: at what age is a man most handsome?(NUMBERS Only)
30, 40, 25, 35, 20
Name the age at which people stop borrowing money from their parents
35, 25, 21, 18, Never
Name the age at which a man may get thick around the middle.
40, 30, 35, 45, 50
At what age might a man have midlifecrisis?
40, 45, 50, 30, 35
Tell me how fast most people drive on the freeway. (numeric only)
70, 75, 65, 80, 60
Married people only: how many guests did you invite to your wedding? Numeric only please.
100, 20, 200, 150, 300
Tell me the age that most people want to live until
100, 80, 90, 70, 75
Tell me the age that most people want to live until.
100, 80, 90, 75, 70
Name something a cowboy probably leaves at home for a job interview
10 Gallon Hat, Gun, Horse, Boots, Rope
If there was no speed limit, how fast would you drive on the way to work each morning (round to ten)?
100mph, 80 Mph, 70 Mph, 90 Mph, 60 Mph
Name something kids are taught about abe lincoln
16th President, Honest, Tall, Abolitionist, Beard
When traveling overseas, tell me the ideal amount of time to be away from home
2 Weeks, 3 Weeks, 1 Week, 1 Month, 10 Days
Name something people know about spiders.
8 Legs, They Bite, Make Webs, Poisonous, Scary
What would you hate to have happen when driving home in a brand new car?
Accident, Break Down, Flat Tire, Rain, Run Out Of Gas
Name a job that a man may have that makes him a sex symbol even into old age
Actor, Model, Dancer, Firefighter, President
Name a profession you’d shoot for if you wanted to be famous
Actor, Musician, Model, Politician, Athlete
Name a good occupation for someone who likes to be the center of attention
Actor, Singer, Teacher, Model, Politician
Name the high school subject you use least often today
Advanced Math, Science, History, Art, Foreign Language
Name something that might get you to watch a new TV show
Advertisement, Stars, Appears Funny, Win Money, Different
Name something men try to cover up.
Affair, Baldness, Lies, Bills/Money, Gray Hair
Name a famous mystery writer
Agatha Christie, Arthur Conan Doyle, Dashiell Hammett, Raymond Chandler, Sue Grafton
Name a piece of information you’d include in a personals ad but not on a resume.
Age, Height, Marital Status, Weight, Horoscope Sign
Name something a parent may grill their daughters about
Age, Job, Curfew, Education, Intentions
What might someone leave out of a personals ad, that would make you think they were hiding something?
Age, Weight, Marital Status, Gender, Photo
Tell me something you might lie to a friend about.
Age, Your Income, Weight, Who You’re Dating, How They Look
Name something cars have today they didnt’ have 50 years ago
Air Bags, Seat Belt, Cd Player, Cruise Control, Computer
Name something you use to cover up bad smells in your house
Air Freshener, Candles, Perfume, Incense, Baking Soda
Name a place where people hope not to have a baby seated near them.
Airplanes, Movies, Restaurant, Bus, Place Of Worship
Name something people turn on just before they get in bed.
Alarm, TV, Lamp, Radio, Electric Blanket
Name someone who’s known for inventing something
Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, Ben Franklin, Alexander Graham Bell, Eli Whitney
Name something offered to first class airline passesngers
Alcohol, Food, Movies, Pillows, Hot Towel
How can you tell somebody is angry at you from their text messages?
All Caps, Exclamation Points, Swearing, Angry Face, No Response
Name a place you would’t want to be alone at night
Alley, Graveyard, Woods, Park, Home
Name a reason parents might want their kid to go to a particular college.
Alma Mater, Better Academics, Reputation Of School, The Cost, Close To Home
What kind of nut butter could you use if you were allergic to peanuts?
Almond, Hazelnut, Soy, Cashew, Walnut
Name something that might be carved into a christmas ice sculpture.
Angel/Religious Fig., Tree, Santa/Reindeer, Penguins/Animals, Snowflake
Name a movie about baseball players
Angels In Outfield, League Of Their Own, Field Of Dreams, The Natural, Bull Durham
Name an occasion for which men buy gifts for their wives.
Anniversary, Birthday, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Wedding
Name a type of sauce that you’d never put on pasta
Apple Sauce, Hot Sauce, Ketchup, Bbq, Chocolate Sauce
Name something a boss might ask his secretary to remind him of.
Appointments, Wife’s Birthday, Anniversary, Calls, Lunch
Name something stressful that couples do together
Argue/Counseling, Manage Money, Raise Kids, Plan A Wedding, Buy A House
Name a place on your body that might be sore after a day of shoveling.
Arms, Back, Hands, Shoulders, Legs
We asked 100 men: what excuse might you make up to start a conversation with an attractive stranger at a bar?
Ask For The Time, Do I Know You?, Comment On Weather, Buy A Drink, Ask For Directions
Name a time when you should not send a text message to your love interest.
At Work, Midnight, While Driving, When Mad, After Drinking
Where in your house do you look for something that’s been packed away for winter?
Attic, Closet, Basement, Garage, Under Bed
Name something you’d find on the cover of a novel.
Authors Name, Title, Blurb, Picture, On Best Seller List
Name a type of insurance that employers don’t provide
Auto, Dental, Life, Home, Vision
Name something you do when approached by a salesperson at a store.
Avoid Them, Ask For Help, Smile, Say Hi, “Just Looking”
If you were a celebrity for a day,name a place or event you’d try to get into.
Awards Show, The White House, Vip Nightclub, Concert/Backstage, Celebrity Party
Tell me a name people use to describe someone who talks to much
Babbermouth, Big Mouth, Motormouth, Chatterbox, Gossip
Name a type of party that’s bound to get a little out of hand.
Bachelor(Ette) Party, College/Frat Party, House Party, New Years Eve, Haloween/Costume
Name a place on your body that you can’t scratch when it itches
Back, Bottom, Foot, Throat, Eyes
Name something people carry on their shoulders.
Backpacks, Purses, Kids, Monkey, Weight Of The World
Name a food or drink that you smell outside a restaurant in the morning
Bacon, Coffee, Eggs, Bread, Doughnut
Tell me a breakfast item that only tastes good if it’s crispy
Bacon, French Toast, Cereal, Waffles, Hash Browns
Name something kids are afraid to get from their teacher
Bad Grade, Detention, Homework, Test, Letter Sent Home
Name something a pizza delivery person hates about their job
Bad Tips, Dogs, Driving, Finding House, Bad Areas
Name something that would prevent a person from becoming a pilot.
Bad Vision, Fear Of Flying, Fear Of Heights, Criminal Record, Drinking Problem
Name a reason you’d stay inside on a saturday.
Bad Weather, Sick, Tired, Watching TV, Housework
Name a job from which you would come home smelling really good.
Baker, Perfume Seller, Florist, Chef, Spa Employee
Name something that people blow up.
Balloon, Bombs, Fireworks, Bubble Gum, Doll
Name something that makes loud sound when it pops
Balloon, Popcorn, Gun, Gum, Tire
Name something people juggle
Balls, Bowling Pins, Fruit, Job And Home/Duties, Multiple Dates
What kind of bread would be horrible for making a sandwich?
Banana, Garlic, Cinnamon Raisin, Cornbread, Pumpkin/Zucchini
Name someone who might ask for your signature
Bank, Fan, Cashier, Lawyer, Mail Carrier
Name a business that you wish stayed open later.
Bank, Restaurant, Bar, Supermarket, Post Office
In order to seem like a “regular guy,” name a place where a politician might hang out.
Bar, Bowling Alley, Diner, Rock Concert, Pool Hall
Name a place where there’s often a line for the women’s restroom.
Bar, Concert, Mall, Restaurant, Movie Theatre
Where were you the last time you had a bit too much to drink.
Bar, Home, Holiday Party, Wedding, College
Where might a man take you on a first date that would keep him from getting a second date?
Bar, Strip Club, Fast Food Resteraunt, Zoo, Sports Game
Name a place where you might end up dancing with stranger
Bar, Wedding, Concert, Party, School Dance
Name a kids toy your parent’s might have played with thats still around
Barbie Doll, Yo Yo, Baby Doll, Top, Hula Hoop
What might hypnotist do to prove you are hypnotized
Bark, Act Like Chicken, Go To Sleep, Sing, Dance
Name a job in which you’d have an easy time getting dates
Bartender, Food Server, Model, Dancer, Actor
Name something that’s “as american as apple pie.”
Baseball, Flag, Hamburger, Chevrolet, Jeans
Name a type of sport that might be cancelled because of rain.
Baseball, Football, Golf, Soccer, Tennis
Name a sports uniform that many men look sexy in.
Baseball, Football, Soccer, Basketball, Swimwear
Name a sport whose athletes wear hats.
Baseball, Golf, Tennis, Swimming, Skiing
Name something that people pitch
Baseball, Horseshoes, Ideas, Movie, Sales Pitch
Name a specific occupation where they wear sneakers.
Basketball Player, Coach, Tennis Player, Nurse, Runner
We asked 100 wives: name a place in the house where your husband spends more time than you do
Bathroom, Garage, TV/Living Room, Bedroom, Basement
What is the most used room in most homes?
Bathroom, Living Room, Kitchen, Bed Room, Family Room
If you were designing an airport, name something you’d make sure there was a lot of.
Bathrooms, Runways, Chairs, Computers, Smoking Areas
Which superhero would you trust to babysit your children
Batman, Incredible Hulk, Spider Man, Superman, Wolverine
Where do you think it’s appropriate for men to go shirtless?
Beach, House, Gym, Front Yard, Spa
Name a public place where you might be spotted wearing less clothing than usual.
Beach, Pool, Nightclub, Spa, Gym
Name something you might bring home with from the mardigras
Beads, Mask, Pictures, Food, Hangover
Name an animal you see in the woods that you would be surprised to see in the city.
Bear, Deer, Wolf, Fox, Mountain Lion
Name something in nature that you wouldn’t want to cuddle up next to
Bear, Snake, Porcupine, Cactus, Skunk
Name something specific about santa that causes children to be afraid of him at the mall.
Beard, Size, Hearty Laugh, Stranger, Deep Voice
Name something you might be scared of while camping.
Bears, Snakes, Bugs, Dark, Ghost
Name an animal that a person with large teeth resemble.
Beaver, Horse, Rabbit, Tiger/Lion, Donkey
Name something that has springs in it.
Bed, Couch, Chair, Pogo Stick, Trampoline
Tell me a place in the house where a nosey house guest might snoop.
Bedroom Doors, Medicine Cabinet, Fridge/Pantry, Closets, Basement
Which part of hotel room furnishings is often tacky
Bedspread, Curtains, Couch, Art, Carpet
If there was a gourmet cafe for dogs, which coffee flavors would likely be on the menu?
Beef, Milkbone, Bacon, Chicken, Cat
Name a type of TV commercial that’s usually targeted at men.
Beer, Cologne/Aftershave, Razors, Deodorant, Car
Name a sound you’d hear at a boxing match
Bell, Cheering, Booing, Punching, Applause
Name someone you might tip at a hotel
Bellhop, Doorman, Waiter, Maid, Room Service
Name someone who might make a speech at a wedding.
Best Man, Parent, Bridesmaid, Bride/Groom, Clergy Member
Name a type of book that you’re not expected to read all of.
Bible, Dictionary, Encyclopedia, Text Book, Phone Book
Tell me something that kids ride with ease, but an adult would be afraid to ride.
Bicycle, Roller Coaster, Skate Board, Horse, Sled
Name a physical characteristic a store might look at when hiring a santa
Big Belly, Facial Hair, Age, Jolly Face, White Hair
Which physical characteristics would tell you that someone was part alien?
Big Eyes, Green Skin, Big Head, Small/Pointy Ears, Antenna
Name something that politicians would be better off without
Big Promises, Money/Donors, Scandal, Media, Power/Control
Name a vehicle that would be hard to learn how to operate
Big Rig, Airplane, Tractor, Bulldozer, Tank
Name something kids use for fun, but adults use for exercise.
Bike, Ball, Jumprope, Trampoline, Swimming Pool
Name a specific item that a woman might not want to wear when she’s pregnant.
Bikini, Jeans, High Heels, Mini Skirt, Spandex
What do roommates fight about most often?
Bills, Cleaning, Food, Bathroom, Noise
What would you prefer to have less of
Bills, Fat, Stress, Work, Problems
Give me a person’s first name that rhymes with “silly.”
Billy, Willy, Lily, Millie, Tillie
Activity nursing home residents look forward to
Bingo, Visitors, Playing Cards, Meals, Crafts
Name something a bird watcher carries with them
Binoculars, Camara, Bird Book, Notepad, Bread
Name something on everyone’s driver’s license.
Birth Date, Name, Address, License Number, Description
Name a way people choose the lottery numbers they play.
Birthdates, Quick Pick, Social Security, Random, Dreams
Name a method people use when deciding what lotto numbers they’re going to play.
Birthday, Address, Random Numbers, Anniversary Date, Id Card Number
Name something that superstitious people believe will bring bad luck.
Black Cat, Breaking A Mirror, Walk Under A Ladder, Number 13, Step On A Crack
Name something you’d need if you wanted to look like the grim reaper.
Black Hood & Cape, Sickle, Skeleton, Mask, Makeup
Name something a soldier took to the first day of kindergarten, that they wouldn’t take to their first day of training.
Blankey, Crayons, Lunchbox, Teddy Bear, Parent
Name something you can’t be afraid of if you want to become a vampire
Blood, The Dark, Cross, Neck Bites, Bats
Name something you see at a wwe match you’d never see at a high school wresting match.
Blood, Violence, Characters, Costumes, Throwing Chairs
Name something you take a deep breath before looking at
Blood/Injury, Finances, Your Weight, Grades, Scary Movie
Name something a baby does that would be considered flirting if an adult did it
Blow Kisses, Smile, Bat Eyelashes, Giggle, Coo
Name something specific a person may change in order to become a celebrity
Body, Name, Hair, Attitude, Nose
Name something about wonder woman the average woman might envy
Body, Power, Strength, Looks, Invisible Plane
If santa showed up at your work holiday party, what might your co-workers request for christmas?
Bonus, Raise, Car, Time Off, New Boss
Name something every college freshmen will spend money on
Books, Food, Beer, Computer, Tuition
Name something both a logger and a rock star wear
Boots, Hat, Jeans, Flannel Shirt, Sunglasses
Name a complaint people have about late-night TV
Boring, Too Late, Commercials, Bad Language, Adult Content
Name something a woman might take home from her best friend’s wedding
Bouquet, Cake, Man, Photos, Centerpiece
Name something you see on a christmas wreath
Bow, Holly/ Berries, Lights, Bells, Pine Cones
What would you need if you wanted to dress a rocky balboa for halloween?
Boxing Gloves, Muscles, Shorts, Wig, Black Eye
Name a celebrity who’s so handsome he could make a santa suit look sexy.
Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Tom Cruise, Will Smith, Denzel Washington
Which actor do you think gets the most love letters?
Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, Geoge Clooney, Zac Efron, Mel Gibson
Name something women wear that becomes uncomfortable after a while
Brassiere, High Heels, Underwear, Girdle, Nylons
Name something that’s hard to get over.
Breakup, Death, Fence, Virus, Mountain
Name a way you might be able to tell what someone just had for lunch.
Breath, Burp, Stains, Crumbs On Teeth, They Vomit
Name a specific task restaurant staff does for you, that you’d be surprised to get charged extra for
Bring Water, Refill Glasses, Serve Food, Clear Table, Dishes
If you moved to england, name something that would take some getting used to.
British Accent, Weather, Driving On Other Side, Culture, Time Difference
Name something people do to make their breath smell good.
Brush Teeth, Mints/Gum, Mouthwash, Floss, Breath Spray
Which part of your morning routine won’t leave home without doing
Brush Teeth, Shower, Makeup, Fixing Hair, Getting Dressed
Name something you might have to put up with an at outdoor cafe that you wouldn’t when eating indoors
Bugs, Wind, Cold Weather, Sun, Rain
Name something you wouldn’t want to discover in a hotel bed when checking into your room.
Bugs/Rodents, Other Peoples’ Stuff, Dirty Sheets, Hair, A Person
Name something a camper does while camping that he wouldn’t do at home.
Build A Fire, Hike, Sing Campfire Songs, Sleep In A Tent, Use A Latrine
Name a heavy animal that a china shop owner wouldn’t let into their store.
Bull, Elephant, Bear, Lion, Giraffe
Name something you might drive over that would cause a bumpy ride
Bumps, Pot Holl, Gravel Road, Rocks, Railroad Track
Name something a fast food restaurant has that a fancy restaurant would never have.
Burger And Fries, Drive Thru, Disposable Cup/Fork, Ketchup Packets, Paper Napkins
Who or what might enter a house without using the front door?
Burglar, Pet, Santa Claus, Kid/ Teen, Police Officer
Name something people do at the dinner table, even though it’s considered bad manners
Burp, Elbows On Table, Talk With Full Mouth, Eat With Hands, Chew With Mouth Open
Name a slow-moving vehicle that you hate to get stuck behind
Bus, Semi Truck, Tractor, Garbage Truck, Dump Truck
Name something you might need if you’re eating a lobster
Butter, Bib, Fork, Napkin, Cracking Tool
Name something a first-time parent would need to do before the baby was born.
Buy A Crib, Buy Clothes, Buy Diapers, Baby Shower, Parenting Classes
Name something a man might do in the beginning of a relationship that he won”t do after about a year
Buy Flowers, Open Doors, Kiss, Hold Hands, Be Nice
If a woman had a mid-life crisis, what might she do?
Buy New Car, Have An Affair, Plastic Surgery, Shopping Spree, Cut/Dye Hair
At a bar, how can you tell that someone is interested in you?
Buys You A Drink, Smiles, Stares, Makes Eye Contact, Winks
Name a food that has layers
Cake, Lasagna, Onion, Pizza, Sandwich
Name something you might do after your house has been robbed.
Call Police, Get An Alarm, Move, Cry, Yell
Name something you might use a flashlight while doing
Camping, Searching For Something, Reading, Hiking, Fixing A Car
Tell me a reason why a kid would not go swimming all summer long
Can’t Swim/Afraid, In Cast, Grounded, Cold Weather, No Pool
Name something a bachelor might buy for his bedroom to make it more romantic.
Candles, Mirrors, Colored Lights, Silk Sheets, Stereo System
Name something that can make an ordinary dinner romantic.
Candles/Lighting, Wine, Flowers, Music, Chocolates
Name something that might have nuts in it?
Candy, Cookies, Brownies, Pies, Cake
Name something you might find inside of a plastic egg.
Candy, Pantyhose, Toys, Money, Balls
Name something you’d sneak into a movie theater to avoid to keep from buying it at the concession stand.
Candy, Popcorn, Chips, Soda, Pizza
Other than himself, name something a man cleans before a big date (more specific than “house”).
Car, Bathroom, Kitchen, Bedroom, Clothes
Christmas gift you would have hard time wrapping
Car, Bike, Ball, TV, Golf Clubs
Name something for which people shop around before buying
Car, Clothes, House, TV, Appliances
Name something you’re better off spending a little more on, so it lasts longer
Car, Clothes, TV, House, Haircut
If fred flintstone was your neighbor, name something you wouldn’t ask to borrow.
Car, Clothes/Shoes, Food, Lawn Mower, Phone
Name something you’re better off spending too much money on than too little.
Car, House/Home Repair, Food, Gifts, Insurance
Name something a teenage boy might ask his dad for.
Car, Money, Advice, Bike, 2
Name something that gets fueled
Car, Planae, Fire, Anger/Temper, Body
Name a way people get to work in the morning.
Car, Public Transportation, Carpool, Bike, Walk
Some people name that isn’t alive
Car, Rock, Plant, Boat, Teddy Bear
Name something your grandma might repair when it gets old, but you just buy a new one.
Car, TV, Socks, Sweater, Shoes
Name something for which you get a warranty.
Car, TV, Watch, Computer, Appliance
Name something that makes a startling sound
Car Horn, Gun Shot, Thunder, Siren, Alarm
Duct tape can fix a lot of things, but name an expensive item that it would probably be useless to fix.
Car/Tires, TV/Electronics, Ring/Jewelry, Frige/Appliance, Glass/Window
Name something you might pay someone to do while you’re away on vacation
Care For Pets, House Sit, Water Plants, Babysit, Collect Mail
Name an activity that’s often described in christmas songs, tho people seldom do it in real life.
Carol, Deck The Halls, Sleigh Ride, Roast Chestnuts, Walk/Play In Snow
For what reason might you suspect that the person you’re dating is in the mob?
Carries A Gun, Lots Of Money, Italian Accent, Black Clothes, Secretive
Name something you know about the easter bunny
Carries Eggs, Hops, Some Don’t Believe, White, Brings Candy
Name a comedian that gets on peoples nerves
Carrot Top, Chris Rock, Jim Carrey, Dane Cook, Adam Sandler
Name a vegetable that they make baby food out of.
Carrots, Peas, Beans, Corn, Spinach
Tell me something you often see for sale classified section
Cars, Houses, Pets, Furniture, TVs
Name something a lot of movie stars have more than one of
Cars, Houses, Spouses, Affairs, Kids
How can you tell the show you’re watching is made fore kids?
Cartoon, Songs, Puppets, Rating, Commercials
Name a street name for money
Cash, Dough, Loot, Green, Bucks
Name something found in las vegas that you’d like to see more of in your home town
Casinos, Bright Lights, Beautiful Women, Night Life, Money
Name something las vegas has more of than the average city
Casinos, Bright Lights, Beautiful Women, Night Life, Money
What type of pet might a person have if they live in a small apartment
Cat, Fish, Bird, Dog, Hamster
Name an expensive food that you wouldn’t serve at a kid’s birthday party
Caviar, Filet Mignon, Lobster, Shrimp, Sushi
Name something look for rental car vs regular car
Cd Player, Gps, Sun Roof, Gas Mileage, Air Conditioner
Name something every woman should take with her on a blind date
Cell Phone, Money, Mace, Own Transportation, Friend
Other than an alarm, what do people use to wake them up?
Cell Phone, Radio, Rooster, Sun, Cat/Dog
Name a job title someone might have in a big company.
Ceo, President, Vice President, Supervisor, Manager
Name a food kids love to eat for breakfast
Cereal, Pop Tarts, Waffles, Pancakes, Eggs
Button on TV remote husband will wear out
Channel, Volume, Mute, On, Pause
Why would someone like star wars, but not star trek?
Characters, More Action, Light Sabers, Prefer Movies, Special Effects
Name a part of a boxer’s body that might be swollen after a match
Cheeks, Eyes, Nose, Lips, Hands
Name something you associate with the dallas cowboys.
Cheerleaders, Football, Troy Aikman, Champs, Blue Star
Name something people associate with the swiss
Cheese, Alps, Chocolate, Watches, Bank Accounts
Name a topping you’d put on both a pizza and a taco.
Cheese, Beef/Sausage, Tomato, Olives, Onions
If a mouse pad were a place where bachelor mice lived, what would you likely find inside
Cheese Bar, Beer, Dirty Clothes, Female Mice, Mini TV
Besides a waiter, name a job at a restaurant.
Chef, Host, Dishwasher, Cashier, Busser
Name a hobby whose participants are also called “-geeks”
Chess, Computer, Video Games, Math, Band
Name something a pet might do to its owner’s shoes.
Chew/Bite Them, Relieve Thenselves, Hide Them, Drool/Lick Them, Smell Them
Name something a person trying to quit smoking might put in their mouth
Chewing Gum, Candy, Pencil, Nicorette, Straw
Name a food item a restaurant might offer as “all-you-can-eat.”
Chicken, Salad Bar, Shrimp, Crab Legs, Pasta
What might a hitchhiker take with him, in order to seem less dangerous?
Child, Puppy, Teddy Bear, Woman, Id
Name a big expense that some parents plan for years in advance.
Child’s Education, Child’s Wedding, Retirement, Buying A House, Family Vacation
Name a country to which american jobs are being outsourced
China, Mexico, India, Japan, Vietnam
Name something specific you almost always eat out of a bag.
Chips, Popcorn, French Fries, Candy, Peanuts
Name something specific people put salsa on
Chips, Tacos, Enchaladas, Burritos, Eggs
Tell me a noise that birds make.
Chirp/Cheep, Tweet, Caw Caw, Squawk, Cluck
Name a food that’s associated with romance.
Chocolate, Strawberries, Oysters, Spaghetti, Steak
If you were to open “heartbreak hotel,” name something you’d offer your brokenhearted guests.
Chocolate/Sweets, Love/Company, A Drink, Tissue, Flowers
Before a part-time job, name a way that kids earn money.
Chores, Babysitting, Paper Route, Mow Lawns, Lemonade Stand
Name something that kids promise their parents they’ll do if they’re allowed to borrow the family car
Chores, Drive Carefully, Fill It Up, Make Curfew, Wash It
Name a place where you’d be mortified if your cell phone went off.
Church, Funeral, Movies, Job Interview, Wedding
Name a place where many people go once a week
Church, Grocery Store, Gym, Bank, Movie Theater
Name a place where you get antsy from sitting too long.
Church, School, Movie Theatre, Waiting Room, Work/Meeting
Name something that might take place in a large tent.
Circus, Party, Wedding, Church, Camping
At a rock concert, name something people do when a song is over.
Clap, Scream, Go Home, Call For Encore, Sit Down
Name something you wish your kids would do without having to be told twice.
Clean, Homework, Go To Bed, Brush Teeth, Listen
Name something you might ask a house sitter to do while staying at your place
Clean, Water Plants, Feed Animals, Take Out Trash, Get Mail
Other than working, name something you could stop doing if you became a millionaire.
Cleaning, Driving, Cooking, Worrying, Saving
Name something you avoid doing though you feel better after it’s done.
Cleaning, Exercise, Shower, Laundry, Pay Bills
Name a place where you’d hid mess company coming
Closet, Bedroom, Cupboard, Under Rug, Under Couch
Name something many people spend a lot of money on, just to impress others.
Clothes, Car, House, Hair Cut, Jewelry
Tell me something your teenager washes less often than you
Clothes, Hair, Dishes, Car, Sheets
Name something people use pins for.
Clothes, Sewing, Hold Papers, Hair, Diapers
What one thing would you most hate to forget to pack on a trip
Clothes, Toothbrush, Money, Camera, Passport
Circus performer that would have easiest time getting dates
Clown, Lion Tamer, Acrobat, Strong Man, Ringmaster
Name a feature of most parade that scare children
Clowns, Sirens, Masks, Gunshots, Fireworks
Name an article of clothing that makes you feel like you can’t move
Coat, Jeans, Girdle, Tights, Snow Suit
Other than gambling, what do casinos have inside to get customers to stick around
Cocktails, Food, Bright Lights, Beautiful Women, Entertainment
Name a drink that you might stir.
Coffee, Tea, Martini, Chocolate Milk, Kool Aid
Name a beverage that’s not sweet
Coffee, Water, Tea, Beer, Milk
Name something specific that people flip
Coin, Pancake, Burger, Hair, House
What might you find under couch cushion?
Coins, Food, Remote Control, Keys, Dirt
Name a reason why basements are often less cozy than the rest of a house
Cold, Dark, Cement Floors, Damp, Creatures Live There
Name a common sickness that kids seem to get more often than adults
Cold, Flu, Chicken Pox, Ear Infection, Strep Throat
Why might a bride or groom back out of wedding at the last minute
Cold Feet, Cheating, Not In Love, Not Ready, Had A Fight
Name something that causes your spouse to snore worse than usual.
Cold/Allergies, Alcohol, Exhaustion, Sleeping On Back, Stress
Name a job a robot not entertaining enough
Comedian, Dancer, Singer, Clown, Actor
What would you hear on the radio that would make you turn the station?
Commercial, News, Bad Songs, Static, Cursing
Tell me something that makes you mad when you’re watching TV.
Commercials, Background Noise, Phone Rings, Bad Reception, Violence
Tell me something you use at work everyday, but would hate to have to use on vacation
Computer, Phone, Ax, Calculator, Tools
Name an office supply that you’d be surprised to see on your kid’s list of school supplies.
Computer, Stapler, Copier/Fax, Envelopes, Paper Clips
Name something everyone says they’re good at when at a job interview,even if it’s a lie.
Computers, People Skills, Punctuality, Multitasking, Organization
Name a place where it’s hard to talk because of all the background noise
Concert, Bar, Sports Game, Mall, Restaurant
Name a kind of ticket people wait in line to buy
Concert, Movie, Amusement Park, Sports, Theatre
Name something people go to that might be sold out
Concert, Movies, Sports Event, Theatre, Musical
Name a place where it’s okay to be loud
Concert, Outdoors, Bar, Party, Athletic Event
Name an occupation where the workdays are made worse by nasty weather.
Construction, Mail Carrier, Traffic Cop, Bus/Truck Driver, Pilot
We asked 100 husbands: if your wife had a personal assistant, name something they’d be asked to do.
Cook, Clean, Laundry, Shop, Make Coffee
What do fast-food employees have to do, that 5-star wait staff don’t?
Cook, Clean, Work Drive Thru, Use Cash Register, Wear Uniform
Name something women do more of in relationships
Cook, House Chores, Show Affection, Show Emotion, Talk
What words do kids usually use to describe something they like?
Cool, Awesome, Yummy, Good, Nice
Name a professional you may come in contact with, but should never flirt with.
Cop, Boss, Teacher, Priest, Lawyer
Which show might you see a man on that would cause you to cancel your date with him immediately?
Cops, Cheaters, America’s Most Wanted, Jerry Springer, The Bachelor
Name something ugly that can grow on your feet
Corn, Athletes Foot, Wart, Bunion, Ingrown Toenail
Name something specific farmers grow in their fields
Corn, Wheat, Cotton, Carrots, Tomatoes
If you had no teeth, tell me a food you couldn’t eat anymore.
Corn On The Cob, Apples, Steak, Candy, Ribs
Name something that people have a desire to smash.
Corsage, Broach, Button, Name Tag, Ribbon
Name a job you might have if you worked at disneyworld.
Costume Character, Ride Operator, Stage Performer, Ticket Seller/Taker, Food Vendor
Name something associated with garth brooks
Country Music, Guitar, Cowboy, Cowboy Hat, Country Accent
Way to save money on groceries
Coupons, Eat Less, Sales, Buy In Bulk, Buy Generic Brands
Name something you’d need if you wanted to dress up like a cowboy.
Cowboy Hat, Coyboy Boots, Toy Gun, Chaps, Spurs
Other thank family and friends, name a person you give a gift or tip to during the holidays
Coworker, Mail Carrier, Teacher, Newspaper Delivery, Hairdresser
Name something people eat with chili.
Crackers, Cheese Sauce, Hot Dogs, Chips, Bread
Name something an auto racer hopes won’t happen to him during a race.
Crash, Engine Trouble, Runs Out Of Gas, Flat Tire, Die
Name something a baby learns to do even before it can talk
Crawl, Walk, Eating Junk, Cry, Smile
Name a school supply that you haven’t used since you were young.
Crayon, Ruler, Pencil/Eraser, Paste/Glue, Compass
Other than a job name something for which you fill out an application.
Credit Card, Loan, School, Housing Rental, Insurance
Name a small creature who can be very noisy.
Cricket, Bird, Chihuahua, Cat, Frog
Instead of a veil, what type of headwear would you be surprise to see on a bride’s head?
Crowne, Beanie, Baseball Cap, Cowboy, Helmet
What’s the first thing a husband does when he finds out his wife is pregnant?
Cry, Faint, Hug Her, Celebrate, Call Family
We asked 100 women: name something you like to see a man do because it expresses his gentle side.
Cry, Open Door, Cuddle, Play With Kids, Cook For Me
What did you do as a baby that you’re glad you don’t do i public anymore?
Cry, Suck Thumb, Bathroom Incidents, Drool, Blanket
Name something a kid might do to get out of taking a bath
Cry/Tantrum, Go To Bed, Fake Sickness, Run, Hide
Give a nickname for a spouse that is also a dessert
Cupcake, Cookie, (Sweetie) Pie, Muffin, Honey Bun
Name a reason a game show host might get fired.
Cursing, Intoxicated, Rude, Cheating, Not Funny
Name a piece of home decor that sometimes comes with wild patterns
Curtains, Wallpaper, Couch, Rug, Artwork
Name something a gardener does a lot of on the job
Cut Grass, Watering, Painting, Pulling Weeds, Digging
Tell me something specific that a barber must get sick of doing
Cutting Hair, Shaving, Sweeping, Standing, Making Conversation
Name a good occupation for a woman who was head cheerleader.
Dancer, Coach/Teacher, Model, Motivational Speaker, Fitness Instructor
Name something you see trained monkey’s doing in sitcoms and movies.
Dancing, Talking, Eating Bananas, Smoking, Driving
Which fears, adult/ childish men pretend not to do
Dark, Committment, Rejection, Heights, Crying
Name a way you can tell a storm is coming
Dark Clouds/Sky, Lightning, Wind Changes, Smell, Drizzling
Which characteristics would make dracula sound attractive in a personal’s ad?
Dark Hair, Tall, Well Dressed, Accent, Mysterious
Name a word that people use to avoid swearing.
Darn, Shoot, Dang, Fudge, Gosh
Name a game that a barfly would be a little too good at
Darts, Billiards, Poker, Foosball, Trivia
Name something people compete over.
Dates, Sports, Money, Jobs, Games
Name a reason why somebody would be underground
Dead, Mining, Subway, Hiding, Tornado
Name a one word term people use playing cards
Deal, Fold, Pass, Uno, Hit
Name something that happens to most people, but not to santa claus.
Death, Get Old, Traffic Problems, Weight Loss, Taxation
Name something people do in december in order to get in the holiday spirit
Decorate, Buy Gifts, Sing Carols, Put Up Tree, Listen To Music
Name a way that a man’s voice might change when talking to his love interest.
Deepens, Softer, Nervous Stutter, Higher Pitch, Crack
Name something a rich woman might have.
Diamonds, Fur Coat, Mansion, Nice Car, Maid
Name something of yours that a snoop might try to get access to.
Diary, Bank Account, Computer, Password, Mail
What might a woman have to do in order to become a supermodel?
Diet, Exercise, Plastic Surgery, Get Head Shots, Wear Stylish Clothes
If you lived with a bodybuilder, name a word you’d often hear around the house
Diet, Muscle, Protein, Weights, Gym
Name something many parents want their kids home at a certain time for.
Dinner, Bedtime, Homework, Chores, Curfew
Name something you might do if you had a romantic day with partner
Dinner, Picnic, Stay In Bed, Movie, Beach
Name something very old that you find at many museums.
Dinosaur Bones, Mummy, Paintings, Statues, Fossils
Why might you leave a restaurant before even eating there?
Dirty, Bad Service, Crowded, Bugs Bunny, Long Wait
How can you tell that somebody just got back from a camping trip?
Dirty, Carrying Gear, Tired, Bug Bites, Tanned
Name a complaint a costumer might have about their hotel room
Dirty, Noise, No Towels, Smell, Temperature
Name something a hair dresser might complain about a customer.
Dirty Hair, The Tip, Always Moving, Late, Too Picky
Name something a goldfish might complain about
Dirty Water, No Food, Bowl Too Small, Not Enough Water, Beat Up By Other Fish
Name something specific about your parenting that your mother-in-law thinks you should do differently
Discipline, Children’s Eating, Children’s Dress, Bed Time, Teach Manners
Name something specific a married couple might take turns doing
Dishes, Cooking, Laundry, Watching Kids, Driving
Name an occupation in which people often use their middle name or initial.
Doctor, Lawyer, Actor, Politician, Author
Name an occupation that thinks their time is more important than yours.
Doctor, Lawyer, C.E.O., Banker, Police Officer
Name an occupation where people are paid to tell others what to do (more specific than boss).
Doctor, Lawyer, Fitness Trainer, Accountant/Broker, Teacher
Name an occupation where you have to be really smart
Doctor, Lawyer, Scientist, Engineer, Accountant
Name a type of profession where you’d be the most surprised to see someone with a tattoo.
Doctor, Religious Leader, Lawyer, Teacher, Model/Actor
Name a movie with the word “dr.” In the title.
Doctor Doolittle, Doctor Zhivago, Doctor Who, Dr. No, Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde
Name a place where you sit until your name is called.
Doctor’s Office, Dmv, Court, Classroom, Restaurant
Name a profession where neatness counts
Doctor/Nurse, Maid, Teacher, Secretary, Accountant/Banker
Complaint someone might have about paper boy
Doesn’t Leave On Porch, Skips Them, Wet Paper, Late, Breaks Window
Name something you wouldn’t leave in you car on a hot day
Dog, Child, Chocolate, Ice Cream, Milk
Animal a two timing boyfriend gets compared to
Dog, Pig, Rat, Weasel, Snake
Name an animal that’s usually not dangerous, but many people are afraid to touch
Dog, Snake, Skunk, Frog, Mouse
Name something you’d see at a dog show, but not at a beauty pageant.
Dogs, Leash, Poop, Collar/Tag, Trainers
Name something cats hate
Dogs, Water, Grab Their Tail, Mouse, Vacuum Cleaner
Name something from her childhood that a woman might keep forever.
Doll/ Teddy Bear, Diary, Pictures, Security Blanket, Piece Of Jewelry
Name a reason why you might want to hide from someone at work
Don’t Like Them, Late, Owe Them Money, It’s Your Ex, In Trouble
Name a reason why you don’t answer the phone when you’re home.
Don’t Want To Talk, Sleeping, Busy, Telemarketer, In The Shower
Besides mickey, name a character you’re likely to find on a t-shirt at disneyland
Donald Duck, Goofy, Minnie Mouse, Pluto, Dumbo
Name something that has a lock on it
Door, Safe, Car, Locker, Gate
Name a noise that causes your dog to bark when he hears it on TV.
Doorbell, Dogs Barking, Cat, Siren, Whistle
What do you check before going to bed?
Doors/ Locks, Lights, Alarm Clock, Stove, Kids
Name someone famous who wore a cape, but was not a superhero.
Dracula, Zorro, Elvis Presley, Sherlock Holmes, Pope
If you lived in soap opera land, name something that would happen a lot more often.
Drama/ Fights, Suspicious Deaths, Love Affairs, Romance/ Weddings, Break Ups/ Divorce
Name something a reality show is incomplete without.
Drama/Fighting, Contestants/Celebs, Romance, Camaras, Alcohol
Name something people put on their salad to make it taste better.
Dressing, Cheese, Salt/Pepper, Croutons, Meat
Name something you might put on top of a salad.
Dressing, Croutons, Cheese, Fruit, Bacon
Name a public place where you undress
Dressing Room/Store, Beach/Pool, Restroom, Locker Room, Doctor’s Office
Tell me something specific you hate about going to the dentist
Drill, Waiting, Bill, Shots, Numb Mouth/ Novacaine
Besides gamble, name something people do in las vegas
Drink, Get Married, Eat, See Shows, Shop
Name something an athlete wouldn’t do the night before a big game
Drink, Have Sex, Stay Up Late, Eat Too Much, Tough Work Out
Name something at a restaurant that might keep getting refilled
Drink, Ketchup, Bread Basket, Salp/Pepper, Salad Bowl
What might you do at a party, that you’d regret the next day?
Drink Too Much, Kiss Someone, Dance All Night, Get Naked, Put Foot In Mouth
Name something runners do right after they finish a marathon.
Drink Water, Rest, Celebrate, Walk Around, Eat
If you just ran a marathon,what would you need to do after the race was over?
Drink Water, Rest, Shower, Stretch, Use Bathroom
Name a section listed on most restaurant menus
Drinks, Appetizers, Dessert, Entree, Childrens Menu
Name something you would buy a lot of when hosting a new year’s party.
Drinks, Food, Decorations, Utensils, Noise Makers
What item might a person who can’t cook be asked to bring to thanksgiving?
Drinks, Salad, Dessert, Rolls, Cranberry Sauce
Name something a teenager would hate to be the last of their friends to do.
Drive, Date, Graduate, Hit Puberty, Get A Phone
Name something you’re supposed to do with both hands, but people often use just one.
Drive, Eat, Type, Clap, Ride A Bike
Name someplace couples went on dates in the fifties they don’t usually go anymore
Drive In Movie, Soda Fountain, Diner, Lovers Lane, Sock Hop
Name a milestone for most teenagers
Driver’s License, Graduation, First Kiss/ Date, Prom, College
Name something in your wallet that might be used for an id
Driver’s License, Social Security, School Id, Credit Card, Business Card
Which instrument might you be playing wait for part to come
Drum, Flute, Cymbals, Triangle, Violin
Name a movie involving an elephant.
Dumbo, Tarzan, Jungle Book, Jumanji, Operation:Dumbo Drop
Name a type of work vehicle that’s often seen as a children’s toy
Dump Truck, Fire Engine, Tractor, Police Car, Bull Dozer
Name a household chore that you do less frequently because it’s barely noticeable when it’s done
Dust, Vacuum, Sweep, Mop, Wipe Windows
Name a household chore you do while sitting
Dusting, Folding Laundry, Ironing, Mending Clothes, Paying Bills
Name something people do to their hair that makes them look silly.
Dye It, Mohawk, Get A Bad Haircut, Curling, Bleach
Name something you might know your partner’s password for
E Mail, Computer, Bank Account, Credit Card, Voice Mail
Name something people check at least once a day.
E Mail, Time, Mailbox, Hair, Voice Mail
Name something you wear that covers your ears.
Ear Muffs, Hat, Headphones, Scarf, Hood
Tell me a reason you like to shop on line
Easy, Cheaper, No Lines, Faster, Stay At Home
Name something people do before bed that makes it hard to sleep.
Eat, Drink Coffee, Watch TV, Shower, Exercise
Name something a costume character may have to remove their head to do
Eat, Get A Drink, Talk, Breath, See
Name something you might stop to do when driving across the country.
Eat, Rest Stop, Fill Up Gas, Ask Directions, Take Pictures
Besides watching it, name something people do in front of the television
Eat, Sleep, Exersice, Games, Talk
Name something people supposedly do differently than animals
Eat, Walk, Communicate, Think, Keep Clean
Name something kids do with snow, but their parents don’t.
Eat It, Throw Snowballs, Make Snow Angels, Build Snowmen, Sled In It
What do you do if you’re eating at a friend’s house, and don’t like the food?
Eat It Anyway, Pretend To Eat It, Excuse Yourself, Say “Not Hungry”, Be Honest
Name something you do same time every day
Eat Meals, Wake Up/ Sleep, Brush Teeth, Shower, Go To Work/ School
Name something specific that must be really hard for astronauts to do while in space.
Eat/Drink, Use The Bathroom, Move Around/Exercise, Sleep, Breathe
Name a johnny depp movie everyone has seen
Edward Scissorhand, Pirates Of The Caribbean, Sleepy Hollow, Blow, Charlie & The Chocolate Factory
Name a food that you rinse off of a dish immediately or it becomes hard as a rock
Egg, Cheese Sauce, Pasta, Mashed Potatoes, Oatmeal/Cereal
Name something you’d put in a breakfast buritto
Eggs, Cheese, Meat, Beans, Tomato/Salsa
Name a kind of pyramid.
Egyptian Pyramid, Food Pyramid, Pyramid Scheme, Cheerleaders Pyramid, $100,000 Pyramid
Tell me an animal you associate with india
Elephant, Camel, Tiger, Cow, Monkey
Name a small space where you feel compelled to make small talk with a stranger.
Elevator, Airplane, Restroom, Waiting Room, Train Station
Which north pole resident is most likely to become jealous of santa’s power?
Elf, Jack Frost, Rudolph, Mrs. Claus, 11
What name would you give your daughter if you wanted to name her after a queen?
Elizabeth, Victoria, Mary, Cleopatra, Anne
Name a famous building that’s big enough to house a dinosaur.
Empire State Bldg, White House, Sears Tower, Eiffel Tower, Buckingham Palace
What do people miss about their youth?
Energy, Looks, Fun, Going To School, Freedom
Name something a cheerleader has lots of.
Energy, Pom Pom, Spirit, Cheers, Hair
Who would a bride not want to show up unannounced at her wedding?
Ex, Enemy, Boss, Affair, Cops
Name a reason you may get a tattoo removed.
Ex’s Name, It’s Ugly, Got Old, Occupation, Faded
Tell me an activity that some people are told to do more of, and others are told to do less.
Exercise, Eat, Talk, Work, Sleep
Why might a person use stairs instead of the elevator?
Exercise, Fire, Elevator Broken, Fear Of Small Spaces, Faster
Name something you associate with richard simmons
Exercise, Weight Loss, Curly Hair, Short Shorts, Kissing People
What complaints do people make about the christmas holiday?
Expense, Nosey/Pesky Relatives, Traffic/Traveling, Crowds, Holiday Food
Name a reason a couple might not want to have kids.
Expensive, Too Old, Focus On Career, Not Married, Too Young
Name something that people believe will tell you a lot about a person
Eyes, Clothes, Hands, Smile, Horoscope Sign
Which physical characteristics would tell you someone is an alien?
Eyes, Green Skin, Head, Ears, Antenna
Name something specific a man often compliments a woman on when trying to pick her up.
Eyes, Hair, Smile, Clothes, Body
What body part is most important for a star to maintain?
Face, Stomach, Legs, Butt, Hair
Tell me a type of character that appears in fairy tales
Fairy, Princess, Witch, Prince, Villain
Name something a kid might do to get out of participating in gym class
Fake Sick, Get Injured, Doctor’s Note, Skip Class, Forget Gym Clothes
On family fued, name something the host asks players about
Family, Job, Name, Age, Hometown
On “family feud,” name something the host asks players about.
Family, Name, Job, Age, Hometown
Name a topic shouldn’t bring up in a job interview
Family, Yourself, Money, Last Job, Politics
What might a child bring to summer camp, in case they get homesick
Family Photo, Teddy Bear, Blanket, Pillow, Cell Phone
Besides “family feud”, name a TV show with “family” in its title
Family Ties, Family Matters, All In The Family, Family Guy, Addam’s Family
Name something a person sits next to on a hot day
Fan/Air Conditioner, Swimming Pool, Ocean/Lake, Tree/Shade, Cold Drink
Where might a cheapskate take you on a first date?
Fast Food Restaurant, Movies, Park, Bar, Bowling Alley
Why might you fly home for the holidays, instead of driving?
Faster, Distance, Avoid Traffic, Road Conditions, Gas Prices
Name a body part that swells on a pregnant woman
Feet, Belly, Ankles, Face, Hands
Name something that stars do during a divorce that you wouldn’t do.
Fight, Party, Date Right Away, Go Public, Sue For Large Sums
Name something you would see on jerry springer, but not on oprah
Fighting, Nudity, Security, Jerry Springer, Chairs Thrown
When living in an apartment, name something you can often hear your neighbors doing.
Fighting, Talking, Watching TV, Partying, Vacuuming
Name something at a rock concert that you don’t pay to see, but see anyway.
Fights, Drinking/Drugs, Crowds, Skimpy Outfits, Opening Band
Name an activity people like to do at a lake.
Fishing, Boating, Swimming, Water Ski, Picnic
Name something people burn in protest.
Flags, Bras, Draft Cards, Signs, Books
Why might you regret picking up a lost dog?
Fleas, Bites, Rabies, Get Attacked, Dirty
Name something deep sea divers wear, that you’d look silly wearing in the pool.
Flippers, Oxygen Tank, Mask, Wet Suit, Snorkle
Name something you’d learn to do in your first swim class
Float, Hold Breath, Doggy Paddle, Blow Bubbles, Head Under Water
Name a print you’d find on a woman’s dress, but not on a country’s flag.
Floral, Plaid, Polka Dots, Paisley, Leopard Print
Name a state that many people live in when they retire.
Florida, California, Arizona, Hawaii, Texas
Name something that love gets compared to in pop songs.
Flower, Candy, Battlefield, River, Music
Name a gift that adults often give to each other, that would be weird to give a kid
Flowers, Alcohol, Money, Jewelry, Perfume
Name a gift that a very practical woman would not be impressed by receiving from a man.
Flowers, Jewelry, Perfume, Candy, Lingerie
Tell me a name that’s common for cats to have.
Fluffy, Felix, Whiskers, Morris, Tom
Which musical instrument least expect in a country music band
Flute, Tuba, Electric Guitar, Saxaphone, Harp
If you were turned into a bird, name something you’d have to learn how to do
Fly, Build A Nest, Eat Worms, Sing, Avoid Cats
Name a specific stunt that most action movie heroes probably don’t do themselves
Fly, Jump From Building, Car Crash, Endure Fire, Flips
Name something specific that a superhero would be useless without.
Flying, Costume, Super Strength, Sidekick, X Ray Vision
Name something you’d expect to pay for at disneyland
Food, Admissions, Souvenirs, Toys, Parking
If your company was saving money, name something that might not be at the holiday party.
Food, Alcohol, Gifts, Music, Decorations
Name something a person might be picky about.
Food, Clothes, Hairstyle, Dating, Car
Name something thats included when you go on a cruise
Food, Cocktails, Lodging, Entertainment, Snorkling Tour
Name something a restaurant owner would hate to tell customers they’ve run out of
Food, Coffee, Space, Alcohol, The Special
If someone is talking too much, what might you offer them in the hope of keeping them quiet?
Food, Gum, Money, Drink, Reading Material
Name something an airline passenger might find there isn’t enough of on the plane.
Food, Leg Room, Seats, Pillows/Blankets, Drinks
Name something that would keep you from restaurant if it was bad
Food, Service, Bugs, Sanitary Condition, Price
Name something people might buy for their new goldfish.
Food, Tank, Some Rocks, Castle, Another Goldfish
Name something special a restaurant might do on certain nights in order to draw in customers?
Food Discounts, Happy Hour, Kids Eat Free, Buffet, Life Music
Name something that supermodels would rather do without.
Food/Diet Food, High Heels, Camaras, Makeup, Flaws
Besides your plane ticket, name something you can spend money on at an airport
Food/Drink, Magazine/Paper, Souveniers, Luggage Fee, Parking
If your cat learned to speak, name something it would ask for
Food/Milk, Pets/Scratches, Clean Litterbox, Catnip, Attention
Name something you tap.
Foot, Table, Fingers, Drum, Pencil
Which sports are more popular in america than in other countries?
Football, Baseball, Basketball, Hockey, Golf
Name a sport that might be played at a family reunion.
Football, Baseball, Horseshoes, Frisbee, Basketball
Name a sport where you might see a lot of athletes
Football, Basketball, Baseball, Soccer, Hockey
What might a girl wear for the first time to her junior high dance?
Formal Dress, High Heels, Makeup, Coursage, Bra
Name a specific reason you’d get fired from your job as a zookeeper
Free Animals, Don’t Feed Animals, Animal Cruelty, Sleep On Job, Show Up Late
If your work wanted people to stick around the office more, what should they bring in?
Free Food, A TV Set, Alcohol, Music, Childcare
What accent might an american pretend to have in order to sound sexier
French, British, Italian, Spanish, Australian
Name a type of restaurant might not be able to pronounce anything on menu
French, Chinese, Italian, Mexican, Japanese
Name a language spoken in europe.
French, English, Spanish, German, Italian
Name a door that you’d hate to leave unlocked accidentally
Front Door, Car Door, Bathroom Door, Safe, Pet
Name something you might receive in a gift basket
Fruit, Candy, Lotion, Wine, Bath Oil
Tell me something you feel before you buy it.
Fruit/Vegetables, Clothes, Bread, Pillow, Linens
Tell me a popular type of homemade candy served during the holidays
Fudge, Chocolates, Peanut Brittle, Toffee, Taffy
Name a way in which sitcom characters are typically different from real people
Funny, They’re Acting, Always Happy, Rich, Always Look Good
Name something in a regular house that might be missing in a batchelor pad.
Furniture, Food, Decoration, Family, Appliances
Name a word that starts with “f” that best describes your cat
Furry/Fluffy, Fat, Funny, Fast, Frisky
Name a famous animal from a comic strip.
Garfield, Snoopy, Marmaduke, Heathcliff, Hobbes
Name a controversial american president
George W Bush, Richard Nixon, Bill Clinton, John F Kennedy, Abraham Lincoln
Name a breed of dog that might be used as a guard dog
German Shepard, Pit Bull, Doberman Pinscher, Rottweiler, Bulldog
Name something a kid picks up from school
Germs/Sickness, Homework, Lice, Bad Habits, Swears
Without yelling, how does a mime defend his position in an argument?
Gesture, Point Finger, Facial Expression, Battle, Stomp
What would you be surprised to see a child do at a bowling alley?
Get A Strike, Smoking, Drinking, Sleeping, Perfect Game
Tell me something that would get you thrown out of most bars
Getting In A Fight, Drinking Too Much, Not Paying, Stripping, Being Underage
Name a reason why a boss calls an employee into his office.
Getting Let Go, Promotion/Raise, Lateness, Warning/Reprimand, Have A Meeting
Name something you might find in a spook house
Ghost, Skeleton, Spiderwebs, Monsters, Witch
Name a halloween costume people wear if they don’t want to go all out.
Ghost, Witch, Pumpkin, Vampire, Pajamas
Name something you do on christmas and your birthday
Gifts, Eat Sweets, Party, Time With Family, Sing
Name something specific that women wear that hurts
Girdle, Bra, High Heels, Thong, Earrings
What do you do to help out the less fortunate at the
Give Money, Donate Canned Goods, Serve Meals, Donate Toys, Invite To Dinner
Name a way that people spoil their pets.
Give Them Treats, Feed Too Much, Sleep With Them, Buy Them Clothes, Buy Them Toys
What might you do on family feud, that makes your family upset with you?
Give Wrong Answers, Lose Fast Money, Yell, Swear, Give No Answer
Name an item that usually comes with a lot of packaging in the box.
Glass/Dishes, TV, Computer, Toys, Stereo
Tell me something nerdy you had in high school photos but not in photos today
Glasses, Braces, Big Hair, Acne, Flashy Background
What you would need to dress as john lennon
Glasses, Long Hair, Guitar, Hippie Clothes, Suit
Name something you are always tempted to steal from the doctor’s office.
Gloves, Magazine, Band Aids, Pen, Medicine
Name something from an art class that young children might take a taste of.
Glue/Paste, Paint, Clay, Crayon, Chalk
Name a word that people yell at the TV while watching a football game
Go, Run, Touchdown, Foul, Idiot
Name something dog owners probably wish their dogs never did
Go To The Bathroom, Bark, Bite, Shed, Dig Holes
If you were married to a pirate, what might you often receive for a gift?
Gold Coins, Jewelry, Parrot, Eye Patch, Rum
Name something you might find on a miniature golf course.
Golf Ball, Windmill, Cup, Putting Green, Putter
Name something a bad golfer often runs out of
Golf Balls, Tees, Patience, Clubs, Energy
Name a place you see a lot of green grass.
Golf Course, Park, Farm, Suburbs, Country
Name a reason why a particular kid might be popular in school
Good Looking, Good Athlete, Rich, Nicely Dressed, Friendly
Name something that someone who gets dates has, that someone who doesn’t get dates doesn’t have.
Good Looks, Money, Intimacy, Charm/Confidence, Car
Name something that a game show host and a good teacher have in common
Good Speaker, Smart, Sense Of Humor, Personality, Patience
In the heat of a passionate moment, which disney character’s name would be hardest to say with a straight face
Goofy, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Dopey, Dumbo
Name a website everyone has heard of
Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Amazon, Ebay
Which website would you go to first if you want to find out more about something
Google, Yahoo, Wikipedia, Ask.Com, Bing
Tell me a way in which your office is kind of like a “soap opera.”
Gossip, Sleeping Around, Drama, Bickering, Jealous
Besides your mother, name a female who told you what to do while you were growing up
Grandmother, Aunt, Teacher, Older Sister, Babysitter
Name a fruit that you can buy dried
Grape, Banana, Apricot, Prune, Apple
Name something people serve with biscuits.
Gravy, Butter, Mashed Potatoes, Jelly, Honey
Name something you buy in a larger size if you have a large family.
Groceries, Toilet Papaer, Car, House, Couch
Name an expense that goes up in the month of december
Grocery Bill, Gift/ Shopping Budget, Travel Expenses, Heating Bill, Electric Bill
Name someone you’d hate to show up late at your wedding
Groom, Bride, Clergy, Best Man, Father
Name another word for “ugly.”
Gross, Hideous, Homely, Nasty, Unattractive
Name a sign your girlfriend might be turning into a mermaid.
Grows Tail, She Swims Often, Getting Scales, Always In Water, Gills
Name a musical instrument made out of wood
Guitar, Violin, Flute/Pipe, Clarinet, Oboe
Name something that’s sticky
Gum, Glue, Tape, Syrup, Honey
Name something sold in checkout lines
Gum, Magazines, Batteries, Lottery Tickets, Cigarettes
Name something that’s usually fruit-flavored
Gum/Candy, Juice, Jell O, Soda, Ice Cream
Name something that you’ve never seen in real life, but you see at least 3 of in every action movie
Gun, Explosion, Monster, Alien, Car Chase
Name something you might see in a museum about the old west.
Gun, Pictures, Covered Wagon, Stagecoach, Buffalo
What might you find in your food that belongs to the cook?
Hair, Ring, Fingernail, Bandage, Tooth
Somethng babies are born with little or none of
Hair, Teeth, Knowledge, Money, Sight
Name something on your body that you want to be shiny.
Hair, Teeth, Nails, Lips, Eyes
Name something that grows without being watered.
Hair, Weeds, Cactus, People, Nails
Name a day when kids get a lot of candy
Halloween, Easter, Christmas, Birthday, Valentine’s Day
Other than christmas, name an occasion for which people decorate their houses.
Halloween, Easter, Thanksgiving, Birthday, Fourth Of July
Name an occasion that dracula is almost always dressed for
Halloween, Funeral, Formal Dinner, Costume Ball, Wedding
Name a reason a person might wear a disguise.
Halloween Party, Robber/On The Run, Undercover Spy, Celebrity, Witness Protection
Name a word that means “stop.”
Halt, Quit, No, Pause, Freeze
Name something you order at mcdonald’s that you’d never order at a fancy french restaurant.
Hamburger, French Fries, Chicken Nuggets, Milkshake, Filet O Fish
Which traditional dish would you prepare for somebody learning about american culture?
Hamburger, Fried Chicken, Pizza, Hot Dog, Apple Pie
Name a downside to being the youngest child in the big family.
Hand Me Down Clothes, Treated Like A Baby, Picked On, No Respect, Lack Of Attention
Name something you wave in the air.
Hands, Flag, Sign/Banner, Kite, Lighter
Other than love, name something that “money can’t buy”.
Happiness, Health, Friendship, Family, Time
Name a specific reason co-worker drinks after work
Hard Day, Birthday, Promotion, Date, Friday
Name something construction workers wear
Hard Hat, Tool Belt, Boots, Orange Vests, Overalls
Name something about wife makes you think she’s a witch
Has A Broom, Nose, She’s Magic, Personality, Laugh
Name something a boy might wear that is likely to get him kicked out of prep school.
Hat, Dress/Skirt, Blue Jeans, Piercing, Shorts
Name something people wear that only comes in one size.
Hat, Glasses, Scarf, Gloves, Tie
What might you buy with fav sports team logo on it
Hat, Shirt, Jacket, Mug, Ball
Name something warn as a part of a movie theatre uniform
Hat, Vest, Name Tag, Jacket, Tie
Name something you’d wear to a roaring ’20s themed party.
Hat/Headband, Flapper Dress, Beads, Wig/Bob, Feather/Boa
Name something a shy man might wear to hide his face.
Hat/Headband, Glasses, Facial Hair, Scarf, Hood
What might you find out about a house that would make you back out of buying it.
Haunted, Termites, Mold, Price Went Up, Leaky Roof
Name something adults always ask kids about school
Have Homework?, How Are Your Grades?, How Was Your Day?, What Did You Learn?, When Is Your Test?
Name a specific way that you wish your life were like a hollywood movie
Have Lots Of Money, Find True Love, Live In Nice House, Lots Of Drama, Happy Ending
Name something you hope doesn’t happen when holding someone’s baby.
Have To Change Diaper, Drop It, Spit Up On You, Cry, Snneze/Cough On Baby
Name something about peter pan that is different from the average boy
He Can Fly, Wears Tights, Never Grows Up, Small, Pointy Ears
Name something specific that’s out of proportion in a child’s drawing
Head, Hands, House, Sun, Belly
Name a reason why you’d wake your spouse up in the middle of the night
Heard A Noise, “In The Mood”, Snoring, You’re Sick, Had A Nightmare
Name a specific part of your body that the doctor might say to take better care of
Heart, Back/Spine, Feet, Eyes, Kidneys
What does a human have that a robot doesn’t
Heart, Brain, Blood, Emotions, Skin/Hair
Tell me a symbol used to represent love
Heart, Cupid, Kiss, Ring, Rose
Name something football players wear for protection.
Helmet, Cup, Shoulder Pads, Knee Pads, Mouth Guard
Name a minor ailment you can’t stop your body from doing, but would dread having happen at your wedding ceremony.
Hiccups, Coughing/Choking, Pass Gass, Sneezing Fit, Bloody Nose
Name something a woman’s doctor might advise her not to wear.
High Heels, Pantyhose, Makeup, Girdle/Corset, Perfume
Name something people associtae with the 1960s
Hippies, Music, Vietnam, 60s Hairstyles, Bell Bottoms
Name someone bart simpson would block from becoming his friend on facebook.
His Dad/Homer, His Sister/Lisa, His Mom/Marge, The Bully/Nelson, Principal Skinner
Name something a man asks his friends for a second opinion on
His Live Life, Buying A Car, His Career, His Outfit, His Finances
If you were going to be a contestant on jeopardy, name a specific subject area you’d want to memorize beforehand.
History, Geography, Movies, Current Events, The Bible
Name a sport where players lose teeth.
Hockey, Boxing, Football, Baseball, Wrestling
Name a city were you would expect to find beautiful people
Hollywood, New York, Miami, Paris, Las Vegas
Name a way to avoid spending a lot on christmas gifts
Homemade, Sales, Set A Budget, Re-Gift, Discount Stores
Name something a real estate agent needs to do his job.
Homes For Sale, Car, Clients, Advertisement, Good Attitude
Name a reason kids give for not liking school
Homework, Boring, Teacher, Bullies, Too Hard
Tell me what kids hate most about school.
Homework, Teachers, Getting Up, Math, Principal
What are the most common terms of endearment used when a person is talking to their partner
Honey, Love, Baby, Dear, Sweetheart
We asked 100 singles: describe last date with movie genre
Horror, Comedy, Drama, Romance, Action
Name something you’ve ridden on only a handful of times in your life.
Horse, Airplane, Roller Coaster, Motorcycle, Train
Name something a knight needs for a jousting match
Horse, Sword, Armour, Lance, Shield
Name a reason why a child might not want long hair
Hot, Tangles, Looks Like A Girl, Hard To Wash, In Their Eyes
Name something in your life you want bigger
House, Bank Account, Muscles, Car, TV
Name a famous howard.
Howard Stern, Howard Hughs, Howard Cosell, Howard Johnson, Howard The Duck
Name something associated with the 50’s
Hula Hoop, Barbie, Yo Yo, Mr Potato Head, Slinky
What do you do when you want to sing along with a song, but don’t know the words?
Hum, Mumble, Pretend To Know, Whistle, Lip Sync
Word for handsome man you would feel funny saying
Hunk, Sexy, Stud, Cutie, Hottie
Name something people do in the woods that probably annoys the animals living there
Hunt, Relieve Themselves, Camp, Cut Down Trees, Litter
What kind of a weather event makes the front page of the news?
Hurricane, Snow/Blizzard, Tornado, Flood, Earthquake
What should a man dress as if he wants to get a lot of dates on halloween?
Hustler, Dracula, Prince, Superman, Firefighter
Tell me something a wife likes to hear from her husband.
I Love You, Compliments, Missed You, Want Breakfast In Bed, I Got A Raise
We asked 100 husbands: if your wife is staring at you over a holiday dinner, what might she be telling you with her look
I Love You, Your In Trouble, Let’s Leave, Stop Talking, Help Out/Dishes
Besides ice cream and popsicles, name something you need to be a neighborhood ice cream man
Ice Cream Truck, Music, Cones, Freezer, Friendly Personality
Name a sport that can only be played outdoors in the winter?
Ice Hockey, Skiing, Ice Skating, Snowboarding, Bobsledding
Name something that you could see on an alaskan cruise that you probably wouldn’t see on a caribbean cruise
Iceberg, Snow, Polar Bear, Whale, Seal
Name something a girl in a pageant would know how to do, but most little girls wouldn’t.
Id, Hair, Name, Facial Hair, Glasses
Name something dogs are trained to find
Illegal Substance, Criminals, Bones, Missing People, Birds
Name something children often catch
Illness, Ball, Bugs/ Butterflies, Fish, Frogs
Being in hot water is one way of saying you’re in trouble, name another.
In The Doghouse, On Thin Ice, In A Pickle, Burned Your Bridges, River Without Paddle
Name something a woman should know a man before marrying him
Income, Age, Does He Have Kids, His Name, Past Relationships
Name something the government knows about you, but you wouldn’t talk to a co-worker about.
Income, Tax Information, Social Security, Criminal Record, Debt
Name something you might pay extra for when renting a car
Insurance, Better Stereo, Milage Fees, Bigger Car, Gps
Name a place where people get new recipes
Internet, Cookbook, TV, Friends, Family Recipe
What could your computer run without, but it would be a bummer not to have?
Internet, Mouse, Printer, Speakers, Keyboard
What might you see in an email that would make yo think a teen wrote it
Internet Acronyms, Slang, Misspelling, Swearing, Smiley Face
Name a country whose food you know better than its language
Italy, China, Mexico, France, Japan
Name a place where it’d be smart for a lawyer to advertise.
Jail, Court, TV, Billboard, Hospital
Name a place where people don’t want to end up
Jail, Dead, Hell, Homeless, Dumpster
Name a place where the average person wouldn’t last a day
Jail, Desert, Military, Frozen Tundra, Outer Space
Name a place where youd least expect to see a superhero.
Jail, Place Of Worship, Mall, Bar, Grocery Store
Name a foreign language that is not usually offered in high school
Japanese, Chinese, Latin, Russian, German
Name a reason why a man might not want his wife to have a girl’s night out.
Jealous, Drinking, No Dinner, Has To Watch Kids, Lonely
Name something a kindergarten teacher wears to work that a banker never would
Jeans, Apron, Tennis Shoes, T Shirt, Colorful Seater
Which item of clothing will you wear more than once before washing it?
Jeans, Shirt, Coat, Bra, Socks
Name a kind of pants you can’t wear to work.
Jeans, Sweats, Leather, Stretch Pants, Pajama Pants
Name an article of clothing some women try to wear as tight as possible
Jeans/Pants, Shit/Sweater, Skirt/Dress, Irdle, Bra
What do people eat in the hospital
Jell O, Soup, Ice Cream, Pudding, Apple Sauce
Name a food that can be molded into a shape
Jello, Dough, Cheese, Meatloaf, Mashed Potatoes
Name a gift that most women would be thrilled to get for christmas
Jewelry, Car, Cash, Perfume, Clothes
When she’s run out of money, what might a gambler put on the table?
Jewelry, Car Keys, Credit Card, Articles Of Clothing, Deed To House
We asked 100 women: if you’re underdressed for a party, what can you put on quickly to look dressed up?
Jewelry, Make Up, Jacket, Scarf, Heels
Name something that’s expensive to replace if you lose it.
Jewelry, Watch, Cell Phone, House, Pair Of Glasses
What song do you think santa claus has as his cell phone ringtone?
Jingle Bells, Santa Claus Is Coming, Rudolph, Here Comes Santa Claus, Santa Baby
Name a celebrity who you’re pretty sure has had plastic surgery
Joan Rivers, Pamela Anderson, Cher, Dolly Parton, Michael Jackson
Real or fictional, name a famous cowboy
John Wayne, Roy Rogers, Billy The Kid, Lone Ranger, Woody
Name a way to get down from a tall building
Jump, Elevator, Ladder, Stairs, Scale It
Name an exercise high school gym teachers make you do.
Jumping Jacks, Run, Push Ups, Sit Ups, Pull Ups
Name an actor who also has a rock band?
Keanu Reeves, Kevin Bacon, Bruce Willis, Jack Black, Russell Crowe
Name something people should never leave house without
Keys, Money, Phone, Clothes, Id
Name something important that you’re careful not to misplace when you move.
Keys, Passport, Wallet/Money, Jewelery, Phone
Name an organ people might have removed.
Kidney, Appendix, Gall Bladder, Lung, Spleen
Name something you’ve come to realize you’re too old to put up with.
Kids, Drama/Gossip, Dating, Noise, Nightlife
Name something that gets picked up
Kids, Girls, Mess, Trash, Mail
Name something a caveman might do to impress a cavewoman
Kill Dinosaur, Beat His Chest, Make Fire, Bring Her Meat, Pull Her By The Hair
Name something a germ-o-phobe would refuse to do on a date
Kiss, Hold Hands, Shake Hands, Share A Drink, Hug
Name something you might do on a date in the park.
Kiss, Picnic, Walk, Hold Hands, Use Playground
Tell me something that many people are too shy to do in front of others
Kiss, Sing, Speak, Try On Clothes, Dance
Name something specific england people eat
Kiss, Smoke, Spit, Pick Nose, Fight
Name something your spouse does to let you know they’re “in the mood for love.”
Kiss/Touch, Touch, Turn On Music, Undress/Change Clothes, Acty Flirty
Name something a guy might do when he’s with his girlfriend that his buddies might tease him about.
Kissing, Holding Hands, Crying At A Movie, Go Shopping, Hold Door Open
Whats the best thing about going to the drive-in
Kissing, Stay In Car, Privacy, Big Screen, No Standing In Line
What might a woman brag that her husband is better at than most?
Kissing/ Intimacy, Cooking, Fixing Things, Making Money, Cleaning
Name a term for “little boy” that old person might use
Lad, Sonny, Youngin, Kiddo, Whippersnapper
During conversation you might fake
Laugh, Interest, Smile, Name, Accent
Name someone who make money off of giving advice
Lawyer, Therapist, Doctor, Financial Planner, Fortune Teller
Which bad work trait would be hard to detect while interviewing someone?
Laziness, Lateness, Lying, Stealing, Poor Attendance
Name something dogs hate owners to put on them
Leash, Collar, Clothes, Flea Spray, Muzzle
Name a reason the bride and the groom might leave the reception early
Leave For Honeymoon, A Little Privacy, Tired, Too Much To Drink, Arguing
Another phrase to say “stop bothering me”
Leave Me Alone, Go Away, Bug Off, Get Lost, Quit It
What might a shopaholic do at the store to prevent overspending
Leave Store, Carry No Money, Cash Not Credit, Set A Budget, Use Coupons
Name a smell you associate with fall
Leaves, Rain, Campfire, Pumpkin Pie, Apples
Name a part of the body that’s often sore after exercise.
Legs, Arms, Back, Stomach, Butt
Name something people drink a lot of in the summer
Lemonade, Iced Tea, Water, Beer, Kool Aid
Why might a person drink tea instead of coffee?
Less Caffeine, Taste, Healthier, Have A Cold, They’re English
What are some things that people send by email that they used to send through the mail?
Letter, Pictures, Cards, Invitations, Bills
Name an occupation where you could get away with reading on the job
Librarian, Writer/ Editor, Teacher, Secretary, Security Guard
If you want to read a book without paying for it, where might you spend too much time
Library, Book Store, School, On Line, Friend’s House
Name a place that has internet now but not long ago
Library, Hotel, Cafe, Fast Food, Home
Name a place people might go for peace and quiet.
Library, Park, Church, Bedroom, Beach
Name a room that you’d find in a mansion, but not a regular house
Library/Study, Game Room, Pool Room, Parlor, Home Theatre
Name something you wouldn’t want your kid bringing home from school.
Lice, Bad Grades, Drugs, Illness, Germs
Name something you would have to be without when cops pull over
License, Registration, Insurance, Cell Phone, Seat Belt
Name something that is personalized
License Plate, Watch/Jewelry, Polio/Work Shirt, Towel Set, Luggage Tag
Name an occupation in which you’d probably go through a lot of sunscreen.
Lifeguard, Road Construction, Land Scaper/Gardener, Farmer, Roofer
Name something a camper does that he wouldn’t do at home
Light Fire, Use Latrine, Hike, Sing Campfire Songs, Sleep In Tent
Name something in the house that you shouldn’t leave on when you go out.
Lights, Oven, Coffeemaker, TV, Iron
Name something you see in someone’s yard as a holiday decoration.
Lights, Santa, Snowman, Reindeer, Tree
Name something that can be easily be turned off
Lights, TV, Oven Radio, Radio, Partner
Name an occupation you’d want just for the car.
Limo Driver, Police Officer, Racecar Driver, Taxi Driver, Pizza Driver
Circus animal you would hate to be trainer for
Lion, Tiger, Elephant, Monkey, Bear
Which circus or sideshow performer had better have a good insurance policy?
Lion Tamer, Trapeze Artist, Tightrope Walker, Fire Eater, Sword Swallower
Name something in a woman’s purse that a man would never ask to borrow.
Lip Stick, Tampons, Compact, Eyelash Curler, Perfume
At a public pool, what might you pay extra to rent?
Locker, Towel, Chair, Inner Tube/Float, Umbrella
Name a reason why it takes you forever to get out of the grocery store.
Long Lines, Shopping With Kids, Crowded, Chatting, Sales
What might you see in a personals ad that makes you think it was placed by a barbie doll?
Lookin For My Ken, Plastic, Blonde Hair, Measurements, Spelling Errors
Name something naughty that a grandpa might secretly let his grandson get away with
Looking At Girls, Sipping Beer, Eating Sweets, Staying Up Late, Bad Language
Name something kids start to care more about once they’re teenagers
Looks, Clothes, Dating, Money, Driving
Name something twins might always share.
Looks, Parents, Birthday, Genes, Last Name
Name something a house needs in order to be considered a mansion
Lots Of Rooms, Pool, Staff, Elevator, Gate
Name a reason why some TV commercials are more irritating than others.
Loud Sounds, Played Too Much, Too Long, Catchy Song, Too Boring
In one word, what’s the best thing about being married?
Love, Intimacy, Companionship, Money/ Security, Kids
Instead of “courage” or “a brain”, what quality would you ask the wizard of oz for?
Love, Strength, Beauty, Wisdom, Kindness
Name something your mom told you was the key to a happy marriage
Love, Trust, Healthy Love Life, Communication, Compromise
Name a place on the body that women tattoo, but men usually don’t
Lower Back/Bottom, Ankle, Chest, Foot, Hip
Name something you’d hate to lose at the airport.
Luggage, Boarding Pass, Id/Passport, Money, Kids
Name something karaoke singers use for help, but a real singer shouldn’t need.
Lyrics, Alcohol, Microphone, Music, Backup Vocals
Besides a book, tell me a good gift for someone who loves to read.
Mag./Subscription, Book Light, E Reader, Bookmark, Book Shelf
Name something peoiple subscribe to by month
Magazine, Newspaper, Cable, Gym, Internet
Besides food, name something you buy at a supermarket
Magazines, Greeting Cards, Derergent, Newspapers, Toilet Paper
Name something parents wouldn’t want to find under their child’s bed
Magazines, Moldy Food, Dirty Clothes, Boogieman, Trash
Besides books, name something people read.
Magazines, News Papers, Road Signs, Poems, Billboards
Name something you’d find in a hospital waiting room.
Magazines, TV, Pay Phone, Chair, People
Name someone who might work at a mansion.
Maid, Butler, Cook, Gardener, Chauffeur
If money isn’t an object, who do people hire to help make their lives easier?
Maid, Chef, Butler, Nanny, Driver
Name a reason you might have to get a change for a dollar
Make A Phone Call, Vending Machine, Parking Meter, Bus Fare, Newspaper Machine
On a game show, name something a host must do.
Make Conversation, Ask Questions, Smile, Introduce Teams, Sense Of Humor
Name something you can do with a pumpkin once halloween is over
Make Pie, Smash It, Throw It Away, Toast Seeds, Make Soup
What topic would you see in a women’s magazine that’s never in a men’s magazine?
Make Up, Period, Fashion, Cooking, Pregnancy
Name something a teen might take off before going to grandma’s house for dinner.
Makeup, Hat, Piercing, Shoes, Hoodie
Before 21, a place a young person could hang on friday night
Mall, Movie, Skating Rink, Bowling Alley, Friends House
Name a place where a child might get separated from her parents.
Mall, Park, Zoo, Theme Park, Airport
Name something that happens to the furniture of a person who owns pets.
Many Scratches, Strong Smells, Hair All Over, Lots Of Stains, Chewed Up
Name something you always have with you so you don’t get lost
Map, Compass, Cell Phone, Gps, Co Pilot
What can you consult for directions when you’re lost?
Map, Gps, Gas Station Attendant, Police, Compass
Name something a diver might look for underwater
Marine Animals, Treasure, Shells, Missing Person, Sunken Ship
Name a type of business that’s convenient to have in your neighborhood
Market/Conv Store, Gas Station, Bank, Restaurant, Laundromat
Name a decision that people don’t make lightly.
Marriage, Divorce, Buying A House, Having Kids, Accepting A Job
Name a piece of paper you were nervous to sign
Marriage License, Employment Contract, Mortgage Loan, Divorce, Will
Name something you want to know when you run into a friend you haven’t seen in years?
Married?, How Are You?, Your Name Again…?, Have Kids?, What Do You Do?
Real or fictional, name someone who’s associated with a lamb
Mary, Jesus, Little Bo Peep, Shepherd, Lambchop (puppet)
What might a bankrobber wear in order to keep his identity a secret?
Mask, Gloves, Wig, Hat, Sunglasses
Name something associated with zorro
Mask, Sword, Z, Horse, Cape
Name something a boy scout wouldn’t need to start a fire, but you do
Matches, Lighter, Gasoline, Kindling, Newspaper
Name a reason someone might chop up his credit card
Maxed Out, Expired, Paid It Off, Fraud, Got A New One
Name a fast food restaurant people would recognize by their sign.
Mcdonalds, Burger King, Taco Bell, Kfc, Pizza Hut
Name a type of professional who might overcharge if you don’t know any better.
Mechanic, Lawyer, Doctor/Dentist, Plumber, Car Salesperson
Name something you might lose as you get older.
Memory, Hair, Teeth, Eye Sight, Hearing
Name something annoying that cats do.
Meow, Scratch, Lick Themselves, Shed, Bite
Other than “christmas”, name a word that’s in almost every christmas song
Merry, Santa, Snow, Bells, Holiday
Name a country that is known for its spicy food
Mexico, India, Italy, Thailand, Spain
Name something cats can chase all day.
Mice, Tail, Ball Of Yarn, Birds, Toys
Name something that you would be willing to pay twice as much for at a convenience store because you need it quickly.
Milk, Cigarettes, Painkiller, Feminine Products, Chocolate
Name something in the kitchen that makes a huge mess if it’s spilled
Milk, Juice / Kool Aid, Flour, Cooking Oil, Grease
Name something babies need a lot of.
Milk, Love, Attention, Diapers, Sleep
Name something people like to drink at bedtime.
Milk, Water, Hot Chocolate, Juice, Tea
Name a game show that gives away a lot of money.
Millionaire, Sunscreen, Wheel Of Fortune, Family Fued, Price Is Right
Name something smoker may do before going in for a kiss
Mint, Spray, Chew Gum, Brush Teeth, Mouthwash
Name something that keeps you from finishing a jigsaw puzzle.
Missing Piece, Time, Difficulty, Kids, Boredom
Name something cindy crawford is known for
Mole, Modeling, Beauty, Aerobics, Body
Which of your family members is hardest to shop for around the holidays?
Mom, Dad, Spouse, Grandparent, Child
Name a person in your life dislike partner
Mom, Friends, Kids, Sibling, Dad
Name name something you bring with you everywhere
Money, Cell Phone, Id|, Keys, Ipod
Name something you should always carry extra of when flying by plane.
Money, Change Of Clothes, Snacks, Gum, Tissue
What do soap opera characters and wealthy people have in common?
Money, Dramatic Lives, Big Houses, Nice Clothes, Good Looks
Name something that would make you suspicious if your date said he didn’t have any.
Money, Friends, Family, Exes, Identification
Name things that are part of the american dream
Money, House, Freedom, Apple Pie, Car
Name something a couple might worry about having less of once they have children
Money, Intimacy, Time, Privacy, Partners Love
Name something you are smarter about now than when you were a teenager
Money, Life, Relationships, Driving, Drinking
What did 100 wives say their husbands “always think they’re right about” in an argument?
Money, Raising Kids, Romance/Relationship, Cars, Sports
Name something moms are desperate for.
Money, Sleep, Free Time, Help, Quiet
Name something a couple starts fighting about once they move in together.
Money, Space, Cleaning, Bathroom, TV
Name something oprah winfrey has that the average woman admires.
Money, Talk Show, Self Esteem, Charisma, Style
Name something that your spouse has accused you of “stealing.”
Money, Their Heart, Left Overs/Dessert, A Kiss, The TV Remote
Tell me something you would never borrow from your close friend.
Money, Underwear, Toothbrush, Mate, Car
Name a piece of kids’s play equipment that adults would probably hurt themselves using.
Monkey Bars, Slide, Swing, Merry Go Round, Seesaw
Name a board game that takes a long time to play.
Monopoly, Chess, Scrabble, Risk, Life
Name a card or board game that many families play together
Monopoly, Scrabble, Clue, Spades, Cranium
Name something people are often chased by in movies
Monster, Cars, Cops, Bad Guys, Dogs
Name something you might see in a hunting lodge
Mounted Animal Heads, Guns, Hunters, Antlers, Fireplace
What do people bring back as a souvenir from disneyworld?
Mouse Ears, T Shirt, Keychain, Stuffed Animal/ Doll, Autograph
What might you draw on a picture of someone’s face in order to make them look silly?
Moustache, Beard, Big Nose, Horns, Glasses
Name a word or phrase that begins with the word “mouth.”
Mouth Wash, Mouth Off, Mouth To Mouth, Mouthful, Mouthguard/Piece
Name a place where you hate to save seats for people
Movie Theater, Public Transit, Place Of Worship, Concert, Sporting Event
Name a place where many people would feel uncomfortable going without a date.
Movie Theatre, Dance, Wedding, Restaurant, Bar
Name a type of poster a 13-year-old boy might have on his
Movie/TV Star, Their Favorite Band, Sports, Pro Wrestling, Superhero
Name something associated with melanie griffith.
Movies, Actress, Antonio Banderas, Don Johnson, Blonde Hair
Name something people try to recite lines from
Movies, Poetry, Play, Religious Scripture, Songs
On his 18th birthday, what would a mom hate to hear her son say? “mom, i’m_____”
Moving Out, Getting Married, Going To Be A Dad, Dropping Out, Joining Military
Name something you need when you’re moving.
Moving Truck, Boxes, Dolly, Friends To Help, Movers
Name a chore you get out of if it rains
Mowing Lawn, Washing Car, Gardening, Raking, Taking Out Trash
Besides a horse, which animal is used for transportation
Mule, Camel, Dog, Elephant, Ox
Name something people take along to make a long car ride go faster.
Music, Reading Matereal, Games, Snacks, TV/Movie
Name something a deejay needs to play a gig.
Music, Turntable, Microphone, Laptop/Ipod, Sound System
Name something a manicurist needs to do her job.
Nail File, Fingernail Polish, Buffer, Cotton Balls, Scissors
Name a piece of information that might be on a dog’s tag.
Name, Address, Phone Number, Owner’s Name, Reward
Name something that people often write on the back of postcards
Name, Address, With Love, Miss You, Hi/Hello
Name something new parents have to agree on before their baby is born
Name, Religion, Room Color, Childcare, Discipline
If there were no clean plates, what might you eat over?
Napkin, Sink, Table, Bowl, Hand
Name a reason why a man might delay proposing to his girlfriend.
Nervous, No Money, Not Ready, Unsure, Someone Else
Name a place where you can always find a taxi
New York, Airport, Hotel, Breathe, Railway Station
Name a us city that probably has a lot of single people
New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Boston
Name the last thing you read on the internet that you wish you hadn’t.
News, Email/Spam, Gossip, Bills/Accounts, Blog/Comments
Name a type of TV show that you can’t imagine having an audience laugh track.
News, Soap Opera, Reality TV, Talk Show, Crime Drama
Name something cats can chase all day.
Nice, Tail, Ball Of Yarn, Birds, Toy/Ball
Name a job you would only do at night.
Night Watch, Bartender, Entertainer, Janitor, Bouncer
Name a reason why parents say that childhood is better than adulthood.
No Bills, No Work, No Worries, More Fun/Playing, No Resposibility
Name something people do while telling a lie that gives them away.
No Eye Contact, Stutter, Sweating, Smile/Nervous Laugh, Red Face
Name something parents let their kids do in the past, that would make them seem like bad parents today
No Seatbelt, Unsupervised Play, No Bike Helmet, Walk To School, Sit In Front Seat
Name a sign you might see posted in a restaurant.
No Smoking, Restrooms, Wait To Be Seated, No Shirt No Service, Not Resp. For Items
Name an excuse people give for not eating healthy
No Time, Lazy, Too Expensive, Taste, Only Live Once
Why might a waiter say he had bad day?
No Tips, Rude Customers, Spill/ Drop Food, Busy, Fired
Name something that might cause a real life family feud among neighbors.
Noise, Money/Property, Dogs/Pets, Naughty Kids, Unkempt Yard
Name something in a casino that may give you a headache.
Noise, Smoke, Flashung Lights, Slot Machines, Alcohol
Name something that would keep you from sleeping on an airplane
Noisy Kids, Bad Weather, Baby Crying, Knees In The Back, ??
Name a reason you may leave a blind date without saying goodbye
Not Attracted, Rude, No Sparks, Bad Breath, Boring
Name a reason why you might skip lunch.
Not Hungry, Too Busy, On A Diet, Work/Meeting, Feeling Sick
Name a reason you might skip lunch
Not Hungry, Too Busy, On A Diet, Work/Meeting, Sick
How can you tell the person you’re talking to is not interested in listening?
Not Looking At You, Yawning, Fall Asleep, Rolling Eyes, Talking To Someone Else
Name something moms warn their children will make them catch a cold.
Not Wearing Jacket, Germs, Not Wearing Shoes, No Hat, Wet Head
Name a reason why you might not get a good night’s sleep while staying at someone else’s house
Not Your Own Bed, Noisy House, Host Has Pets, House Is Unfamiliar, Homesick
What does a businessman use when making speeches, but pastors don’t during their sermons?
Note Cards, Chart, Pointer, Powerpoint, Projector
What do you think a high school mascot wears under his costume?
Nothing, Shorts, Underwear, Tights, T Shirt
Name an occupation where women are often portrayed as sexy?
Nurse, Dancer, Model, Waitress, Secretary
Name an occupation that might get tired of wearing the same thing every day
Nurse, Doctor, Police Officer, Food Server, Mail Carrier
Name a famous phrase from the wizard of oz?
Off To See The Wizard, No Place Like Home, Follow Yellow Brick Road, I’ll Get You My Pretty, Lions Tigers & Bears
Name something people “run” for.
Office, Marathon, Health, Their Life, Cover
Name something you change on or in your car
Oil, Tires, Radio Station, Brake Pads, Windshield Wipers
Name something that might be on a toothpick inside a fancy drink
Olive, Cherry, Umbrella, Lemon, Lime
Name something that comes with a drink of a fancy cocktail
Olive, Umbrella, Cherry, Lemon, Lime
Name something at your company holiday party that could lead you to embarrass yourself.
Open Bar, Dance Floor, Karaoke, Mistletoe, Free Food
Name a type of event that adults dress up to go to but kids would find boring?
Opera, Broadway/Play, Wedding, Symphony, Ballet
Name a talk show you might go on to tell about your disaster wedding
Oprah, Jerry Springer, Maury, Dr Phil, Tyra Banks
Name a talk show you might go on to tell about your disaster wedding.
Oprah, Jerry Springer, Maury, Tyra Banks, Dr Phil
Name a fruit that you squeeze to see if it’s ripe.
Orange, Peach, Melon, Tomato, Lemon
Name something you eat that can be described as juicy.
Orange, Peach, Steak, Apple, Hamburger
Besides chocolate chip, name a popular cookie
Oreo, Oatmeal, Peanut Butter, Sugar, Vanilla Wafers
Tell me something you avoid when you are sick
Other People, Other People, Eating, Alcohol, Smoking
Tell me something you avoid when you are sick
Other People, Work/School, Eating, Alcohol, Smoking
Which article of clothing do you suspect every farmer owns?
Overalls, Cowboy Hat, Blue Jeans, Boots, Suspenders
Tell me a reason you might be low on sleep.
Overworked, Kids/New Baby, Can’t Sleep, Sick, Studying
Name something you use to decorate your face for halloween
Paint, Mask, Fake Blood, Clown Nose, Glitter
Name something you might change when moving into a new house.
Paint/Wallpaper, Carpet, Contact Information, Locks, Curtains
Name something you might see a picture of on a postcard from hawaii.
Palm Trees, Beach, Water, Hawaiian Woman, Volcano
Name something really tall person has to think twice before buying
Pants, Car, Shoes, Bed, House
What do people use to keep their place in a book if they don’t have a bookmark?
Paper, Fold Page, Pen, Card, Napkin
Name something you cut with scissors.
Paper, Hair, Clothes, Nails, Ribbon
Name something that a secretary never wants to run out of at the office.
Paper, Pens/Ink, Coffee, Staples, Time
Name someone specific who you wouldn’t want viewing your facebook page
Parent, Boss, Ex, Partner, Kids
Name a person you wouldn’t want to get tipsy in front of.
Parent, Boss, Pastor, Police Officer, In Laws
Name something some siblings have in common that others don’t
Parents, Hair, Eye Color, Last Name, Facial Features
Name someone in a man’s life who you’d want to meet before marrying him
Parents, Kids, Best Friend, Sublings, Ex
When visiting hometown, place you would definately visit
Parents House, Mall, School, Bar, Church
Name a member of the celebrity elite who is famous for no apparent reason.
Paris Hilton, Kevin Federline, Donald Trump, Kim Kardashian, Nicole Richie
Name a place where you hate to see litter
Park, Beach, Roadside, Yard, Schoolyard
Name a place that’s meant for kids, but adults love it too
Park, Disney/ Theme Park, Zoo, Chuck E Cheese, Circus
Name a place where it would be strange to go if you didn’t have kids.
Park/ Playground, Chuck E Cheese, Zoo, School/ Daycare, Disney/ Amusement Park
Name a place where someone might practice driving for the first time.
Parking Lot, Driving School, Field, Driveway, Country Road
What might a celebrity do that causes people to criticize him?
Party, Cheat, Drive Carelessly, Get Arrested, Divorce
Name something that gets described as festive
Party, Holiday, Food, Carnival, Decorations
Name something you hope your friend doesn’t do when house sitting for you.
Party, Steal, Use My Clothes, Make A Mess, Smoke
Name a reason why you might get introduced many people at once
Party, Wedding, New Job, Famous, Reunion
Name something people don’t want to do in front of somebody they’re dating, until they get serious.
Pass Gas, Show Affection, Eat, Undress, Use The Restroom
Name something you don’t want the person next to you to do while you’re eating.
Pass Gas, Sneeze, Smoke, Blow Nose, Cough
Name a food parents are afraid to give their children due to its messiness
Pasta, Ice Cream, Chocolate/ Desserts, Sloppy Joe, Pizza
Name a salad that’s not green.
Pasta Salad, Potato Salad, Fruit Salad, Taco Salad, Egg Salad
Name someone other than family and friends that you would confide in
Pastor, Teacher, Doctor, Co Worker, Therapist
Name a piece of information that can be found on a prescription bottle.
Patient Name, Directions, Date/Expiration, Drug/Ingredients, Doctor/Contact
Name something a job ad should tell you about the job.
Pay, Title, Hours, Duties, Location
Name a type of sandwich a kid might take to school
Peanut Butter/Jelly, Cheese, Bologna, Salami, Ham
Name an appetizer you might find served at a bar
Peanuts, Chicken Wings, Pretzels, Popcorn, Nachos
Name a fruit that starts with the letter “p.”
Pear, Peach, Pinapple, Plum, Papaya
When wading in a lake, tell me something you feel against your feet
Pebbles, Sand/Mud, Fish, Seaweed, Shells
Tell me something you would let your dog do, but not your child.
Pee Outside, Lick, Drink From Toilet, Eat Scraps, Run Loose
Name something men put in their shirt pockets
Pen/Pencil, Money, Handkerchief, Glasses, Cigarettes
Name an animal that stays with one partner
Penguin, Human, Bird, Wolf, Whale
Name a word for someone who never does anything wrong
Perfectionist, Saint, Angel, Do Gooder, Goody Two Shoes
Name something people use to smell good, but you wouldn’t use to eliminate you dog’s odor
Perfume, Deodorant, Lotion, After Shave, Mouth Wash
Name something you spray on yourself that would sting if it got in your eyes.
Perfume, Insect Repelant, Hairspray, Sunscreen/Tan, Deoderant
Name something you can test in the store before buying it
Perfume, TV, Clothes/Shoes, Computer, Cd
Name a good day job for a body builder
Personal Trainer, Construction, Bouncer, Lifeguard, Model
Name something about you that has not changed as you’ve gotten older
Personality/Attitude, Eyes, Name, Sense Of Humor, Smile
Name something form home you might miss on vacation.
Pet, Bed, Family, TV, Computer
Name something in a person’s house a burglar wouldn’t want to steal
Pet, Food, Underwear, Laundry, Trash
Who or what might you give a nickname to?
Pet, Friend, Child, Partner, Car
Name something a woman treats better than her husband
Pet, Kids, Car, Hair, Shoes
Name something people use to wake them up
Phone, Dog, Radio, Rooster, Sun
Name something you use at least 20 times a day
Phone, Hands, Bathroom, Pen, Computer
Name something you would allow the house sitter to use while at your place
Phone, TV, Bathroom, Computer, Bed
Name something a person might change after breaking up with a partner.
Phone Number, Hair, Name, Locks, Address
Unlike age or weight, name a number that you’d be surprised for someone to offer before a blind date.
Phone Number, Income, Social Security, Past Lovers, Iq
Name something a prisoner might daydream about doing once he is free
Physical Affection, Eating Well, Drinking, Visiting Family, Getting A Job
Which famous painter would you ask to paint your portrait?
Picasso, Van Gogh, Da Vinci, Monet, Michaelangelo
Name something you buy to go with a guitar.
Pick, Case, Strings, Amp, Sheet Music
What is a bad habit a little kid would have
Pick Nose, Suck Thumb, Bite Nails, Lying, Swearing
Name a baby farm animal that a child would probably want to keep as a pet.
Piglet, Lamb, Chick, Kid/Goat, Bunny
Name a job where you’d need great vision.
Pilot, Doctor, Driver, Umpire, Police Officer
Name an occupation in which you might be in a new city every night
Pilot, Salesperson, Musician, Truck Driver, Flight Attendant
Name an occupation in which you might be in a new city every night.
Pilot, Salesperson, Musician, Truck Driver, Flight Attendant
Besides video games, name another kind of game you can play at an arcade.
Pinball, Foosball, Air Hockey, Basket Ball, Skee Ball
Fruit that is hard to break into
Pineapple, Coconut, Watermelon, Cantaloupe, Pomegranite
Name a color that cars seldom come in
Pink, Yellow, Orange, Purple, Brown
Name a type of lawn ornament
Pink Flamingo, Statue, Bird Bath, Flower Pot, Gnome
Name something you can do during a car trip that you can’t do during a plane ride.
Pit Stop, Smoke, Drive, Talk On Phone, Sing
Name a comfort food that has cheese in/on it.
Pizza, Mac And Cheese, Grilled Cheese, Nachos, Crackers
Tell me a food that goes great with beer
Pizza, Nuts, Pretzels, Chips, Chicken Wings
Best food to go out for on friday night
Pizza, Wings, Steak, Chinese, Fish
Name a place where everyone seems to be in a good mood.
Place Of Worship, Bar, Amusement Park, Party, Beach
Name a place where people are asked to rise
Place Of Worship, Court, School, Sporting Event, Wedding
If you could choose, what would be an ideal place to meet your future mate?
Place Of Worship, Shopping Center, Park, Work, Party
Name a place where you would find an usher.
Place Of Worship, Wedding, Movie Theatre, Funeral, Concert
Name a place you’d get a dirty look for falling asleep
Place Of Worship, Work, School, Public Transit, Theater
Name something you’d be shocked to see falling from the sky
Plane, Falling Star, Money, Ufo, Person
Name an activity that boys do in a tree house
Play Cards, Comic Books, Smoke, Talk About Girls, Eat Snacks
Name an activity some men do with their buddies where wives aren’t invited
Play Poker, Go To Bar, Watch Sports, Golf Outing, Bachelor Party
Name something that farmers 100 years ago did by hand, but now do with machines.
Plow The Field, Plant Seeds, Milk Cows, Harvest Crops, Water Crops
Name a professional who you hate to call because the bill is to expensive?
Plumber, Lawyer, Doctor, Electrician, Mechanic
Name a game adults play at a bbq party
Poker, Horseshoes, Volleyball, Baseball, Football
Name an animal that can live in the cold.
Polar Bear, Penguin, Seal, Wolf, Walrus
Name something you always bring along for a day of fishing
Pole, Bait, Lunch, Beer, Tackle Box
Besides passengers, who might you see at a subway station?
Police, Conductor, Homeless Person, Ticket Takers, Performer
Name an occupation not for partner too stressful
Police, Doctor, Lawyer, Teacher, President
Name someone you would hate to get fender bender with
Police, Mom, Kids, Lawyer, Neighbor
Name a reason why another driver may flash their headlights at you.
Police Ahead, Driving Too Slow, Lights Off/On, Brights On, Deer/Animal In The Road
What line of work should you get into if your hairstyle is stiff and plastered with hairspray?
Politician, Model, Newscaster, Actor, Hairdresser
Many hunters wear camouflage in the woods, name a pattern you’d be surprised to see a hunter wear.
Polka Dots, Stripes, Floral, Paisley, Tie Dye
Other than cotton, name a material many clothes are made out of.
Polyester, Silk, Wool, Nylon, Leather
Name something you’d need if you wanted to play a game of water polo.
Pool, Ball, Swimsuit, Net, Goggles
Name a reason why a student might be moved to the front of the class
Poor Vision, In Trouble, Teacher’s Pet, Hear Better, Attractive Teacher
Name something a person might do with chewing gum that other people think is rude.
Pop It, Smack, Blow Bubbles, Put Under Table, Spit It Out
Name a food that’s made from corn.
Popcorn, Corn Bread, Tortillas/Chips, Cornflakes/Cereal, Grits
Name something that expands in the microwave.
Popcorn Bag, Bread, Hot Dog, Plastic, Marshmellow
Name a salty food that’s hard to stop eating once you start.
Potato Chips, Peanuts, Popcorn, French Fries, Pretzels
What do new parents wish baby learn quickly
Potty Train, Walk, Talk, Sleep, Eat
Name something skydivers do before jumping out of the airplane
Pray, Check Parachute, Scream, Close Eyes, Take A Deep Breath
Name something associated with jimmy carter
President, Peanuts, Amy Carter, Habitat For Humanity, Roselyn Carter
Where might a child be sent if misbehaving in school
Principal, Detention, Time Out, Home, Reform School
In order to solve a crime, what does an investigator need to find?
Prints, Weapon, Dna, Suspect, Blood
Name a reason why a person might prefer to own a dog over a cat.
Protection, Loyality, Cat Allergies, Friendlier, Playful
Name a reason why kids might have a weekday off of school.
Public Holiday, Snow Day, Sick, Teacher Conference, On Vacation
Name a halloween costume you see on babies, but rarely see on their parents
Pumkin, Bunny, Clown, Angel, Princess
Name something you use to bake a pumpkin pie.
Pumpkin, Oven, Pie Pan, Spices, Evaporated Milk
What do most people hope to accomplish by the time they are 30?
Pursue A Career, Get Married, Have Kids, Buy A House, Finish College
If you could choose your neighbors, which traits would you look for?
Quiet, Friendly, Trustworthy, Clean, Attractive
Name something every newlywed hopes their mother-in-law will be like
Quiet, Good Cook, Not Nosey, Lives Far Away, Nie
Name something in your car that can be turned on and off.
Radio, Engine, Lights, Heater/Ac, Wipers
Name something a student might turn on when they’re studying.
Radio, Light, TV, Computer, Calculator
Name a reason you might be driving more cautiously than normal.
Rain, Children On Board, Snow, Accident Ahead, Driver’s Test
Name a reason why someone might not ride their bike to work
Raining, Dangerous, Too Far, Get Sweaty, Lazy
What is the best gift for your boss to give you around the holidays?
Raise/Bonus, Days Off, Holiday Food, Gift Card, Jewelry
Name something you do while waiting in line
Read, Talk On Cellphone, Hum/Whistle, Think, Complain
Other than sleep, name something you do while lying down
Read, Watch TV/Movie, Make Love, Sun Bathe, Exercise
Name an activity you turn the lamp on for
Read, Write, TV, Puzzle, Play Cards
When a kid says “i’m bored”, name something a parent often suggests.
Read A Book, Go Out Side, Clean, Finish Homework, Play Game
Name something that can make you sick on a long car ride
Reading, Bumps, Speed, Curves, Eating Too Much
On a dating website, what activity do people often list as a pastime
Reading, Sports, Dancing, Hiking, Watching Movies
On a dating website, what activity do people often list as a pastime?
Reading, Sports, Dancing, Hiking, Watching Movies
Name a question your server usually asks at least at a restaurant.
Ready To Order, Is Everything Ok, Want A Refill, Need Anything Else, Want The Bill
Name a type of TV show that you wouldn’t want to see your grandma on
Reality TV, Dating Show, Talk Show, Romantic Drama, True Crime
What part of the school day might a kindergartener look forward to?
Recess, Lunch, Nap Time, Going Home, Art
Name something that gets rolled out.
Red Carpet, Dough, Yoga Mat, Sleeping Bag, 5
Other than for a passenger, name a reason a cab driver would stop the car.
Red Light, Accident, Traffic Jam, Police/Sirens, Needs Gas
Name a reason you look bad when you have a cold
Red Nose, Puffy Eyes, Pale, No Sleep, Messy Hair
What should a clown avoid wearing when not on duty
Red Nose, Wig, Big Shoes, Makeup, Costume
While eating at a restaurant,name something the waitress comes back to the table to do
Refill Drinks, Take Order, Clear Dishes, Check On You, Give The Bill
Name something a young man would not want to talk to a girlfriend’s father about.
Relationship, Marriage, Money, Ex Girlfriends, Maternity
Name a feature TV sets have today that they didn’t have 50 years ago
Remote Control, Color, Video Player, Video Jacks, Cable
Place you don’t like to set foot if on a diet
Restaurant, Bakery, Candy Shop, Scale, Ice Cream Shop
Name a place that might be dimly lit.
Restaurant, Bar, Movie Theater, Basement, Alley
Name a type of business in which you might have to work over the holidays.
Retail, Police Officer, Medical Profession, Postal Work, Hotel Industry
Name an occasion for which people return to their hometown
Reunion, Christmas, Wedding, Funeral, Birthday
Tell me something people do with horses, but no other farm animals.
Ride, Race, Brush Them, Train/Show Them, Change Shoes
Name a specific object on which you might see the word “caution.”
Road Sign, Yellow Tape, Wet Floor Sign, Hot Drink, Poisonous Substance
What might you see on the side of the road
Roadkill, Garbage, Hitchhiker, Trees, Sign
Name a famous male, real or fictional, who wears tights
Robin Hood, Superman, Peter Pan, Batman, Mikhail Barishnikov
Name a mountain range known for skiing
Rockies, Swiss Alps, Sierras, Appalachian, Himilaysa
Name something that a waitress on roller skates would say is her mortal enemy. (more specific than food/drinks)
Rocks, Wet Floor, Hot Coffee, Cracks/Bumps, Condiments/Dressing
What might a health inspector find in a restaurant that causes it to get a poor score?
Rodents, Bugs/Roaches, Dirty Dishes, Mold, Hair
Name a shakespeare character who most people have heard of.
Romeo, Hamlet, Juliet, Macbeth, Othello
Name a service a hotel provides that you with you had at your house.
Room Service, House Keeping, Massage, Laundry, Valet
What might a flower gardener name his daughter?
Rose, Daisy, Lily, Iris, Violet
Name a specific bowl game that takes place during the holidays
Rose Bowl, Orange Bowl, Cotton Bowl, Sugar Bowl, Citrus Bowl
What are the most popular types of flowers used in a wedding
Roses, Tulips, Lilies, Carnations, Daisies
Name something that would cause you to quit your job on your first day
Rude Boss, Too Stressfull, Bad Pay, Long Hours/Schedule, Dangerous
Name something that’s hard to do on a particularly hot summer day.
Run, Go In To Work, Yard Work, Sleep, Breathe
What is the first thing people do if they encounter a bear in the woods?
Run Away, Scream, Freeze, Hide, Shoot It
Name something cinderella would have a hard time doing in her glass slippers.
Running, Tap Dancing, Walking, Mopping, Jumping
If an alien landed at christmas time, name a christmas tradition that would be hard to explain.
Santa, Wrap/Exchange Gifts, Tree In House, Caroling, Kiss Under Mistletoe
Which imagninary holiday character would you least like to have on your relay race team?
Santa Claus, Easter Bunny, Grinch, Ebenezer Scrooge, Frosty
Name someone who children believe in.
Santa Claus, God, Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny, Parents
If you order pasta at a restaurant, what you assume come with
Sauce, Bread, Salad, Grated Cheese, Meatballs
Name something people do with pennies.
Save Them, Throw In A Fountain, Roll Them Up, Throw Them Away, Spend Them
Name a reason why a kid might not trick-or-treat
Scared, Sick, Too Old/Young, No Costume, Bad Weather
Name something teenagers stress out about.
School, Acne/Looks, Dating, Friends/Clique, Parents/Rules
Name a place where you would not be allowed to chew gum.
School, Church, Library, Singapore, Court
Name a place that almost no parent would forbid their child from going.
School, Place Of Worship, Park, Library, Bed
Name someplace that kids need their parents to drive them
School, The Mall, The Movies, Clubs/Practice, Friemd’s/Party
If you’re a parent, name something you take into account when moving
Schools, Yard, Bedrooms/Bathrooms, Neighborhood/Kids, Near Playground
Which occupation would you expect a guy named poindexter to have?
Scientist, Accountant, Computer Programer/Tech, Teacher, Lawyer
What might someone use while cutting their own hair?
Scissors, Mirror, Clippers, Comb, Bowl
Name a piece of information listed on a baseball scoreboard.
Score, Runs, Outs, Inning, Teams
Name something you’re not supposed to do to a cd
Scratch, Copy, Touch Bottom, Get Wet, Leave In Sun
Name something you do while watching a scary movie at home, that you can’t do in a theatre
Scream, Hide Under Blanket, Cry, Turn It Off, Go To Another Room
Name something people do while riding a rollercoaster
Scream, Raise Arms, Get Sick, Laugh, Close Their Eyes
Name something a rock musician might do during a concert that would look funny for a classical musician to do.
Scream, Smash Instrument, Jump Around, Take Off Shirt, Dance
Tell me worst way to be woken up
Scream, Splash Water, Shake, Jump On Bed, Use Alarm
Tell me the worst way for someone to wake you up.
Scream, Splash With Water, Shake You, Jump On Bed, Use The Alarm
Name a place where it’s always rainy.
Seattle, Rainforest, London, Florida Everglades, Oregon
Name something a president probably has with him everywhere he goes?
Secret Service, Cell Phone, Money, First Lady, Assistant
Name a two-word term that starts with “secret.”
Secret Service, Secret Agent, Secret Admirer, Secret Santa, Secret Garden
Name another word or phrase people use to say good-bye
See You Later, So Long, Adios, Ciao, Hasta La Vista
If a person is a driver for a living what specific type of vehicle might he drive?
Semi Truck, Bus, Limo, Race Car, Taxi
If a man is trying to get a date with a woman, what might he do in order to woo her?
Send Flowers, Buy Her A Drink, Compliment Her, Flirt, Pickup Line
Name something a customer might do to annoy a waitress.
Send Food Back, Not Tip, Flirt, Snap Fingers, Spill Drinks
Name something that a las vegas entertainer’s outfit would have sewn on
Sequins, Feathers, Name, Beads, Jewels
Two-word phrase that starts with secret
Service, Agent, Admirer, Santa, Garden
Name a magazine teenagers buy.
Seventeen, Teen, Tiger Beat, Teen People, Cosmogirl
Name one word you’d see on the cover of a women’s magazine, but probably not on a magazine for men
Sexy/Hot, Makeup, Diet, Fashion, Love
Name an animal you would find in the ocean but not in a pond.
Shark, Whale, Dolphin, Octopus, Seal
Name something fierce animals have that makes them threatening.
Sharp Teeth, Claws, Roar, Horns, Venom
Name something in your house that has to be changed from time to time.
Sheets, Light Bulb, Air Filter, Batteries, Furniture/Decor
Name something that you would find washed up on a beach.
Shells, Whale, Message In A Bottle, Seaweed, Trash
Name key on computer that has word on it
Shift, Backspace, Delete, Tab, Caps Lock
Name something people wear that has their company logo on
Shirt, Hat, Jacket, Uniform, Badge
Name an article of clothing a restaurant might require its customers to wear.
Shirt, Shoes, Tie, Sports Coat, Pants
Other than a belt, name something that can have a buckle.
Shoe/Boot, Car Seat, Bag/Purse, Coat, Suit Case
Name something of her mom’s a kid might wear
Shoes, Make Up, Hat, Jewelry, Bra
We asked 100 women:which accessory or piece of clothing do you buy most often?
Shoes, Shirt, Jewelery, Bra, Underware
Name the article of babies’ clothing that grown adults are most shocked by when seeing its tiny size.
Shoes/Booties, Diapers, Onesie/Pajamas, T-Shirt, Bib
Tell me something a woman might do to spoil herself (more specific than “spa”).
Shop, Manicure, Hair Salon, Massage, Bubble Bath
What do many people do on the day after thanksgiving.
Shop, Sleep, Eat Leftovers, Watch Football, Clean Up
Name something you might do with your days off around christmas?
Shop, Sleep, Vacation, Cook, Decorate
We asked 100 women: where do you wish your partner was more willing to go with you?
Shopping, Church, Movie Theatre, Salon/Spa, Dancing
Name a topic most men can’t stand, but many women could discuss for hours.
Shopping, Clothes, Soap Operas, Men, Hair
Which part of holiday preparation do you always put off til the last minute?
Shopping, Cooking, Cleaning, Wrapping Gifts, Decorating
Which activity can a mother do with daughter not with sons
Shopping, Makeup, Dress Up, Manicure, Get Hair Done
If you were the incredible hulk, tell me what part of your day would most likely turn you into a monster.
Shopping, Work, Driving, Cleaning, Paying Bills
Tell me something a woman might do to spoil herself (more specific than “spa”
Shopping Cart, Manicure, Hair Salon, Massage, Bubble Bath
If you had to be locked inside a building for a year, which place would you want it to be?
Shopping Center, Restaurant, Grocery Store, Home, Hotel
Name a reason you’d go by a nickname instead of your full name
Shorter, Dislike Full Name, Friends/Family Insist, Rare Name/Hard To Say, Nickname Sounds Cool
Tell me an article of clothing that people who live in warm climates are likely to have several of.
Shorts, Swim Suits, Flip Flops, Tank Tops, T Shirts
During your morning routine, name something you’d hate to discover wasn’t working.
Shower, Coffeemaker, Car, Hair Dryer, Alarm Clock
Name something your partner might do first thing in the morning that wakes you up.
Shower, Kiss Me, Brush Teeth, Ignore Alarm, Turn On Light
Name a reason why it’s hard to talk to an attractive person
Shy, Been Drinking, Too Noisy, Lots Of Competiton, Crowded Room
Name a reason why your kid’s teacher might call from school
Sick, Bad Behavior, Bad Grades, Fight, Skipping Class
Name something mick jagger does a lot
Sing, Dance, Yell, Tour, Jump
Name something you would do in front of children, but would be embarrassed to do in front of other adults
Sing, Pass Gass/Burp, Dance, Play, Baby Talk
Name something people do to pass time on long road trip
Sing, Read, Talk, Listen To Music, Sleep
What do teenagers do with their families at the christmas holiday that they probably would be embarassed to have known?
Sing Carols, Show Affection, Dance, Play Family Games, Pose For Pictures
Tell me something a child might complain about on a road trip.
Sitting Too Long, Need A Bathroom, Hungry, Bored, Temperature
Name something people do on ice
Skate, Play Hockey, Fall Down, Ice Fish, Walk
Name something a family might do on vacation at a winter lodge.
Ski, Sled, Ice Skate, Snowboard, Sit By Fire
Name something some women wear very short
Skirt, Shorts, Hair, Shirt, Nails
Name the sexiest piece of clothing that a woman can wear in public
Skirt, Swim Suit, High Heels, Shorts, Jeans
Name something you’d hate to forget on a ski trip.
Skis, Coat, Gloves, Boots, Hat
Tell me a smell most people hate.
Skunk, Rotten Eggs, Ammonia, Onion, Garlic
Tell me an activity you might do to prove you aren’t afraid of heights
Sky Dive, Bungee Jump, Rock Climb, Climb A Ladder, Paraglide
Name something risky that most people do at least once in their lifetimes.
Skydive, Fly, Get Married, Bungee Jump, Gamble
When your husband gets home after a long day work, ready to do?
Sleep, Eat, Relax, Shower, Watch TV
Name something kids must be forced to do, but adults love
Sleep, Eat, Take A Bath, , Read
People find hard to do when there is loud noise
Sleep, Read, Concentrate, Talk, Study
A young person “fights for their right to party.” What might an old person fight for the right to do?
Sleep, Vote, Retire, Keep License, Get Social Security
Name a way that you wish your life was more like your cat’s life
Sleep All Day, Have 9 Lives, Pleny Of Food, No Job, Plenty Of Play Time
Name something babysitter hopes kids will be doing
Sleeping, Behaving, Playing Games, Watch TV, Homework
What is the best way to spend a snow day
Sleeping, Sledding, Skiing, Watching TV/Movies, Reading
Name something at the playground wish adult size
Slide, Swings, Monkey Bar, See Saw, Merry Go Round
Name something a driver might do when he sees a police car.
Slow Down, Pull Over, Put Seat Belt On, Run The Other Way, Panic
Name another word for “little.”
Small, Tiny, Miniature, Mini, Petite
Which trait of a good teacher would also be important for a good con man?
Smart, Outgoing, Convincing, Trusted, Looks Professional
Why might a person refuse to remove their shoes at a party?
Smelly Feet, Dirty Floor, No Socks, Ugly Feet, Cold Feet
Name something specific a waiter would do to get good tips
Smile, Be Friendly, Return Often, Flirt, Fast Service
When sitting next to someone she likes, name something a woman does to flirt.
Smile, Wink, Chat Them Up, Play With Hair, Giggle
What will a friend do while eating that would make you want to move to another table
Smoke, Burp, Sneeze, Mouth Open, Smack
Name something a parent tells their teen, ” i never did at your age”
Smoke, Drink, Date, Talk Back, Lie
Name a habit that would be impossible to hide from your spouse
Smoking, Drinking, Biting Nails, Gambling, Shopping
Name something that’s currently legal, that people should be banned from doing while driving
Smoking, Eating, Sipping Drink, Using Cell Phone, Applying Make Up
Name something doctors are always telling people to stop doing
Smoking, Eating Too Much, Eating Junk, Too Much Salt, Drinking Alcohol
Name something that will make a person age faster.
Smoking, Sunbathing, Drinking, Lack Of Sleep, Stress
Name a common pet that would be weird to actually pet
Snake, Fish, Lizzard, Bird, Frog
Name a creature that, until it moves, you don’t know its head from its tail.
Snake, Worm, Turtle, Ant, Caterpillar
If your blind date walked in and you didn’t feel a spark, what would you do?
Sneak Out, Finish The Date, Make Up An Excuse, Be Honest, Hide
Name something naughty that children living in the white house would never be able to get away with
Sneaking Out, Shoplifting, Skipping School, Smoking/Drinking, Making A Mess
Name something you do constantly when you have a cold.
Sneeze, Cough, Blow Nose, Sleep, Sniffle
Name something embarrassing that you don’t want to do while asleep on a plane ride
Snore, Drool, Pass Gas, Jerk/Fall Over, Talk In Sleep
What is something your spouse does to prevent you from sleeping?
Snore, Talk, Snuggle, Watch TV, Toss And Turn
Name something that might come out of your nose when you laugh.
Snot, Milk, Water, Soda, Breath
Name a weather condition that is 4 letters long
Snow, Rain, Cold, Wind, Hail
Name a weather condition you hate to drive in
Snow, Rain, Icy Roads, Sleet/ Hail, Fog
Name something that gets activated by water
Soap, Yeast, Coffee/ Tea, Kool Aid, Sea Monkeys
Name a type of TV show a man might be embarrassed to say he watches a lot of.
Soap Opera, Cartoons, Talk Show, Game Show, Wrestling
Name a place a baby sticks his fingers that he’s not supposed to
Socket, Nose, Mouth, Light Switch, Ear
Name an article of clothing that children are always losing
Socks, Shoes, Gloves, Hat, Jacket
Name something a pro athlete might wear that’s lucky
Socks, Underwear, Jewelry, Shoes, Athletic Supporter
Name something that comes in a bottle
Soda, Beer, Perfume, Milk, Shampoo
Name something that has bubbles in it.
Soda, Champagne, Bubble Bath, Soap, Dishwashing Liquid
Name a beverage you can buy at a gas station
Soda, Water, Alcohol, Coffee, Slurpee
What do santa claus, easter bunny, and the tooth fairy have in common?
Some Don’t Believe, Special Occasions, Bring Gifts, Kids Love Them, Visit At Night
Tell me an excuse you’d use to avoid singing at a karaoke club.
Sore Throat/Sick, Can’t Sing, Lost Voice, Too Much Too Drink, Stage Fright
Name the first thing you’d say to the other driver after a fender bender
Sorry, Are You Ok?, Have Insurance?, Curse Word, What Were You Doing?
Tell me a food that people often slurp while eating
Soup, Spaghetti, Cereal, Ice Cream, Jell O
Name a messy food you can tell a kid has been eating
Spaghetti, Ice Cream, Chocolate, Pizza, Cake
What would you be surprised a car navigation system advise you to do
Speed, Stop The Car, Go The Wrong Way, Crash, Slow Down
Name something for which a police officer might give you a ticket.
Speeding, Parking, Running Red Light, No Seatbelt, Jaywalking
Name a game that would be inappropriate at a company party.
Spin The Bottle, Strip Poker, Twister, Truth Or Dare, Beer Pong
Name something you see cheerleaders do that would look strange to see people doing otherwise.
Splits, Shouting, Cartwheel, Pyramid, Use Pom Poms
Extracurricular activity parent says is good for child
Sports, Music, Dance Class, Theatre, Martial Arts
Name an activity that could be rained out
Sports Event, Picnic, Wedding, Concert, Barbeque
Other than academic why might a teen choose a certain college?
Sports Team, Location, Friends Are Going, Party School, Cost Of Tuition
Name something you would do to see if fruit was ripe
Squeeze, Smell, Cut Open, Feel It, Taste It
Name something a parent might put a lock or gate on once their baby learns to walk
Stairs, Door, Swimming Pool, Cabinets, Crib
What would compel a consumer of a food product to call costumer service?
Stale Food, Hair In Food, Bugs In Food, Food Poisoning, Broken Seal
Name a magazine or tabloid headlines you don’t always believe
Star, National Enquirer, People, Globe, Us Weekly
Name a patriotic song
Star Spangled, God Bless America, Born In The Usa, Amer The Beautiful, Yankee Doodle
Name something that shines at night.
Stars, Moon, Streetlights, Fire Flies, Headlights
Name something boy scouts and girl scouts both learn to do
Start Fire, Door To Door Sales, Camp, Community Service, First Aid
Something teenagers do that makes parents angry
Stay Out Late, Talk Back, Smoke, Lie, Drink
Name something on the menu that a restaurant might guarantee nobody can finish.
Steak, Burger, Pizza, Ribs, Pasta
Name a food that dogs love just as much as humans do.(Meat Is not an answer, be more specific)
Steak, Chicken, Bread, Hamburger, Cheese
Name something that’s hard to cook well without burning
Steak, Eggs, Toast, Chicken, Cookies
Name something in cars now that you can’t believe people once went without.
Stereo, Gps, Air Conditioning, Seat Belts, Air Bags
Name something a shoe salesman might complain about.
Stinky Feet, Ugly Feet, Returns, Big Feet, Backache
Where do you hear christmas songs throughout december?
Store, Radio, Place Of Worship, TV, Home
Where might a pet lover think their dog should be allowed?
Store, Restaurant, Park, Hotel, Work
Where do you get your christmas tree from each year?
Store, Woods, Tree Lot, Tree Farm, Attic
Name a job in which you’d stand in one place all day
Store Clerk, Bank Teller, Security Guard, Toll Collecter, Factory Worker
When you were a little kid, where did you think babies came from.
Stork, Mother’s Stomach, Heaven, Already Knew, Cabbage Patch
Name a reason why a dog barks
Stranger At Door, Hungry, Sees A Cat, Hears A Loud Noise, Sees Another Dog
Name a fruit they put in ice cream
Strawberry, Peach, Strawberry, Banana, Raspberry
Name something a pro athlete might do to prepare for a game.
Stretch, Warm Up, Meditate, Eat Well, Plenty Of Sleep
Name a clothing trend from the 1980s that has come back in style
Stretch Pants, Tight Jeans, Leg Warmers, Big Hair, Bright Colors
Name a term that you’d look like a fool for not knowing while bowling
Strike, Spare, Turkey, Gutter Ball, Pin
Tell me something you’d hear on the radio that would lead you to believe that the host is inexperienced.
Stuttering, Dead Air, Profanity, Belch/Cough, Wrong Song
Name an ingredient that cookies would taste terrible if you forgot to add.
Sugar, Flour, Eggs, Butter, Salt
Name something people add to their tea.
Sugar, Lemon, Milk, Honey, Ice
Name an article of clothing women think men look handsome
Suit, Tie, Shorts, Blue Jeans, Hat
Name an article of clothing people get fitted for.
Suit, Tux, Wedding Dress, Jacket, Pants
Tell me something that can momentarily blind you.
Sun, Bright Light, Camara Flash, Pepper Spray, Love
Tell me something that causes skin to turn red.
Sunburn, Rash/Allergy, Embarrassment, Alcohol, Exercise
Tell me something you would see in a blues brothers movie.
Sunglasses, Dancing, Hats, Musical Insruments, Black Suits
Tell me something spies wear to disguise their identity.
Sunglasses, Mask, Wig, Facial Hair, Trench Coat
If your taking a hawaiian vacation, name something you’d need to buy before you go
Sunscreen, Tickets, New Clothes, Swimsuit, Guide Book
Name a fictional character with two identities
Superman, Jekyll & Hyde, Batman, Spiderman, Hulk
Name an activity you might do while on a hawaiian honeymoon.
Surf, Swim, Snorkel/Scuba Dive, Hula Dance, Luau
Name a celebrity who sells products on infomercials
Suzanne Somers, George Foreman, Dionne Warwick, Linda Evans, Billy Blanks
Which kind of pants are best to wear when you’re planning to overeat at thanksgiving?
Sweat Pants, Stretch Pants, Jeans, Overalls, Track Pants
What item that you wear year-round gets exceptionally gaudy during the holidays?
Sweater, Hat, Socks, Earrings, Tie/Scarf
Name something some pets wear, although it’s usually only worn by humans.
Sweater, Shirt, Coat, Shoes, Jewelry
Name something you can’t do in a home gym thant you can do in a real gym
Swim, Run Track, Sauna, Lift Weights, Socialize
Name a recreational activity traditionally done in hot weather
Swimming, Basketball, Volleyball, Surfing, Boating
Name a class that parents enroll their kids in before they turn 3 years old.
Swimming, Dance, Art, Gymnastics, Music
Name a sport you can’t compete in while wearing shoes
Swimming, Gymnastics, Hockey, Martial Arts, Beach Volleyball
Name something a woman would be foolish to apply makeup before doing.
Swimming, Showering, Going To Sleep, Washing Her Face, Aerobics
Name name something a kid would look for in a new house
Swimming Pool, Backyard, Big Bedroom, Own Bathroom, Swing
Name something you wish you had in your backyard
Swimming Pool, Garden, Playground, Hot Tub, Pond
What might kid forget to bring to pool that would keep him from swimming
Swimsuit, Floaties, Towel, Goggles, Life Jacket
Which piece of playground equipment has probably resulted in the most injuries?
Swings, Jungle Gym, Slide, Seesaw, Merry Go Round
Name something you can get in extra large
T-Shirt, Fries, Pizza, Soda, Eggs
Name something restaurants have in them to appear fancier
Table Linens, Fancy Food, Candles, Wine List, Chandelier
What do cats have the we don’t have?
Tails, Claws, Fur, Paws, 9 Lives
Name something snoopy does that your dog would not
Talk, Fly/Pilot, Sleep On House, Read/Write, Dance
Other than drink coffee, what do people do while at a cafe
Talk, Read, Eat, Use Computer, Smoke
Name a type of TV show wouldn’t want grandma on
Talk, Reality, Dating, Romantic Drama, True Crime
What might you do in your sleep that someone else would find cute?
Talk, Snore, Smile, Drool, Suck Thumb
Name something that people do that distracts them while driving.
Talk On Cell Phone, Eat/Drink, Adjust Radio, Smoke, Put On Makeup
Name something you can’t do while you’re in the dentist’s chair.
Talking, Eat, Move, Sleep, Sing
Name something an employee sitting in the cubicle next to you might do that annoys you.
Talks Too Loud, Tap Pen/Pencil, Sings, Cough, Chew Gum
Name something you know about shaquille o’neal.
Tall, Basketball Player, Raps, Officer, Bad Actor
When it’s cold outside, name something you dream about doing on a sunny beach
Tanning, Swimming, Tropical Drinks, Picnic, Volleyball
Name something a man might try to keep covered during a first date.
Tattoo, Acne, Bald Spot, Wedding Ring, Belly
Name a drink people put ice in.
Tea, Soda, Alcohol, Water, Juice
Name someone in her life that a woman might have a crush on?
Teacher, Boss, Friend, Doctor, Neighbor
Name a profession that would help you be good at solving crossword puzzles.
Teacher, Writer, Librarian, Editor, Journalist
Name a profession that would help you be good at solving crossword puzzles.
Teacher, Writer, Librarian, Editor, Journalist
Name a place where you can see teachers relaxing
Teachers Lounge, Bar, Homework, Library, Cafeteria
Name a place where you can see teachers relaxing
Teachers Lounge, Bartender, Home, Library, Cafeteria
Name something a devoted cheerleader would know about her school
Team Name, Mascot, Colors, Fight Song, Motto
Name an extracurricular activity that parents say is good for a child.
Team Sports, Music Lessons, Dance Class, Theatre, Martial Arts
Living or dead, name a man named ted
Ted Bundy, Ted Kennedy, Ted Turner, Theodore Roosevelt, Ted Koppel
Name something a baby doesn’t have that most adults do
Teeth, Hair, Car, Money, Job
Name something about grandmas looks that could be fake
Teeth, Hair, Chest, Eyelashes, Eyebrows
Where does a woman try to avoid leaving lipstick marks?
Teeth, Shirt, Glass, Someone’s Cheek, Around Lips
Job that requires you to talk all day long
Telemarketer, Receptionist, Teacher, Customer Service, Salesperson
Name something in an office that makes a lot of noise.
Telephones, Copier, Fax Machine, Printer, Shredder
Tell me the worst thing to have break if you’re stuck in bed on doctor’s orders
Television, Remote Control, Phone, Furnace/Ac, The Bed
Name something you might find in a tennis bag.
Tennis Balls, Racquet, Towel, Tennis Shoes, Socks
Name a situation where you wouldn’t want someone looking over your shoulder.
Test, Office, In The Bedroom, Atm, Bathroom
Name a really big state.
Texas, California, Alaska, New York, Florida
Past or present,name a presidential couple whose dinner conversations you’d love to eavesdrop on.
The Clintons, The Obamas, Bush Jr. And Laura, The Reagans, The Kennedys
Name something the world’s dumbest bank robber might leave at the scene of the crime
The Loot, Id, Fingerprints, Wallet, His Gun
Name a famous past or present couple who you’d hate to live next door to.
The Osbournes, Brad & Angelina, Jon & Kate, Addams Family, Bonnie & Clyde
Name something you might be “on top of”.
The World, Work/School, Mountain/Hill, Your Game, Bills
Name a good place to put your hands while kissing someone.
Their Face, Around Their Neck, Their Hips, Their Back, Their Shoulders
Name something that parents are always telling their kids to clean.
Their Rooms, Their Teeth, Their Hands, Behind Their Ears, Their Plates
Name something people take lots of photos of during a vacation. Be specific.
Themselves, Oceans, Tall Buildings, Landmarks, Trees
Name a reason why someone might make fun of your dance moves
They’re Jealous, Don’t Know Steps, Old Fashioned Moves, Clumsy/Tripping, No Rhythm
Why might someone prefer online dating over meeting in a bar?
They’re Shy, Not Just About Looks, It’s Safer, Convenience, People Are Sober
If your boss finds you sleeping on the job, what excuse might you give for having your closed eyes?
Thinking/ Concentrating, Headache/ Allergies, Praying/ Meditating, Something In Eye, Contact Lens/ Dry Eyes
Name something kids do with bad test papers
Throw Away, Hide Them, Burn Them, Change Grade, Rip Them
Name a type of wave that you can’t ride on
Tidal, Hand, Sound, Radio, Heat
Name something that a circus performer’s parents would cringe at seeing him perform.
Tight Rope, Trapeze, Taming Lion, Sword Swallowing, Eating Fire
Name a profession that requires really good balance
Tightrope Walker, Acrobat, Gymnast, Trapeze Artist, Ballerina
Name a character in the wizard of oz that would require the most elaborate costume.
Tin Man, Lion, Scarecrow, Wicked Witch, Dorthy
If peter pan had a phone, name someone he’d probably have on speed dial.
Tinker Bell, Wendy, Captain Hook, Lost Boys, Croc
Name a children’s character who’s associated with being small.
Tiny Tim, Tinkerbell, Tom Thumb, Stuart Little, Thumbelina
Cowboy might do to catch woman’s eye
Tip Hat, Lasso Skills, Ride Horse, Wink, Two Step
Name a reason you might be less productive then usual at work
Tired, Sick, Hung Over, Stressed, Computer Trouble
Name a hidden cost when buying a car.
Title, Interest, Tax, Air Conditioner, Stereo
Name a breakfast food you could prepare using just one hand.
Toast, Eggs, Cereal, Waffle/Pop Tart, Bacon
Name an appliance you have only one of.
Toaster, Stove, Microwave, Refrigerator, Dishwasher
Name something that house cleaners clean more often than you do(more specific than a room)
Toilet, Windows, Floor, Stove/Oven, Ceiling Fan
Name something around the house that your family members use the last off, and don’t replace
Toilet Paper, Milk, Tissue, Toothpaste, Soap
Name something people often buy in large quantities at the department store.
Toilet Paper, Socks, Food, Soap, Soda
Name an action movie star does no stunts
Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, Bruce Willis, Will Smith, Sylvester Stallone
Tell me a body part strong as arnold schwarenegger
Tongue, Brain, Heart, Finger, Toe
What do you get at the dentist that makes going worthwhile
Toothbrush, Candy, Sticker, Laughing Gas, Clean Teeth
Name a type of hat that you don’t see many people wear in real life
Top Hat, Cowboy Hat, Fedora, Straw Hat, Beret
Name a way tourists get around in a big city.
Tour Bus, Taxi, On Foot, Bilkes, Public Transportation
Name something you’d find in a boy’s high school gym locker room.
Towels, Clothes, Lockers, Jock Straps, Shoes
Where would you look first if your child was lost in the department store?
Toy Department, Customer Service, Candy Aisle, Restroom, Clothing Department
Other than clothes, name something a kid might outgrow
Toys, Bed, Hairstyle, Bike, Habits
Tell me something kids fight over on a long car ride
Toys, Radio, Space, Window Seat, Snack
What do people start having more of in their car once they have kids?
Toys, Trash, Car Seats, Food/Drink, Spills
Name something specific that causes you honk car horn
Traffic Jam, Cut Off, About To Crash, Slow Driver, Animal
Name a situation when it’s better to ride a bike than take a taxi
Traffic Jam, No Money, Want Exercise, Short Distance, Nice Weather
Name something given to both spoiled dogs and spoiled children
Treats, Toys, Attention, Clothes, Praise
Other than presents, what might you find under a christmas tree?
Tree Skirt, Fallen Ornaments, Train, Needles, Pet
Tell me an occupation in which it could be disastrous to fall asleep on the job.
Truck Driver, Airplane Pilot, Machinist, Bus/Taxi Driver, Security Guard
Name an image that’s often used in ads at thanksgiving.
Turkey, Family Dinner, Pilgrims, Native Americans, Cornucopia
What do a lot of people eat on christmas
Turkey, Ham, Cookies, Candy, Fruitcake
What thanksgiving dish would do the least damage if thrown at you in a food fight?
Turkey, Stuffing, Mashed Potatoes, Pie, Cranberry Sauce
Name something people do to save energy around the house
Turn Off Lights, Set Thermostat Low, Use Less A/C, Efficient Bulbs, Unplug Electronics
Name the best thing that is now available digital, but hasn’t always been
TV, Clock, Canara, Mp3/Music, Phone
Name something that you can adjust the volume on
TV, Radio/Stereo, Computer, Phone, Mp3 Player
Name a substance of which animals make home of
Twigs, Mud, Leaves, Grass, Straw
Name something kids insist on doing by themselves even if it takes a long time.
Tying Their Shoelaces, Getting Dressed, Eating, Taking A Bath, Doing Their Homework
Name a place in their home that people hide money.
Under Mattress, Dresser Drawer, Cookie Jar, Closet, Freezer
Name an article of clothing that only a neat-freak would iron.
Underware, Socks, Jeans, Tie, Nightgown
Name something many women regularly buy for their husbands, but men don’t buy for their wives ( more specific then clothes)
Underwear, Socks, Cologne, Tools, Groceries
Name something you might do in front of a doctor, but not in front of most people you’ve just met
Undress, Cry, Discuss Heavy Issues, Stick Out Tongue, Cough
Name a country that usually does well in the olympics.
United States, Russia, China, England, Germany
Name a muscle that a body builder would show off
Upper Arm, Chest, Stomach, Calf, Butt
Name something you do at work, although you know you’re not supposed to
Use Cell Phone, Take Naps, Surf The Internet, Smoke, Chat Online
Why might someone who doesn’t like reading go to the library?
Use Computer, Study, Meet People, Research, It’s Quiet
Name something the sign outside a hotel might tell you
Vacancy, Nightly Rate, Hotel’s Name, No Smoking, Cable TV
Name something kids look forward to
Vacation, Christmas, Birthday, Gifts, Recess
Name something a housekeeper uses as part of her job
Vacuum, Broom, Mop, Dust Cloth, Cleaner
Name a product door-to-door salesmen used to sell.
Vacuum Cleaner, Cosmetics, Encyclopedia, Bible, Knives
Flavor found in candy and coffee
Vanilla, Chocolate, Caramel, Mint, Toffee
Name a specific quality that would make your buddy a bad wing man
Very Shy, Too Handsome, Drinks Too Much, Bad Hygeine, Smokes
Name a type of crisis that usually happens at least once in an action movie.
Violent Crime, Explosion/ Fire, Kidnapping, Car Crash/ Chase, Fight
Name a instrument that can sound whiny
Violin, Flute, Clarinet, Guitar, Saxiphone
When shopping for a new pair of jeans, name something that never fits quite right
Waiste, Length, Backside, Hips, Thighs
Tell me an occupation where you wouldn’t wear high heels
Waitstaff, Medical Worker, Cop, Construction, Athlete
Name a department store where people shop during the holidays.
Wal Mart, Macy’s, Sears, J C Penny, Target
Name a chain store that’s put a lot of mom and pop stores out of business
Wal Mart, Starbucks, Home Depot, Mcdonald’s, Barnes & Noble
Name a way to travel for free
Walk, Hitchhike, Bike, Airline Miles, Stowaway
Name something people do with their dogs that they don’t do with a pet goldfish.
Walk, Pet, Play Fetch, Groom, Bathe
Name something many people would be sacred to do alone at night
Walk Home, Sleep, Drive, Watch Scary Movie, Go For A Jog
Other than a canvas, name something that you put paint on.
Wall, House/Building, A Face, Porch/Fence, Nails
What might a kid get in trouble for writing on?
Wall, School Desk, Clothes, Skin, Car
Name a specific item that a man carries around that he might secretly wish he could just put in a purse.
Wallet, Keys, Phone, Comb, Glasses
If men carried purses, name something you’d find inside them.
Wallet/Money, Cell Phone, Cigarettes, Keys, Tools
Name something that causes people to change seats at the movies
Want Better View, Noisy Neighbors, Tall Person In Front, Dirty/Sticky Seat, Affectionate Couple
Name something parents tell their kids to do so they don’t get sick during flu season
Wash Hands, Dress Warm, Eat Vegies/Fruit, Get Vaccine, Take Vitamins
Name something you shouldn’t do after getting a manicure
Wash Hands, Wash Dishes, Drive, Touch Anything, Eat
Name something that people with roommates do more of in their bedroom than people without
Watch TV, Talk On The Phone, Sleep, Eat, Read/Study
Tell me something you do when you stay up late at night.
Watch TV/ Movie, Read, Snack, Drink, Play Computer Games
Name an indoor activity you spend much more time doing in winter.
Watching TV/Movie, Reading, Playing Games, Sleeping, Cooking
Other than alcohol, name beverage kids drink less than adults
Water, Coffee, Soda, Milk, Tea
Name something you can’t be afraid of if you want to become a fisherman
Water, Fish, Hooks, Boats, Worms
If you got stuck in the desert, what would you want to have with you?
Water, Food, A Cell Phone, A Camel, A Friend
Name something a firefighter needs a lot of
Water, Strength, Rest, Ladders, Air
Name something you do to your lawn that you would never do to your wall-to-wall carpet.
Water It, Cut It, Fertilize It, Plant Flowers, Rake It
Name something people associate with niagara falls.
Waterfall, Hioneymoon, Weddings, Barrels, Vacation
Name something people know about richard nixon
Watergate, Resigned, I Am Not A Crook, Went To China, Checkers Speech
Name a fruit that you might accidentally swallow the seeds of.
Watermelon, Grape, Cherry, Orange, Apple
Name something people put on the outside of their car.
Wax, Sticker, License Plate, Cover, Antenna
Name something you might pay extra for when you get your car washed.
Wax, Vacuum, Detailing, Dry Car, Polish
Name something a bankrobber wants to get rid of quickly, so it isn’t used as evidence.
Weapon, Mask, Car, Bags Of Money, Gloves
Name something a mom might make her daughter wait til she’s 12 years old to do.
Wear Makeup, Shave, Pierce Ears, Cook, Stay Home Alone
Tell me something on TV that people make predictions while watching
Weather, Sports Game, Game Show, Crime/Mystery Show, Soap Opera
For what occasion did your partner last look stunning?
Wedding, Anniversary, Prom, Birthday Party, Dinner Date
Name an occasion where you might send out invitations.
Wedding, Birthday, Party, Graduation, Baby Shower
Name a reason a teenaged boy would have for wearing a suit.
Wedding, Church, Prom, Funeral, Graduation
Name an occasion or place where you would not admit that you don’t like the food.
Wedding, Family Dinner, Birthday Party, On A Date, Church Picnic
Name a place where it’d be rude for a man to go without wearing a suit/tuxedo.
Wedding, Funeral, Prom, Place Of Worship, Job Interview
Name an occasion that it would not be fashionable to arrive late to.
Wedding, Funeral, Work/Meeting, Job Interview, Court
Name a time when a wife often chooses her husband’s clothes for him.
Wedding, Worship Service, Party, Work/Interview, Going For Dinner
What occupation might someone have that makes you think they’d have a flair for romance
Wedding Planner, Match Maker, Actor, Dancer, Writer
Name something your physician asks that would be strange to ask a person who you just met.
Weight, Age, Date Of Last Cycle, High Blood Pressure, Are You Pregnant
Name a hobby you associate with macho men
Weightlifting, Wrestling, Football, Cars, Boxing
Name something you might see a lifeguard carrying
Whistle, Life Preserver, Towel, Surfboard, Person
Name something cheesy people do in family portraits.
Wide Smile, Bunny Ears, Make Faces, Pose, Dress Alike
Name a cartoon character who’s always getting hurt.
Wile E Coyote, Daffy Duck, Tom/Jerry, Tasmanian Devil, Itchy & Scratchy
Name something that you'd find more commonly in france than in the us
Wine, Cheese, French People, Art, Beret
Name a kind of drink you wouldn’t want to have spilled on you.
Wine, Coffee, Beer, Juice, Milk
Name something a plane can’t fly without.
Wings, Engine, Fuel, Tail, Rudder
Which type of creatures is often the villain in fairy tales?
Wolf, Ogre, Dragon, Witch, Monster
Name the important firsts that people record about a baby.
Word, Steps, Tooth, Smile, Haircut
Name something you can do on even the oldest of computers.
Word Processing, E Mail, Print, Play Solitaire, Use Calculator
Name something most families talk about when they get together.
Work, Family Members, School, Old Times, Food
Name something you might skip when you are sick
Work, Meals, Bathing, Working Out, Party
Name a place where you find yourself watching the clock.
Work, School, Place Of Worship, Doctor’s Office, Airport
Why wouldn’t you want to be bothered while on the computer
Working, Playing A Game, Chatting/Email, Studying, Looking For Love
Name something you spend less time doing when you’re on vacation
Working, Sleeping, Worrying, Watching TV, Cleaning/Cooking
Name something that happens to an old person’s body, that you’d be surprised to hear a teen complaining about
Wrinkles, Arthritis, Gray Hair, Sagging, Back Ache
Name something a kid with a broken arm would have a hard time doing at school.
Writing, Playing Sports, Carrying Things, Going To Bathroom, Raising Hand
Name a way you know your teacher is having a bad day.
Yells A Lot, Grumpy, Extra Homework, Gives Punishments, Facial Expression
Name a class offered at gyms now that wasn’t offered 20 years ago
Yoga, Spinning, Pilates, Dance Workout, Tae Bo
Name an animal that’s black-and-white
Zebra, Skunk, Panda Bear, Cow, Penguin
Name an animal that has a unique pattern to their fur/ hide
Zebra, Tiger, Cheetah, Leopard, Skunk
Name the time of day a person is likely to take a nap.
2 PM, Noon, 4 PM, 3 PM, 1 PM, 6 PM
What is the maximum number of times it's okay for your partner to call you at work
2, 3, 1, 4, 0, 5
Besides for work, tell me how many hours you spend using your computer in one day. (numeric only please.)
2, 4, 3, 1, 5, 6
During which month of pregnancy do couples announce it?
3, 4, 2, 6, 5, 1
Tell me how many hours a day a teenage girl talks on the phone
3, 4, 2, 6, 5, 1
We asked 100 married people: after how many did you know your partner was the one?
3, 5, 1, 2, 10, 4
How many credit cards does the average person have? (numeric only)
3, 5, 4, 2, 6, 1
On average, how many hours does a couple sleep on their wedding night
4, 5, 3, 2, 0, 1
It's said there is a seven year itch, after how many years do you think the itch really comes
5, 3, 2, 1, 7, 10
What time is the earliest you're willing to get up on a saturday?
10, 8, 9, 11, Noon, 7
Tell me how many items they allow in most supermarket express lines. (numeric only)
10, 15, 12, 8, 9, 7
Name the age when youngsters really start rebelling against their parents.
13, 12, 16, 14, 15, 10
Tell me the age that a girl stops telling her parents everything (numeric only).
13, 16, 12, 15, 14, 18
Tell me the age when a girl should be allowed to start dating. (numaric only)
16, 17, 18, 14, 15, 13
Name something a bride would hate to realize she's allergic to on her wedding day
Bouquet (flowers), Cake/Food, Groom, Wine/Champagne, Gown/Veil, Wedding Ring
Name a movie or TV show that has the word ‘diary/diaries' in the title
Mad Black Woman, Diary Of Ann Frank, Princess Diaries, Bridgette Jones', Diary Of A Wimpy Kid, Vampire Diaries
Tell me how many days it takes a man to grow a beard. (numeric only)
7 Days, 5 Days, 10 Days, 14 Days, 3 Days, 4 Days
Finish this sentence: i'd never stay in a hotel that didn't have _____.
A Bed, Room Service, Running Water, A TV, A Pool, Internet
Name a christmas movie people are tired of.
A Wonderful Life, White Christmas, Miracle On 34th St, Home Alone, Nightmare Before, Christmas Story
Name a sauce you put on meat.
A1 Sauce, Teriyaki, BBQ Sauce, Soy Sauce, Tobasco, Ketchup
Name something that's taught in the first grade.
Abc's, Reading, Math, Writing, Spelling, Writing Name
Name an item you might see in a movie star's home that wouldn't be in yours
Academy Awards, Maids, Home Theatre, Swimming Pool, Expensive Artwork, Grand Piano
What might you encounter on the freeway that would make you pull off for a while
Accident, Traffic Jam, Animal, Flat Tire, Rain/Snow, Police Activity
Name something people know about paul newman.
Actor, Movies, Blue Etes, Salad Dressing, Liberal Politics, Popcorn
Tell me a piece of information that your neighbors are more likely to know about you than your coworkers are.
Address, Size Of Family, How Noisy, Pets, Evening Activities, Car You Drive
Name a piece of person info that you'd never list on facebook
Address, Social Security Number, Weight, Phone Number, Age, Income
Name something shampoo commercials claim their shampoo does for hair.
Adds Shine, Cleans It, Makes It Grow Faster, Increases Volume, Smooths/Softens It, Makes It Healthier
Name something that usually stops after a couple gets married
Affection, Dating, Romance, Talking, Fun, Flirting
Name something men probably lie about most
Age, Being Single, Income, Success With Women, Job Title, Weight
Name a piece of information that post people list in their personal's ads.
Age, Name, Phone Number, Sex, Status, Height
If santa's reindeer couldn't fly on christmas eve, what mode of transportation might he use instead?
Airplane, Car, Bus, Train, Helicopter, Sled
Tell me a place where you feel the need to get up and stretch your legs.
Airplane, Work, Car/Bus Trip, Place Of Worship, School, Movie Thearre
Name something that kids make out of paper
Airplanes, Snowflakes, Footballs, Cards/Valentines, Paper Dolls, Crane/Bird
What would you hate to live next to, because the noise would prevent you from sleeping?
Airport, Train, Bar, Fire Station, Highway, Dog
In movie endings, name a place the main character goes to catch her crush before it's too late.
Airport, Wedding/Church, Train Station/Bus Depot, Beach, Bridge, Park
Name a specific sound that has woken you up before you felt ready to be awake
Alarm Clock, Birds, Phone Call, Kids, Dog Barking, Traffic
Name a high school subject that kids consider difficult. Be specific.
Algebra, English, Calculus, Chemistry, Geometry, Physics
Name something that young children memorize
Alphabet, Spell Their Name, Phone Number, Address, Nursery Rhymes, Pledge Of Allegiance
Name something a pilot tells you on a cross crountry trip that you bet she doesn't tell her kids on the drive to school
Altitude, Turbulence, Temperature, Look Below, Estimated Time/Arrival, No Smoking
Name something you'd hate for your doctor to forget before operating on you
Anesthetic, Wash Hands, My Name, Procedure, Rubber Gloves, Drugs
Name a reason a husband might send his wife flowers.
Anniversary, Apology, It's Her Birthday, Valentine's Day, To Express Love, Mother's Day
If there were prizes for good boyfriends, what categories would they be rated on?
Appearance, Kissing Ability, Romance, Kind Personality, Communication, Honesty
Where would you find an adult hanging out,if he refused to grow up?
Arcade, Park, Bar, Toy Store, School, Amusement Park
Name a college major that begins with the letter “a.”
Art, Accounting, Anthropology, Architecture, Agriculture, Archeology
Why would you call the doctor if you're not sick?
Ask A Question, Check Up, Perscription Refill, Doctor's Excuse, Someone Else Sick, Vaccination
Name something associated with the cartoon show “the jetsons.”
Astro, Elroy, Spaceships, Future, Technology, Epp Opp Ork Ah Ah
Name something an employee might be scolded about that isn't directly related to job performance.
Attire, Lateness, Personal Calls, Office Gossip, Attitude/Behavior, Hygiene
Name something a fan might collect from their favorite singer
Autograph, Albums, Hair, Posters, Photos, T Shirt
Name something you shouldn't squeeze too tightly
Baby, Vegetables, Eggs, Balloon, Charmin Tissue, Bread
Name a specific smell from a diner in the morning that makes you want to go in
Bacon, Coffee, Eggs, Pancakes, Sausage, Donuts
Name a reason you might take your child out of a movie.
Bad Language, Crying During Movie, Violence, Sex Scene, Talking, Got Sick
Name a food served with melted butter on it. (vegetables is not an answer, be more specific)
Baked Potato, Popcorn, Corn, Pancake, Toast, Lobster
Name a type of business that you can smell before you see it.
Bakery, Restaurant, Fish Market, Sewage Treatment, Coffee Shop, Florist
Name something that gets thrown.
Ball, Frisbee, Game/Contest, Darts, Tantrum, Party
Name something kids like to throw at each other.
Ball, Snowballs, Water Balloons, Toys, Food, Dirt
Name an item jugglers often juggle
Ball's, Bowling Pins, Knives/Swords, Fruit, Torches, Plates
Name something you might inflate
Balloon, Tire, Raft, Air Mattress, Beach Ball, Ego
Name an object that kids pretend is a telephone
Banana, Hand, Shoe, Remote, Brush, Tin Can
Name something specific that is sold by the bunch.
Bananas, Grapes, Flowers, Carrots, Onions, Radishes
Name another stringed instrument that a guitarist would probably be good at right away
Banjo, Bass, Fiddle/Violin, Ukelele, Harp, Mandolin
Name an occupation you'd be surprised to find a criminal had as their day job
Banker, Police Officer, Lawyer, Teacher, Religious Leader, Judge
Name a place that you need an id to enter.
Bar, Airplane, Casino, Military Base, School, Work
Name the best place for single people to find each other.
Bar, Church, Grocery Store, Internet, Work, Party
Name a place that, once you enter, it's hard to leave
Bar, Mall, Jail, Casino, Church, Party
Name something you use in the bathtub, that you'd look silly bringing into a jacuzzi
Bar Of Soap, Wash Cloth/Loofah, Bubble Bath/Salts, Shampoo, Rubber Ducky, Razor
Name a common potato chip flavor.
Barbecue, Sour Cream/Onion, Salt And Vinegar, Plain, Cheddar, Ranch
Name an occupation in which one spends his day cutting.
Barber, Butcher, Gardener, Tailor, Lumberjack, Carpenter
Aside from animals, name something people hunt for.
Bargains, Treasure, Easter Eggs, Lost Keys, Job, Dates
Name a sign that you might be turning into a dog.
Barking, Grow A Tail, Growing Fur, Need T Scratch, Fetch, Floppy Ears
Name a sport where athletes often wear short shorts
Basketball, Tennis, Soccer, Track, Volleyball, Boxing
Name something a baseball player might be holding during a game.
Bat, Mitt, Baseball, Batting Gloves, Chewing Tobacco, Water Bottle
Name something most parents have pictures of their child doing
Bathing, Playing, Eating, Smile/Laugh, Sleeping, Openig Presents
Name something that might be added to a rockstar's tour bus that you wouldn't find on a city bus
Bathroom, Bed, Television, Bar, Kitchen, Stereo
Name a place in your house that you don't bother decorating.
Bathroom, Closet, Basement, Garage, Laundry Room, Attic
While looking for a new home, what would you be surprised to find that a house didn't have?
Bathroom, Kitchen, Roof, Garage, Doors, Basement
Name a specific place where you hated to run into a school bully.
Bathroom, Playground, Hallway, Alley, Cafeteria, Locker Room
Name something a patient in a hospital might have trouble doing on his own.
Bathroom, Walking, Bathing, Get Out Of Bed, Eating, Breath
Name something a truck driver might have to go without for a while.
Bathroom Break, Comfortable Bed, A Meal, Intimacy, A Bath, Home
Name something babies do that you would be embarrassed to have someone see you do as an adult
Bathroom In Pants, Burp, Cry, Spit Up, Drool, Suck Thumb
Name a famous character who is never seen without his mask.
Batman, Spiderman, Zorro, Jason Vorhees, Lone Ranger, The Mask
Name a specific skill you'd have to be good at to be a professional baseball player.
Batting, Throwing, Catching, Running, Pitching, Coordination
Name a flavor of potato chips
BBQ, Sour Cream & Onion, Vinegar, Ranch, Original, Cheese
Name a pubic place where you take off your shoes.
Beach/Park, Pool, Shoe Store, Gym, Place Of Worship, Bowling Alley
Name a less than tasty food you'd only eat if you were camping
Beans, Hot Dog, Fish, Marshmellows, Spam, Beef Jerky
Name an animal that might pester you on a camping trip.
Bear, Dog Catcher, Racoon, Skunk, Squirrel, 3
Who or what would you not want to meet in the middle of a hiking trail?
Bear, Snake, Criminal, Mountain Lion, Wolf, Big Foot
Name something you expect to see inside every hotel room
Bed, Towels, TV, Bible, Soap, Coffeemaker
Name something a slob might never clean
Bedroom, Bathroom, Kitchen, Car, Clothes, Himself/Herself
Name a room in the house people like to read
Bedroom, Living Room, Den, Family Room, Bathroom, Library
Name something your mom always told you to keep clean
Bedroom, Underwear, Teeth, Hands, Ears, Face
Name something you'd find in a hearty stew.
Beef/Meat, Potatoes, Carrots, Beans, Onions, Peas
Name a food or drink you'd buy if you were having a super bowl party.
Beer, Chips, Popcorn, Pizza, Soda, Wings
Name something a college student might hide before his parents came to visit
Beer, Dirty Clothes, Grades, Sweetheart, Cigarettes, Dirty Dishes
Name a drink that tastes disgusting when it's warm.
Beer, Milk, Soda, Coffee, Milkshake, Juice
Name something that goes well with pizza.
Beer, Soda, Salad, Bread Sticks, Chicken Wings, Chips
Name a sound you hear a lot of in a high school hallway
Bell, Talking, Yelling, Laughing, Ingrown Toenail, Cell Phones
Name a reason a college student would stay with their parents for the weekend instead of their own dorm room.
Better Food, Laundry, Special Occasion, They're Broke, To Visit Family/Friends, Peace & Quiet
Name something kids love to ride on.
Bicycle, Pony/Horse, Carousel, Dads Shoulders, Riding Mower, School Bus
Tell me a fictional character that would have been on santa's “naughty” list
Big Bad Wolf, Wicked Witch, Grinch, Scrooge, The Joker, Cruella De Vil
Name a way you know you've arrived in new york city
Big Building, Statue Of Liberty, Traffic, Crowded, Smog, Cabs
Name something you associate with mickey mouse
Big Ears, Disneyland, Minnie Mouse, Cartoons, Donald Duck, Walt Disney
Name a legendary creature that would be a huge hit if featured at the zoo.
Big Foot, King Kong, Godzilla, Dragon, Unicorn, Loch Ness Monster
Name a way a kid might get around town
Bike, Bus, Parents, Walking, Scooter, Skateboard
Name a present most boys would want for the holidays
Bike, Videogames, Toy Car, Ipod, Gi Joe, Football
Name someone whose phone calls you try to avoid.
Bill Collector, Telemarketer, Parents, Boss, In Laws, Your Ex
Name something you'd need if you were going to be a private eye.
Binoculars, Camera, Gun, Car, Clients, Pen And Paper
If you go to sleep with the windows open, name a sound that might wake you up.
Birds, Wind, Traffic, Crickets , Storm, Dog
Name an animal that travels in groups.
Birds, Wolves, Fish, Lions, Elephant, Deer
Name something you dreaded talking to your parents about as a teen, and still do?
Birds And The Bees, Drinking, Relationships, Money, Smoking, Politics
For which occasion would you hate to forget to buy a gift?
Birthday, Anniversary, Wedding, Christmas, Valentines Day, Mothers Day
Name a color you see a lot of in mobster movies
Black, Red, Green, Blue, Grey, White
Name something some kids need to have in order to sleep.
Blanket, Teddy Bear, Night Light, Milk, Bedtime Story, Pacifier
Name something a child might carry along everywhere
Blanket, Toy, Teddy Bear, Doll, Bottle, Pacifier
Name something about hulk hogan's appearance that is traditionally female.
Bleached Hair, Tights, Boa, Tan, Bandana, Earring
Name a household appliance you would actually enjoy receiving as a gift.
Blender, Dish Washer, Coffe Maker, TV, Microwave, Fridge
Name something you see in horror movies that begins with the letter “b.”
Blood, Bad Guy/Boogieman, Bears/Beast, Bones/Body, Butcher Knife, Basement
Name something that you can tell is fake in a cheesy movie
Blood, Love Scenes, Scenery, Acting, Monsters, Fight Scenes
Name something red in the pizza parlor of a mafia movie.
Blood, Tomato Sauce, Pizza, Table Cloth, Pepperoni, Wine
Name something that's fake on wwf wrestling
Blood, Wrestling, Bodies, Names, Injuries, Tan
Besides maple, name a flavor of syrup.
Blueberry, Strawberry, Raspberry, Boisenberry, Grape, Cherry
Name something you might find in the godfather's basement.
Bodies, Guns, Money, Wine, Horse's Head, Jimmy Hoffa
Name something a puppy likes to chew on
Bone, Shoes, Furniture, Toys, Food, Ball
Name something people dig up.
Bones, Dirt, Treasure, Flowers/Plants, Weeds, Worms
Name something dogs get more excited about than humans do.
Bones, Dog Food/Treats, Their Owner, Other Dogs, Going For A Walk, Toys
If there is a doggy heaven, name something it probably has a lot of.
Bones, Toys, Biscuits, Other Dogs, Fire Hydrant, Dog Food
Name something a teacher might use to help them teach their class.
Books, Computer, Chalkboard, Maps, Videos, Newspaper
Name someone whose orders should be followed.
Boss, Police, Parents, President, Judge, Doctor
Name a u.s. city that begins with the letter “b”.
Boston, Baltimore, Birmingham, Boise, Brooklyn, Buffalo
Name something toddlers carry around with them all the time
Bottle, Blanket, Pacifier, Rattle, Toy, Candy
Besides blueberry name a kind of muffin people eat at breakfast.
Bran, Banana, Raisin, Corn, Chocolate Chip, Apple
Name another word for “courage.”
Brave, Strength, Fortitude, Heroic, Heart, Bold
If you were in an eating contest, tell me the food that would be hardest to eat without breaks for water.
Bread, Spicy Food, Crackers, Peanut Butter, Cake/Pie, Pretzels
Name something that might happen if you had bad luck on your honeymoon.
Break Up, Bad Weather, Don't Get Along, Miss Flight, Get Sick, Lose Luggage
Name something you might cut out of your morning routine if you were in a big hurry
Breakfast, Makeup, Shower, Doing Dishes, Coffee, Exercise
Complete this sentence. I'd never date someone who had bad ___________ .
Breath, Hair, Manners, Attitude, Hygiene, Credit
Finish the sentence: hold your _____.
Breath, Horses, Tongue, Hand, Nose, Own
Name someone the groom might not want at his bachelor party
Bride, Ex, Dancer, Mom, Dad, Father N Law
Name something specific a student might do in oder to become the teacher's pet
Bring An Apple, Get Good Grades, Brown Nose, Do Extra Credit Work, Raise Hand Often, Sit In Fornt
Name something you associate with brooklyn.
Brooklyn Bridge, Dodgers, New York, Accent, Subway, Zoo
Name a household item that children turn into a toy
Broom, Box, Pots/Pans, Spoon, Keys, Phone
Name something people add to oatmeal
Brown Sugar, Milk, Butter, Fruit, Cinnamon, Water
Name an actor who looks better bald
Bruce Willis, Vin Diesel, Sean Connery, Telly Savalis, Brad Pitt, Danny Devito
Name something a child might never do if they weren't forced to
Brush Teeth, Eat Vegetable, School/Homework, Bathe, Go To Bed, Clean
Name a word men use to mean “friend.”
Buddy, Bro, Pal, Dude, Mate, Chum
Name something you associate with elmer fudd.
Bugs Bunny, Gun, Stuttering, Hunting, Bald, Cartoon
If your license has expired, how do you get to the dmv to renew it?
Bus, Drive Anyway, Walk, Ask A Friend, Take A Cab, Bike
Name an occupation that would never drive a small car.
Bus Driver, Trucker, Limo Driver, Fireman, Postal Delivery, Construction Worker
Name a part of the body that starts with the letter “b.”
Butt, Breasts, Back, Bone, Brain, Belly
What is the first thing you would do if you won a million dollars
Buy A House, Buy A Car, Vacation, Shopping Spree, Pay Bills, Quit Job
Name something couples do months in advance to prepare for having a baby.
Buy Clothes, Save Money, Buy Crib, Decorate Nursery, Have Baby Shower, Choose A Name
Name a food that's baked in the oven, but can't be cooked in the microwave
Cake, Chicken, Bread, Cookies, Pie, Roast
Name something a married couple saves from their wedding day.
Cake Top, Pictures, Ring, Dress, Matchbook, Flowers
Name something you might do if you heard a burglar in your house.
Call 911, Get A Gun, Get A Baseball Bat, Scream, Run And Hide, Ask Who Is There?
Name something you might do if your friend got bitten by a snake
Call 911, Suck Out Venom, Run And Get Help, Take Them To Hospital, Call A Doctor, Scream
Name something a student has to do when running for class president
Campaign, Give Speeches, Make Posters, Shake Hands, Say Hello, Draft Platform
What might you see in a personals ad that would make you think it was placed by superman?
Can Fly, Wears Cape, No Kryptonite, Has Xray Vision, Strong, Hero
Name something about winnie the pooh that is different from real bears.
Can Talk, Wears A Shirt, He's Yellow/Orange, Has ‘Hunny' Jar, Friends With People, Gentle
If superman got old like the rest of us, name a sign that it might be time for him to retire
Can't Fly, Getting Weak, Slowing Down, No X Ray Vision, Gray Hair, Memory Loss
Name something you'd put on your table when having a dinner party.
Candles, Centerpiece/Flowers, Tablecloth, Food, Dishes, Napkins
Name something that a very thrifty person would re-use after a birthday party
Candles, Wrapping Paper, Paper Plates, Plastic Cups, Decorations, Tablecloth/Napkins
Name a gift that works well as a stocking stuffer
Candy, Socks, CD, Dvd, Jewelry, Toothbrush
Name something you'd need to eat a lot of if you needed to gain a quick 10 pounds
Candy Bar, Potato Chips, Potatoes, Fast Food, Ice Cream, Bread
Name a popular christmas candy.
Candy Cane, Fudge, Mints, Peppermints, Chocolate Santa, Hard Candy
If you played superman in a movie, name something specific you'd have to wear.
Cape, Tights, Make Up, Speedo, Fake Muscles, Glasses
Name a toy that might be operated by remote control.
Car, Airplain, Boat, Tractor, Motorcycle, Robot Dog
Name something that costs twice as much as it is worth.
Car, House, Clothes, Jewelry, TV, Computer
Name something that's expensive even when it's in used condition.
Car, House, TV, Jewelry, Computer, Name Brand Clothes
Name something people want for christmas, that can't be put in a box.
Car, Love, Bike, Pet, House, World Peace
Name something a movie star's kid might get as a birthday present.
Car, Pet, Money, Jewelry, House, TV/Movie Role
If you went back in time 10,000 years, name a luxury item you'd probably miss.
Car, TV, Air Conditioning, Telephone, Toilet Paper, Computer
Name something that's sometimes cheaper to replace than fix
Car, TV, Wash Machine, Computer, Refrigerator, Article Of Clothing
Name a job you'd accept just to get access to the “company car.”
Car Sales, Limo Driver, Police, Delivery Person, Taxi, Racecar Driver
Name something you'd find at the center of fancy chocolates.
Caramel, Cherries, Cream, Coconut, Marhmellow, Nuts
Name something people guess the weight or volume of in order to win a prize.
Carnival Goers, Pig/Animal, Pumpkin/Squash, Jar Of Candy, Melon, Baby
How can you identify the bad guy in a movie, even before he does anything wrong
Carries A Gun, Wears Black, Haunting Music, He's Ugly, Has Facial Hair, Evil Laugh
Name something little boys love to build models of.
Cars, Airplanes, Legos, Trucks, Trains, Buildings
Name something millionaires might shop for just for fun
Cars, Clothes, Houses, Jewlery, Plane, Boat
Name something people trade
Cars, Trading Cards, Phone Numbers, Dance Partners, Stocks, Secrets
Name a type of gymnastic move almost every kid knows how to do.
Cart Wheel, Somersault, Tumbling, Flip, Balance Beam, Flip
Name something specific you'd probably see on a brochure for las vegas.
Casino/Slots, Money/Coins, Poker Chips, Bar/Restaurant, Show Girls, Fountain
Besides a bird, name an animal that has claws.
Cat, Bear, Tiger, Lion, Dog, Bat
Unlike dogs, name a type of pet that people don't count on to guard their house.
Cat, Bird, Fish, Lizard, Rat/Mouse, Hamster
Name an animal that's often described as “beautiful.”
Cat, Deer, Horse, Bird, Lion, Swan
Name a type of pet that people rarely take out of their house.
Cat, Snake, Bird, Fish, Hamster/Gerbil, Lizard
Name someplace you might hear an echo
Cave, Canyon, Hallway, Phone Booth, Mountain, Bathroom
Name something that might be ruined if it had a scratch on it.
CD/Record, Furniture, Glasses/Eyeglasses, Car, Mirror, Camera Lense
Name something you'd see if you were trapped in a dungeon
Chains/Bars, Dragons, Bones, Bats, Candles/Darkness, Rats/Mice
Name something that both a dental office and a spa might have
Chair, Water, Magazines, Towels, Waiting Room, Music
Name something you are embarrassed to do in front of people at the gym
Change Clothes, Shower, Pass Gas, Run, Stretch/Bend Over, Dance
Name something people do when they want to look better. (makeover is not an answer, be more specific)
Change Hair, Diet, Put On Makeup, Plastic Surgery, Exercise, Clean Up
Name something a cowboy wears that's made of leather.
Chaps, Boots, Gloves, Belt, Vest, Jacket
Name something that your boyfriend does that makes you question why you're still with him.
Cheat, Lie, Drink, Has Gas In Public, Smokes, Snore
Name a reason a casino dealer might complain about someone at their table
Cheating, Drunk, Smoking, Winning Too Much, Loud, Rude
Name something on a baby that might be described as “chubby”.
Cheeks, Legs, Belly, Arms, Hands, Feet
Name an animal that would be an appropriate mascot for a team of marathon runners
Cheeta/Cat, Road Runner, Rabbit, Gizelle, Greyhound, Horse
Name an animal that could probably beat carl lewis in a race
Cheetah, Jaguar, Tiger, Cougar, Horse, Bird
Name a food people serve on a bed of rice.
Chicken, Chow Mein, Chop Suey, Fish, Mu Shu Pork, Beans
Name something contagious that kids sometimes catch, but adults seldom do.
Chicken Pox, Cold, Measles, Lice, Mumps, Pink Eye
Name something parents say is too short.
Childhood, Daughter's Skirt, Summer/School Calendar, Money, Life, Fuse/Temper
Name a spicy food some people love to eat
Chili, Curry, Tacos, Chips And Salsa, Hot Wings, Jalapeno Pepper
Name a culture or religion that celebrates a different new year then the west
Chinese, Jewish, Islam, Japan, Buddhist, India
Name an animal a person with chubby cheeks might resemble
Chipmunk/Squirrel, Pig, Panda/Koala Bear, Monkey, Bulldog, Rabbit
Name a food that's noisy when people eat it.
Chips, Popcorn, Celery, Carrots, Apple, Cereal
Name a food that you become very thirsty while eating.
Chips, Popcorn, Peanuts, Pizza, Crackers, Ice Cream
Name a snack that's served at any party
Chips And Dip, Crackers And Cheese, Popcorn, Cake, Nuts, Vegetables
If apple pie lost its title as the food defining america, what dessert might take its place?
Chocolate Cake, Cheese Cake, Cherry Pie, Pumpkin Pie, Ice Cream/Float, Choc. Chip Cookie
Besides thanksgiving, name a holiday you celebrate with a lot of food.
Christmas, Easter, Fourth Of July, New Years, Memorial Day, Hanukkah
Name the most stressful holiday.
Christmas, Valentine's Day, Thanksgiving, New Year's, Halloween, 4th Of July
Name an occasion for which people often end up overspending
Christmas, Wedding, Birthday, Vacation, Shopping Trip, Night Out
Name the worst place you could have a sneezing fit.
Church, Work, Movies, Library, Driving A Car, Restaurant
Name a fairy tale character whose name would cause her to stand out in the real world.
Cinderella, Snow White, Little Red Riding Hood, Rapunzel, Goldy Locks, Sleeping Beauty
What might someone at the symphony do that tells you they're enjoying the music
Clap, Smile, Close Eyes, Hum, Tap Foot, Cry
Name something your shampoo promises to do.
Clean, Give You Shine, Add Volume, Stop Dandruff, Make Hair Soft, Repair Damage
Name something people mean to do in their spare time, but end up watching TV instead.
Clean, Read, Paperwork, Bake, Exercise, Nap
Name something your wife asks you to do that your mom also asks you to do.
Clean Up Mess, Take Out Trash, Dishes, Laundry, Make Bed, Eat Better
Name something college roommates might argue about.
Cleaning, Food, Money, Space, Music, Bedtime
Name something that has an alarm
Clock, Car, Smoke Detector, Home, Bank Vault, Watch
Name an item in your home that you'd need to reset after power had went out
Clock, Microwave, TV, Computer, Stove, VCR/Dvd Player
Name something you try to do before it starts to rain
Close Windows, Cut Grass, Get Home, Laundry Off Line, Get Umbrella, Take A Walk
Even in a tidy house, name one place where there's usually junk hidden away.
Closet, Under Bed, Attic, Garage, Kitchen Drawer, Basement
Name something many people buy with credit card instead of cash
Clothes, Car, Gas, Food, Furniture, TV
Name something parents always seem to be buying for their kids.
Clothes, Shoes, Toys, School Supplies, Candy, Food
Name something sister borrow from their brothers.
Clothes/Shoes, Money, Music/CDs, Car, Deoderant, Comb/Brush
Tell me something you watch for out of your plane window
Clouds, Lightning, Bodies Of Water, Other Planes, Houses, Birds
Name something a child might have at their 6th birthday party, but not at their 16th birthday.
Clown, Games, Cake, Balloons, Party Favors, Parents
Name something moms make their kids wear in the winter.
Coat, Gloves, Hat, Sweater, Long Johns, Boots
Name something people wear to protect themselves.
Coat, Helmet, Jockstrap, Bulletproof Vest, Hat, Sunscreen
If you were stranded on a tropical island, name something you might have to eat.
Coconuts, Seafood, Bananas, Pineapples, Bugs, Berries
In a new house, what are the first things you unpack because you're sure to need them right away?
Coffeepot/Dishes, Clothes/Pajamas, Food, Toilet Paper, Toothbrush/Soap, Bedding
Name something that kids and some adults both collect
Coins, Baseball Cards, Stamps, Comic Books, Toys, Records
Name a reason a person might complain about a cup of coffee that's served to them.
Cold, Too Hot, Too Weak, Too Strong, No Sugar, No Cream
Name a food you find raisins in.
Cold Cereal, Cookies, Poatmeal, Salad, Bread, Bagels
Besides swimming, name something people do to stay cool in the summer
Cold Drinks, Eat Ice Cream, Use A Fan, Cold Shower, Air Conditioning, Sit In Shade
Name something everyone knows about the dog “lassie.”
Collie, Rescues People, Smart, Always Comes Home, Owned By Timmy, Girl Dog
According to commercials, what product should a man buy in order to have women flock to him?
Cologne/Aftershave, Car, Deodorant, Shampoo, Hair Growth Cream, Beer
Besides chicken,name something you associate with kentucky fried chicken.
Colonel Sanders, Mashed Potatoes, Coleslaw, Biscuits, Corn On The Cob, Secret Recipe
How can you tell one car apart from another of the same model and year?
Color, License Plate, Dents, Bumper Stickers, Tires, Dirty/Clean
Name something you might do after a bad restaurant experience
Complain, Get Sick, Never Return, Bad Tip, Tell Friends, Bad Review
Name something an impatient person might do while waiting in line
Complain, Tap Foot, Yell, Bite Nails, Swear, Sigh/Moan
Name a form of technology that some people refuse to use
Computer, Cell Phone, TV, Microwave, Car, Gps
Name something people buy, and then don't know how to use.
Computer, Cell Phone, TV, Camera, Dvd Player, Car
Name a modern device that older people have trouble using
Computer, Video Player, Hearing Aid, Microwave, Telephone, Remote Control
Name something every movie theatre, fancy or not, has
Concession Stand, Seats, Screen, Bathroom, Movies, Customers
Name an employee you'd find at a fancy hotel, but not at a budget motel
Concierge, Bellhop, Valet, Doorperson, Room Service, Chef
Name something you'd expect to see in a boardroom meeting.
Conference Table, Executives, Office Chairs, Charts/Presentation, Coffee/Donuts, Computers/Phones
Name something that every movie theatre, fancy or not, has.
Consession Stand, Seats, Screen, Bathroom, Movies, Customers
Name a profession where you get to wear boots all day
Construction, Cowboy, Firefighter, Army, Farmer, Police Officer
Name a job where employees must get tired arms
Construction, Movers, Parcle Delivery, Hair Dresser, Traffic Cop, Food Server
Name a job where it would be okay to yell at work
Construction, Sports, Teacher, Police, Stock Broker, Auctioneer
If or out of the dentist's chair, name something the dentist warns not to do.
Consume Sweets, Smoke, Wiggle, Swallow, Bite Down, Grind Teeth
Name a term or phrase with the word “control” in it.
Control Freak, Remote Control, Out Of Control, Control Panel, Self Control, Mind Control
Name a word that begins with “con.”
Convict, Con Artist/Con Man, Contest, Contract, Construction, Connect
Name something you do at home, but not while staying in a hotel.
Cook, Clean, Smoke Inside, Play Loud Music, Walk Around Naked, Laundry
If a husband found out that his wife had a bad day at work, name something he might do to make her feel better.
Cook Dinner, Give A Massage, Giver Her Flowers, Prepare A Bath, Take Her Out, Comfort Her
Name a profession where an engaged woman might remove her extravagant ring before work.
Cook/Baker, Doctor, Exotic Dancer, Hair Stylist, Actor/Model, Dishwasher
Name something that you would buy at a bakery for christmas.
Cookies, Cake, Pie, Fruit Cake, Bread, Rolls
Name something made with ginger
Cookies, Ginger Ale, Pumpkin Pie, Tea, Ginger Chicken, Carrot Cake
We asked 100 husbands! Name a subject your wife likes to be the expert on.
Cooking, Intimacy, Money, Parenting, Fashion, Cleaning
Besides the blade, name something you'd find on a swiss army knife
Corkscrew, Screw Driver, Scissors, Can Opener, Bottle Opener, Nail File
Name something a rockstar's dressing room is probably full of
Costumes, Drinks, Women, Flowers, Instruments, Make Up
Name something from home that you wish movie theaters had
Couch/Recliner, Bed, Remote Control, Pillows, Blanket, Alcohol
Instead of a horse, which animal is it hard to imagine a cowboy riding?
Cow, Dog, Pig, Donkey, Elephant, Camel
What animal would you see at a farm, but never consider keeping for a pet?
Cow, Pig, Goat, Chicken, Horse, Sheep
Name something you can buy at a western store you probably can't buy in a regular clothes store.
Cowboy Boots, Cowboy Hat, Chaps, Spurs, Rope, Saddle
What might a teenager do that causes their parents to forbid them from using the family car?
Crash It, Drink, Bad Grades, Speed, Stay Out Late, Get A Ticket
Which of your usual bills increase over the holidays?
Credit Card, Electric/Lights, Food, Phone, Transportation/Gas, Heat
What's the first thing new parents buy after finding out they're having a baby?
Crib, Clothes, Diapers, Stroller, Bottles, Car Seat
Name the worst thing about being on noah's ark.
Crowded, Smell, Animals, Cleaning Up, Storms, Boredom
Name something about babies that makes you think twice about becoming a parent.
Crying, Diapers, Expensive, Sleepless Nights, College Tuition, Kids Grow Up
Name a place where you might find a prediction about the future
Crystall Ball, Bible, Fortune Cookie, Horoscope, News, Alminac
Name something babies and puppies have in common.
Cute, Drooling, Need Attention, Playful, Sleep Alot, Cry
Name something teenagers did in the 50′s.
Danced, Wore Poodle Skirts, Hula Hoop, Cruise In The Car, Went To Drive In, Grease Their Hair
Name a profession that would be most difficult to perform while 8 months pregnant.
Dancer, Police Officer, Doctor/Nurse, Waitress, Athlete, Fitness Instructor
Name an activity that requires moving your hips.
Dancing, Hula Hoop, Running, Walking, Tai Bo, Aerobics
Name something associated with john travolta.
Dancing, Saturday Night Fever, Pulp Fiction, Grease, Pilot, Scientology
Name something associated with john travolta
Dancing, Saturday Night Live, Pulp Fiction, Grease, Pilot, Scientology
Name something you see in every star wars movie.
Darth Vader, Lightsaber, Spaceships, R2 D2, C 3po, Jedi
Name something people associate with an undertaker.
Death, A Casket, Black Suit, A Funeral, A Hearse, Dig A Ditch
Name an animal whose head you might see on the wall of a hunter's den
Deer, Moose, Bear, Bull, Raccoon, Antelope
Name a punishment that a misbehaving kid might get at school.
Detention, Stand In Corner, Suspension, Write Lines, Principal's Office, No Recess
Name a gift that a new mom is bound to get duplicates of at a baby shower.
Diapers, Clothes, Blankets, Bottles, Bibs, Diaper Bag
Name a product that might be disposable
Diapers, Razors, Paper Towels, Cans, Trash Bags, Paper Cups
Tell me something in a teenager's room that they wouldn't want touched
Diary, Music, Computer, Clothes, Magazines, TV
Name a new year's TV host.
Dick Clark, Regis Philbin, Carson Daly, Ryan Seacrest, Jay Leno, Casey Kasem
Why might someone refuse to use a swimming pool?
Dirty Water, Can't Swim, Cold, Kids In It, Clorine, Crowded
Name a household chore that you do your best thinking while doing
Dishes, Ironing, Sweeping, Vacuuming, Dusting, Laundry
Name a place where most americans go at least once for vacation
Disneyland/World, Hawii, Las Vegas, Mexico, Grand Canyon, New York City
Name a specific way people might enter a swimming pool
Dive, Feet First, Slowly, Jump Right In, Ladder, Stairs
Name a popular pick up line
Do I Know You, Hey Baby, What's Your Sign, Fall Form Heaven, Come Here Often, How You Doing
Name someone who has to wash their hands frequently.
Doctor, Cook, Nurse, Dentist, Mechanic, Restaurant Worker
Name someone who wears white gloves.
Doctor, Mickey Mouse, Nurse, Dentist, Band Instructor, Police Officer
Name someone who knows a lot about you because it's their job.
Doctor, Parent, Teacher, Detective, Irs Auditor, Psychiatrist
Tell me a profession that works long hours.
Doctor, Police, Firefighter, Lawyer, Teachers, Nurse
Name a job, often depicted on TV, that you've dreamt of having yourself.
Doctor, Police Officer, Actor, Lawyer, Detective, Model
Name a place where you see a scale
Doctor's Office, Gym, A Fish, Bathroom, Truck Stop, Butcher/Deli
Name a game you played in gym class but doesn't offer much exercise?
Dodgeball, Tag, Volleyball, Duck Duck Goose, Ping Pong, Bowling
Name something that needs to be fed.
Dog, Bird, Children, People, Fish, Horse
If “american idol” had an animal competition, which animal would have the best chances?
Dog, Bird, Monkey, Cat, Lion, Cow
Name a pet that makes a good holiday gift
Dog, Cat, Fish, Rabbit, Hamster, Bird
Name something a grown man might be embarrassed to admit that he collects.
Dolls, Stamps, Action Figures, Baseball Cards, Comic Books, Stuffed Animals
Name a place where you see more cops than in a jail
Donut/Coffee Shop, In A Police Station, At A Mall, At A Concert, In A Parade, Streets/Sidewalk
Name a snack that goes great with coffee.
Donuts, Coffee Cake, Bagels, Cookies, Toast, Buscuit
Name something associated with the wizard of oz.
Dorothy, Toto, Tin Man, Yellow Brick Road, Wicked Witch, Ruby Slippers
Name something men in fairy tales fight against, that real men don't
Dragon, Ogre, Witch, Monster, Beast, Troll
If you had a box in the attic labeled “wedding,” name something that would be in it.
Dress, Photos, Cake Topper, Veil/Bridal Accessry, Invitations, Video Tape
Name something specific you'd wear if you wanted to impersonate a woman
Dress, Wig, Bra, High Heels, Lipstick, Panty Hose
Name a child actor who is still acting or working in hollywood as an adult
Drew Barrymore, Jodie Foster, Raven Symone, Ron Howard, Laurence Fishburne, Olsen Twins
Name a child star who's still famous today.
Drew Berrymore, Michael Jackson, Olsen Twins, Jodie Foster, Ron Howard, Brooke Shields
At a party where you don't know anyone, how might you pass the time?
Drink, Dance, Eat, WatchTV, Introduce Yourself, Listen To Music
Name something you can do at a bowling ally, but it's not the reason most people go
Drink, Eat, Play Video Games, Play Pool, Smoke, Meet People
Name something you do at an office holiday party.
Drink, Eat, Talk, Exchange Gifts, Dance, Sing
Name something people do while they're gambling.
Drink, Lose Money, Smoke, Play Cards, Scream, Sweat
Name something you can't do until you're a certain age.
Drink Alcohol, Drive, Vote, Smoke, Gamble, Retire
Name something teenagers do that they'll kick themselves for later in life.
Drink/Smoke, Bad Grades, Put Off College, Drop Out, Date Too Soon, Get A Tattoo
Name something most people try at least once in their life.
Drinking, Smoking, Sky Diving, Sushi, Riding In Airplane, Marriage
Name something that's dangerous to do one-handed.
Drive, Cook, Ride A Bike, Cut/Carve, Swim, Use Tools
Name something people do with both hands.
Drive, Dishes, Massage, Clap, Cook, Eat
Name some reasons why teenagers want to get older?
Drive, Drink, Move Out, Date, Get A Job, No Curfew
Name something many people learned to do from their dad.
Drive, Fish/Hunt, Shave, Ride Bike, Curse, Fix Things
Name something you were afraid to do for the first time.
Drive, Kiss/Intimacy, Swim, Ride A Bike, Go To School, Get On A Plane
Name a reason why a child can't wait to grow up
Drive, Move Out, Have A Job, No Rules, Romance, No School
Name something little boys can't wait to grow up and do.
Drive, Play Sports, Be Like Daddy, Shave, Date, Be A Firefighter
If you were going to fill in for james bond, name something you'd have to learn how to do.
Drive Fast, Shoot, Fight, Save The World, Kiss Well, Use Gadgets
Name biggest event in a teenager's life
Driver's License, Graduation, 16th Birthday, First Kiss, First Car, Prom
Name a gift that's great to give to children if you don't live with them.
Drum, Candy, Dog, Horn, Guitar, Toy Gun
Name a characteristic of a pub that you wouldn't want for your home.
Drunk People, Smoke, Loud, Dark, Fights, Crowded
Name something that gets in your eye and irritates it.
Dust, Dirt, Eyelash, Bug, Soap, Smoke
Name something you might hook up to your TV.
Dvd, Cable, Video Game, Antenna, Satelite Dish, Entertainment Centre
Name something there are seven of.
Dwarfes, Deadly Sins, Wonders Of The World, Days Per Week, Seas, Continents
Name something women do to their hair.
Dye It, Curl It, Wash It, Cut It, Brush It, Braid It
Name something a kid might do that would make you tell them they're turning into a squirrel.
Eat Nuts, Climb Trees, Bring Germs, Nibble On Everything, Hide Things, Jump
Name something a parent criticizes their child for doing too fast
Eating, Homework, Cleaning/Chores, Growing Up, Talking, Driving
Which activity would a celeb least like to be photographed doing?
Eating, Showing Affection, Picking Nose, Wearing Swimsuit, Drinking, Sleeping
Name something you don't feel comfortable doing at a neat freaks house
Eating, Smoking, Using A Bathroom, Sitting On Furniture, Keeping Shoes On, Helping To Clean Up
Name something you buy to save money in the long run.
Economical Car, House/Improvement, Stocks/Savings Plan, Washer/Appliance, Insurance, Groceries
Name a beverage you might drink at a typical holiday party
Egg Nog, Wine, Champagne, Beer, Soda, Juice
Name a specif food that someone with high cholesterol might give up
Eggs, Butter, Bacon, Fired Chicken, Pizza, French Fries
Tell me something you're likely to find at a hotel continental breakfast.
Eggs, Cereal, Muffins, Coffee, Bagels, Toast
Name something you'll find on the breakfast menu, no matter what kind of restaurant you're at.
Eggs, Coffee, Pancakes, Bacon, Juice, Toast
Name a breakfast item that you'd find on the menu of a fancy restaurant, but not your local diner
Eggs Benidict, Crepes, Belgian Waffles, Bagel, Quiche, Croissant
Name a famous tower.
Eiffel Tower, Sears Tower, Tower Of Pisa, Watts Towers, Space Needle, Trump Tower
If animals had yearly check-ups, name one that might be told to lose some weight.
Elephant, Bear, Pig, Cow, Hippo, Whale
Name an animal that you commonly see at the circus
Elephant, Lion, Tiger, Monkey, Pony, Bear
In the bible, name a creature noah would have had the hardest time capturing two of for his ark.
Elephant, Lion/Big Cats, Snake, Birds, Shark, Whales
Name a circus animal that looks better in costume than it does naturally.
Elephant, Monkey, Bear, Lion, Tiger, Seal
Name an animal that weighs a lot.
Elephant, Whale, Bear, Hippopotamous, Lion, Rhinoceros
Name something that goes up and down
Elevator, Seesaw, Yo Yo, Thermometer, Ball, Airplane
Name a type of online site that asks you to log in.
Email, Social Network, Movies/TV, Games, Dating Site, Blog
Besides a wild cat, name something that “roars.”
Engine, Bear, Crowd, Waterfall/Water, Fire, Thunder
Name a unit of currency that's used in a foreign country
Euros, Pound, Yen, Pesos, Francs, Rupees
Name something cartoon villains are always doing that lets you know they're bad
Evil Laugh, Stealing, Fighting, Killing, Taking Over World, Wearing Black
Name someone who you wish didn't have your address.
Ex, Bill Collector, Boss, The Police, Irs, In Laws
Name something a college student would write down on a calendar.
Exam/Due Dates, Days Off, Graduation, Parties, A Date, Class Schedule
Tell me something many wives encourage their husbands to do as they get older.
Exercise, Lose Weight, Eat Healthier, Go To The Doctor, Dye Hair, Retire
Name something teens may be afraid of when moving away to college
Expenses, Being Alone, Leaving Home, Making New Friends, Difficult Classes, New Roommate
Name something a pirate has to take off before he goes to bed
Eye Patch, Hook, Hat, Wooden Leg, Sword, Parrot
Name one thing about yourself that you wish would stay the same as you age.
Face/Skin, Weight, Hair, Health, Personality, Amount Of Energy
Name something a baseball umpire might keep in his locker
Facemask, Baseball, Cap, Cup, Chest Protection, Tobacco
Name something a celebrity hopes won't happen while on stage to accept an award
Fall, Forget Speech, Loose Voice, Faint, Cry, Drop Award
How can you tell that your date isn't interested in the movie?
Falls Asleep, Yawning, More Into You, Talking Alot, Bathroom Often, Goes Home
Other than work, name something you often find yourself talking to co-workers about.
Family, Relationships, Sports, Weather, TV, Weekend
Name something that is different about writing a research paper on a computer than on a typewriter.
Faster Editing, Spell Check, Printing, Nternet Access, Quieter, Screen
Name a part of the body where people sprinkle powder.
Feet, Bottom, Chest, Underarms, Back, Legs
Name another word for lying that makes it sound more innocent
Fibbing, White Lie, Telling A Story, Kidding, Tall Tale, Stretching The Truth
Name something you expect to see in a martial arts movie.
Fight Scenes, Asian Actors, Weapons, Subtitles/Dubbing, Ninjas, Blood
Name something you'd see more of at a wrestling match than a tennis match
Fighting, Men, Spandex, Yelling, Skin, Muscles
Name something you dread having done while at your dentist appointment
Filling, Root Canal, Teeth Pulled, Teeth Cleaned, Teeth Flossed, Shot
Name something that might break a couple up if they disagreed about it
Finances, Having Kids, Showing Affection, Religion, Fidelity, Parenting
Name something you might bite, but wouldn't eat.
Fingernail/Finger, Tongue/Lip, Partner's Neck, Pen/Pencil, Plastic/Wrapper, Glasses
We asked 100 parents: name something you'd tell your children to do first before getting married
Finish School, Fall In Love, Get A Job, Date Others, Have Fun, Live Together
What is the best part of a 4th of july parade
Fireworks, Floats, Candy, Music, Costumes, Fire Trucks
Name something that a man teaches his grandson to do.
Fish, Drive, Play Sports, Ride A Bike, Hunt, Read
Name a part of grooming that you'd spend more time on before a big date.
Fixing Hair, Applying Makeup, Shaving, Dressing, Showering, Brushing Teeth
What item do people always keep inside their cars?
Flashlight, Map, Umbrella, Registration, Sunglasses, Tissues
Name something around the house you might keep spare batteries for
Flashlight, Remote Control, Radio, Toys, Music Player, Portable Videogame
Name something people use to help them find a lost item.
Flashlight, Their Memory, Metal Detector, Dog, Eyes/Glasses, Friend's Help
Name a state people visit during the winter.
Florida, California, Colorado, Hawaii, New York, Alaska
Name something a girl wants as a gift that most guys would never want.
Flowers, Jewelery, Perfume, Lingerie, Makeup, Purse
Name something you see a lot of in the summer.
Flowers, Sun, Swimming Suit, People In Shorts, Bugs, Kids Playing
If you wanted to impersonate mary poppins, what would you do?
Flying Umbrella, Sing, Dance, Spoonful Of Sugar, British Accent, Babysit
Name a term you'd expect a poker player to know
Fold, Flush, Full House, Ante, Bluff, Flop
What type of product has commercials that make you want what they're selling?
Food, Beer, Car, Hair Care Products, Toy's, Make Up
Name something you might have to wait for a while on an airplane?
Food, Drink, Bathroom, Take Off, Landing, Late Passenger
Name something kids get in trouble for throwing.
Food, Football/Baseball, Snowballs, Stones, Tantrum, Spitballs
Name something that might make you throw up.
Food Poisoning, Drinking, Somebody Vomits, Flu, Medicine, Roller Coaster
Name a job where you might have your name on the front of your shirt.
Food Server, Salesperson, Doctor, Mechanic, Nurse, Police Officer
Name a job that a clumsy person would be fired from immediately.
Food Server, Surgeon, Construction Worker, Dancer, Acrobat, Bartender
Name something you hope that the people you're housesitting for have in their home.
Food/Drinks, Cable TV, Hot Tub/Pool, Alarm, Internet Access, Air Conditioning
Name a sport in which the announcers get as excited as the fans.
Football, Baseball, Hockey, Basketball, Soccer, Boxing
Name a sport in which participants use a specific kind of headwear
Football, Hockey, Baseball, Swimming, Wrestling, Boxing
Name a brand of car that's made in america.
Ford, Chevrolet, Cadilac, Buick, Chrysler, Jeep
Name a holiday you might BBQ on.
Fourth Of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Memorial Day, Father's Day, Mother's Day
Name something that tastes better with salt on it
French Fries, Eggs, Potato Chips, Corn On The Cob, Meat, Tomatoes
Name something in a hotel room that's smaller than usual
Fridge, TV, Soap/Shampoo, Bathroom, Shower, Table
Name a specific food that you associate with the south
Fried Chicken, Grits, Collard Greens, BBQ Ribs, Gumbo, Cornbread
Name someone who owes you a big apology.
Friend, Romantic Interest, Ex, Sibling, Child, Parent
Other than your family members,from whom would you accept criticism?
Friends, Boss, Teacher, Doctor, Partner, Clergy
Name something a teenager has a lot of.
Friends, Clothes, Free Time, Acne, Music, Emotions
Where do many people go to get advice on love?
Friends, Parents, Therapist, Pastor, Psychic, Internet
Name something that's more important to a teenager than to an adult.
Friends/Popularity, Clothes, Talking On Phone, Car/Driving, Music, Dating
Name a creature that eats bugs
Frog, Spider, Anteater, Birt, Lizzard, Bat
Tell me why you'd see an adult hiding
Fugitive, Scared, Afair, Playing With Kids, Surprise Party, Avoiding Someone
Name an expression that ends with the word “house”
Fullhouse, Whitehouse, Brickhouse, Outhouse, Open House, Crack House
Unlike a wedding, name a social event that you'd never want to crash
Funeral, Birthday, Graduation, Baby Shower, Baptism, Anniversary
Name a place where it would be rude to laugh.
Funeral, Church, Library, Serious Movie, Hospital, Court
Name something in your house that's been passed down for generations
Furniture, Jewelry, Clock, China, Photo, Clothes
Name something that you spend money on to make your house more cozy
Furniture, Pillows, Fireplace, Candles, Drapes, Rugs
Name something moms tell their children not to climb on.
Furniture, Trees, Countertop, Ladders, Their Parents, Roof
Name something that people are bound to do in las vegas
Gamble, Drink, Get Married, See A Show, Shop, Eat Too Much
What food should a movie star avoid eating before doing a love scene?
Garlic, Onions, Fish, Beans, Pizza, Peppers
What food do you want to avoid before kissing someone?
Garlic Bread, Pizza, Tuna, Onion Rings, Eggs, Chili
Name something a car can't run without
Gas, Battery, Oil, Engine, Tires, Radiator
Name a television star who has successfully transitioned into feature films.
George Clooney, Will Smith, Tom Hanks, Robin Williams, Jennifer Anniston, John Travolta
Which former president would look funny wearing a dress?
George W Bush, William Clinton, Abe Lincoln, Richard Nixon, George Washington, Ronald Reagan
Name something a celeb has to do before an awards ceremony starts
Get Dressed, Walk Red Carpet, Hair/Makeup, Interview, Take Pictures, Reherse
Other than food, why do you like going to a chinese restaurant
Get Fortune Cookies, Use Chopsticks, Price, Atmosphere, Smell's Good, Service
Name a reason a person might wear their pajamas outside.
Get Mail/Newspaper, Emergency/Fire, They're Cold, They're Lazy, Pajama Party, Take Out Trash
Name an instance when a parent might try to distract a child
Getting A Shot, Violence & Movie, Upset/Hurt, Tooth Pulled, Sopping Trip, Hiding A Gift
Name something you're hoping is fake at a halloween party because you'd be afraid of a real one
Ghost, Monster, Witch, Vampire, Spider, Bat
Name something that little girls do when they get together
Giggle, Play Dolls, Dress Up/Makeover, Play House, Tea Party, Jump Rope
Name an animal with really long legs.
Giraffe, Ostrich, Frog, Horse, Gazelle, Camel
Name a club a high school student might belong to
Glee Club, Chess Club, Debate Club, Drama, Art, Foreign Language
Other than a ball, name something that a baseball player gets asked to sign
Glove, Jersey, Bat, Baseball Card, Cap, Photograph
Name something every professional boxer needs.
Gloves, Trainer, Mouth Guard, Cup, Stamina, Speed
Name something a craft lover would have a lot of.
Glue, Yarn, Construction Paper, Paint, Beads, Fabric
Who do many celebrities thank after a win at an awards show?
God, Fans, Parents, Partner, Producer, Director
Name a famous movie monster you might see in a black and white film.
Godzilla, King Kong, Frankenstein, Dracula, Mummy, Werewolf
Instead of a dollar, what might a pirate's kid find under her pillow when she loses a tooth?
Gold Coin, Eye Patch, Sword, Hook, Jewels, Parrot
Name an animal in a pet store that probably wouldn't attack someone.
Goldfish, Kitten, Bunny, Hamster, Turtle, Gerbil
Name an activity that is associated with retired people.
Golf, Bingo, Cards, Fishing, Shuffleboard, Travel
Name an activity people commonly take up after retirement.
Golf, Gardening, Traveling, Fishing, Playing An Instrument, Knitting
Name a pastime you'd know someone has, just by looking at their shoes
Golf, Running, Hiking, Dancing, Bowling, Baseball
Name a sport that a tough guy might think is wimpy.
Golf, Tennis, Soccer, Ping Pong, Swimming, Bowling
Name something you might buy for a golfer.
Golf Clubs, Golf Balls, Hat, Golf Bag, Golf Cart, Golf Shirt
Name a phrase that starts with “life is…”.
Good, Too Short, Box Of Chocolates, Beautiful, A Bowl Of Cherries, A Beach
What does a model need in order to be successful?
Good Looks, Height, Agent, Stylish Clothes, Strut, Confidence
How can you tell your co-worker has started dating
Good Mood, Recieves Flowers, Showing Up Late, New Clothes, Phone Calls, Hickeys
What do some women say about men as a reason for why they can't get dates
Good Ones Taken, After Younger Women, Men Are Dogs/Pigs, They Don't Work, Only Want One Thing, Men Are Immature
Name something that might physically happen to your body when scared
Goose Bumps, Sweat, Shake, Wet Pants, Face Gets Red, Heart Beats Fast
Name a reason a kid might get sent home from school.
Got In A Fight, Being Sick, Talk Back To Teacher, Bring A Weapon, Swearing, Smoking
Name a reason why a person would say they had a horrible cab driver.
Got Lost, Too Fast, Accident, Too Slow, Expensive, Smelly
Name a color a teenager might dye her hair that would annoy her parents
Green, Purple, Blue, Pink, Red, Black
Name something a zombie might see a doctor about
Green Skin, No Pulse, Insomnia, Bloody Sores, Falling Apart, Odd Appetite
Name something a girl would need if she wanted to impersonate an elderly woman.
Grey Wig, Cane, Glasses, Old Dress, Shawl/Scarf, Handbag
Name a food people associate with the south
Grits, Chicken, Corn, Soul Food, Cajun Food, Black Eyed Peas
Name a word people use to describe someone who's in a bad mood
Grouchy, Grumpy, Crabby, Cranky, Angry, Moody
If you elope to las vegas, name something you might not have at your wedding.
Guests, Cake, Wedding Dress, Bridal Party, Flowers, Clergy
Tell me something that every country singer needs.
Guitar, Coyboy Hat, Great Voice, Boots, Accent/Twang, Sad Song
Name something found on the bottom of a shoe.
Gum, Sole, Lint, Taps, Heel, Dog Poo
Name a food that comes in a sugar-free variety
Gum/Candy, Ice Cream, Cookies, Soda, Jello, Pudding
Name something a mobster might have a tattoo of.
Gun, Mom, Skull, Snake, Cross, Money
What might a cowboy have hidden under his hat?
Gun, Money, Hair, Cigarettes, Whiskey, Bandana
Name a prop you may hold in an “olde time” photograph at the fair.
Gun, Parasol, Pitchfork, Cane, Fan, Hat
Name something that a person might change many times throughout their life.
Hair, Clothes, Careers, Address, Last Name, Partners
Name something of yours that you might someday change its color.
Hair, Home/Rooms, Car, Clothes/Shoes, Drapes, Eyes
Name something a child would say is too short.
Hair, Summer Vacation, Pants/Clothing, Themselves, Recess/Playtime, Bedtime Story
Name something you might see in a beauty shop.
Hair Dryer, Scissors, Make Up, Salon Chairs, Shampoo, Women
If which profession do you often find people with wacky hair?
Hair Stylist, Musician, Clown, Scientist, Model, Comedian
Name something both men and women use to keep their hair in place.
Hairspray, Gel, Mousse, Rubber Band, Comb, Brush
Tell me a holiday you can live without
Halloween, Thanksgiving, Valentine's Day, St Patrick's Day, Fourth Of July, New Year's
Name a book you'd like to get as a gift.
Harry Potter, Bible, Chronicals Of Narnia, Willy Wonka, Lord Of The Rings, Catcher In The Rye
Name something you see on the set of every game show
Hast, Contestants, Lights, People, Podiums, Announcer
Name something a school might forbid students from wearing.
Hat, Shorts, Mini Skirt, Tank Top, Jewelry, Make Up
What might you find out about a house that would make you back out of buying it?
Haunted, Termites, Mold, Price Went Up, Leaky Roof, Bad Foundation
Name a place that you wish you had the nerve to go alone
Haunted House, Cemetry, Wedding, Restaurant, Woods, Bar
What might an actor do to cure stage fright?
Have A Drink, Rehearse, Imagine Crowd Naked, Deep Breaths, Mediate, Count To 10
Name something specific a child might do in a store to make mom mad.
Have A Temper Tantrum, Run Around, Cry, Eat Candy, Scream, Hide
Name an instance when you fake a smile
Having A Photo Taken, Hear A Bad Joke, Job Interview, Upset, Meeting New People, Nervous
Name a part of a fish that most people don't eat.
Head, Eyes, Tail/Fin, Bones, Scales, Giills
When you're stressed out, name the part of your body where you feel it most.
Head, Neck, Back, Shoulders, Feet, Chest
Name something that might hurt after you attend a rock concert.
Head, Throat, Feet, Neck, Back, Ears
Name a piece of equipment many bikers don't use, but ought to.
Helmet, Knee Pads, Gloves, Horn, Brakes, Reflective Light/Tape
Name a piece of protective gear that only a real klutz would consider wearing while walking.
Helmet, Knee Pads, Protective Cup, Elbow Pads, Goggles, Gloves
Name a place where a mom might go when she says, ” i need peace and quiet.”
Her Bedroom, Take A Bath, Spa, Place Of Worship, Library, Park
Name a measurement a man probably doesn't know about his wife's body.
Her Waist, Bust, Her Hips, Her Weight, Butt Size, Feet Size
Tell me a way that a babysitter knows the parents are nervous about leaving.
Hesitate To Leave, Calling Repeatedly, Crying, Lots Of Questions, Leave Phone Numbers, Lots Of Instructions
Name something a teen might cover up so her parents don't see it.
Hickey, Tattoo, Piercing, Revealing Clothes, Make Up, Diary
Name something you'd never wear to work out at the gym.
High Heels, Jeans, Dress/Skirt, Bathing Suit, Business Suit, Boots
Name a reason why someone might be able to retire at 40.
High Paying Job, Military Veteran, Won The Lottery, Inheritance/Family, Pro Athlete, Started Work Early
Name a word or short phrase that begins with the word “high.”
High School, High Five, High Roller, High Noon, Highway, High Heels
Name something a cat would probably do if it felt threatened
Hiss, Scratch, Run, Jump, Attack, Arch It's Back
Name a type of sandwich you'd expect to see in new york city.
Hoagie, Ham, Cheese Steak, Pastrami, Meatball, Reuben
Name something you do to keep yourself from laughing.
Hold Breath, Cover Mouth, Bite Lip, Think Of Something Sad, Look Away, Pinch Yourself
Name a way people try to stop a bloody nose.
Hold Head Back, Pinch Nose, With A Tissue, Cotton In Nose, Cold Towel, Ice
When sitting close to a date, what clue might they give that they like you?
Holds Your Hand, Kisses You, Smiling, Arm Around You, Move Closer, Looking At You
Name a good place to spend the day when it's raining outside.
Home, Movie Theatre, Mall, Library, Museum, Gym
Name a place where kids go after school
Home, Park, Childcare, Mall, Friend's House, Library
Name something kids forget when leaving for school.
Homework, Lunch, Backpack, Books, Money, Jacket
Besides jelly, what else goes well with peanut butter
Honey, Bread, Chocolate, Crackers, Celery, Jam
Name something that can be romantic to ride on with a partner
Horse, Carriage, Motorcycle, Boat, Ferris Wheel, Bicycle
Name a place you wait where it could be awkward to make too much small talk with others
Hospital, Bathroom, Bus Stop, Jail, Voting Booth, Court/Lawyer
Name a public place you immediately want to wash your hands immediately after leaving
Hospital, Restaurant, Zoo, Shopping Center, Bar, Gas Station
Name a weather term that can also describe your wife.
Hot, Stormy/Violent, Cold/Frigid, Sunny, Gloomy, Icy
Name something you might do to make yourself feel cozy after playing in the snow all day.
Hot Chocolate, Hot Bath, Sit By Fire, Change Clothes, Blanket, Soup
Tell me a food that has “hot” in its name
Hot Dog, Hot Sauce, Hot Tamale, Hot Wings, Hot Pocket, Hot Peppers
Name a sauce you wouldn't put on ice cream.
Hot Sauce, Ketchup, Spaghetti Sauce, Barbque Sauce, Alfredo, Teriyaki
Name something about a teddy bear that's different from a real bear
Huggable, Stuffed, Smaller, Softer, No Teeth, Safe
Besides “biographies,” which section of a bookstore would a memoir about your life belong in?
Humor/Comics, Romance, History, Horror, Self Help, Sci Fi/Fantasy
Name a reason why a baby may be more fussy than usual.
Hungry, Teething, Tired, Sickness, Wet Diaper, Colic
Name a food many people have in their freezer right now
Ice Cream, Beef, Chicken, Pizza, Hot Dogs, Vegetables
Name a food that it's hard to keep your face clean while eating.
Ice Cream, Ribs, Spaghetti, Sloppy Joe, Pizza, Watermelon
Name a food that can be eaten directly from its container.
Ice Cream, Yogurt, Chips, Tuna, Soup, Peanut Butter
Name a type of business that does best during the summer.
Ice Cream Parlor, Bathing Suit Store, Amusement Parks, Swimming Pool, Air Conditioning, Parks And Recreation
Name a reason why someone's voice might sound funny.
Illness, Helium, Puberty, Drunk, Accent, Just Woke Up
Name something that starts with the word “instant”.
Instant Coffee, Instant Oatmeal, Instant Rice, Instant Pudding, Instant Potatoes, Instant Photo
Name something people associate with albert einstein.
Intelligence, Math, Mc^2, Theory Of Relativity, Physics, Wild Hair
Name something that is rude to do when someone is taking to you
Interupt, Look Away, Leave The Room, Yawn, Use Cell Phone, Not Make Eye Contact
Name something women's magazines give advice on
Intimacy, Romantic Relationships, Makeup, Hair, Keeping Fit, Fashion
Name an actor who often plays a “bad guy”.
Jack Nickleson, Al Pacino, Clint Eastwood, Robert Dinero, Christopher Wakin, Dennis Hooper
Name something you carry with you just in case, but hate to get stuck carrying
Jacket, Purse/Wallet, Cell Phone, Camera, Umbrella, Water Bottle
Besides pants, name an article of clothing that might be made out of denim.
Jacket, Shirt, Skirt, Hat, Vest, Dress
Name a popular elvis presley movie
Jailhouse Rock, Viva Las Vegas, Blue Hawaii, Love Me Tender, Girls Girls Girls, King Creole
Name a “jane” you've seen on TV
Jane Fonda, Jane Lynch, Jane Krakowski, Jane Curtain, Jane Seymore, Tarzan's Jane
Name the job you wouldn't want to have if you worked at the circus
Janitor, Clown, Lion Tamer, Human Cannon Ball, Tight Rope Walker, Elephant Trainer
Name a comedian whose nose is larger than his talent.
Jay Leno, Jerry Seinfeld, Steve Martin, Jimmy Darante, Bob Hope, Adam Sandler
Name something that people try to squeeze themselves into.
Jeans, Dress, Car, Elevator, Bus, Bathing Suit
What do people wear to work now that would have been considered too informal 50 years ago?
Jeans, Flip Flops, Shorts, Mini Skirt, Tennis Shoes, T Shirt
Name a popular children's food that's sold in cups
Jell O, Ice Cream, Fruit, Yogurt, Apple Sauce, Mac & Cheese
Name a dessert you'd find in every cafeteria.
Jello, Pudding, Cake, Pie, Ice Cream, Brownies
Name a celebrity who could teach a high school dance class.
Jennifer Lopez, Debbie Allen, Janet Jackson, Britney Spears, John Travolta, Christina Agulera
Name someone who has/had many followers.
Jesus, Gandhi, President Bush, Martin Luther King, Jr., Moses, Dalai Lama
Name a character that shows up in every church christmas play
Jesus, Mary, Angel, Joseph, Wise Men, Donkey
Name something that's often brought into a pawn shop.
Jewelry, TV, Watch, Gun, Musical Instrument, Stereo
Name a store or type of store that sells expensive merchandise.
Jewelry Store, Macys, Neman Marcus, Bloomingdales, Department Store, Lord & Taylor
Name a gift that most women like to get.
Jewlery, Flowers, Clothing, Money, Perfume, Shoes
Name a christmas song that most people forget some of the words to
Jingle Bells, Silent Night, First Noel, White Christmas, Oh Christmas Tree, 12 Days Of Christmas
Name something that people go through a lot of obstacles in order to get
Job, Money, Love/Married, Degree, Driver's License, House
What kinds of things might people lie about at their high school reunions?
Job, Money, Weight, How Many Kids, Marital Status, Grades
What do you see at the olympics that you might also see at a spelling bee.
Judges, Prize, Audience, Competition, Timer, Scores
Name the month when TV networks start airing reruns.
June, May, July, April, October, November
Tell me something fast-food employees always give you too much of.
Ketchup/Sauce, Napkins, French Fries, Salt, Ice, Attitude
Name a famous doctor (real or imaginary, living or dead) you would not want to operate on you.
Kevorkian, Jekyll, Suess, Dolittle, Spock, Dre
Name an expression with the word “kick” in it
Kick Butt, Kick Boxing, A Kick Out Of You, Kick Ball, Kick It In, Kick Off
Name something people brag about.
Kids, Income, Their Job, Bodies, Their Cars, Sports Ability
Name someplace a child goes that might be traumatic the first time
Kindergarten, Dentist, Pediatrician, Circus, To Get A Hair Cut, Daycare
Name something romantic you hope to still do with your partner when you're 80
Kiss, Hold Hands, Intimacy, Dance, Go On Dates, Take Walks
Name something you do in a booth
Kiss, Talk On Phone, Have Picture Taken, Vote, Sell Tickets, Eat
Name something you'd be nervous to do as an actress for fear that you'd wind up on a tabloid.
Kiss Your Date, Drugs/Drinking, Pose Nude, Get Arrested, Cheat/Divorce, Eat Fast Food
We asked 100 married people: what do you do with your spouse that reminds you why you fell in love?
Kiss/Sex, Go On Dates, Snuggle, Dance, Talk, Laugh
Name a part of the house where you're most likely to set a mousetrap.
Kitchen, Basement, Garage, Dining Room, Bedroom, Bathroom
Name something associated with goldie hawn.
Kurt Russell, Kate Hudson, Blonde Hair, Private Benjamin, Laugh In, Comedy
Name a place that single people travel to for its party atmosphere
Las Vegas, Cancun, New Oleeans, New York, Amsterdam, Los Angeles
Name something you need coins to use.
Laundromat, Pay Phone, Parking Meter, Newspaper, Vending Machine, Arcade Game
Name something that begins with the word “dirty.”
Laundry, Dancing, Mouth/Language, Harry, Job, Mind
Name a job many husbands pretend they don't know how to do, just to get out of doing it.
Laundry, Dishes, Cooking, Fixing Car, Mowing Lawn, Fixing Toilet
In a large family,what often gets mixed up with that of your siblings?
Laundry, Names, Toys, Birthdays, Food, Toothbrush
Name something people need change in order to pay for.
Laundry, Tolls, Parking, Soda/Snacks, Pay Phone Calls, Car Wash
Name something a gardener might use on the job.
Lawn Mower, Hoe, Shovel, Hose, Rake, Edger
Which type of professional would you least like to get into an argument with, because you'd never win?
Lawyer, Boxer, Politician, Police, Therapist, Judge
Name a job in which you need to dress well in order to succeed.
Lawyer, Model, Sales Person, Banker, Ceo, Teacher
When you've had a bad day, name something you're told to do to make you feel better.
Lay Down, Drink, Smile, Eat, Cry, Talk About It
Name something you can do in a van that you can't do in a sports car.
Lay Down, Make Love, Stand Up, Fit More People, Haul Stuff, Watch TV
Name a word that describes someone who doesn't pull their own weight
Lazy, Slacker, Free Loader, Bum, Deadbeat, Leech
Name something tourists see while visiting italy.
Leaning Tower Of Pisa, Sistine Chapel, Museums, Rome, Gondolas, Architecture
Name something people might have to do at traffic school.
Learn How To Drive, Take Driving Test, Learn Rules Of Road, Watch Videos, Read A Book, Take Notes
Name something men do in the bathroom that really ticks women off.
Leave Seat Up, Pee On Seat, Don't Clean Sink, Cut Their Hair, Leave Underware, Read
Name something that grows on trees, but isn't fruit.
Leaves, Nuts, Flowers, Acorn, Money, Pine Cones
Name something for which a mermaid may be jealous of barbie.
Legs, Hair, Ken, Wears Clothes, Car, Lives On Land
Besides photos, name something someone would include in their scrapbook.
Letters, Stickers, Hair, Ticket Stubs, Drawings, News Clippings
Name someplace people go to help them think.
Library, Place Of Worship, Parking, Bedroom, Bathroom, By The Ocean
Name something you'd see on the back of a car.
License Plate, Bumper Stickers, Bumper, Dirt, Tires, Lights
Name a job which is busiest in the summer time
Lifeguard, Gardening, Theme Park Employees, Ice Cream Vendor, Construction, Painter
Name a job that ends with the word “guard.”
Lifeguard, Security Guard, Bodyguard, Prison Guard, National Guard, Crossing Guard
Name something people decorate with in winter to get in the holiday spirit
Lights, Fake Snow, Pine/Trees, Tinsel/Garland, Wreath/Mistletoe, Candles
Name something you would rent, but probably not buy.
Limo/Vehicle, Dvd, Vacation Home, Carpet Cleaner, Tuxedo/Gown, Storage Unit
What animals might you see if you go on an african safari?
Lion, Elephant, Giraffe, Tiger, Zebra, Monkey
Name an animal that you wouldn't want to escape from the zoo.
Lion, Tiger, Bear, Gorilla, Giraffe, Elephant
Name a type of makeup that most women don't wear on a regular basis.
Lipstick, Blush, Foundation, Eye Shadow, Mascara, Eyeliner
We asked 100 women: name the item in your purse that a germophobe would say needs to be disinfected
Lipstick/Makeup, Cash/Wallet, Phone, Hairbrush/Comb, Pens/Pencils, Keys
If a woman was to marry tarzan, name something she would have to get used to
Living In Jungle, His Yelling, His Swinging, Apes, His Outfit, His Odor
Name something of her child's that a mom would save forever.
Lock Of Baby Hair, Photos, Baby Teeth, Clothes, Blanket, Artwork
Tell me something about a boy's appearance that might make his date's disapprove of him
Long Hair, Tattoos, Inappropriate Dress, Piercings, Dirty/Unkempt, Facial Hair
Name a city in the united states with a busy airport
Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, St Louis, Atlanta, Dallas
Name something a commercial hints that will happen if you buy the product advertised?
Lose Weight, Get Rich, Attract A Mate, Look Younger, Grow Hair, Become Happier
Name a TV show with the word “love” in its title
Love Connection, I Love Lucy, Love Boat, Everybody Loves Raymond, Love American Style, Love Bug
Name something a country western singer sings about, that a rapper wouldn't.
Lovesickness, Horse, Dog, Cowboys, Truck, Farm
Name something that you have to do sometimes that billionaire has probably never done.
Low End Job, Clean/Laundry, Borrow Money, Fly Economy, Buy Used, Clip Coupons
Name something hawaiians do to celebrate winter
Lu'au, Dance, Surf, Party, Decorate, Swim
Name something most people bring with them when they go to work
Lunch, Briefcase, Cell Phone, Coffee, Purse, Money
What might a mail carrier keep on hand to deal with unfriendly dogs?
Mace, Stick, Treats, Bone, Meat, Whistle
Name a famous store in new york city.
Macy's, Saks Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdale's, Tiffany's, Fao Schwartz, Barney's
Name an organization that's only for females
Madd, Sorority, Wnba, Now, Girl Scouts, Wic Program
Name a person who's last name is “johnson.”
Magic Johnson, Lyndon B Johnson, Don Johnson, Andrew Johnson, Howard Johnson, Lady Bird Johnson
If you were friends with nancy drew, what might you buy for her birthday?
Magnifying Glass, Book, Notebook, Pen, Flashlight, Detectives Hat
Name something that gets delivered to your door.
Mail, Pizza, Newspaper, Package, Flowers, Milk
Name something that gets delivered.
Mail, Pizza, Newspaper, Package, Baby, Flowers
Name something a housekeeper should not open
Mail, Safe/Lock Box, Dresser Drawers, Jewelery Box, Purse/Wallet, Diary/Journal
Name a way children submit their wishlists to santa.
Mail, Tell Parents, Email, Tell Santa, Prayers, Leave Under The Tree
Tell me a street name found in almost every big city.
Main, Elm, First, Martin Luther King, Broadway, Washington
Something in a woman's purse that's not in a man's wallet.
Make Up, Feminine Products, Perfume, Brush, Lotion, Mirror
Name something some women spend a lot of money on, just to look good.
Makeup, Hair, Clothes, Nails, Plastic Surgery, Gym
Tell me a place where you often have to pay for parking.
Mall, Hospital, Concert, Airport, Work/Downtown, Sporting Event
Name a specific place where you often find the parking lot full
Mall, Restaurant, Grocery Store, Bank, Doctor's Office, Sports Game
Name a place you'd visit more often if it wasn't so crowded there
Mall, Zoo, Bar/Club, Disney World, Beach, Park
Name a kind of place where you see people killing time.
Mall/Store, Train/Bus Stop, Airport, Bar, Work Job, Restaurant
We asked 100 wives: name something in your makeup drawer that your husband wouldn't know what to do with
Mascara, Eyeliner, Eyelash Curler, Foundation, Blush, Aplicator/Brush
If there was an airline called no frills air, name something they might not offer passengers.
Meals, Snacks, Movies, Drinks, Pillows, Phones
Who wears a uniform with shirt and pants of the same color?
Medical Professional, Cop, Military, Mail Carrier, Prisoner, Janitor
Name something your dog might do that would make you think he was part cat.
Meow, Catch Mice, Climb Tree, Eat Cat Food, Purr, Scratching
Name a company that uses an animal in its logo.
Mgm Lion, Exxon Tiger, Budweiser Eagle, Energizer Bunny, Rca Dog, Walt Disney Mouse
Name something you'd buy if you wanted to dress up like fidel castro
Military Uniform, Beard, Cigar, Hat, Bandana, Gun
Name a food or beverage you wouldn't consume after it'd been sitting out in hot weather
Milk, Beer, Soda, Ice Cream, Water, Meat
Name a food that goes bad in your fridge
Milk, Cheese, Eggs, Meat, Vegetables, Fruit
Name something grocery stores keep in a glass case
Milk, Cigarettes, Meat, Ice Cream, Alcohol, Flowers
Name something a kid's moustache is often made of
Milk, Fake Hair, Marker/Pen, Plastic, Kool Aid, Ketchup
Name a drink that often comes with a spoon
Milkshake, Coffee, Tea, Hot Chocolate, Root Beer Float, Slush/Smoothie
Name something people need good posture to do.
Model, Dance, Walk Confidently, Type, Play Piano, Yoga
Name an occupation where you often see people with stiff, hairsprayed hair.
Model, Hair Stylist, Actor, Rock Star, Food Server, News Anchor
Name someone you wouldn't want to see you nude.
Mom, Dad, Boss, Grandma, Kids, Sibling
Who in your personal life would you least expect to swindle you?
Mom, Significant Other, Dad, Best Friend, Sister, Grandma
What, specifically, keeps you from getting a degree?
Money, Bad Grades, Kids, Time, Work, Apathy
Name something associated with donald trump.
Money, Comb Over, The Apprentice, Real Estate, Ivana, Trump Towers
Name a fear parents have for their child, when she moves out of the house
Money, Drugs, Death, Safety, Coming Back, Lonely
Name something that even adults hate to share.
Money, Food, Bed, Bathroom, Clothes, Secrets
Name something you need in order to be popular in high school
Money, Good Looks, Car, Stylish Clothes, Good Grades, Personality
We asked 100 married people: name the thing that your spouse most often complains about.
Money, Lack Of Intimacy, Dinner, Snoring, Work, Doing Housework
What christmas “gift” can you give someone, without going shopping?
Money, Love, Baked Goods, Card, Gift Card, Hugs/Kiss
Name something you need in order to be happy
Money, Love, Family, Friends, Health, Food
Name something people daydream about
Money, Making Love, Vacation/Travel, New House, Love/Marriage, New Car
Name something in a woman's purse that she might lend out and not get back.
Money, Pen, Lipstick, Hygeine Product, Tissue, Gum/Candy
Name something you keep in your pocket or purse “just in case.”
Money, Personal Products, Tissue, Mace/Weapon, Medicine, Gum
Name something that's hard to hold onto
Money, Water, Soap, Love, Fish, Butter
Name a subject you count on your partner to give you advice on.
Money, Work, Romance, Fashion, Parenting, Relationships
We asked 100 wives: if your husband were the incredible hulk, tell me what would turn him into a monster.
Money/Bills, Chores/Nagging, Jealousy, No/Bad Food, Naughty Kids, Traffic
Name an animal with a long tail.
Monkey, Dog, Cat, Horse, Tiger, Kangaroo
Name an animal that children are excited by at the zoo.
Monkey, Lion, Tiger, Elephant, Giraffe, Bear
Name a board game that you wouldn't play if you only had an hour.
Monopoly, Life, Scrabble, Risk, Chess, Checkers
Name a woman in a man's life who his wife might not get along with.
Mother, Ex, Administrative Assistant, Sister, Female Friend, Daughter
Name a relative you'd rather not see during the holiday
Mother In Law, Aunt, Cousin, Mom, Ex Spouse, Uncle
Name something a celebrity might go on a talk show to promote
Movie, Album, TV Show, Book, Charity, Clothes
Name something a celebrity might discuss on a talk show
Movie, Book, Family, Drugs/Addiction, Romance, Losing Weight
Name something associated with the game show “hollywood squares”
Movie Stars, Whoopi Goldberg, Tic Tac Toe, Contestants, Squares, Money
A what place would you not want to be seated next to someone with an annoying laugh
Movies, Airplane, Church, Comedy Club, Restaurant, Bus
Name something a kid would do after school to make an extra buck
Mow Lawns, Babysit, Paper Route, Sell Lemonade, Wash Cars, Chores
Name something that kids play in but an adult would not.
Mud/Dirt, Sandbox, Kiddie Pool, Ball Pit, Tree/Playhouse, Bath Tub
Name something besides food and drinks that you can buy at starbucks.
Mugs, Reading Material, Gift Cards, T Shirt, Coffee Maker, Music
Name something that might be described as “strong.”
Muscle Man, Coffee, Metal/Steel, Odor, Cocktail, Will/Heart
Name something you are more likely to have in common with your friends than your family
Musical Taste, Age, Hobbies, Style Of Dress, Night Life, Other Friends
Name something you put on a chicago style hotdog
Mustard, Reslish, Onion, Tomato, Sauerkraut, Cheese
Name a piece of info that may be revealed on someones coffee mug
Name, Age, Where You Work, Parent/Grandparent, Sex, Horoscope Sign
Name something you can get from your parents, but you can change as an adult.
Name, Hair Color, Economic Status, Attitude, Nose, Religion
Name something a mother-to-be might ask her friends' advice on before the baby is born.
Names, Feeding, Labor Pain, Potty Training, Must Have Items, Sleeping Schedule
Tell me something you only do when you're sick.
Nap, Vomit, Take Medicine, Eat Soup, Home From Work, Go To Doctor
Name something a person uses to wipe their mouth with.
Napkin, Paper Towel, Handkerchief, Tissue, Sleeve, Wash Cloth
Besides utensils, name something that's already on the restaurant table when you sit down.
Napkins, Salt And Pepper, Menu, Glass, Table Cloth, Ketchup
Name a shade of blue (light and dark are not answers)
Navy Blue, Baby Blue, Sky Blue, Teal/Turquoise, Royal, Sapphire
Name the best place to be on a winter night
Near The Fireplace, Home, In A Warm Bed, In A Warm Place, Mountains, Cozy Cottage
On thanksgiving, name something snooki might say she's thankful for.
New Jersey, Men, Her Hair, Drinking, Tanning, Pickles
Name a city in the u.s. That people visit for the holidays
New York, Las Vegas, Chicago, Orlando, Anaheim, Miami
Name something a person might read everyday
Newspaper, Email/Web, Bible, Book, Magazines, Signs
Name a sign you're at a really cheap birthday party
No Cake, No Food, No Decorations, No Favors, No Presents, No Cards
Name something that might really annoy santa when he comes to your house.
No Cookies, Can't Use Chimney, A Fire In Fireplace, Children Awake, A Dog, Naughty Kids
Name a rule a parent might have for when their child goes swimming
No Diving, No Running, Lifejacket/Floaties, Hor After Eating, No Deep Water, Stay Supervised
Name something you hate to find when you open your freezer
No Food, Spoiled Food, Frost, Empty Ice Tray, Food Is Thawed, Exploded Can
Name a reason why you might not participate in take-your-child-to-work day.
No Kids, Job's Not Suitable, No Job, Naughty Kid, Too Busy At Work, Boring Job
Tell me a sign you might see posted at a park.
No Loitering, No Parking, No Dogs, No Swimming, No Alcohol, Closes At Dusk
Name a phrase on signs that starts with the word “no.
No Parking, No Smoking, No Entry, No Turns, No Trespassing, No Loitering
Name an ingredient in a casserole.
Noodles, Meat/Fish, Cheese, Green Beans, Cream, Eggs
When drawing a person, which specific part is the hardest to draw believably?
Nose, Eyes, Hands, Hair, Mouth, Feet
Name something on your body that you wiggle
Nose, Toes, Bottom, Ears, Fingers, Hips
Name something noah might have worried about during his voyage on the ark.
Not Enough Food, Animals Getting Sick, Boat Sinking, Leaks, When Rain Would End, Drowning
What do you need to check to ensure that your car runs properly?
Oil, Gas, Engine, Brakes, Tires, Battery
Name a household item that you would take to a special facility to throw away
Oil, Paint, Batteries, Computer, TV, Fridge
Name a reason why you wouldn't have cake on your birthday.
On A Diet, Allergic, Don't Celebrate, Too Old, Don't Like Cake, Diabetic
Name a vegetable that has an unmistakable smell when cooking
Onion, Cabbage, Broccoli, Garlic, Asparagus, Corn
Name a cliche people say about beauty?
Only Skin Deep, In Eye Of Beholder, It Fades, It's On The Inside, All Beauty No Brains, Gets You Further
Which talk show host would you like to have interview you?
Oprah Winfrey, David Letterman, Barbara Walters, Jay Leno, Jerry Springer, Ellen
Name a fruit that people drink juice from in the morning.
Orange, Apple, Lemon, Cranberry, Tomato, Grapefruit
By what method might a woman make the announcement that she's pregnant?
Over Dinner, With A Party, In An Email, Send Out Announcements, By Phone, In Person
Name something people do to cure an aching back.
Pain Reliever, Lay Down, Massage, Heating Pad, Chiropractor, Bengay
Name something kids might put on their face that is hard to wash off.
Paint, Marker, Makeup, Glue, Candy, Dirt
Name something that gets stripped.
Paint/Wall Paper, Wood/Furniture, Used/Stolen Car, Bedding, Clothes/People, Screw
Name a way you might know your neighbors are on vacation
Papers In Driveway, Cars Are Gone, They Told You, Don't Pick Up Phone, Mail Pile Up, Lights Off At Night
At the end of a work day, name something you're usually tired of
Paperwork, People, Standing/Sitting, Boss, Talking, Computer
Name a person in your life who it would be unwise to live with.
Parent, Boss, Sibling, Ex, Best Friend, Boy/Girlfriend
Name someone in your life who you hope never writes a tell-all book.
Parent, Significant Other, Ex, Best Friend, Sibling, Son/Daughter
Name a place people have a holiday dinner.
Parent's House, Own House, Grandparents Home, Table, In Laws' House, Restaurant
Name a celeb who should never have taken up acting.
Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, Jessica Simpson, Pamela Anderson, Mariah Carey, Madonna
Name a public place where you'd expect married couples to show affection
Park, Movie Theatre, Bar/Restaurant, Beach, Church, Wedding
Who would you call first if your car broke down on the side of the road?
Partner, Aaa, Tow Truck, 911, Best Friend, Parent
Name one of the gifts from the song “the twelve days of christmas”
Partridge, Golden Rings, Turtle Doves, Geese A Laying, Swans A Swimming, Maids A Milking
Name something you don't want to have happen during a moment of silence.
Pass Gas, Cough, Caught Talking, Get The Giggles, Baby Cries, Phone Rings
Name something you might do on a first date that ruins it.
Pass Gas, Throw Up/Get Sick, Talk Too Much, Go Home Together, Get Drunk, Talk About Ex
Name something that could ruin a romantic dinner.
Passing Gas, Fight, Bad Food, Phone Call, Kids, Getting Sick
Name something you wouldn't want your date to talk too much about
Past Relationships, Intimacy, Him/Herself, Monsy, Family, Work
Name something specific that's fun to get in the mail.
Paycheck/Money, Postcard, Package/Gift, Magazine, Letter, Coupons
Name a comic strip you see in almost every newspaper.
Peanuts, Doonsbury, Garfield, Blondie, Boondocks, Beetle Bailey
Name the vegetable that tastes the worst when it comes from a can.
Peas, Spinach, Carrots, Corn, Green Beans, Asparagus
Name something you would do in a public restroom that you would never do in your own bathroom
Pee On The Floor, Pee On The Toilet, Put Paper On Seat, Write On Wall, Leave It Messy, Don't Flush Toilet
Name something that's forbidden in most swimming pools
Peeing, Diving, Street Clothes, Nudity, Eating, Rafts
Name something that people put behind their ears.
Pen/Pencil, Hair, Glasses, Perfume, Earrings, Cigarette
Name something specific you might borrow from your coworker's desk that you're least likely to return
Pen/Pencil, Stapler, Paperclip, Tape, Paper, Candy
Besides spaghetti, name a type of pasta.
Penne, Lasagna, Fettucini, Rotini, Linguine, Ravioli
Name something you might see at a bus stop.
People, Bench, Bus, Bus Signs, Bus Schedule, Poster
Name something a telemarketer probably hates about their job.
People Hanging Up, Rude People, Getting Rejected, Making Phone Calls, Asking Questions, Boring
Name something that annoys you when you ride the bus
People Talking, No Seats, Crowds, The Homeless, Swearing, Smell
If you could be a rockstar for one night, what's the first thing you'd want to do?
Perform At Concert, Throw A Party, Spend Money, Travel, Get Dates, Get A Paycheck
Name something with a face
Person, Clock, Animal, Doll, Mask, Coin
Name something associated with e.t.
Phone Home, Alien, Flying Bike, Steven Spielberg, Drew Barrymore, Reese's Pieces
Name something a telemarketer tries to sell you
Phone Service, Magazines, Insurance, Credit Cards, Books, Vacations
Name an occupation where you work in a studio.
Photographer, Director, Artist, Actor, Musician, Screenwriter
Name something from childhood that many people save.
Photos, Toys, Blanket, Baby Teeth, Clothes, Doll
Name an instrument that you'd need to be really coordinated to play.
Piano, Drums, Guitar, Violin, Flute, Saxophone
Name something you do when looking in the mirror that you'd hate to be caught doing if it was a 2-way mirror.
Pick Nose, Undress, Pick Teeth, Pose, Skin Care, Dance
Name something people enjoy doing under a tree.
Picnic, Sleeping, Reading A Book, Sitting, Relaxing, Kissing
What might you find inside a book that tells you it was meant for children?
Pictures, Animal Characters, Princess, Once Upon A Time, Pop Up Pages, Small Words
Name something people proudly share on facebook
Pictures, Info. On Kids, Age, Real Name, Relationship Status, Who Friends Are
Besides a ring, name something specific a girl might give back to her boyfriend when she dumps him.
Pictures, Jacket, Jewelry, Books, Keys, Love Letters
Name an animal that it'd be unflattering to be compared to
Pig, Elephant, Cow, Monkey, Dog, Whale
Name something a kid might use to slide down the stairs
Pillow, Cardboard Box, Blanket, Behind, Mattress, Towel
Name an activity that involves a paddle
Ping Pong, Rowing, Paddle Ball, Racquetball, Cricket, Frat Initiation
Name something associated with jiminy cricket.
Pinocchio, Singing, Insect, Top Hat, Walt Disney, Cartoons
Name a position played in baseball game.
Pitcher, Catcher, Shortstop, First Base, Batter, Outfield
Name a meal you'd never serve at a fancy party
Pizza, Hot Dog, Hamburger, Spaghetti, Meatloaf, Sloppy Joe
If someone hates to cook,name a dinner that they probably eat often.
Pizza, Noodles, TV Dinner, Fast Food, Soup, Sandwich
Name something you make for dinner when you're short on time.
Pizza, Spaghetti, TV Dinners, Hot Dogs, Sandwiches, Mac And Cheese
Name a place where it'd be in bad taste to hit on someone
Place Of Worship, Funeral, Their Wedding, Work, Gym, Courtroom
At which type of place would you be surprised to see a neon sign hanging in the window
Place Of Worship, My House, Hospital, Dentist's Office, Library, School
Name a place where a couple should never fight.
Place Of Worship, Restaurant, In Bed, Wedding, Work, Street
Name a place where you would not want to get into an argument with your partner.
Place Of Worship, Restaurant, In Law's/Parnts, Work, Movie Theatre, Supermarket
Name a place where it's usually not ok to wear jeans.
Place Of Worship, Work, Wedding, Beach/Pool, Funeral, Fine Restaurant
Name a print people wear on clothing, but you would hate as wallpaper
Plaid, Floral, Animal Prints, Stripes, Polka Dots, Paisley
Name something a person might do in order to stay attractive
Plastic Surgery, Exercise, Wear Makeup, Diet, Use Botox, Dye Hair
Tell me something a man teaches his son to do
Play Ball, Fish/Hunt, Shave, Drive, Ride A Bike, Use A Bathroom
Name a grown-up activity kids do when they're playing pretend
Play Teacher/Go To Job, Dress Up/Make Up, Go To Doctor, Cook, Have A Wedding, Act Like Mom/Dad
Besides the ball, name something you need to play soccer.
Players, Net, Cleats, Feet, Uniform, Protective Gear
Name something parents think their teenage son spends too much time doing.
Playing Video Games, Talking On The Phone, Watching TV, Chasing Girls, Listening To Music, Sleeping
Name something people do with their index fingers
Point, Pick Nose, Apply Makeup, Wear A Ring, Scratch, Dial A Phone
Name a card game that takes a long time to play.
Poker, Bridge, Uno, Solitaire, Gin Rummy, War
Name an occupation in which someone with a baby face might have a hard time providing their authority
Police Officer, Laywer, Teacher, Doctor, Bouncer, Judge
Name a place where you might see lots of police officers
Police Station, Donut Shop, Concert, Riot, Parade, Crime Scene
Name something about which people always want to give you their opinion
Politics, Dating/Marriage, Parenting, Finances, Religion, Weight/Appearance
What worldly topic would you be surprised to learn that britney spears and jessica simpson talk about when they're alone
Politics, War, World Peace, Religion, Hunger/Poverty, Global Warming
Name a breed of dog that everyone has heard of.
Poodle, Pit Bull, German Shepherd, Labrador, Collie, Dalmation
Name something you'd find on a cruise ship, but not on a regular boat
Pool, Bar/Restaurant, Casino, Beds, Entertainment, Staff
Name something you'd like to have in your backyard
Pool, Garden, Swingset, Grill, Fence, Fountain
Name something that makes you burp.
Pop, Cucumbers, Broccili, Beans, Beer, Radishes
Name something you do in front of a mirror you wouldn't want anyone to see
Pop A Zit, Look At Your Body, Dance, Undress, Pluck Eyebrows, Clip Nose Hairs
Name a movie theater food that gets stuck in your teeth. Be specific!
Pop Corn, Milk Duds, Dots, Gummy Bears, Taffy, Peanuts
Name something you eat by the handful. (be specific candy is not an answer.)
Popcorn, Nuts, M&M, Potato Chips, Chocolate, Jelly Bean
Name something that has the word “pop” in it.
Popcorn, Soda Pop, Pop Tart, Popsicle, Popular, Pop Goes The Weasel
Name something models and wrestlers both do.
Pose, Work Out, Act, Dress Up, Fight, Strut
Name something people do when they've lost a pet.
Post Signs, Look For Him, Be Sad/Cry, Call Humane Society, Call Police, Place An Ad
Name something in your kitchen that you'd use as a musical instrument.
Pots And Pans, Spoons, Glasses, Wire Whisk, Broom, Blender
Name something your dog does around the house, that you'd kick a roommate out for doing
Potty Accident, Barking, Laying Around, Chewing Things Up, Sniffing People, Ruining Furniture
Name something pros do on a golf course, that you'd look silly doing for mini golf
Practice Swing, Wearing Golf Gloves, Having A Caddy, Using A Tee, Driving Golf Cart, Yelling Fore
Which of santa's reindeer have names that sound like nicknames for a lady's man?
Prancer, Dasher, Cupid, Vixen, Dancer, Blitzen
Name something a nervous skydiver might do to distract himself before a jump.
Pray, Sing, Close Eyes, Count, Talk, Look Outside
Name something your house is full of after christmas
Presents, Wrapping Paper, Food, Pine Needles, Boxes, People
Name someone you might call if you thought your house was haunted.
Priest, Exorcist, Ghost Busters, Psychic, Movers, Police
Name a phrase that starts with the word “prime.”
Prime Time, Prime Rib, Prime Interest Rate, Prime Minister, Prime Number, Prime Example
Name something that plugs into your computer.
Printer, Mouse, Keyboard, Phone, Router, Monitor
Name the best part of the grocery store to pick up a date
Produce, Meat, Frozen Food, Bakery, Check Out, Dairy Section
Name a class that most students take in college but not high school
Psychology, Chemistry, Calculus, Physics, Philosophy, Economics
Name something that people have a desire to smash.
Pumpkin, Glass, Bugs, Cans, Potatoes, Eggs
Name a food item typically associated with fall
Pumpkin Pie, Turkey, Apples, Chili, Soup, Squash
Name something your likely to find at a fall harvest fair
Pumpkins, Corn, Leaves, Apples, People, Hay Rides
Name a sign that your girlfriend might be turning into a cat.
Purring, Growing Whiskers, Growing Tail, Growing Claws, Scratching, Growing Fur
Name something you might accidentally leave in a department store fitting room.
Purse, Clothes, Hat, Keys, Hangers, Shopping Bags
Name an accessory that some people want in a designer brand.
Purse, Watch, Belt, Sunglasses, Scarf, Jewelry
Name something people shouldn't leave inside their parked car.
Purse/Wallet, Keys, Kids, Phone, Dog, Ice Cream
Name something a man might do if he nicks himself while shaving.
Put Toilet Paper On It, Curse, Put Bandaid On It, Says Ouch, Let It Bleed, Put Alcohol On It
Tell me something you hate to discover that you're missing a piece from.
Puzzle, Earring, Car, Board Game, Pie, Cake
Name something people look for in their dream car
Quick Accelleration, Color, Leather Interior, High Quality Stero, Comfortable Ride, Sunroof/Convertable
Name something a magician might make disappear
Rabbit, Assistant/Spectator, Bird, Money, Flowers, Her/Himself
Name an animal with a fluffy tail.
Rabbit, Cat, Squirrel, Husky/Dog, Fox, Skunk
Name something that is known for producing a lot of offspring.
Rabbit, Humans, Cats, Frogs, Dogs, Flowers
Name a vehicle that has a loud engine
Race Car, Truck, Motor Cycle, Mustang, Corvette, Hummer
Name an animal that's known for eating garbage
Racoon, Rat, Dog, Pig, Bear, Goat
Name a feature you have in your car that a mother might like to have on her baby's stroller
Radio, Stereo, Motor, Horn, Power Steering, Cruise Control
Name a way a student finds out it is a snow day.
Radio, TV, Internet, Looking Out Window, Call School, Parents
Name something that kids can use in a pool to help them float.
Raft, Inner Tube, Beach Ball, Life Jacket, Water Wings, Noodle
What might you hear in a weather forecast that would keep you from going outside?
Rain, Blizzard, Thunder Strorm, Tornado, Hurricane, Cold Temperature
Besides sleep, name something you'd rather do with the time you spend commuting to and from work
Read, Eat, Watch TV, Make Love, Play Games, Shop
Name something that it's hard to do while listening to music
Read, Have A Conversation, Watch TV, Study, Fall Asleep, Concentrate
Name something that you need silence in order to do.
Read, Sleep, Study, Thinik, Meditate/Pray, Take A Test
Name something you do at the library.
Read, Study, Check Out Books, Research, Use A Computer, Make Photocopies
Name something a person might do while eating breakfast.
Read, Watch TV, Listen To Radio, Drink Coffee, Drink Juice, Talk
Name something people do while they're waiting for the doctor.
Read A Magazine, Watch TV, Sleep, Eat, Watch A Clock, Talk
Name something you often feel sleepy while doing
Reading, Driving, Watching TV, Working, Homework, Eating
Name something a really smart kid probably spends his summer doing.
Reading, Study, Summer School, Working, Camp, Stay On Computer
Which color of car do you think gets pulled over most often
Red, Black, White, Silver, Blue, Green
Name a specific food that doctors tell patients to cut down on.
Red Meat, Fried Food, Sweets, Pizza, Eggs, Butter
Name a holiday song with a fictional character.
Red Nose Reindeer, Frosty The Snowman, Santa's Comin To Town, Mean One Mr Grinch, Grandma Got Run Over, Here Comes Santa
Name an activity that could be described as “wholesome.”
Religous Activity, Sports, Reading, Family Meals, Board Games, Baking/Cooking
Name a book you carry around to impress someone else.
Religous Scripture, Dictionary, Little Black Book, Daily Planner, Atlas, Diary
Name something people keep near their favorite easy chair.
Remote Control, Magazines, Telephone, Newspaper, Books, Drink
Name the first bill you pay each month?
Rent, Mortgage, Utilities, Car Payment, Phone, Credit
Name a place of business that you would not return to after only one bad customer service experience.
Restaurant, Bank, Hair Salon, Doctor, Store, Hotel
Other than clothing store, name a type of business you find in a mall
Restaurant, Shoe Store, Jewelry, Cell Phone, Music Store, Pet Store
Name a cereal that is often use in the making of holiday treats
Rice Krispies, Chex, Cheerios, Froot Loops, Corn Flakes, Quaker Oats
What would be the best thing about having an actress for a mother?
Rich, Fame, Meet Other Stars, Free Movies, Huge House, Get Roles
Name an activity you'd never do without wearing a helmet
Ride A Bicycle, Play Football, Ride A Motorcycle, Rock Climb, Skydive, Skateboard
Name something you may not be good at the first time you do it.
Ride A Bike, Driving, Cooking, Golf, Skiing, Skating
Name something you may do if you were trying to woo a cowboy.
Ride A Horse, Ride In Rodeo, Wear Boots, Lasso Him, Use Cowboy Slang, Wear Cowboy Hat
Name something an amusement park has a lot of.
Rides, People, Games/Prizes, Junk Food, Rest Rooms, Lines
Name something cowboys are good at.
Riding Horses, Roping, Shooting, Hunting, Stealing Cattle, Rodeo
Name something a couple engaged to be married might go shopping for.
Ring, House, Furniture, Mattress, Dishes, Wedding Dress
While driving, name something you have to keep an eye on
Road, Other Cars, Speed Limit, Traffic Signs, Gas Guage, Pedestrians
Which style of music would be least effective to sing when putting your baby to sleep?
Rock, Hip Hop, Heavy Metal, Classical, Jazz, Opera
Name a type of band.
Rock And Roll, Rubber, Wedding, Jazz, Country, Mariachi
Name something you associate with elvis presley.
Rock'n Roll, Hair , Graceland, Blue Suede Shoes, Dancing Hips, Fashion Sense